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adidas NMD: A Complete Guide

27 July 2023


Liam Perry

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adidas NMD: A Complete Guide

This German sportswear label has gained massive recognition globally with hits like Yeezy, Ultra Boost, NMD and more. The massive history of adidas involves countless successes, and now the NMD significantly adds to it.

The sneaker label was planning to end 2015 on a high momentum, thanks to the mammoth success of the UltraBoost. To our surprise, adidas launched something completely new to its original wings in a low-key manner in New York City. On the 9th of December 2015, we saw the divulge of a new silhouette with adidas’s most popular technologies. The runners are an outcome of a perfect blend of the old and new, and that’s how the NMDs gained the ‘instant classic’ tag. In an era of celebrity collaborations being a requisite, the NMD was a triumph, with limited collaborations and running purely on the power of the sneaker. Some of the models are with laces and some without, and that’s one aspect of making the enterprising family large in size.

adidas NMD: A Complete Guide

Credit: adidas group

With the UltraBoost and NMD released the same year, sneakerheads were left baffled and curious about the runners being a replica. Drovers of shoeaholics indulged in the latter only to get more clarity. What was the aftermath? Let’s find out!

The intriguing journey and making of adidas NMD

Nic Gelway

Nic Galway; Credit: hypebeast

Adidas ended 2015 strong with the unveiling of NMD. Astoundingly, the masterpiece is a creation by a 16-year-old veteran named Nic Galway.

Nic Gelway  and Kanye West

Nic Gelway  and Kanye West; Credit: solecollector.com

The young lad helped Kanye West develop the Yeezy Boost and, therefore, has enough experience creating something revolutionary. Although it is not uncommon for the giant brand to release something at the end of the year, there was something peculiar about these coveted kicks.

adidas, Micropacer, 1984

adidas, Micropacer, 1984;  Credit: artsy.net

Most adidas sneakers are known to have the signatory three stripes, but the genius mind did something different here. Galway started with the goal of making these sneakers recognizable from afar. Sure, he did! To begin, we saw some past teaser shots inspired by iconic models like the Micropacer, Rising Star and Boston Super. These trainers were debuted in 1984, 1985 and 1986, creating quite a stir in the sneaker realm. And that’s how Galway fashioned a perfect blend of old and modern elements.

The intriguing journey and making of adidas NMD

Credit: adidas group

We read somewhere that NMD was pleased to be called a travellers shoe. While digging deeper into this, we discovered that globetrotters inspired these trainers to all intents and purposes. And that’s how the name Nomad was shortened to NMD. Not for basketball, not for running; the ultimate lifestyle sneakers were made with the idea of travelling the streets like a go-getter. Keeping this in mind, the trainers were made thoughtfully to flatten and be stuffed in the backpack easily.

The intriguing journey and making of adidas NMD

Credit: adidas group

As mentioned above, the best adidas technologies were used – Primeknit and Boost. The sneaker semblance was a treat, featuring a full-length Boost midsole, Lego block-influenced EVA plugs, cage-assisted lacing overhauled upper, and a track-ready outsole. These trainers garnered so much attention thanks to the high-quality artistry and materials. At this point, ‘sock-like sneaker’ was completely unheard of, and that’s when the NMDs took charge of the concept. Based on this notion, the lifestyle shoe nailed it completely. The marketing team used a smart strategy of promoting them as sock-like sneakers, and no prizes for guessing it worked in their favour. Sneaker aficionados honoured the NMDs as the ‘Shoe of the Year.’ And adidas sold about 400,000 pairs on the launch day and came out with flying colours. Being a completely all-new model never tried and tested before, these super stylish NMDs sprang victoriously.

A closer look at the adidas NMD

A closer look at the adidas NMD

Credit: cafdserg.gq

With the release of adidas NMD, the year 2015 ended as a power pack for the label. The lifestyle sneaker stood as a triumph in the sneaker revolution, thanks to the cutting-edge technologies and some more maze-like aspects. The lifestyle runners are a perfect blend of old and new, which is only one reason for their stardom. Let me run you through some engaging adidas NMD facts.

  • The launch of the NMD line took off without any hyped collaborations. But that did not stop the celebrated success of the runners. Eventually, adidas announced a long-term collaboration with Oscar-nominated music producer and fashion designer Pharell Williams. This added to the prominence of the hard-to-cop sneaker.
  • The brainchild, Nic Galway, also helped Kanye West develop the Yeezy Boost.
  • The lego-like blocks on the sneaker outsole were incorporated to enhance the BOOST foam support. The elements on the upper provide a level of structure to the Primeknit because there are no reinforcements in the sneaker upper.
  • Every stitch on the sneaker is integrated with a purpose.
  • The young designer accomplished the task of making the sneakers recognizable from afar.
  • Unlike most adidas sneakers, the adidas NMD does not comprise the signatory three stripes.
  • A common factor between the adidas NMD and UltraBoost is the BOOST technology. And that’s about it. They differ completely based on aesthetic appeal.
  • Several adidas memories are injected into NMD.
  • The adidas MicroPacer, Boston Super and Rising Star have been referenced in the design of adidas NMD.
  • Some of the NMD models feature no laces at all.

Why is the adidas NMD so hyped?

Why is the adidas NMD so hyped

Credit: Endclothing

One of the runners that took the sneaker realm by storm was the adidas NMD. The launch of these coveted trainers almost became a global fashion phenomenon. Let’s find out why they are so hyped even today.

Most Instagrammed sneakers

adidas NMD is on instagram

Since its release in 2015, the adidas NMD has become an instant hit. They are popularly recognized for their comfort, aesthetics and breakthrough colourways. The on-the-go lifestyle sneakers are designed for the urban nomad and therefore became an Instagram star at a stroke. Like the Ultra Boost, the runners feature a full-length Boost midsole to provide cloud-like cushioning and make it your favourite travel companion.

No scope for boredom

Why is the adidas NMD so hyped

Credit: juksy.com

To create magic and have no scope for boredom is absolutely rare. The design of the runners is extraordinary, distinct and recognizable from the far. With reference to archival adidas models like the MicroPacer, Boston Super and Rising Star, the trainers featured never-to-be-seen aesthetics. The side blocks are incorporated for recognition and superstructural stability. Also, the holes on the sole are crafted for maximum energy return.

Futuristic design

Why is the adidas NMD so hyped

The sneakers are not hyped for no reason. They are considered one of the most innovative trainers with their timeless design and endless revisions. It is pure canvas and looks nothing less than a piece of art. NMD had also adopted a smart strategy of consistently feeding the crowd with new colourways.

Fashion Branding

Fashion with adidas nmd

Credit: hypebeast

Adidas has always insisted on being recognized as a sports brand and not a fashion brand. However, the NMD has stood out in the throng by focusing prominently on fashion branding.

Marketing in the name

Marketing in the name OF adidas NMD

The adidas NMD name in itself is highly contagious. As a short form for NOMAD, these trainers are designed specifically for urban joggers. The sports shoe gained the attention of fashion moguls at the earliest, which is a large share of the sneaker market.

Too many types

The most popular variations of nmd

Yes, NMD is one of the rare sneakers with maximum variations of NMD R1, NMD XR1, NMD R2, NMD HU, NMD city sock, NMD CS2, PrimeKnit and more. The mentioned list has been the most popular and drool-worthy.

No monotony in design

Why is the adidas NMD so hyped

Credit: sulmall.com

The adidas NMD looks nothing like the stereotypical running sneakers. They are super attractive looking, and that’s why they are so appealing to the young crowd. As a complimentary by-product of the Boost line, the trainers are distinct from the running-focused Ultra Boost. NMD is the best of both worlds – casual sneaker and athletic. And that’s why even without any celebrity association, the adidas NMD got so famous. It has embraced modern tech beautifully.

Adidas UltraBoost vs NMD

Adidas UltraBoost vs NMD

With Nike ruling the sneaker industry for decades, adidas broke the barrier with some hi-tech and unconventional releases. The launch of Ultra Boost and NMD has certainly upscaled the adidas fans promptly. The runners come with a set of similarities and differences. But there are still shoe addicts who cannot spot the difference between the two. So, let’s get into the nitty-gritty and crown a champion today.


Adidas UltraBoost vs NMD

The Ultra Boost was a bang-on with collabs. It started with some splendid names; on the contrary, NMD preferred its potency. The adidas Ultra Boost is powered by strong pillars like Solebox, Highsnobiety, Reigning Champ, and Kolor. NMDs have packed all the snipping collabs like Nice Kicks, Mastermind and Pharell.


Both runners feature full-length Boost cushioning to provide a soft and soothing experience. Speaking of the fabrication, Ultra Boost features a PrimeKnit upper for a luxurious feel. In the case of NMDs, the trainers are dressed in either Primeknit or mesh.


When it comes to the comfort aspect, both the runners are preceding their exceptional attributes. The adidas NMD is popularly recognized as a comfortable lifestyle sneaker. It accommodates EVA plugs for enhanced stability and a soft upper interior for breathability. The full-length Boost midsole, of course, takes the comfort to the next level. The Ultra Boost also possesses the same full-length Boost midsole, making the runners comfortable for all-day wear. However, it scores an edge over the former with a denser Boost sole. So, you can walk as much as you want.

Sneaker cultural impact

Ideally, adidas has created a new cultural impact with both these trainers. Kanye West plunged into Ultra Boost’s existence. The legendary man massively contributed to his fame. With adidas NMD, the unique design and striking colourways were enough to gain acceptance from every die-hard sneaker jagger. From high school kids to grey-haired adults.

Sizing and Comfort of the adidas NMD

Here comes the most frequently asked question- Is adidas NMD true to size?Is adidas NMD comfortable? Well, let’s find out!

The sizing

Sizing of the adidas NMD

Credit: sneakernews.com

The adidas NMD is a bang-on with size. The high malleability nature of the Primeknit upper gives you the comfort to flex a bit, even in the case of broad feet. The runners have been marketed as ‘socks-like shoes’ since the release. That’s because they have the potential to arch as much and treat your feet with ample room.

The comfort

Comfort of the adidas NMD

Credit: gotosellers.com

Squat as much as you want! The midsole is crafted with thermoplastic urethane, popularly known as BOOST, to provide enhanced comfort and cushioning. So, you can feel at ease even during gruelling workouts like circuit training or running a marathon. Also, the side panels have perforations amidst reflective 3M underlays. Thereby providing a high level of energy return. What more do you want?

In a nutshell, there’s no lifestyle sneaker as comfortable as the adidas NMD. This fashion beauty is a classic.

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How to style the adidas NMD?

Today, sneakers are certainly the cornerstone of streetwear style. Encapsulated with pop culture and attractive aesthetics, they have truly become a wardrobe staple. You can get as modish and voguish as you want with these kicks on your feet. NMD is an ultimate fashion destination. And therefore, styling them is like a cakewalk. Here’s a lookbook on how to style the adidas NMD.

Weekend Brunch styling tips

Adidas NMD Weekend Brunch styling tips

Credit: lokshop.gq

A cool breezy look is apt for a weekend brunch plan. Slip-on a pair of cool-looking chinos and team them with a super relaxed tee to flaunt a laidback look. You could also opt for straight-cut jeans and pair them with your favourite sweatshirt or a hoodie. The incredible sneakers look splendid with street-style joggers as well. So, you can comfortably keep it basic and let your runners charm your onlookers.

A ladylike touch with edgy details should also work beautifully. Embrace yourself with a floral printed maxi gown and guard a black leather jacket. That’s a dressy-sporty fusion look; it always works and stands out. You can never go wrong with this experiment. You could do with or without accessories.

Weekend Party styling tips

Adidas NMD Weekend party styling tips

Credit: aanshop.com

How about ditching your heels? That sounds so comfy already, isn’t it? These trendy trainers are sure party-goers, especially when they are black beauties. On a winter evening, you would want to look voguish and be well layered simultaneously. Adorn yourself with a trench coat and slip on your favourite flowy dress underneath. Accessorise it however you want or play it down. Keep your fashion game on point. You can also slip on your cigarette pants with a party-ready top. Let large gold hoops accompany it; that’s all you need.

Wear your skinny black jeans with a party top and enhance your ensemble with large gold hoops. You are all set to light up the dance floor. A pair of narrow-leg leather trousers can smash your record with minimal effort. For modern-day wardrobe attire, team them with a blazer and a crop snug fit blouse. And that’s the path to looking like a true rager.

Since NMD has futuristic and minimalist vibes, boys need basic low-key clothing. If you have a fetish for blazers, there’s nothing more you need to do. Layer up with your solid blazer and keep it super simple underneath. Just a logo t-shirt with straight jeans works.

Variants of adidas NMD

Are you wondering how many types of NMDs exist? Yes, there are many. This is one sneaker line that’s constantly innovating and evolving. Some of the models are with laces, and some are without. In any case, the dynamic trainers were designed to create a futuristic approach with a touch of lifestyle and athletic zone.



Credit: hypebeast

The adidas NMD HU is an explosive collaboration with Pharell Williams that ticks the category of style, comfort and quality. The runners celebrate the sneaker’s cultural diversity with its performance and appearance. Celestial looking, the NMD HU features an unconventional lacing mechanism for a customised fit adjustment. The round laces are threaded through TPU cages and provide great breathability along with the Primeknit upper. The trainers are employed with two plugs plus one on the sneaker side, accompanied by a reflexology-inspired insole. Also, the sneaker upper is embraced with wordings boldly printed with a lace system-stabiliser cage and a curved collar. And these are the remarkable features apart from the eye-catching colourways.

NMD City Sock

NMD City Sock

Credit: kicksonfire

The adidas NMD City Sock has broken all the traditional sneaker barriers with minimal aesthetic appeal. Having a slip-on construction, these trainers are more popularly recognized as lifestyle kicks. Also famously recognized as CS 1, the name comes from a meaning. They fit like socks and congenitally fit the feet for an all-day wear. The lifestyle pair has no support or laces on the upper. They are trendy looking and have an elastic collar for a secure fit around the ankle. An easy-to-wear design is super durable and lightweight, making it commendable for everyday actions.


NMD cs2

The laces are back with these low-cut adidas NMD CS2 runners. Wearers absolutely loved them, thanks to their comfort, aesthetics, style, and versatility. It is a second version of the City Shock with a newly designed upper giving out a more premium look. The CS2 also showcases leather accents giving a luxurious vibe. Find an opening in the outer part of the shoe with side panels having side perforations amidst reflective 3M underlays. The features of CS2 are very similar to Pure Boost and UltraBoost, thereby providing a high level of energy return.

NMD R1 Primeknit

NMD R1 Primeknit

Credit: sneakerfiles

The adidas NMD R1 Primeknit knits the entire sneaker upper in one piece. The yarn is knitting fused and is used to fine-tune the support and flexibility of the sneakers. It’s almost like a customised fit for the wearer. The one-piece upper hugs the feet like a pair of socks. The PK material is not even close to being flimsy and does not lose its foot-hugging capabilities even for a prolonged time.



The second version of the R1, the adidas NMD R2, exudes the sleekness of R1 and tones down the exterior facade by a nick. The bumper inserts of the lateral sides are stripped and replaced with slick-slimy unencumbered tooling. The sneaker version is made purely based on everyday living. You will find the uppers to remain the same – Primeknit, mesh, neoprene or suede. The change is in the sneaker side, which involves plugs. The outer section has no plugs and is replaced by almost-invisible stripes. Similar to R1, these aerodynamic trainers also feature a Primeknit upper and a Boost sole. But when it comes to popularity, R1 wins the race.

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How to clean the adidas NMD runners?

How to clean the adidas NMD runners

When these trainers are nicknamed ‘Nomad’, you cannot resist wearing them all day. A bit of complexity gets involved when the runners feel like a stumbling block with all the dust and grime lurking on them. Let me guide you on how you could get your treasured trainers back to glory.

Essential materials required to clean the adidas NMD runners

Essential materials required to clean the adidas NMD runners

  • The water must be room temperature.
  • A microfiber towel.
  • Rubber gloves for convenience.
  • A ready cleaning solution or a mild laundry detergent.
  • A toothbrush.
  • A soft bristle brush.
  • White vinegar and baking soda. This can be optional.

The perfect way to clean the adidas NMD upper

The perfect way to clean the adidas NMD upper

  • Remove your sneaker shoelaces and insoles. Now, get going.
  • Pull out a clean bucket preparing a mild cleaning solution. Fill the bucket with clean water and pour some laundry detergent into it. While you do so, make sure that the water isn’t hot. It must be only room temperature.
  • Now pick up the soft bristle brush and dip it in the solution. Scrub it hard to get rid of all the dust sitting on it.
  • You can conveniently get into the crannies using the toothbrush. You may not be able to do so with the other brush.
  • Even though the toothbrush is soft, you must be mindful about not getting harsh. Get into the corners gingerly. Also, be very gentle, specifically on the damp sections.
  • Now, pick up your microfiber cloth to dry the sneaker. I would recommend you wet the cloth for better results.
  • Repeat the procedure for the outsole and the midsole.
  • Once you are done, allow your sneakers to breathe. Air dry them for about 10-12 hours. Be very mindful about keeping them away from direct sunlight.

The perfect way to clean the adidas NMD laces

The perfect way to clean the adidas NMD laces

  • You need to begin by preparing the same solution you did earlier. Do the same by replacing the bucket with a small bowl.
  • You can also substitute the detergent with white vinegar or bleaching powder. You are all set to start.
  • Grab the toothbrush and get rid of the excess dirt.
  • You can opt for a laundry mesh bag to make things convenient for you. Place the laces in it.
  • Submerge the bag in the prepared solution. Make sure it’s completely inside.
  • You can let it be inside for about 20 – 30 minutes.
  • Pluck the bag out and remove the shoelaces.
  • Get hold of the brush and begin scrubbing the laces. Be very careful and do not get relentless. Also, do it immediately. The laces must be completely wet for you to achieve the best results.
  • Empty the bowl and refill it with clean water. In case the laces are still dirty, place them again in the water. Repeat the procedure.
  • Eventually, you will find all the dirt coming off and your laces sparkling like a diamond.
  • Once you are done, leave the laces to dry out.

The perfect way to clean the adidas NMD insoles

The perfect way to clean the adidas NMD insoles

  • The sneaker insoles don’t just get dirty but also super smelly. So, cleaning it is super essential.
  • But before you begin cleaning, remove them and let all the smell air out for a while.
  • Now, pick the soft brush and take off all the excess dirt.
  • You can certainly do the insoles with lukewarm water. So, please pick up a bowl and pour some laundry detergent into it. Add some shoe cleaning serum for best results.
  • Dip the brush in the solution and start scrubbing the insoles.
  • While you intensely do the scrubbing, remember to stress more on the stained areas, which should be the toe and heel section.
  • The stain will not come out at once. Repeat the procedure until it does. However, do not soak the insoles in the solution.
  • Once you are done, grab the microfiber cloth and dry the soap residue.

Some sneaker cleaning tips

  • If your sneaker is filled with stubborn stains, use a bleaching pen remover to eradicate it completely.
  • If you plan to clean them in a washing machine, do not forget to remove the shoelaces and insoles before you begin. Wash them separately under the faucet.
  • Clean your sneakers as soon as you find them even a little shabby.
  • Follow up the cleaning with a stain repellent every time.

What are the cleaning DONTs?

  • Always make sure the water is lukewarm and never hot. The glue used in the shoe is vulnerable and can damage the shoes. Similarly, keep away hot air.
  • Don’t ever put your sneakers in the washing machine.
  • Never dry your sneakers in direct sunlight. It will discolour them.
  • Don’t ever use harsh chemicals. In the case of bleach, don’t use more than one tablespoon.

Sneaker Prevention Tips

  • Clean your sneakers as soon as you find them a little worn.
  • Use a soft brush or a toothbrush. Do not indulge in a hard brush.
  • Deep clean your sneakers once every 15 – 20 days.
  • Follow up with stain repellent every time you clean.

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Real vs Fake adidas NMD: How to spot the difference?

NMDs are a popular line of sneakers, which is one major reason many sellers manufacture fake ones. If you wonder how to spot the real vs fake difference, you are on the right track. Let me bring to light some major points of differentiation. Ten ways to spot the difference.

Sneaker Box

Real vs Fake adidas NMD Box

Let’s begin inspecting the sneaker box. Place the box in such a way that the white label on one end is facing you. The sneaker box must scream BOOST with the B and O wrapping around the panel. The word must always be slightly shiny compared to the background and in a dark shade of dusty blue. Here’s where the counterfeits make a mistake. They either go wrong with the BOOST colour or start it on another panel.

You will also find the sneaker model picture on the box, regardless of being real or fake. The fake NMD sneakers overstate the curve of the sole of the trainers. The toe will be seen pointing upwards, but this must not be the case. Real ones are more wedge-shaped than curved.

The sneaker model number is always printed on the box. Firstly, the number must be correct. Secondly, the spacing between the numbers must be even. And thirdly, the number must be printed equitably between the two lines. But in the case of fake trainers, the number will be printed on or very close to the black line.

And lastly, the retail box must be seen featuring the Trefoil logo on the lid and the sidewalls of the box. You must also find the symbolic three stripes.

Sneaker sole

Real vs Fake adidas NMD Sole

Flip your shoes to look into the sole The front foot plug is a decorative accent and must possess some pattern embossing beneath the foot plug, under the sole. Bogus makers often tend to miss this detailing. Hexagonal clusters of tiny dots are a must.

Sneaker tongue

Real vs Fake adidas NMD Tongue

You will find a white label on the underside of the sneaker tongue. The label will display details like the sneaker size info, model number and gender of the wearer. Fake manufacturers often skip the gender detailing. This information must be in English as well as French. The men’s sneakers will read as Male/Mâle, and the women’s iteration will read as Female/Femelle.

Look for a 13-digit security number in the right-hand corner of the label. This number should be mentioned on the left and right sneakers and must match completely. If it doesn’t, you know it’s fake.

Sneaker upper

Real vs Fake adidas NMD Upper

The real adidas runners always flaunt an underlying texture through the three signature side panels. A sign of real NMD showcases the prime knit texture on the upper and through the side panels. These panels must be smooth and ingrained in the sneaker. It must not bulge out significantly.

Sneaker heel

Real vs Fake adidas NMD HEEL

Examine the sneaker heel overlay along with the adidas logo. The real NMD trainers flaunt a rubber heel overlay with a trefoil adidas logo and lettering. Minuscule detailing plays a huge significance in spotting genuine NMD trainers. Find a small trademark symbol right above the letter ‘s’ and slightly to the right. If this is missing, it’s a sure-shot fake pair.

Sneaker collar

Real vs Fake adidas NMD Collar

Look at the sneaker collar; you must spot two identical bulges around it. Right above the laces on each sneaker side, the ankle collar will possess a slight bulge, ensuring your sneakers fit more snugly. Only if your NMDs have this bulge are they genuine.

Exterior sole

Real vs Fake adidas NMD Exterior sole

The outside edge of the exterior sneaker sole must showcase pin-sized dots. Turn the sneakers and look at the sides with the foot plugs. If you look closely, the real NMDs will have four lines of pin-sized dots in the white boost sole. Fake NMDs will often miss these minute manufacturing dots.

Sneaker Foot Plugs

Real vs Fake adidas NMD Foot Plugs

The foot plugs need detailed scrutiny as well. The colour of these foot plugs must differentiate depending upon your sneaker colour. However, the logo and notches must remain the same in every model. There must be exactly eight evenly spaced notches.

Sneaker size tag

Real vs Fake adidas NMD Size Tag

Just like every sneaker, the adidas NMD size tag also has a lot of tales to tell. You will find all the details of the shoe along with a barcode. The best way to know the authenticity is to scan the barcode. Another important aspect to remember is that the fake sneakers will always have the text improperly positioned and font weighted.

Sneaker insole

 Real vs Fake adidas NMD Insole

Here’s a minute detailing you must look into. It will help if you spot the insole stitching inside the sneakers. There will be a stitch joining the insole to the upper. If they are genuine NMD pairs, this stitch will be neat, tight and evenly spaced.

adidas NMD of All Times

1. adidas Human Race NMD Pharrell x Chaneladidas Human Race NMD Black White D97921

The iconic dope-like sneakers are an outcome of a quintessential collaboration. The black/white colourway features the brand and flaunts the icon’s name adorned on the sneaker. That itself steals the show. But besides that, you would also find the inclusion of a treaded outsole and Chanel branding on the heel.

Best Feature: Vintage style

2. adidas NMD R1 Bape Olive Camo

adidas NMD R1 Bape Olive Camo BA7326

Being a cutting-edge Japanese streetwear label, A Bathing Ape collaborated with adidas in 2016 to create something magnificent. Launched in an exclusive colourway, the brand features an olive camo print on a stretch mesh upper. Find some pops of white on the three stripes, heel-loop and laces screaming for attention. Also, a matching white Boost midsole is contrasted by EVA plugs in green and black underfoot.

Best Feature: Enhanced Grip

3. adidas NMD HU Pharrell Y.O.U N.E.R.D

adidas NMD HU Core Black BB7603

The spectacular-looking lifestyle sneakers feature a black Primeknit upper with ‘N.E.R.D’ imprinted on the left and ‘YOU’ on the right. This reflective lettering is sure to impress any sneaker maniac at first glance. The all-black theme sneaker is also seen flaunting a trail-ready outsole with a full-length Boost midsole.

Best Feature: Super sturdy

4. adidas NMD HU Pharrell Human Race Yellow

adidas NMD HU Yellow BB0619

These bright yellow silhouettes are perfect summer-ready sneakers. The yellow finds its way throughout the upper, connecting the midsole and outsole. The latter also features hexagonal grooves and white peeking through the outsole. Meanwhile, the yellow lace cages and adidas branded heel do their job right.

Best Feature: Great reflexology

5. adidas NMD R1 Nice Kicks

adidas NMD R1 Red Gum AQ4791

Here’s a teamwork of adidas and Nice Kicks to release an exclusive NMD runner PK. Discover a fully sublimated black and red tie-dye PrimeKnit upper along with a patent boost midsole. The partnership is also seen showcasing co-branded tongues with a bit of uniqueness by flaunting ‘No vacancy’ and a gum outsole.

Best Feature: Tie-dye theme

adidas NMD of 2021-2022

1. Billionaire Boys Club adidas NMD Hu Moon Man GW3955

Billionaire Boys Club adidas NMD Hu Moon Man GW3955

Judging by the colour scheme, these trainers are a must-have winter wear. The celestial moon’s blue colour does not fail to deliver vintage and astronaut vibes. It’s super stretchy, flexible and breathable; and also manages to provide the highest bounce.

Best Feature: Subtle and classy

Resale value: £198.76

2. adidas NMD Hu Running Dog Green GZ1664

adidas NMD Hu Running Dog Green GZ1664

Discover the whole skateboard P aesthetics of the runner with the synthetic railing or rope lacing mechanism. The oversized Running Dog embroidery pops off and takes up half of the midfoot, blaring out some classic hints of contemporary design. Being pitch black, it matched swiftly with the rope laces. And the stucco brown leather collar stands out in the crowd.

Best Feature: Track-ready outsole

Resale value: £161.95

3. NERD Pharrell adidas NMD Hu Off White Aqua Blue GW0246

NERD Pharrell adidas NMD Hu Off White Aqua Blue GW0246

If you are a classy sneakerholic, this one will have your heart. The Off White Aqua Blue NMD showcases a soothing white knitted fabric throughout the upper with an embroidered NERD moniker across the base top. Also, get ready to walk like a king because the streamlined white midsole features concealed cushioning technology inside.

Best Feature: Socks-like fit

Resale value: £250.00

4. adidas NMD R1 Trail Gore-Tex Core Black FZ3607

adidas NMD R1 Trail Gore-Tex Core Black FZ3607

This NMD R1 Trail Gore trainer flaunts a black camo print with tona black synthetic overlays dominating some wild aesthetics. The trail midsole matches the upper texture to stay in sync. Everything remains in the black theme, including the Boost underfoot, laces, adidas Three Stripes and some NMD inserts. Let’s not miss the GTX coating, which makes the trainers water-resistant.

Best Feature: Every season friendly

Resale value: £139.87

5. Pharrell Williams adidas NMD R1 Black Ambition Pack Black GY4977

Pharrell Williams adidas NMD R1 Black Ambition Pack Black GY4977

Dressed in sleek black, this iconic NMD became an instant hit with the release. The signatory three stripes logo hits the sidewalls making it recognisable and adding to the aesthetic value. The midsole cushioning of the sassy sneakers is as comfy as it could get. With each stride, feel the cushioned soles while the soft upper hugs your feet.

Best Feature: Light in weight

Resale value: £111.99

Celebrities in adidas NMD

Because NMDs are everyone’s favourite, there’s nothing more pleasurable than kicking back in these trainers. Not only are they swanky looking but also super comfortable. That gives enough reasons to live in them, right? And that’s exactly what our A-listers are doing right now. They are not just reserving them as workout essentials but are also using them for their street-style looks. These silos look like a million bucks, especially when worn by our celebrities. We have been eyeing them for a while now. Let me take you through my celeb sneaker hallway.

Sofia Richie Worn By Adidas NMD

image credits: whowhatwear.com, AKM-GSI

American fashioner Sofia Richie was seen bunching with her friends in these cool kicks. She arrived at an elite French eatery wearing the NMDs with a white adidas sweatshirt and matching sci-fi glasses. Sofia sure looked like a chiller.

Sofia Richie Worn By Adidas NMD

image credits: bella/broadimage

And looks like these trainers are her favorite. We spotted her yet again in them. She sipped on the adidas NMD City Sock prime knit core black sneakers with a loose-fitted mini t-shirt dress.

American actor Joe Manganiello wears his cherished black NMD pairs on a bright sunny day. He maintained an uber-cool attire toning the trainers with his shorts, cap and glasses. The hunk man sported an easy-breezy look.

David Beckham Worn By Adidas NMD

image credits: footwearnews.com

What better than promoting a sports label by a sportsman? David Beckham shot a new commercial and gave the sneaker line a real test drive. He wore sparkline all-white kicks from the NMD collection and teamed them with adidas black joggers, a grey t-shirt and a black beanie. The trainers also seem to make quite a place in the Beckham family.

Brooklyn Beckham Worn By Adidas NMD

image credits: SkyBlue News

David’s eldest son Brooklyn Beckham wore the grey-white NMD runners and swayed the streets of NYC. He was also seen in them while heading for a run. And why should boys have all the fun?

Victoria Beckham Worn By Adidas NMD

image credits: instagram.com/victoriabeckham

Victoria Beckham was spotted in them as well. Wearing narrow-fitted pants and a loose-fit sweatshirt.

Justin Beiber Worn By Adidas NMD

image credits: starstyleman.com

Canadian singer Justin Beiber can give any sneakerhead quite a run for their money. He flaunts his adidas Palace back/white tracksuit with white monochrome NMD sneakers and a matching Onemeth Slub t-shirt.

Juelz Santana Worn By Adidas NMD

image credits: spotern, sneakerbardetroit.com

American rapper Juelz Santana is a true sneakerhead. He has been an adidas loyalist for the longest time and has been spotted in the Human Race NMD ‘PHARRELL’ several times.

Ellen DeGeneres Worn By Adidas NMD

image credits: SPLASH

American comedian, television host, actor, producer, writer and, of course, a sneaker jagger – Ellen DeGeneres loves playing her street-style sneaker game on point. She was spotted in Beverly Hills, California, in her Pharrell x adidas Human Race NMD trainers. A tan orange colourway from the N.E.R.D collection read ‘breathe’ and ‘walk’ These colourway silos featured blue rope laces looking super striking.

James Harden Worn By Adidas NMD

image credits: spotern, sneakerbardetroit.com

Renowned NBA player James Harden signed a 13-year deal in 2015 for a whopping amount. Ever since then, of course, the star has been spotted in various adidas sneakers. The NMDs seem like one of his must-cop pairs. He has a collection of this sneaker series and is often spotted in them.

Worn By Adidas NMD

Image Credit: twitter.com/brkicks

And then we also spotted JaVale McGee flaunting the black laceless trainers in a blue and white jersey.

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Wrapping up

Ever since the emergence of the adidas NMD, the German label has only banked even more fan followings. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best silhouettes from the well-deserved brand. High heat collabs, lifestyle aspects, and an advanced fabrication has caused a storm in the adidas family. And that’s why we know these silhouettes are going a super long way.

Since the launch to date, we have seen the fans gushing with immense excitement. Fast Sole being a sneaker daddy, loves unwrapping all the deets. We spoke about the sneaker history, best sellers, styling tips, comfort, size guide, best sellers and everything more you ever wanted to know. What’s holding you now from mushrooming your sneaker game? Join our craze clan right away.

Please stay in the loop with us to grab yourself the hottest pair. You don’t want to miss a thing, do you?

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