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adidas Ultra Boost: A Complete Guide

14 August 2022


Liam Perry

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adidas Ultra Boost: A Complete Guide

If there is something like ‘Tripping over technology’, adidas Ultra Boost has surely matched that hype. These trainers have transformed the sneaker culture by spilling into the fashion world with all the necessary mechanisms.

adidas Ultra Boost: A Complete Guide

Credit: shop9.onlinesale2022

The year 2015 was a flux in footwear. With massive competition in the sneaker realm, adidas Ultra Boost had to create a smart strategy to make a substantial mark with quick-witted innovations and advanced technology. In case you are wondering what I am referring to, hold your horses. We are soon getting there.

Before I get to the journey, let me tell you that the label introduced and marketed itself as the ‘best running shoe in the world’. That very minute the runners gained immense popularity amongst sneakerholics and fashionistas. And some were left baffled about whether it’s just a tall claim. However, curiosity also led to high sales-driven figures. Suddenly, everyone wanted a pair of UB sneakers. And the same is the case even today. That’s why we are here to discuss the gripping journey.

The absorbing adventure of adidas Ultra Boost

Avid of sportswear and streetwear enthusiasm, adidas unveiled these Ultra Boost trainers and created a storm in the sneakerdom. Let me take you behind the scenes on how these trainers become so spectacular.

The absorbing adventure of adidas Ultra Boost

Credit: blog.laced.co.uk

Despite being introduced in 2015, the original boost journey began in 2007. Boost was established by the world’s largest chemical producer, Badische Anilin & Soda Fabrik (BASF). The technology was then represented by small white beads, which were then recognized as ‘energy capsules’. Since then, it has had amazing awe-inspiring cushioning and energy return attributes. Little did BASF know what to do with technology, and that’s how it was pitched to adidas. In the world of performance-oriented sneakers, the energy return is a fuzzword. You could conveniently call it runners kick.

The absorbing adventure of adidas Ultra Boost

Credit: blog.laced.co.uk

The pitch involved a white sphere ball to flaunt the bounciness as much as possible. By showcasing the high extent of energy return properties, the standard EVA foam was surpassed. The German company then realised how they could revolutionise the concept of running and swiftly signed the deal with BASF to fabricate midsoles using this tremendous technology.

The absorbing adventure of adidas Ultra Boost

adidas Boost International Space Station Space Testing Info; Image: sneakerfiles.com

Brought to light in Jan 2015, it seemed like adidas blessed the sneakerholic club with these Boost powered sneakers. The hype sprung when news of NASA using the technology to test the space shuttle structure spread like fire. And then scoops of five talented designers taking charge of colourways brought the silos into the complete limelight. Top minds of adidas backed the Ultra Boost’s capabilities, and that’s why it even braved diligent wear testing.

The absorbing adventure of adidas Ultra Boost

Credit: sxcco.com

Luckily, these silhouettes were released at a time when minimalism was at its apex. And so, it was almost like love at first sight for most sneaker jaggers. To those who were not a fan of having a cage around the shoe, adidas twisted the tales for them. In 2016, the brand introduced two colossal changes, leaving sneakerheads with no choice but to become die-hard Ultra Boost loyalists. An uncaged variant and coloured midsole clearly took adidas to the top of the sneaker race.

Boost then became a sneaker lover’s beloved. Uncaged runners with a rubber outsole, primeknit upper, sock-like fit and a boost sole. Isn’t that what all have dreamt of? Undeniably, Boost was the beginning of adidas doubling its business. This also welcomed ringing endorsements for the label from industry trained players and celebrities. And from then, the UltraBoost popularity was only seen surging.

How does the Boost sole win over others?

How does the Boost sole win over others

Photo courtesy of adidas

It’s all about the Boost. But what’s so remarkable about it? You need to know it to believe it.

  • Boost has the power to withstand any extreme temperature, be it high or low.
  • You can experience an optimal degree of flexibility.
  • The durability aspect of Boost is completely unmatched.
  • Boost-soled sneakers are fashioned to make you feel like you are running on clouds. No kidding!
  • Lastly, they are evidently known for the return of energy and absorption. The unique technology has raised the running standards.

The engaging gospel about the adidas Ultra Boost

The engaging gospel about the adidas Ultra Boost

Sexy, comfy and performance-oriented, these runners have gained a massive fan following in hardly anytime. Chic aesthetics with mighty features have contributed to making the runners BIG in the lifestyle and athletic segment. Allow me to unveil some interesting adidas Ultra Boost facts.

  • The adidas UltraBoost lineage features various iconic iterations, including Game of Thrones and Consortium editions.
  • It is popularly recognized as the first running sneaker, which is also significantly known in the world of high fashion.
  • The iconic silhouette features a separate lace cage with a heel-to-toe boost.
  • The adidas innovation team has made use of the ARAMIS motion capture technology.
  • The Ultra boost rubber outsole is not ideal for wet conditions.
  • The adidas Ultra boost technology is a product of the German chemists BASF and adidas innovation team (AIT).
  • The midsole is carefully crafted to provide energy return in every step.
  • The Ultraboost has incorporated several components and a sock-like construction to become the most responsive running shoe of adidas.
  • The runners are a classic combination of three technologies – Boost, Primeknit and Torsion.
  • The high performance running sneaker became a lifestyle staple with its toned-down colourway, slick silhouette and voguish appeal.
  • The well-timed teamwork with Parley for the Oceans created a cultural impact on the sneaks.
  • Soda Fabrik and Badische Anilin initiated the Boost technology. Later on, it was purchased by adidas.
  • The brand evolved the concept of running shoes beautifully by making the wearers slip them on even in everyday life.
  • To date, the UltraBoost remains the most triumphant Boost sneaker in the label’s history.
  • Lastly, the brand has established itself as a runner’s ecstasy to a sneakerholics delight.

Sizing and Comfort of the adidas Ultra Boost sneakers

Here comes the most frequently asked question- Is adidas Ultra Boost true to size? Is adidas Ultra Boost comfortable? Well, let’s find out!

Sizing of the adidas Ultra Boost

Sizing of the adidas Ultra Boost

Unlike some other runners, adidas Ultra Boost sneakers fit true to size! All thanks to the malleability of the Primeknit upper and cage feature, you don’t have to struggle one bit. The runners won’t crush your feet but rather give you a snug fit. You can relax and enjoy ample room for your feet, even if they swell during a workout or throughout the day. So, this is the general sizing in the case of narrow or normal feet. However, there’s a slight twist for wide feet.

Going a half size up for extraordinarily wide feet would be best. Although, the Primeknit upper is crafted to perfection and hugs the feet in the right sense. But it is recommended to be very certain that your toes do not clench one bit. So, in this case, go half a size up and let your feet breathe.

The comfort of the adidas Ultra Boost

The comfort of the adidas Ultra Boost

To your surprise, the adidas Ultra Boost is one of the comfiest sneakers you could own. I am not just saying this, but there are solid reasons behind it. The runners are fabricated with revamped cushioning to provide a soft and plush ride. So, you can feel at ease even during gruelling workouts like circuit training or running a marathon. The Boost sole is crafted intricately to alter and reshape itself to any activity you are performing. This totally means that the hype about comfort is completely justified. And you know what the beauty of these runners is? You could look fashionable while squatting. The differentiated TPU pellets combined together work towards making the most responsive runners.

Let me shoot a crux at you. Name a pair of successful sneakers that have pervaded the world of fashion and athletics so beautifully. Can’t think of any, right? Good looking, most comfortable and athletic. The runners are a classic combination of all.

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What makes the adidas Ultra Boost One so spesh?

There are a lot of reasons responsible for the stupendous outcome of adidas Ultra Boost sneakers. Advanced technology, scads of research, smart thinking and more. Several parameters contribute to making the enduring silos so special. Let’s find out.

Best looking

What makes the adidas Ultra Boost One so spesh

Goes with saying, isn’t it? If looking good while running is on your priority list, these runners are your saving grace. The voguish design pigeonholed scores high on the lifestyle segment, but that doesn’t stop them from performing. These suckers offer more colours than you could even imagine. So, slip them on with any outfit of your choice. The modern-day classic is a perfect example of a futuristic blend.

Grippy outsole

What makes the adidas Ultra Boost One so spesh

Here’s an impressive factor that completely steals the show. The Ultra Boost incorporates a grippy continental outsole. It is specifically designed to make the trainers comfortable for heel strikers. The brand adds up enhanced support to fend off overpronation. You can also expect the S-curve heel to accede achilles tendon. So, move as freely as you wish.

Flex mode

The sneaker sole is literally its soul. Heaps of energy capsules are incorporated to make the runners as springy as possible. The trainers can flex under the runner’s weight beautifully. Today, most sneakers have an ethylene-vinyl acetate plastic foam sole. However, the Ultra Boost stands out with thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) plastic, raising the standards high by creating individual pods. The sole gives a super bounce with intensified energy return.

Built to perform

Here’s a perfect definition of out-of-the-box thinking. Years of deep thinking, intricate research and myriads of sneaker testing were almost like finding a diamond dream. The inclusion of new concepts and technologies led to the boost compound, which tremendously maximised the sneaker’s potential.


Faster and lighter, the runners are crafted with intelligence. The primeknit technology ensures the runners fit like a second skin. It has a lightweight 3D feel frame to promise a customised fit. The feathery feeling sneakers will never weigh your feet down if it is a long 10 miles run.

Go long or short

What makes the adidas Ultra Boost One so spesh

We have already discovered how the Ultra Boost technology serves as a brilliant performer. Whether you wish to go for a long or short run, proceed without any hesitation. The trainer’s intensified breathability will keep you comfortable under any circumstance.

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Variants of adidas Ultra Boost

The adidas Ultra Boost started off as one track with the NASA technology combined with Primeknit upper, Torsion, and Boost! But like I mentioned earlier, adidas is constantly innovating to date, and it’s not what it started with. So, let me bring forward all the famous Ultra Boost variants.

adidas Ultra Boost

adidas Ultra Boost


The OG started with the NASA technology and was elevated to perfection with the motion capture technology. The revolutionary kicks are recognised as the ‘Greatest running shoe ever’ crafted with white energy capsules for unmatched performance, enhanced cushioning, and splendid energy return attributes. The popular colourways included the ‘Core Black’, ‘Triple White’, ‘OG’, ‘Solar Yellow’, ‘Solar Red’ and so on.

adidas Ultra Boost 19

adidas Ultra Boost 19


As the name suggests, the brand launched a new version in 2019 with some advanced twists and turns. While we thought the runners were at their best, adidas had new surprises in store for its users. They were on their way to craft ultimate lightweight trainers, never to be seen before. Everything from the heel to the cage was deconstructed and assembled again. The runners were incorporated with an extra chunky unit and more features. The brand also worked upon concerns like excessively stretchy Primeknit. A new LEP replaced the classic Torsion underfoot to raise the level of performance-oriented sneaks. Famous colourways like ‘Triple Black’ and ‘Cloud White’ made waves with a 3D heel frame.

adidas Ultra Boost DNA

adidas Ultra Boost DNA


The only sin these runners have made is by pricing themselves steeply. But hey, there are reasons for that. The adidas Ultra Boost DNA is pleasantly very durable and has exceptional traction. Also, the trainers have ditched the usual Primeknit and are fabricated with premium materials. With a burst of colours, the DNA maintains the Boost midsole and Torsion unit.

adidas Ultra Boost uncaged

adidas Ultra Boost uncaged

If your feet desire incredible comfort with a sock-like fit, the adidas Ultra Boost uncaged version is made for you. While there is no cage and minimal lacing, you can yet be certain about having impressive support for your feet. These trainers are an ideal solution for runners who love the feeling of freedom and a customisable lacing. Works for everyone, but it is truly a blessing in disguise for wide feet wearers.

adidas Ultra Boost laceless

adidas Ultra Boost laceless

If you are looking to get away from the traditional style, the adidas Ultra Boost laceless trainers could be a good pick. With minimal structure and efficient features, the silos deliver power-packed performance by fulfilling runners’ requirements. These sneaks also do away with a classic midfoot cage to accomplish a stretchy band to take the shape of your feet. Laceless has been a limited edition with not many colourway releases. However, ‘Triple Black’ and ‘Core Black’ are yet seen stealing the limelight.

How to style the adidas Ultra Boost?

If you are looking for a chic sneaker stylebook, here’s everything on a platter for you. The adidas Ultra Boost is one of the most versatile sneakers trending now. The casual and adaptable aesthetics lets you experiment with styles and colours as much as you want.

Daywear styling tips

How to style the adidas Ultra Boost


First, grab on to a pair of all white ultra boost sneakers and look as classy as you want. These sneaker staples can be exemplary and complement every ensemble supremely well. Pair them with distressed jeans and a basic t-shirt for a stylish yet clean look. You could do with or without accessories. In both ways, you are sure to steal the show. If you are a fan of cool-looking chinos, it’s your time to slip them on now. They work majestically with adidas Ultra Boost looking amazeballs and attention-seeking. Grab the advantage of different chino colours lacking with denims. Choose any colour of your choice and team them with your white sneakers.

If baggy is your style, go ahead and have no second thoughts about it. The chunky aesthetics is not just a sleek partner. Pair your favourite sweatshirt or hoodie with billowing bottoms and look mind-blowing. A cool pair of socks will always work in your favour.

Nightwear styling tips

How to style the adidas Ultra Boost


Have the club ranting about your attire because why not? These trainers are party goers as well. The eye-candy silos let you paint your desired picture by ditching pumps and still stay in the fashion game. A winter evening calls for a trench coat. Wear your fair-haired dress and layer up with a trench coat, looking polished and cool at the same time. A structured bag is all you need to adorn it with.

Wear your skinny black jeans with a party wear top and enhance your ensemble with large gold hoops. You are all set to light up the dance floor. A pair of narrow leg leather trousers can smash your record with minimal effort. Team them with a blazer and a crop snug fit blouse for modern-day wardrobe attire. And that’s the path to looking like a true rager.

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How to clean the adidas Ultra Boost runners?

Don’t blame yourself if you are wearing your adidas Ultra Boost all day, every day! Like a fly in the ointment, the runners are prone to soil and grime. But there are ways to get your Boost back to its shining glory. Let me guide you on how to have them sparkling and snazzy at all times.

What are the required materials to clean the adidas Ultra Boost trainers

What are the required materials to clean the adidas Ultra Boost trainers?

  • A soft bristle brush and a toothbrush.
  • Room temperature water.
  • Rubber gloves.
  • Mild laundry detergent or cleaning solution.
  • Microfiber towel.
  • Baking soda or white vinegar (optional).\

How to clean the adidas Ultra Boost uppers?

How to clean the adidas Ultra Boost uppers

Credit: cashanco.top

  • Before you begin, remove the sneaker insoles and shoelaces.
  • Now, take a bucket and prepare a mild solution. All you need to do is take a bucket, fill it up with water and pour in some laundry detergent. Be very sure about the water not being hot.
  • Get hold of the soft bristle brush and dip it in the solution. Begin scrubbing to get rid of all the dirt and debris. Make use of the old toothbrush to get into the crannies. You will find the stains peeling off.
  • Be mindful and remember to scrub it gently. Do not get very harsh.
  • Also, be sure of not to be hard on the damp section. If you do, the dirt will only get deeper.
  • Once done, grab a microfiber cloth to dry the sneaker. Wet the cloth for better results.
  • Remember to follow exactly the same procedure for the midsole and outsole.
  • I would highly recommend air drying your sneakers for 10 -12 hours. While you do that, remember to keep them away from direct sunlight.

What is the best way to clean the adidas Ultra Boost laces?

What is the best way to clean the adidas Ultra Boost laces

  • Take a small bowl and prepare the same solution. You could also use bleaching powder or white vinegar instead of the detergent.
  • The laces are already out; all you need to do is begin.
  • Before you proceed, use the toothbrush to eradicate the excess dirt.
  • Now grab a small mesh bag and place your laces in it.
  • Dip the bag in the prepared solution and submerge it completely.
  • Let it stay in for about 15 -20 minutes. Then pull out the bag and remove the shoelaces.
  • Grab on the brush and gently begin scrubbing it.
  • Remember to do it immediately after pulling out, so the laces are completely wet.
  • Now, drain the bowl and refill it with clean water.
  • Place the laces in it. In case there is any dirt lingering on it, you will notice it coming off.
  • You can very well leave the laces to dry out in the sun.

Should you clean the adidas Ultra Boost insoles?

Should you clean the adidas Ultra Boost insoles

Credit: wikihow.com

  • The BIG question here is should you clean the insoles? The answer is a definite yes! Most people ignore the sneaker insoles leaving them filthy and grimy. Did you ever notice it even gets smelly if not cleaned?
  • So, remove the insoles and leave them to air out for a while.
  • Get hold of the soft brush to do away with all the excess dirt and mud.
  • Take a bowl full of lukewarm water and spout some laundry detergent. You could also opt for some shoe cleaning serum.
  • Dip the soft bristle brush into the prepared solution and scrub the insoles.
  • It would be best to stress more on the stained areas like the heel and toe section. This area will definitely be more patchy.
  • Repeat the process until the stains come out completely.
  • You must be well aware of not soaking the insoles in the solution.
  • In the end, use a microfiber cloth to dry out the soap residue.

Some sneaker cleaning tips

  • If your sneaker is filled with stubborn stains, make use of a bleaching pen remover to eradicate it completely.
  • In case you plan to clean them in a washing machine, do not forget to remove the shoelaces and insoles before you begin. Wash them separately under the faucet.
  • Clean your sneakers as soon as you find them even a little scruffy.
  • Follow up the cleaning with a stain repellent every time.

Follow these simple sneaker cleaning DONTs

  • Always make sure the water is lukewarm and never hot. The glue used in the shoe is vulnerable and can damage the shoes. Similarly, keep away hot air.
  • Don’t ever put your sneakers in the washing machine.
  • Never dry your sneakers in direct sunlight. It will discolour them.
  • Don’t ever use harsh chemicals. In the case of bleach, don’t use more than one tablespoon.

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Real vs Fake adidas UltraBoost: How to spot the difference?

Since its debut, the adidas UltraBoost has drawn massive attention from users, buyers and counterfeits. And so, we are not surprised how the market is flooded with bootleggers. Allow me to brief you on the real vs fake adidas UltraBoost guide.

Sneaker size tag

Real vs Fake adidas UltraBoost

Let’s begin with inspecting the sneaker size guide. The in-depth flaws may seem a bit tricky until you watch closely. Find the fake runner flaunting the ‘MADE IN CHINA’ text in poor print. For example, the ‘M’ or any other alphabet may seem less defined compared to the rest. Also, the replicas will have inconsistent spacing between the text and lines. But the same will not be the case with authentic runners.

Getting to the ART number in the size tag, one of the alphabets will be significantly higher than the rest. Also, one of them will have a jagged appearance compared to the rest. Lastly, let’s get to the trademark ‘adidas’. The bonafide trainers will have every alphabet well spaced. On the contrary, counterfeits will have several flaws looking pretty noticeable. Firstly, you will notice uneven spacing. Secondly, you will find a character sitting on top of the ‘s’ in adidas. And thirdly, the print quality is sure to be poor.

Sneaker rear side

Real vs Fake adidas UltraBoost

Flip the sneaker to the rear side to spot another significant difference. The hoax trainers will have the overall shape of the middle side sneaker looking massive. But the real ones will have it looking thin and less bulky.

There’s another factor here to look into. The rear side is seen flaunting the ‘Ultra Boost’ text. Counterfeits have this text looking very thick, in fact, abnormally thick. In most cases, you will find the flaw in the alphabet ‘a’ and ‘s’. This issue generally arises due to the amount of paint filled in the letters.

Sneaker toe box

Real vs Fake adidas UltraBoost

Here’s another significant point to help you differentiate between the two. The fake Ultra boost sneakers will have their toe box looking exceptionally deflated. Also, it will be smaller and less curvy. On the contrary, the genuine runners will have the toe box looking arched and well lifted.

Sneaker Ultra Boost 3M reflectiveness

Real vs Fake adidas UltraBoost

Let me reveal the differentiator of the 3M reflective material on the tongue. Here’s a piece of secret advice. Turn off the lights before you begin the inspection. The issue with fake trainers is that the fake ones do not glow effectively. Also, they look less defined.

Sneaker insole

Real vs Fake adidas UltraBoost

One thing’s certain, whether it’s a real or a replica sneaker, you will find the ‘Ultra Boost’ sneaker printed on the insole. However, the authentic ones will have all the letters positioned correctly and consistently. The same will not be the case with fake runners. The right shoe will have the ‘ultra’ printed right next to the heel in the authentic sneaker. Also, the boost will be moving inward. The left sneaker will have the ‘boost’ coming right next to the heel. Counterfeits do not carefully look into this.

Sneaker heel cage

Real vs Fake adidas UltraBoost

When you look into the sneaker heel cage, carefully inspect the typeface of the alphabet. The ‘ultra’ typeface will be thinner than the boost. Fake makers are sure to miss this detailing. Also, the real runners will have the ‘boost’ with a chrome plate and a gold finish. However, the bogus trainers will flaunt a dull ‘boost’. Now let’s get to the panel close to the heel cage. The legit sneaker will feature an uninterrupted dull white colour. But the counterfeit will flaunt a super shiny one.

Sneaker upper

Real vs Fake adidas UltraBoost

Be smart enough to guess the adidas Ultra Boost upper right. The Boost technology aims at providing maximum comfort and responsiveness. If you are looking to grab the runners with this benefit, there’s no way you can go wrong with the uppers. Ensure to find some midget circular holes on the sneaker upper along with diamond-like in flakes shape.

Sneaker sole

Real vs Fake adidas UltraBoost

Let me familiarise you with the OG midsole and outsole. The real runners flaunt a continental logo that is ingrained into the rubber outsole. This must be in the right typeface with a clear and sharp tiny horse logo. Also, find the ‘torsion system’ plate on the outsole. The authentic trainer will have a circular hollow beneath the signatory R logo. Bogus trainers tend to miss this one.

Getting onto the sneaker midsole, the real adidas Ultra Boost trainer boasts a plastic plug cut into the midsole on the instep inside. The authentic sneaker highlights a separate material discrete from the midsole material.

adidas Ultra Boost of All Times

1. adidas Ultra Boost Mid Ronnie Fieg

adidas Ultra Boost Mid Ronnie Fieg Multi BY2592

The beast-looking sneaker results from a solid collaboration. The state-of-the-art edition flaunts a primeknit fashioning to provide a snug fit beyond the ankle. The tonal multi-colour red upper and lacing along with white hues to complete the look. A ball of thick textured wool wraps the sneaker to provide an enhanced insulation and warmth.

Best Feature: An idea winter sneaker

2. adidas Ultra Boost 1.0 SNS Tee Time

adidas Ultra Boost 1.0 White Black AF5756

A deadly collaboration of adidas and Sneakernstuff releases the gold-inspired Ultra Boost runners. Flaunting black and blue tab holes on the sneaker tongue, these silhouettes look spectacular with SNS branding on the heel tab and aglets. Find a sneak peek of the grass graphic on the insole looking glorious. For sure, it’s a golf lover’s paradise.

Best Feature: Top engineering

3. adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged Solebox

adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged Grey S80338

adidas and Solebox created a storm for the third stop in its 2016 Consortium tour with the adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged Solebox. To your surprise, the runners are highly inspired by Berlin’s coat of arms weapons. The daring designer – Hikmet Sugoer came up with a brilliant idea of consolidating an uncaged knit top with a crimson rubber outsole and suede accents.

Best Feature: Premium looking

4. adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged Hypebeast

adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged Grey S80338

The runners are an outcome of Hypebeast’s 10th anniversary. Flaunting an uncaged grey and black Primeknit upper contrasts beautifully with a white heel counter, Boost midsole and a continental rubber outsole. The runners also feature a black leather insole promising a one-track theme. What’s even more impressive is that the silhouette’s NFC chip directs the user to a microsite. What a notion!

Best Feature: Ultra flexible

5. adidas Ultra Boost Laceless Mid Triple Black

adidas Ultra Boost Laceless Mid Triple Black

A black beauty in the true sense! The runners are crafted to innovate the technical running industry with a laceless feature. Find the primeknit upper construction with a ribber midfoot band providing top-notch stability and breathability. The runners also possess a full-length boost midsole delivering an enhanced cushioned and responsive ride.

Best Feature: High-end performer

adidas Ultra Boost of 2021-2022

1. adidas Ultra Boost Heat Map Core Black Multi GZ2922

adidas Ultra Boost Heat Map Core Black Multi GZ2922

Have all turning around wherever you go with these trainers on your feet. The breathtaking colourway will surely make you fall in love with it at first sight. Find highlights of different colours running through the uppers with three large green stripes in a barely green contrasting the multicolour well. The kicks also showcase an adidas branding on the tongue along with Ultra Boost branding on the mediaeval sides, looking eye-catching.

Best Feature: Versatile

Resale value: £179.99

2. Peloton IVY PARK adidas Ultra Boost GW4208

Peloton IVY PARK adidas Ultra Boost GW4208


The two-toned palette with all the exercising features showcase Beyonce’s superb ideas and adidas’ iconic aesthetics. These coveted kicks have the upper fabricated with PrimeKnit providing breathability and flexibility. Find the BOOST cushioned midsole foam in a mossy olive tone with neon green accents pop-ups on the upper. Also, the toggle-pull-up lacing mechanism completes the look beautifully.

Best Feature: Super lightweight

Resale value: £250

3. Ivy Park adidas Ultra Boost Electric Green Womens GZ2228

Ivy Park adidas Ultra Boost Electric Green Womens GZ2228

The electric green colourway will make you stand out on a summer afternoon or a winter evening. The runners dominate a vibrant colour scheme with the adidas three stripes on the midfoot cage, inner lining, midfoot cafe, overlays and midsole. Find the shocking green hitting the Primeknit walls, synthetic heel counter and the Boost slab. So, get geared to wreck the treks and tracks with these stunners.

Best Feature: Vibrant looking

Resale value: £150

4. James Bond adidas Ultra Boost Black FY0645

James Bond adidas Ultra Boost Black FY0645

A super stylish sleek black sneaker dominates the sneaker market, and how! The base is seen showcasing the signature knitted construction along with snug-fit sock-like shoes on the feet, giving your feet all the desired comfort. These newfangled jet-black Ultra Boost runners maintain the legendary iconic look with their monochromatic nature.

Best Feature: Socks like-fit

Resale value: £99.99

5. adidas Ultra Boost COLD.RDY White Grey FZ3608L

adidas Ultra Boost COLD.RDY White Grey FZ3608


These dope-like mind-blowing cold grey trainers are ideal for hiking, trekking, sports, or walking. The chic colour scheme wraps the upper in hazy tones of white and grey. The midsole is dressed in a metallic silver-grey tone and rests on a white outsole. Find a colour pop of volt yellow stitches with adidas branding on the tongue tab stealing the show.

Best Feature: Subtle play

Resale value: £119.99

Celebrities in adidas Ultra Boost

From working out to lifestyle to running, these spectacular sneakers are making news for all the right reasons. Celebrities are almost like sneaker influencers now. Coincidentally, they are taking the sneaker sales up tremendously. They are nailing it with their gym wear and making solid appearances with their favourite runners. So, let’s see how the adidas Ultra Boost has impressed every A-lister sneakerhead.

Khloe Kardashian worn by adidas ultra boost

Credit: Splash News

Being a socialite, Khloe Kardashian has always raised the fashion bar very high. She seems to keep up the game even with her workout looks. The beauty was spotted heading to the gym in some fancy activewear. Blue and black seemed like her go-to colour, and she slew them beautifully from head to toe.

David Beckham worn by adidas ultra boost

Credit: Splash News

David Beckham is an athlete in a true sense. Not just on the field, but he maintains a crazy spirit even off his game. The high-spirited player was spotted leaving a cycling workout flaunting his adidas Ultra Boost black beauty.

Justin Beiber worn by adidas ultra boost

Canadian singer and songwriter Justin Beiber has maintained his style statement at every point. The young artistic talent was seen walking around the city, giving out uber cool vibes. He wore a tie and dyed sky blue tee with sparkling ripped white denims. His adidas Ultra Boost maintained his frosty theme. He very well enforced the less is more concept. Draped in a comfy grey tracksuit, the young lad slipped on his gleaming trainers and looked nothing less than a rockstar.

Meghan Markle worn by adidas ultra boost

The Duchess of Sussex, American actress Meghan Markle stepped out in a killer travel outfit, looking nothing less than a trend-setter. The fashion icon wore her Isabel & Ingrid maternity outfit and slipped on a comfy pair of adidas UltraBoost sneakers. She wore an all-black outfit and slid on an overcoat looking spectacular. She very well matched her runners with her cap.

Kanye West worn by adidas ultra boost

Kanye West being a sneaker king, has all the power to set the trend. The creative fashioner has an unbiased following and is a pacemaker. He flaunted an all-black attire wearing inky adidas Ultra Boost runners from head to toe. He pulled off the pitch-black look graciously, even on a summer afternoon.

Kanye West worn by adidas ultra boost

The rapper rocked the runners at his show, wearing a baggy fit ensemble from head to toe with his chunky white trainers.

Olivia Wildie worn by adidas ultra boost

Actress and activist Olivia Wildie is obsessed with her adidas Ultra Boost runners. She is spotted in them throughout spring and is seen teaming them with almost every outfit. They are known to be comfy, but the fashionista made a smart move by opting for a versatile pair complimenting every colour.

Olivia Wildie worn by adidas ultra boost

Being a fitness freak, the gorgeous woman was spotted painting the town red with her strides, looking extravaganza even in her fitness attire.

Kendal Jenner worn by adidas ultra boost

No prizes for guessing what a big sneakerhead Kendal Jenner is. She was almost amongst the first to grab these stunners. Being an adidas ambassador, her loyalty remains to the label strongly. She wore the Ultra Boost with a pair of plain blue jeans and a white tank top. The fashionista was indolently soaking up vitamin C at a park.

Kendal Jenner worn by adidas ultra boost

Credit: starstyle.com

She was spotted yet again walking down the avenue in her snazzy sneakers and pull-up adidas socks.

James Harden worn by adidas ultra boost


American basketball player James Harden has shown immense love towards adidas, ALWAYS! He is known to make waves for his on-court achievements and his humongous sneaker collection. Fancy pants looked supper sassy in his white hoodie, black pants and Ultra Boost sneakers. His fashion game was totally on point, and we are still loving it.

Nick Young worn by adidas ultra boost


Athletes are clearly drooling over the new adidas iteration. Nick Young was a UB member too. He wore the white beauty with his checkered pants and a cheeky t-shirt. Accessorised it adequately, the American basketball player raised his fashion bar.

Nick Young worn by adidas ultra boost

The NBA superstar was spotted again in these beauties, posing like a starlet.

Jessica Alba worn by adidas ultra boost


It’s not surprising what a successful actress and entrepreneur Jessica Alba is. The 38-year-old is a fitness freak and never compromises on her activewear. She spotted an athleisure look in a sporty-chic set from Tory Burch’s Tory sport line, wearing prime knitted Ultra Boost trainers.

And that’s how the A-listers are nailing it with the new adidas Ultra Boost kicks.

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Wrapping up

Since the inception of the Ultra Boost runners, adidas has marked an annual growth rate of 11.3% in revenue. It was the best thing to happen to the brand and, of course, us! Year after year, adidas is still seen innovating these silos with many advancements. And that’s why we are certain about these silhouettes being seen on people’s feet for years to come.

Indisputably, these trainers have not only left a significant mark in the sneaker realm but also had fans gushing with excitement till date. On-demand, we ensured to possibly unwrap all deets from sneaker size, comfort, styling tips, best sellers and more! So, what’s holding you back from raising your sneaker game high?

Grab a pair with us right away. Fast Sole is always the first to feature the newest trends. Stay in the loop with us, and don’t miss a thing!



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