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AI Technology It Set To Rule The Footwear Industry

12 March 2023


Tracy Green

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We are now living in a smart world, with artificial intelligence (AI) taking the world by storm. After taking over several industries, AI is all set to transform the future of footwear. In this read, we bring you all you have to know about how AI Technology Is Set To Rule The Footwear Industry and unveil the new superpower your favourite sneaks are about to have!


AI- The makers’ new bestfriend.

AI is helping manufacturers not only release new sneakers more quickly but also identify the replicated versions available in the market that take a significant portion of the revenue from the original producers.

The AI may be the makers’ best buddy; it is you who they have chosen as their soulmate! Your work is now easier, faster, and better. Let’s have a look at how!


Good old Exceptional new designs ✓

Sneakerheads are all about aesthetics. Something that does not look good cannot sit on their sneak shelves! With AI, designs are revolutionized. Recently, the netizens are going gaga over the AI-generated Nike pairs. The kicks that have been surfacing are designed and debuted online by the Instagram account @AI_ClothingDaily, which @luckynumber.8 runs.

In each pair, our favourite OG-style Swoosh silhouettes get a fancy, lacey edit. These new Air Force 1 or the Vapormax don a design that is anything but delicate. It is all about oozing luxe vibes with intricate details like lovely crochet flowers, braided plastic lace-like uppers, and silky laces.

While some fans have compared it to a hypothetical Simone Rocha collaboration, others have pointed out the incredible powers that AI possesses. The “Vapormax” further sits on piled double-bubble Air sole units, which speak volumes about the shoes’ elasticity, impact and snug and lightweight feel.


Fits that make us have happy feet!

A shoe that does not fit right is a shoe that does not fit in our lives! The team in the Swoosh club is well aware of that, so they have unveiled a foot-scanning tool called Nike Fit that seeks to determine a person’s ideal fit.

The solution combines computer vision, data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and recommendation algorithms to determine the best fit for a specific user. Measurements are supplied to the machine learning algorithm utilizing a variety of data points, which considers the silhouette and the material used to improve comfort. The next step is to combine this data with AI capabilities to curate each person’s unique fit.


Who needs a fitness trainer when you have your shoes?

AI technology swiftly fills in all the criteria in the health space as well.

Runvi, a fitness app, is about to introduce running shoes that can instruct a user on how to run correctly. These shoes are powered by artificial intelligence and have two soles with 30 pressure points and an accelerator that records running data. The Core, the shoe’s brain, operates the sensors and stores the data before delivering it to the wearer’s smartphone.

The next-gen wear looks even smarter as brands like Under Armour introduced HOVR Phantom and HOVR Sonic shoes in February 2018. For starters, these shoes have built-in sensors to record several metrics important for runners, like pace, distance, steps, stride, and cadence. What’s more, they can be connected to the Map My Run app, which is applicable for both iOS and Android phones.


Yet again, Nike provides the best solutions for us with its self-lacing HyperAdapt 1.0 shoes. Insole pressure sensors in the kicks detect when the foot is inserted and activate an algorithm that enables automatic lacing. The shoes’ built-in LEDs can warn the wearer of low batteries or a tight fit. Additionally, these shoes don’t require daily charging, and a full charge remains intact for two weeks.

Smart shoes are the IT thing, not just the future, but also what defines our present. Other brands like Digitsole are now providing personalized feedback to keep a tab on health, fatigue, posture, steps, and calories and create accurate data for living a healthier life and safer ride! Moreover, they also include auto-lacing features and temperature regulation.

Did you ever imagine hearing your shoes? The Altra Torin IQ shoes coach you with audible instructions on the impact rate, landing zone, distance, pace, contact time, and cadence, everything in real time!


Say no to the Fakes.

With great shoes comes a greater chance of being copied! While replication may be the greatest form of flattery, sneaker giants like adidas, Nike, and Puma have become victims of losing market shares to their cheaper, fake versions. Regardless, the bigger victims are the wearers who fall into the trap and pay more than it’s worth! But not anymore. Entrupy’s solution, Legit Check Tech, is a device that uses AI to detect whether a sneaker is real or fake.


This device is equipped with 8 cameras from different angles. All you need to do is click on the images from different angles as soon as the shoes are inserted into the device. Afterwards, photos will be automatically uploaded to the corresponding apps. These photos are then analyzed using artificial intelligence to recognize the shoe tag number in the manufacturer’s database. Counterfeits are detected because they do not contain the correct number in the manufacturer’s database.



Yeah, living your best life can be as simple as that. All thanks to the greatest ever technology! AI Technology It Set To Rule The Footwear Industry, and we stance it. For more news in the sneaker scene, do not forget to tune in on our Facebook and Twitter handles!

Image Credit: Google



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