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Air Jordan 5: A Complete Guide

04 November 2021


Liam Perry

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Air Jordan 5 Complete Guide

Post the mammoth success of Air Jordan 3s and 4s; there was no stopping the powerhouse collaboration. Michael Jordan – Tinker Hatfield teamwork oozed out sparks with all the quirkiness and remodelling in this series.

The best part about the Air Jordan sneaker line is that every series is distinct from the other. Tinker, being a genius, has proved it with every launch, and the Jordan 5 has been no exception. Rather, he left no stoned unturned with these basketball kicks.

He ensured they were swanky, athletic and ergonomic at the same time. Every kid on the block was begging their parents for it; every sneakerhead was drooling over it; every fashionista was seen flaunting it on an event, and let’s not miss how every basketeer was seen dunking in them.

What’s so spesh about these silhouettes? Are they any different from the previous Jordans?

How about you sparing a few minutes and knowing every little detail about them. Let’s get going.

The Journal of Jordan 5

Unlike the Jordan 4, the story of Jordan 5 was smooth and non-controversial.

Tinker being a bright brain, understood in no time that the fifth launch requires remoulding to ensure it remains saga in the history of sneakerdom. The dope like sneakers rolled out in Feb 1990 with some aggressive innovations. The two models – Black-Metallic Silver and Fire-Red Black featured Michaels no ’23’ on the side and were released in limited edition. MJ decided to auction them as charity and deliver a bunch of happiness to a few deprived children.

Michael was seen dunking in the NBA 1989-1990 season wearing Jordan 5. Tinker closely watched MJs biting on the court style and redesigned the shoes accordingly. He treated Jordan as a mythical figure and adopted the fighter jet used in World War II as the design. The designer concluded that Micheal fought like a fighter plane.

Being a legendary sneaker maker, he took major inspiration from the American plane – P 51 Mustang fighter jet. It was a ‘grey nurse shark’, a British fighter plane. The peculiar plane was an ideal representation of MJs dominance. The fabled creator constructed the chunky sneakers keeping Michaels personality in mind. Sure the aerodynamic aesthetics were a criteria, but there’s something that was furthermore salient. To give it a personal touch, the genius man matched the dynamics of the shoes with Jordans mindset.

If you are wondering what that means, stay tuned.

Facts About Air Jordan 5

Hey, Sneaker Freaker! If you are a true Jordan devotee, here are some facts you must be familiar with. This iconic build-up has revolutionized the concept of ‘basketball sneakers’ and how. Let’s discover some ‘not spoken’ facts about Air Jordan 5.

AJ 5 inspired by P-51 Mustang fighter

  • The ‘grape’ iteration of the Air Jordan 5 unarguably became one of the most recognized after being spotted around Bel-Air. The prodigious kicks bestowed upon will Smith on his 50th birthday.
  • Jordan 5 was the first to be awarded the ‘best dressed’ title amongst all the Jordans. The revolutionary sneakers series was the first of many in Jordan history. Scroll down to know in-depth.
  • Air Jordan V was the first Jordan to drop in the 90s, because of which it was not pummelled in any aspect and graciously accepted the label of ‘Greatest Jordan of the decade’.
  • Air Jordan 5 certainly did rule the 90s and set a vibe for the millennials. Furthermore, the sneakers caused quite a stir 10 years later with the realtor release.
  • You know that the iconic Air Jordan 5 was inspired by the P-51 Mustang fighter (used during World War II to attack Germany). What you don’t know is that the plane was named ‘The shark’ for being macho and aggressive. And that’s exactly what Jordan is on the court. His need to dominate the game is unmissable.
  • Almost every Air Jordan 5 Retro features MJs no -an embroidered #23 at the side panel.
  • Nike Jordan V was the first to have moulded foam on the shoe upper.
  • Jordan 5 brags about being on MJs feet during his peak career time. Michael also bagged the fourth NBA scoring championship during the 1989-1990 season.

The Fashioning of the Fabulous Sneakers

Air Jordan 5 Anatomy

Air Jordan V is the greatest of all the Jordans designed by Tinker. In a nutshell, the sneaker series is almost like a reincarnation of Jordan. It has gained rockstar-like fame for its exceptional fabrication.

Jordan 5 has initiated the clear rubber sole to the sneaker game. The outsoles have now become an established part of basketball shoes. But back then, it was a crazy idea to do so. The celebrated sneakers were also the first to flaunt locked laces. Tinker remastered this unique mechanism to ensure athletes had their laces in place while dunking, running, or simply jumping. This upgraded technology was truly a blessing in disguise for every sneakerhead.

Here comes the focal point of the trainers. Tinker added a reflective bold tongue design of 3M featuring the Jumpman embroidery. This incorporation made the kicks look flashy under arena lights. Also, the protruding tongue ensured the sneakers looked like heartthrobs. This was one of the most iconic features of the Jordan 5.

The upgraded materials certainly welcomed more Jordan fans, and the asymmetrical collar added to the fame. This notable feature was invented foreseeing the comfort of the athletes. Tinker embraced the asymmetrical collar to provide enhanced support to the ankle.

The groundbreaking sneakers had icy bottoms to comfort basketeers every time they dunked. Sure, it’s a must-have for every basketball shoe today but what’s not is the aggressive midsole teeth. The fighter plane concept was not just distinctive but an analogy to Michael. Besides the icy soles, Tinker kept the over moulded mesh panels at the side intact in Jordan 5.

Undoubtedly, the fifth edition has raised the bar for the Jordan series, isn’t it?

Is Nike Air Jordan 5 true to the size?

Air Jordan 5 Size Guide

Let’s put an end to the sizing game of the Air Jordan 5 right away.

Air Jordan 5s are precious and certainly not like any other sneakers. These coveted kicks can swiftly make a place in the heart of every sneakerhead. They are bang on with everything! Style, design, comfort and of course, size!

With the Air Jordan 5 on your feet, there is no room for confusion. You don’t need to measure, you don’t need to wonder, and you definitely don’t need to ponder. The remodelled sneakers are a celebration for every zest level sneaker jagger. The only effort required by you is knowing your feet size. You don’t have to size up or down; effortlessly stick to your OG size.

These stellar sneakers can be roomy yet cosy. The customized lace-up feature lets you tailor the sneaker size also to some extent. Jordan 5s let you grow over your mood swings and enjoy a snug feeling. Even in the case of exceptional Hobh feet, these silhouettes are magical heartthrobs. Don’t alter your size in any case.

How to Style Nike Air Jordan 5 the right way?

The Air Jordan 5 fan following is only swelling up by the day. The sneaker series is one of the much loved and spoken about silhouettes. Sure, styling up these kicks can be a bit intimidating. Our curated styling team from Fast Sole is here to guide you on how to style them. When you own them, flaunt them, baby!

Well, I am not saying there are clothing rules for Jordan 5. But the right combination of footwear and clobber will help you make a statement.

Air Jordan 5 Black Red

Styling for Men

The contemporary mainstream sneakers are pretty music versatile. However, they have a substantially large tongue and a high-cut profile. Vaunt the sneakers as much as you can.

For a sporty summer vibe, get your hands on a pair of shorts with a printed sweater or a solid hoodie. Accentuate the look even more with rolled-up socks. The state-of-the-art sneakers can also look gracious with cuffed joggers and an uber-cool looking basic t-shirt.

Who says workwear has got to be boring? These silhouettes can also illuminate your attire at work. Bring out your best black trousers and blazer. Slip on your striking aerodynamic sneakers and make waves at work. Being boring is completely out of fashion. These drool-worthy Jordans promise to be swanky and voguish.

Air Jordan 5 Bluebird Womens DD9336-400

Styling for Women

Wanna be a trend-setter in your girl gang? Bring out your skinny ripped jeans and pair them up with a body hug plain t-shirt and an oversized coat. This stunning look is sure to help you boost your highly esteemed kicks. Remember, the shorts styling guide is universal.

But if you are not looking for a sporty or casual look, I have a phenomenal style spike ready for you. Grab your finest pencil skirt and team it with a dapper dressy shirt. You also have the option of pairing the fitted skirt with a long overcoat and a crop top inside. Choose your pick. But let your sensational sneakers be the focal point of your look.

What’s up with your Jordan 5 laces?

Air Jordan 5 introduced the lace lock mechanism

The Air Jordan 5 has introduced the lace lock mechanism in the sneakerdom. Placing it the wrong way can destroy your entire sneaker game. Let’s jump into the lace guide right away.

  • The most foremost thing is to ensure the lace lock does not hide the Jumpman logo. Let it sit the right way.
  • Remove the lace lock and put it right away.
  • Unlace your Jordans all the way down until you get to the last eyelet.
  • Pick one side of the lace and begin threading it to one side of the eyelid, coming right outside. You also have the option of inserting it from the outside and getting inside.
  • Go all the way up until you reach the last eyelet. Keeping a count, it should be around the sixth number.
  • Keep the laces immaculate and flat.
  • Going up, remember to have the laces fairly loose. Don’t tighten them up too much.
  • Latch them up in the lace lock and be assured of them not coming off whatsoever.

How to clean Nike Air Jordan 5?

Air Jordan 5 Cleaning Kit

Keeping your shoes clean is as important as owning them. Part of loving your Jordans is to ensure they are always clean. Treat your kicks the right way, and they promise to look as dashing as ever. Investing in a shoe cleaning kit is a beaming idea. What else do you need apart from it?

  • Soft brush
  • Hard brush
  • Clean cloth
  • Shoe cleaning serum
  • Toothbrush

How to clean white Jordan laces?

  • If your white shoelaces are pretty ragged, begin with loosening up the dirt with your hands. This will remove the top layer of mud easily.
  • Take a bucket full of clean and room temperature water. Add 3 tablespoons of bleach to it. Soak the laces in the bucket for a while. Don’t have direct contact with bleach. Make sure to put on a pair of gloves.
  • You can place the laces in a mesh laundry bag and keep this soaked in.
  • Pick up a spatula and stir the laces in the solution.
  • If you feel the laces are still grimy, add them to the washing machine with half a cup of detergent. Give a hot water wash, and then leave them loose for air dry.

How to clean coloured Jordan laces?

  • Begin exactly the same way. Scrub off all the dried on excess dirt with your hands. It will come out in no time.
  • Take a bucket filled with clean water and add some liquid soap to it. Do not add bleach.
  • Let the coloured laces rest in the soapy solution for a few minutes.
  • Take a spatula and mimic the washing machine movement.
  • Bring out the soft brush and scrub the laces to remove all the dirt.
  • Most likely, your laces would still have some dirt on them. Change the water in the bucket and repeat the process again.
  • Once they are clean enough, leave the laces to air dry.

How to clean Jordan insoles?

  • Are your sneaker insoles dirty or smelly, or both? In any case, please remove them and let them air out for a while.
  • Take a soft brush to eradicate all the dirt and mud from it.
  • Bring out a clean bucket and fill it with hot water.
  • Add a few drops of shoe cleaning serum to the crystal clean water.
  • Immerse the soft bristle brush in soapy water and scrub the insoles with it.
  • You definitely should stress more on the stained areas. The toe and heel areas will have large and obvious patches of dirt.
  • Wet the brush again and repeat the process. Do not soak the insoles.
  • Once you are done, make use of a microfibre cloth to dry out soap residue.

How to clean Jordan uppers?

  • Grab the sneaker cleaning serum and add some drops of it to a bowl filled with water.
  • Mix the soft bristle brush to the solution and then move it over the Jordan upper in a circular motion.
  • If you find stubborn stains, you can get your hands on a hard brush. Scrub them back and forth to remove all the stuck dirt.
  • You can also use a toothbrush to clean the cracks and crannies.

Cleaning the sneaker outsoles involves the exact same procedure!

Top Nike Air Jordan 5 of All Times

Air Jordan 5 What The Yellow CZ5725-700

1. Air Jordan 5 What The Yellow CZ5725-700: Say hello to What The Yellow! It’s one of the funkiest pairs found in the sneaker game. It’s crazy, mismatched, quirky and groovy, but certainly not everyone’s cup of tea. The eye-catchy runners have a burst of colours along with the famous Sharktooth design, making it a treat for every sneakerhead.

Best Feature: Swagger

Air Jordan 5 Raging Bull Varsity Red Black DD0587-600Image Credit: hibbett.com

2. Air Jordan 5 Retro Raging Bull Red: The retro raging bull red is a suede lovers dream. The lateral side screams out loud MJs no- 23 in fine red and black embroidery. Uppers are crafted in bold red suede with a contrasting black Jumpman logo. Also, the white and red shark details, exemplifying the World War II fighter jet, on the midsole is totally unmissable.

Best Feature: Premium look

Off-White Air Jordan 5 Sail Cream DH8565-100

3. Air Jordan 5 Retro OFF-WHITE Sail: The off-white sail colourway is sure to give out fairy-like aesthetics. It’s soft, creamy and unconventional. Also, the construction is a triumph. It’s highly engineered, well-padded and fanatically breathable. The contemporary panels and the push toggle sitting on the laces make the sneakers completely irresistible.

Best Feature: Super comfortable

Air Jordan 5 Alternate Bel-Air White Sparkle Blue DB3335-100

4. Air Jordan 5 Retro Alternate Bel-Air: The classic of all times – Bel-Air, is fresh, fearless and fabulous looking. The coveted trainer is a depiction of the 90s style. If you are a funky sneaker freak, you are sure to fall in love with the wittiness of these. Flaunting a green and pink mismatched Jumpman logo, retro-style tongue and a multi-colour midsole; these kicks have won the hearts of many.

Best Feature: Snug-fitting

Nike Air Jordan 5 Retro Fire Red White DA1911-102

5. Air Jordan 5 Retro Fire Red Silver Tongue: Fire and ice, everything nice! Yes, that’s exactly what it is. A smooth white leather upper, fire red detailing, mesh underlays, icy translucent outsoles and black midsoles have got the world’s attention in no time. The blazing shoe has captivated massive followers with its flashy silver tongue.

Best Feature: Superior grip

Top Nike Air Jordan V of 2021

Air Jordan 5 Quai 54 White DJ7903-106

1. Air Jordan 5 Quai 54 White DJ7903-106: The classic kicks are a tribute to the streetball game featuring a sports-friendly nature. Get ready to slip on squeaky clean silhouettes enlivening an African print in the interior lining and sneaker laces. The Jumpman icon decorates the tongue in an oreo cool grey background. These classic silhouettes are ideal for any season, occasion or outfit.

Best Feature: Super comfortable

Resale value: £200

Air Jordan 5 Low Chinese New Year Pearl White Chile Red DD2240-100

Image Credit: maxresdefault.com

2. Air Jordan 5 Low Chinese New Year Pearl White Chile Red DD2240-100: The stunner is clad in buttery cream leather uppers with bright red accents. The kicks have all the Jordan 5 notable features like- TPU eyelets, Sharktooth design on the midsoles, collar piping, mesh panels and air cushioning at the heels. Get ready to rule the tracks with the sumptuous sneaks on your feet.

Best Feature: Enhanced cushioning

Resale value: £211

Air Jordan 5 3LAB5 Black Metallic Silver 599581-003

3. Air Jordan 5 3LAB5 Black Metallic Silver 599581-003: Black midsole, ice-blue outsole and some accents of metallic silver; makes these dead drop gorgeous sneakers a must-have in your shoedrobe. The irresistible trainers will allow you to dress effortlessly with your best pair of neutral clothing. The redefined sneakers also flaunt a textured print for an outlandish look.

Best Feature: Aesthetically pleasing

Resale value: £200

Air Jordan 5 Raging Bull Varsity Red Black DD0587-600

Image Credit: gumtree.co.uk

4. Air Jordan 5 Raging Bull Varsity Red Black DD0587-600: You can get yourself a funky makeover with these dapper bold kicks. Stellar, comfy, classy and swoosh style! The opulent kicks flaunt a premium red suede with some black accents. The funky lace lock, Jumpman logo with a metallic base, and a stash of grey soles will attract eagle eyes.

Best Feature: Snug-fitting

Resale value: £196.05

Air Jordan 5 Oreo Cool Grey CT4838-011

Image Credit: carousell.com

5. Air Jordan 5 Oreo Cool Grey CT4838-011: Get your hands on this ingenious pair flaunting an insanely chic look. The street-ready sneakers have a smooth texture with jet black leather uppers and upgraded materials to keep your feet under a spotlight. The iconic shoes also feature exposed airbags, fancy lace lock and a classic b/w theme.

Best Feature: Durable

Resale value: £220.00

Real vs Fake Air Jordan V: Legit Check

Air Jordan 5 Legit Check

How do you spot the real Jordan 5s? If that’s your worry, you are at the right place. Walk through my elaborate guide to keep the counterfeits away.

  • The rear details are the most reliable source to prove authenticity. The Jumpman logo on the rear side is the first sign to help you spot authenticity. The Jumpman’s arm on the fake Jordans will be too thick and stitched inconsistently.
  • The Nike’ AIR’ text is a visible parameter to differentiate between the fake and authentic Jordans. The replica Jordan will have the text looking abnormally thick.
  • Let’s get to the interior tongue label. The real and hoax pair both have the AIR JORDAN tag on it. Fake Jordans have the tag with an awkward-looking font.
  • Real Jordan 5s continue the trend of mesh panels on the side, just like the Jordan 4.
  • The Jumpman logo on the tongue is unmissable. The counterfeit pair will have the logo in a curvy body and the arm looking too thick.
  • Air Jordan 5 stands out from the fourth with their Sharktooth design. The bogus sneakers have the design looking bumpy and curvy. The authentic pair will flaunt a perfectly positioned design and sharp curves.
  • Look at the rear U patch on your sneakers. The replica Jordan 5 will have a wide and uneven U patch.
  • Have a look at the text on the side of the sneaker. The fake pair will have the text in the usual font.
  • You definitely cannot miss the 3M reflective tongue. The counterfeit Jordan 5 will have the tongue shining disorderly.

Celebrity Tales in Nike Air Jordan 5

Fashionistas, Athletes and definitely the A-listers are seen drooling over these Jordan sneakers. Their love for Air Jordan 5 cannot be camouflaged anymore. Revamping the basketball shoes was a wise decision. Surely, it is one of the major reasons for soaring recognition and popularity.

Celebrity and Nike Air Jordan 5

Image Credit: sneakerbardetroit.com, solecollector.com

Going back to the days when Kanye West did not have any sneaker deal, he was a Jordan enthusiast. He was often seen in all kinds of Air Jordan 1, and they became one of his treasured in his shoedrobes. West does not flinch away from experimenting. He wore the Air Jordan 5 Black/Silver to an event with black loose fitted denims, textured jacket and grey printed t-shirt. The American rapper also flaunted his chic white sneakers at an event and said the kicks were his ‘lucky charm’.

The ‘Go Crazy’ designer Chris Brown designed his pair of Jordan 4 sneakers and dropped them on Instagram for the world to see. The trainers have quirky colour schemes and custom names.

We are already aware of Will Smith being gifted white chunky Jordan 5 sneakers on his 50th birthday. He was often spotted in them after that.

NBAs most valuable player – Russell Westbrook, has sporadically worn his line of Jordans on and off the court. His shoe game is pretty much heart to beat, especially the one in AJ 5. He wore the weirdest outfit and was out with the Jordan 5 Tokyo off the court. A brown blazer, formal tie, white shirt with camouflage pants. He surely is a quirky sneakerhead.

What do we say about the producer, singer, designer, entrepreneur and rapper? Yes, we are talking about the renowned Pharrell Williams. He is a diehard enthusiast and a sucker for basics. He wore blue denims, a simple and clean white T-shirt and his black 3M Jordan beauty. Drake Graham is surely a conscious sneaker jagger. Paparazzi caught him cheering from his courtside seat in the Sunset Air Jordan Retro 5 with ripped blue jeans and a printed hoodie.

Spike Lee was bestowed upon by a pair of Supreme Air Jordan 5 by Mr Jordan himself. He refreshed his Instagram Friday browser by flaunting it to the world. JayZ is known to be the hottest rapper and a crazy sneaker lover. He set the stage on fire with his performance, of course, and his Jordans. Denim shorts with a T-shirt, headwrap and the Laney Air Jordan 5 Retro.

Let’s get onto the court. Lebron James is a sneaker beast. He loves paying tribute to Michael with his sneaker game. He dunked in the never seen before ‘Black Metallica’ mimicking Jordans personal touch. The black and white silhouettes were exclusive to James for a while. Chris Paul and James Harden also left no stones unturned with the Jordan love.

Wrapping Up

Our Air Jordan V guide has everything you could ever want. The a la mode has lived up to the promise of gratifying every sneaker junkie with its aesthetics and comfort. If you haven’t yet, make sure these kicks make it to your roster this year. Fast Sole brings out all the exclusive deets for their fan followers.

Stay tuned in the world of Air Jordan 5 release dates, style and size guide. If you are a Fast Sole loyalist, you are certainly the first to know. Our blog has everything that you could ever think of, isn’t it?




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