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An Official Reveal Of The Jordan Tatum 1 “Pink Lemonade”

18 May 2023

Official Look

Justin Stones

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An Official Reveal Of The Jordan Tatum 1 Pink Lemonade featured image

Alright, folks, get ready for the official reveal of the Jordan Tatum 1 “Pink Lemonade”! Jayson Tatum is taking his first OG crep to a whole new steez, giving us a taste of his own style and vibe.

And let me tell you, these kicks are dripping with flavour! They pay homage to Jayson’s roots, his love for fresh cuts, and now, his favourite drink. And damn, they look refreshing AF!

An Official Reveal Of The Jordan Tatum 1 Pink Lemonade right

A Splash of Citrus-Inspired Style

The Jumpman designers really went all out with this one. They’ve decked out these G.O.A.T sneakers with retro and vibrant colours that scream “Pink Lemonade”! The well-ventilated uppers, laces, interior liners, and heel panels exhibit a relaxing “Subtle Rosé” tint, setting the stage for a tangy citrus experience. But wait, there’s more! The tongues and TPU plates rock a two-toned look with pops of “Lighting Lime” and “Luminous Jade” accents. Talk about eye-catching freshness!

An Official Reveal Of The Jordan Tatum 1 Pink Lemonade front corner

Numbered Love, Quenching Cushions

Now, here’s a sweet touch for the true Tatum fans. The heels of these kicks proudly display embroidered “0” whacks, representing Jayson’s jersey number. It’s like a little shoutout for his skills on the court! And let’s not forget the insoles of this silo, my friends. They’re not just any ordinary insoles but adorned with lemon emblems. Yup, those little suckers really embody that rejuvenating aura. It’s like your feet are taking a stroll through a lemonade stand!

An Official Reveal Of The Jordan Tatum 1 Pink Lemonade up

Get Your Hands on These Zesty Kicks

Okay, sneakerheads, here’s the scoop. The Jordan Tatum 1 “Pink Lemonade” will quench your style thirst on June 20, and you better believe they’ll be available in FSR. That means everyone in the fam can rock these fresh kicks! Whether you’re a die-hard Tatum fan or just a lover of all things citrusy, these kicks are a must-cop. Don’t sleep on the chance to add some zest to your sneaker rotation! And your friends will be begging for a sip of that sneaker sauce!

An Official Reveal Of The Jordan Tatum 1 Pink Lemonade back

Product Information

Colour : Pink Lemonade

Code : DX6733-600

Release Date : Coming Soon

Price : £120

Get a glimpse at the upcoming release as Nike is set to unleash the Nike Air Max 97 Black Olive.

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