BILLY’S and Converse Reunited For A Leopard-Printed Jack Pursell

BILLY’S and Converse Reunited For A Leopard-Printed Jack Pursell. This unique pair is a collaboration between the Japanese retailer BILLY’S and Converse! The colourway they are featuring on the classic silhouette Jack Pursell is called “Blend”. This is not a leopard Printed Jack Pursell as it seems at first. Let’s take a closer look at it below, so continue reading below to know more!


BILLY'S and Converse Reunited For A Leopard-Printed Jack Pursell

BILLY’S Converse Jack Pursell


The brand new Jack Pursell features a mismatched top between the two pairs, textured animal print fabric. The right shoe has the leopard print that takes the entire lateral side of the sneaker and covers the left shoe tongue too. To create a contrast, the right sneaker then has this corduroy fabric on the same spot, the togue. However, the left shoe has the same material, but this time, it’s on the medial side. The people with OCD will have severe issues with this sneaker already! The weird folks out there will appreciate this undoubtedly one of the most exceptional sneakers about to release this summer. Furthermore, the sneaker features the classic “Smile” of Purcell on the toe cap. Completing the look of this asymmetrical Jack Pursell, we can see the inclusion of White laces and soles to present a clean look while giving it the contrast it needed.


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BILLY’S and Converse Reunited For A Leopard-Printed Jack Pursell which is going to be a fan favourite! That’s why you should make haste and cop up one to store in your daily sneaker rotation! Do make sure to grab a pair when they go live on 30th August via listed UK and European retailers.


Product Information

Name: BILLY’S Converse Jack Pursell
Colour: TBC
Code: TBC
Release Date: August 30th, 2019
Price: TBC

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