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Detailed Look At The Nike PG3 NASA “Apollo Missions”

10 September 2021

Closer Look

Liam Perry

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Detailed Look At The Nike PG3 NASA “Apollo MissionsFull ” 01

Right here, we brought you a Detailed Look At The Nike PG3 NASA “Apollo Missions”. It celebrates the Silver Jubilee of one of the most remarkable events of the human race, the Moon Landing! Earlier this year, we came across another Paul George 3 signature kick that had NASA theme to honour the footprints on the moon surface. This season, we are getting another pair to join the 50th-anniversary party. Soak up all that you need from its gorgeousness! Recently, we were shocked to see the first ever image of the black hole. Maybe hold on tight for a few more days because the steller-lovers might bring out something to commemorate that too!

Detailed Look At The Nike PG3 NASA “Apollo MissionsFull ” 02

By looking at this stunner, we can conclude that there’s no other brand massive enough to take over the sneaker trends! Crisp white, shimmering gold and icy blue create a dreamy and celestial vibe for this kick. Follow @FastSoleUK for more.

Maybe you don’t need any more detail about it. You can just feel the comfort and the sassy features visually! The white shade spreads all over monochromatically including the supportive textile overlays and laces. The grid pattern on the collar and tongue add a subtle high-tech aesthetic. Rip-stop nylon mesh crafts the top and allows your feet to move and breathe freely. Everything is soft and understated so far for this Nike beast, but the liquid gold on the tongue branding and the midsole change the game brilliantly! The gold shines brightly and reminds you of the golden event of the Moon landing for Apollo. An engraved tonal gold Swoosh and Paul Brandt’s “Don’t tell me the sky’s the limit when there are footprints on the moon” quote on the heel keep it classy.

Detailed Look At The Nike PG3 NASA “Apollo MissionsFull ” 04

As you can see, one pair shows off the NASA logo, and the other one proudly pops the US flag. An icy blue outsole and Paul’s signature finish the look. This kick is dependable and robust for any stride. Maybe now you can start your own mission that you’re always putting off!

Product Information:

Name: Nike PG3 NASA “Apollo Missions” Colour: White Gold Code: TBC Release Date: TBC Price: TBC

Detailed Look At The Nike PG3 NASA “Apollo MissionsFull ” 05

Image Credit: sneakerbardetroit.com



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