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Don’t Be Late For Joining Footasylum’s “SPEND & SAVE” Offers!!

10 September 2021

Offer & Discount

Justin Stones

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Don't Be Late For Joining Footasylum's SPEND & SAVE Offers!!

You can either be a smart hunter or a slowpoke; there’s no in-between in the sneaker world. So, here’s a warning for you. Don’t Be Late For Joining Footasylum‘s “SPEND & SAVE” Offers!! Okay, calm down guys. It’s not like we’re announcing it’s over. It’s just an opportunity of a lifetime (sneaker-wise). Similarly, the discounts from the retailer mean we still have something to look forward to during these lockdown days. While you are stuck inside, this fashionable accessories store comes to engage. The “SPEND & SAVE” offer is just as appealing as it sounds. So, hear us out on what we have to say.

Footasylum is giving three options for “SPEND & SAVE”. Use a distinct code for each option from the full-priced item and also the ones on sale.

  • Spend £ 100 to save £ 20 by using the code SAVE20
  • Spend £ 125 to save £ 25 by using code SAVE25, and finally,
  • Spend £ 150 to save £ 30 by using code SAVE30.

Take notes from our discussion and hurry up before the offer runs out of time!

We didn’t add any specific product here because the discount offer applies for every sneaker and apparel in the Footasylum collection right now. All you have to do is use the simple code when you check out after you spend the minimum value. Undoubtedly, all the high-profile and futuristic shoes will be the first ones to fly off the racks. So, if you think you can deal with the wild and hyped-up sneaker junkies, then the floor is all yours! But you have to remember that this “SPEND & SAVE” event doesn’t happen that frequently.

Only thing standing between you and the best pair of sneakers is your dilemma! Many of the sneakerheads fall behind because they don’t know what to pick. So, follow us on FastSoleUK for more details on the entire world of sassy sneakers. You can get the brand new Nike, adidas, Puma, or anything else you like. Also, Don’t Be Late For Joining Footasylum‘s “SPEND & SAVE” Offers!!

Image Credit: footasylum.com



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