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First Look At The Yeezy Foam Runner White

25 January 2023

First Look

Liam Perry

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First Look At The Yeezy Foam Runner White

First Look At The Yeezy Foam Runner White will make everyone restless. It’s set to drop in 2020, but it already has us dreaming for it! It’s incredible how Kanye West can create a mess in the sneaker lanes without even dropping the new silo. The image was an expensive leak, and Kanye doesn’t mind. It happened when he was thousands of miles above in the clouds flying in first class. The leak started to cook up a storm in the fans’ cauldron of imagination. Everyone kept reposting and asking “What are those!?” Currently, the internet is blowing up, and sneaker junkies are already high on the dose of this Yeezy Foam!

Every time this 42-year old trendsetter drops a Yeezy stunner, the crowd goes wild. Even if he leaks an image or drops a tiny hint, we create mountains out of molehills! Although this quirky and eccentric designer always meets our speculations and expectations. Follow @FastSoleUK for more details.

First Look At The Yeezy Foam Runner White 01

Kanye’s concept and blueprints of regular and street-ready shoes are something not easy to deduct. The image of this shoe makes us quite intimidated! It’s completely white from the tip to toe, which makes it a perfect combination for all-season outfits and functions. But its overly chunky structure is what captures our eyes. The edges of the sidewalls are sharp, and it has holes of different sizes. From the look of it, this Yeezy Foam Runner might not be a suitable companion for your wildlife adventures. The pores and holes do look ultra-contemporary, but they are not fit for woods.

Kanye’s first-born daughter North West rocked a pair of this chubby Yeezy shoe on her cute li’l feet. But we brought you some better images that focus on its multi-purpose aesthetics and no-lace structure. The moulded foam midsole and the unconventional foam-top make a lethal team-up for daily strikes on tracks! You can flaunt this silo as you want unless it’s raining and you are in a jungle-track.

Product Information

Colour :  White

Code :  TBC

Release Date :  TBC

Price :  TBC

Image Credit: sneakernews.com



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