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Get The Nike Mag 2016 in UK

21 May 2023

First Look

Liam Perry

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Get The Nike Mag 2016 In UK fastsole.co.uk

Previously we saw a US release update of the Nike Mag 2016. Now let’s take a look how to Get The Nike Mag 2016 in UK.

Over the past few weeks, we saw loads of news about the Nike Mag floating all over the net. These awesome shoes are inspired by the famous Speilberg film “Back to the future”, where these shoes were first seen worn by the beloved character Marty McFly. But unfortunately, there are no flying options with these like we saw in the movies.

[metaslider id=2174]

Till now, there was no official news about its release in the UK but until now! Nike recently opened a raffle draw for £10 entry ticket, where the winner will be awarded the shoe.

Yes, there will be only one lucky winner; how cruel is that! You can buy as many tickets as you can and the raised money will be channelled to Michael J. Fox Foundation.

If you want to give it a try, then you need to go to the NIKETOWN in London. The draw will open on 15th October and will end on the same day. Good luck!



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