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Nike Air Jordan 3: A Complete Guide

14 March 2023


Liam Perry

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Nike Air Jordan 3: A Complete Guide featured image

The third time is always a charm, isn’t it?

Air Jordan 3 is the series that defined and saved the brand completely. The discovery of the shoe was a testing time for Michael Jordan and Nike. There was major trouble in the paradise. Bruce Kilgore and Peter Moore were let go from Nike at the time of Air Jordan 3 unearthing. The chunky sneaker ambassador – MJ, was wooed to tag along.

Gladly, he refused, and that’s how the timeless style kicks bestowed upon us. A classic combination of style and sophistication. So, how did the mission of ‘Air Jordan 3’ roll out? Who took over this Nike and Jordan collaboration? How did the basketball silhouette make its way to all the sneakerheads? Let’s find out.

The Twisty Tales of Air Jordan 3?

Air Jordan 3 Timeline

Every brand has a story to tell, and this one most importantly does. Nike and Michael Jordan approached Tinker Hatfield and handed over the project to him. They began working on the design in 1987, but everything appeared very unseemly. Kudos to Michael, who did not give up at an early stage. Tinker and MJ worked meticulously on creating a revolutionary design.

Michael was definite about creating drool-worthy sneakers but also lightweight and durable at the same time. When great minds come along, they create magic. And that’s exactly what happened with these beauties. Air Jordan 3 adopted all the strengths from Jordan 1 and 2 and designed an irresistible masterpiece. It was fabricated with a mid-cut height, full-grain leather, the famous Jumpman logo (right at the centre of the tongue) and an elephant print at the toe box. The prodigious kicks also flaunted visible air sole unit. The dynamics of these sneakers made them look more than exotic.

Known to be released in 1988, MJ was sporadically seen wearing the stunners in late 1987 in various games. And that’s how the chunky aesthetics grabbed severe attention in no time. MJ plucked almost every award that NBA season, so he definitely regarded these Jordan pairs as his lucky mascot. Undoubtedly, it also added value to the iconic sneakers in the foreseen future. The legendary partnership dropped four colourways which are now the heartthrobs of every sneakerhead.

And that’s how in 1988, Air Jordan 3 birthed the modern sneaker couture.

Five Things Every Sneakerhead Must Know About Air Jordan 3

Air Jordan Jumpman Logo 1988

The emergence of the ‘Jumpman’ logo

You can’t deny the fact that the ‘Jumpman‘ is one of the most legendary logos you could have on a sneaker. It first appeared on the Jordan 3 and after that on the other Jordans. The classic logo is a depiction of MJ leaping in the air, about to dunk. While reinventing the sneakers, Tinker was inspired by Michael’s picture in one of the advertisements.

The First was a Black Beauty

Air Jordan 3 Black Cement OG 1988

Being an exceptional designer, Tinker Hatfield certainly wanted to recreate the magic of Jordans but in a way never done before. Unlike the traditional white sneakers, Air Jordan 3 released the black cement to give a newer appeal to the brand.

Nike succeeded in sustaining Jordan in the entity

We have already unlocked the Jordan mystery and how MJ wasn’t too big on signing the deal with Nike from the beginning. Once Peter Moore relinquished, Michael had two minds as well. He started to reconsider the decision of staying back. Nike persuaded him convincingly, and his dad also played a huge role in compelling him to stay.

Air Jordan 3 is the most comfortable

Air Jordan 3 Air Sole Unite

Amongst the entire Air Jordan line, Jordan 3 is the first to sport an air sole unit. This feature provides a bounce like never before. The cushioning around the ankle gives a different comfort to basketeers to leap as much as they want.

Air Jordan III was the first to turn Jordan into an admirable fashion brand

Did you know that Air Jordan III has been ranked as the best Jordan of all time in most sneakerhead publications? The revolutionary sneaker is the first to flaunt an elephant print and a Jumpman logo on the tongue. It is also the introductory basketball mid-top sneaker. The classic pair is the first to be re-released in 2021 in the sneaker palace. The first of many, it has a huge impact on Jordan history!

The making of Air Jordan III?

Air Jordan 3 Anatomy

Tinker Hatfield is a true icon in every way. The mastermind did something very unique.

He was well aware that this was a crucial time, and it could either make or break the brand. He wanted to go the tried and tested way. So, there is no room for regret. Well, the genius designer decided to fathom from the athletes about the comfort level from the previous Jordans before he reinvented the silhouette. The players expressed their views on wanting more support than the low top variant and less than the high-top. Hatfield believed that the victory of the brand relies on player satisfaction. He had a lengthy discussion with Chicago Bulls star to understand the nitty-gritty of their wants.

The star man put forward a presentation to Jordan, and it was love at first sight for him. The knicks flaunt a print that complemented very well with the class leather. The masterly combination of synthetic, nubuck leather and full-grain makes the sneakers very divine.

The sensational athletic shoes protect the feet beautifully with all the hi-tech cushioning. Nike Jordan 3’s have introduced the max air arch support technology. The highly engineered leather walls will make your feet comfortable always. You could go on a long walk, hiking or an adventure sport and feel like nothing’s on your feet. The Jumpman kicks have micro-perforations on the midfoot for amplified airflow. The rubber outsoles are incorporated to provide maximum traction and security to the runner.

And that’s heavy-duty construction, isn’t it?

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Is Air Jordan III true to the size?

Air Jordan 3 Size Guide

Iconic Air Jordan 3 deserves a dedicated space for all the sizing information.

They never run big; they could either be small or true to the size. In general, Jordans fit true to the size. Jordan 3 is fabricated with premium leather in the upper. This would flex for sure. The fit of these sneakers could vary slightly for men, women and toddlers.

Nike Air Jordan 3 for kids could run slightly small. Go half size up to be more comfortable. In most cases, these sneakers would fit luxuriously for men and women. If your feet are exceptionally wide, you can consider opting for a bigger size. I would recommend going only half size up. One size up could get larger than you think.

How to identify the real Nike Air Jordan 3?

Air Jordan 3 Real VS Fake

It’s super simple! The real vs fake legit check of Jordan 3 involves 10 straightforward steps. Let’s quickly browse through the checklist. This authentication guide is applicable for every Jordan 3 colourway.

Step 1: Begin with inspecting the box. The Jordan 3 box will definitely be strong and sturdy. The box will feature the lid on the side as well as the lid of the box. The colour of the box varies depending upon the shoe model. Remember, the box will also showcase a model no, which will have 9 digits. The label has the size, style name & number, colour and ‘Made in China’ on it.

Step 2: Let’s get to the shoe label. This is one of the most important parameters that distinguish the authentic Jordan 3 from the fake one. Have a look at the text ‘US’ ‘MADE IN CHINE’ ‘FABRIQUE EN CHINE’. The replica Jordans will have the text looking too thin, improper height, too wide and inconsistent spacing.

The product code mentioned on the tag will also have slim numbers in the counterfeits. The authentic pairs flaunt a thick and finely pasted product code. There’s another minute detail that you must be pensive towards. Did you check out the Q in the ‘FABRIQUE EN CHINE’? The bogus sneakers have the tail of the Q starting from inside the circle.

Step 3: Take a deep look at the embossed Jumpman logo on the tongue. The pirated Jordan 3 version flaunts three flaws that cannot go unnoticed. It’s right in front of the eye. Three straightforward points right in front of the eye. In the counterfeit pair, the Jumpman logo will have the arm looking too thick, the body arch too curvy, and the fingers will have the threads connected. This makes the fingers obnoxiously dense.

Step 4: The sculpted Jordan logo on the heel is completely different from the fake and real one. The counterfeits have the logo looking too curvy and small. But the real ones have a splendid quality finish. The edges are sharp and immaculate.

Step 5: Let’s move a little below. You can spot a bold and clear text that says – AIR. The fake Jordans have the text very sleek and inconsistently placed. The ‘I’ in the ‘AIR’ looked cockamamie.

Step 6: The stitch on the side panel says a lot more than you think. The authentic Jordans have two stitch lines super close to each other. The replica Jordans have the stitch far away from each other.

Step 7: Inspecting the shoelaces is important as well. The shoelace tabs should have even spacing and be of the same shape and size. The fake Jordan 3’s will have inconsistent spacing between the tabs and are sure to lack a firm grip.

Step 8: The midsole point in Jordans is designed to give out a prodigious solace. The authentic pairs flaunt a midsole point right in front of the bottom lace hole. But the fake ones will always have the midsole point in line with the bottom lace hole.

Step 9: The real Jordan 3 leather overlays flaunt a lot more holes than the fake ones. Sure, you cannot keep a tab on the count of it; but the difference is stated very obviously.

Step 10: Regardless of how many attempts bootleggers have made, they have made some massive errors. Lastly, the details on the box will never match the shoe details.

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Top Nike Air Jordan 3 of All Times

Nike Air Jordan 3 Retro White CementImage Credit: allaboutanthony.com

1. Nike Air Jordan 3 Retro White Cement: It’s so easy to fall in love with these white beauties for every sneaker freak. The classic displays the famous elephant print and airbag to accentuate the brilliancy of the sneakers. The cool white spread is emphasized and brightened with the hot red hues. No other colour could do justice to the frost white shade. These Mids are like Fire.

Best Feature: Air heel finish

Nike Air Jordan 3 Retro Black Cat

Image Credit: sneakerbardetroit.com

2. Nike Air Jordan 3 Retro Black Cat: Without any shadow of a doubt, the black stunner is a sneaker game changer. The modern street beast has a snug like leather interior for endless comfort and style. The high definition sneaker spells out royalty from every standpoint. The upper has a nubuck material with a patent strip between the heel and the toe box.

Best Feature: Monochrome pitch black theme

Nike Air Jordan 3 Retro SeoulImage Credit: http: iam-ran

3. Nike Air Jordan 3 Retro Seoul: The dope white pair commemorates MJ’s slam dunk victory with every fine detailing. The red and blue pop up accentuates the collar, making the white kicks look fierce. The leather underlays also have micro-perforations all over, making the lace-up sneakers absolutely foot-friendly. Well, the go-to sneakers can make you rock any summer outfit.

Best Feature: Fresh & Fashionable.

Nike Air Jordan 3 Retro Doernbecher

4. Nike Air Jordan 3 Retro Doernbecher: The tonal red kicks are a must-have for every sneaker jagger. The hot and fierce colour palette is sure to make you feel en vogue and juvenile. A patch of prints accentuates the freaky design. The tinge of black contrasts the brilliancy of red beautifully.

Best Feature: Diamond grip

Nike Air Jordan 3 Retro Golf White CementImage Credit: twitter.com/brkicks

5. Nike Air Jordan 3 Retro Golf White Cement: The iconic chunky white sneakers are golf-ready. This white cement pair is a paradise for every golfer. These white cement flaunt full-length Lunarlon midsoles to provide exceptional stoutness and solace. An all-white leather upper with some bright red detailing and lower eyelets helps the knicks stand out in the crowd.

Best Feature: Durable

Top Nike Air Jordan 3 of 2021

A Ma Maniere Air Jordan 3 White Womens DH3434-110

1. A-Ma Maniere Air Jordan 3 White Womens DH3434-110: This Jordan beast has won the hearts of millions of sneakerheads with its timeless beauty. The upper layer is a classic combination of sparkling white leather and grey fuzzy suede. These silos are slightly distinctive from the rest with their inner glossy silver shade and streamlined design. The sleek bone colour is sure to accentuate your off-court ensembles.

Best Feature: Chic colour palette

Re-sale value: £726.30

Air Jordan 3 Sport Blue 136064-007

Image Credit: pinterest.com

2. Air Jordan 3 Sport Blue 136064-007: The magnificent piece sports a new colourway of wolf grey, black and striking blue. The black tumbled leather and grey highlights on the heel and tongue gives these knicks a fresh and royal feel. These sneakers sport a legendary cracked effect to make them look even more astounding.

Best Feature: Additional cushioning

Re-sale value: £100.00

Air Jordan 3 Cool Grey Orange CT8532-012

Image Credit: allaboutanthony.com

3. Air Jordan 3 Cool Grey Orange CT8532-012: These iconic sneakers are everything a sneaker jagger would want. The retro beauty flaunts printed overlay panels around the heels and forefoot, promising an exquisite look. The signature cushioned midsoles expose the midsoles at the heels and make them feel secure at all times. Let’s not miss the subtle pop of colours that takes all the attention.

Best Feature: Vintage vibes

Re-sale value: £192.05

Air Jordan 3 Racer Blue White CT8532-145

Image Credit: hibbett.com

4. Air Jordan 3 Racer Blue White CT8532-145: These mind-blowing OG style boots feature a high-top design to keep the feet protected and comfortable. The remarkable pair flaunts signature heel airbags, and TPU heel overlays to accentuate the design. The classics also feature textured leather uppers and breathable perforations, making the sneaker unmissable.

Best Feature: Snug fit

Re-sale value: £220

Air Jordan 3 Cement Grey CT8532-401

Image Credit: twitter.com/theclosetinc

5. Air Jordan 3 Cement Grey CT8532-401: These flawless kicks are an artefact of style and grace. The Navy and grey colour theme have striking white laces, bright midsoles and grey rubber outsoles. This makes the pair aesthetically pleasing. The grey textured leather is a deal-breaker for the sneakers.

Best Feature: Eye pleasing

Re-sale value: £172

Style Guide for Air Jordan 3

If you are looking for the latest fad, our style guide is exactly what you need right now. Blow your silhouettes with poise and set a new Jordan trend. The dope like sneakers lets you slay the dad shoe trend in a minimalist way.

Jordan 3 is clearly not funky in any way. It’s classy; it’s sophisticated; it’s polished. So, ideally, sticking to its nature would be the best way to foreground its semblance.

Are you a sucker for basics, or are you slightly wacky in the head? Air Jordan 3 work with anything and everything. Keep them in your rotation because they work formally and casually. The lifestyle sneaker looks like a piece of art with boyfriend fitted jeans and a body hug t-shirt in a nutty print.

Having something sleek sitting on the chunky sneakers is nailing the look completely. Bring out your cuffed joggers and show off your kicks as much as you want. The street aesthetics are retained, and you will have all the eyes glaring at you.

If you are looking to up your formal fashion game, Jordan 3 will definitely do the needful. The undisputed sneaker will let you dabble your formal look and elevate your attire nimbly. Wear it with your suit but only be conscious of the length of your pant. Get them hemmed and make a statement this wedding season.

How comfortable are Nike Air Jordan 3?

Comfort is a drug! Once you get addicted to it, you are never getting out of it? And why should you?

Nike Air Jordan 3 has proudly claimed a spot in the world’s most comfortable sneakers. The basketball shoes are all day everyday wear. These prestigious kicks don’t have a cult-like following for no rhyme or reason. It is the first-ever Jordan to flaunt a visible Air sole unit.

A generous cushioning is what makes the sneaker comfortable. And the Jordan 3 houses a cushioned midsole to grab a substantial place in the foot-friendly category. Also, the thick padded collar makes the kicks basketball-turned-lifestyle sneakers. The perforations sitting near the tongue give the feet all the freedom to breathe and move.

Let’s get to its forte right away. The visible air unit in the heel will allow you to run a marathon as well with great comfort. Could you ask for anything more?

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Clean Your Air Jodan 3

How to Clean Nike Air Jordan 3?

Cleaning this star is really not a herculean challenge. While wet wipes work miraculously for daily cleaning, to make your Jordans lily-white my sheer steps.

How to clean Nike Air Jordan 3 shoelaces?

One of the ways to clean the shoelaces is to dump them in the washing machine and have them back clean and fresh. Remember to choose a cold water ‘delicates’ setting. Let them in a mesh laundry bag and allow them to breathe without getting tangled around the agitator.

If you are reluctant about involving the washing machine, a simple antidote can also do the drill for you. Take a bowl full of warm water and add one detergent tablespoon to it. Place the laces in the bowl and keep it soaked in for about 30 minutes. Once done, remove the laces and rinse them under room temperature water. Let it air dry.

How to deep clean Nike Air Jordan 3 shoes?

Grab a soft bristle shoe brush and some liquid dishwashing soap to it. Wet the brush a little bit and scrub the shoes as hard as possible. Using a toothbrush for hard to reach spots would be tactile. Go ahead and rinse the soap off under a stream of cold water. Please get rid of all the excess water, then dry them out in front of a fan. Well, be wise enough to keep your blow dryers away.

How to deodorize Nike Air Jordan 3 shoes?

Deodorizing your Jordan’s is nothing more than a child’s play. It’s as simple as using tea bags. Place them in the shoe and let them sit for a day. The tea bags will work incredibly for your smelly shoes and draw out all the odour and bacteria.

Using white vinegar and baking soda will also help you get rid of evil-smelling shoes. Pour some white vinegar/baking soda along with some water in a spray bottle. Spray this mixture inside your Jordans and let leave it for a few hours unattended.

Celebrities and Nike Air Jordan 3! The Who’s-who is flaunting it!

Celebrities and athletes are seen drooling over Nike Air Jordan 3. The air soled kicks are making waves with their classic style and fierce nature. Celestial, aerodynamic and congenial. It’s hard to refuse these beauties. The retro sneakers have attracted admiration from sports icons, musicians and actors.

Daniel Jason Sudeikis Wearing Air Jordan 3

Image Credit: complex.com, solecollector.com

Famous American actor Daniel Jason Sudeikis is a certified sneakerhead. He slew the Nike Air Jordan 3 Black Cement with a checks shirt and tapered fit pants in an interview. Well, the sneaker and fashion icon kept it absolutely subtle.

Justin Timber Wearing Air Jordan 3Justin Timber can also grab a prize for being a sneaker daddy. His performance in the Super Bowl Halftime in 2018 was not just a moment for him but the Jordan brand as well. The talented man grabbed profused attention for his music as well as the Tinker designed sneakers.

Chris Paul wearing air jordan 3Most NBA players are seen vibing in the jaw-dropping sneakers on and off-court. The biggest NBA star Chris Paul is often spotted in various Jordans. He has an endless love relationship with the Jordans, and the top-mid Jordan 3 looks like one of his favourite picks. He walked in style in his white and blue colour palette kicks, teaming it with an athletic attire.

James Harden wearing air jordan 3

Image Credit: pinterest.com

Before the adidas collaboration, James Harden was seen wearing Jordan 3 white cement in the game.

Cristiano Ronaldo wear air jordan 3Image Credit: twitter.com/thecristianofan

Even though he’s a football player, he’s a die-hard basketball fan. Cristiano Ronaldo looked dazzling in the Jordan 3 retro sneakers. He looked more than convinced with the famous elephant print.

Jay Z wearing air jordan 3

Image Credit: dailymail.com, jordansdaily.com, pinterest.com/sneakerfiles

The rapper cum entrepreneur Jay Z is a Jordan loyalist. His status as a sneakerhead is always reflected. He is often seen nailing it in black lace-up sneakers, looking like a fashionista. A$AP Rocky also has a high score on being aficionados with sneakers. He loves sporting the Jordan 3 retros on his big and precious moments.

DJ Khaled wearing Air Jordan 3

Image Credit: hypebeast.com

DJ Khaled has also been seen matching his playful energy in Jordan 3 coveted kicks. A hip-hop mogul, Snapchat superstar and a diehard Jordan enthusiast, you could include all of it in his resume. He waved an all-black attire and white bone evergreen shoes.

Mark Wahlberg wearing Air Jordan 3

Image Credit: pinterest.com

Kylie Jenner wear Air Jordan 3

Image Credit: steemitimages.com, twitter.com/ComplexSneakers

And why should boys have all the fun? The Nike Jordan 3 have become quite popular among female stars as well. Cindy Crawford was spotted in her blue and black chrome Jordan 3 while celebrating her ESPN series. She paired her sneakers with a bulls jersey. Kylie Jenner is a master in the sneaker game. She vaunted her Jordan sneakers and paired them with a fitted grey joggers suit.

Wrapping Up

Wasn’t this a treat for every Jordan fan? How to style the Air Jordan 3 sneakers? Do they run big or small? Are they comfortable? How to get them sparkling clean? And that was an ultimate guide for every sneakerhead.

Stay tuned with us to keep yourself updated with all the release dates. Air Jordan 3, of course, and lot’s more. FastSole covers all the high-heat collabs to bring you all the notable trending silhouettes.

What’s your pick? We would love to know!

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