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Nike Air Jordan 4: A Complete Guide

30 October 2021


Liam Perry

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Air Jordan 4 Complete Guide

The third time was a revolution for the legendary sneaker line. The Tinker-designed coveted kicks are recognized as the world-renowned silhouettes, and the Jordan 4s have contributed massively in taking the legacy ahead.

The mastermind was seen storming the Jordan line with something super innovative and out-of-the-box. He pretty much succeeded in doing so. Jordan 4 was largely different from Jordan 3. The iconic Jordan 4 series made waves but unusually. Critics were barbarous and threw down a thunderous attack at the brand. Some called it ‘ugly’; some called it ‘cheap’. The controversies had a huge impact on brand fidelity.

This disputable phase got Michael Jordan filled with mixed emotions. Some pundits voiced themselves and propelled hatred at MJ by saying, ‘get back to work’.

MJ was a father for the first time and was in a joyous space. Deeply hurt, how did the big man make the Jordan 4s the shining armour of the brand? Did the incredible MJ-Tinker collaboration become a success again for the second time? Let’s find out.

The Twisted Threads of Air Jordan 4

Nothing could be as apt as calling it twisted. It certainly wasn’t a fairytale for MJ.

The year 1989 created a storm in the Jordan house. Tinker set his foot in the Nike family with the Jordan 3s. The aesthetics of the sneakers were a personification of sophistication and elegance. And, of course, it was a mighty sword for MJ and Nike. The dynamic collaboration regained all the confidence, and Tinker decided to do something different moving forward.

Tinker Hatfield and air jordan 4Image Credit: metalmagazine.eu

Tinker Hatfield choose to streamline the design and make it more performance-oriented. He wanted to incorporate elements that were not present in the first three Air Jordans. The Jordan 4 was the first ever to sport an over-moulded mesh. This made the sneaker enthusiasts dislike the sneaker line. They considered the Jordan 4 to have a cheap fabrication. Nevertheless, over time the sneakers grew on people.

Air Jordan 4 OG colourways 1989

Tinker came up with a clever idea. The nimble-witted brain introduced 18 different styles of lacing up Jordan 4s. This created a unique style and also impressed sneakerheads swiftly. The launch of OG colourways like Black Cement, Military Blue, White Cement made the Jordan 4 sneaker line a must-have in every shoedrobe.

Spike Lee embarking and Michael Jordan

Image Credit: complex.com

Jordan and air Jordan 4Image Credit: sivasdescalzo.com

The elite Jordan 4 gained substantial popularity with actor Spike Lee embarking his presence in the advertisements. He also featured the iconic shoe in his movie ‘Do the right thing’. And, of course, MJ scored a shot in the potential game between Chicago Bulls and Cleveland Cavaliers. When he raised the scoreboard with a series-winning dunk, he sure did grab all the possible attention. And there it was, AJ 4 on MJs feet.

Basketball and MJ fans immediately got sold on the AJ 4 sneaker line.

The unsaid truth about Air Jordan 4

  • The Air Jordan 4 Jumpman flight logo extended with a flight sketch and made the elongated tongue a defining part for the Air Jordan 4.
  • Nike Jordan 4 did away with the trademarked swoosh on the side.
  • Air Jordan 4 possesses a tag with Jumpman and AIR logo embossed.
  • The iconic sneakers are a representation of seamless energy between sports, pop culture and marketing.

The making of Nike Air Jordan 4

Air Jordan 4 Anatomy

Unlike the Jordan 3, Jordan 4 flaunted a techy look. These celebrated sneakers are completely different from the former in every aspect.

The sensational trainers are more streamlined and gauzy compared to the previous Jordans. Tinker dipped the mesh in soft plastic and blew air passing through it, clearing out the plastic in between. He then added these ‘over-moulded mesh panels at the side instead of leather. This upgraded technology of urethane-coated mesh netting gave the feet more room to breathe.

The IV series also featured the supportive triangle wings for a geeky look and ankle support. The dope like sneakers introduced the nubuck leather to the Jordans and made it a memory. Tinker’s unique legendary kicks also grounded a unique lacing support system that provided multiple eyelets for custom lace placement. Already been mentioned how the show illuminated lace locks on both sides, providing 18 ways for sneaker enthusiasts to style their laces. This noticeable structure ensured maximum customization for the players to achieve optimal comfort.

Like the Jordan 3s, this series also incorporated the mid-cut height and visible heel air unit. However, Jordan 4 ditched the exotic material like the faux elephant skin seen in the Jordan 3. The Bred colourways engulfed animal-friendly Durabeck leather, and the retros flaunted a full-grain synthetic leather for durability.

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Is Nike Air Jordan 4 true to the size?

Air Jordan 4 size guide

Here comes the most frequently asked question- Are Nike Air Jordan 4 true to size?

The reinvented sneakers are a delicacy for every zest level sneakerhead. They have amassed a cult-like following with the magical mesh uppers. The breathability with it is divine. Your feet can feel at home all day long. It also directly impacts the sizing of the shoe.

Whether you are looking for Jordan 4s in men, women or toddlers, sticking to your OG size would be a smart move. These sneakers are pretty roomy. They promise a luxurious and cosy fit. The Jordan 4 silhouettes have taken the iconic status for their accurate sizing.

But if you have Hobh feet, you can consider opting for half size down. The stretch leather will give you additional flexibility. Also, these heartbreakers have the right amount of padding. So, they don’t occupy excess space.

How comfortable is Nike Air Jordan 4?

Air Jordan 4 Luxurious and cosy

How did the ‘ugly’ shoe become one of the most comfortable shoes?

The Jordan 4 introduced the lu material in the sneaker land. This stretched the flexibility of the uppers and made the basketball shoes all day wear.

The sneakers house a well-padded toe box and a generous cushioning around the ankles to make it super supportive and cosy. You could wear these coveted trainers throughout the day and not feel any jot of discomfort. The hypebeast hug the feet like a boomerang. You can slip them on even on a hike.

Tinker dint just flex the shoes but his muscles too. He experimented with mesh and moulded plastics to ensure more breathability. The emergence of nubuck leather also shot the sneaker comfort game. Like Jordan 3, the fourth sneaker series also incorporated the visible air unit to rule the running track.

Style Nike Air Jordan 4 the right way

Stop faffing around with your Jordans; they deserve to be styled the right way. Being a Jordan head, you cannot go wrong an inch with the wingtips on your feet.

Bring it out in style if you own the Jordan 4 Bred, and let every sneaker eager go bonkers looking at you. Wear them with shorts or tapered pants and flaunt them as much as you can. These sneakers would look like the state-of-art in a monochrome theme and ankle-length socks.

Pair your Jordan 4 white bone with a black hoodie and boyfriend fitted denims. A wide-leg pair of trousers with a cropped top in a wacky print will look uber cool. But hang on, if you prefer something sleek at the bottoms, you could do that as well. An oversized button-up baggy t-shirt with cropped and printed bottoms is sure to make a style statement. It will represent chic and street style smart wear. A colour-matched t-shirt with the Jordan 4 silhouette will have all the eyes glaring at you.

The dope like sneakers with icy soles can accommodate graciously in your formal sneaker game. Did you ever think of wearing it with your all-black suit? Oh, what a beauty it will look. Wear it to your black-tie event or a wedding ceremony and retain the street aesthetics even on a formal red carpet event.

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How to clean Nike Air Jordan 4?

Air Jordan 4 Cleaning Guide

You would definitely agree with me that Jordan 4s are a piece of gem. Rare and valuable! When you own them, make sure you shower them with unconditional love. Maintenance is the cue of keeping sneakers in the finest condition.

How to clean Nike Air Jordan 4 shoelaces?

One of the ways to clean the shoelaces is to dump them in the washing machine and have them back clean and fresh. Remember to choose a cold water ‘delicates’ setting. Let them in a mesh laundry bag and allow them to breathe without getting tangled around the agitator.

If you are reluctant about involving the washing machine, a simple antidote can also do the drill for you. Take a bowl full of warm water and add one detergent tablespoon to it. Place the laces in the bowl and keep it soaked in for about 30 minutes. Once done, remove the laces and rinse them under room temperature water. Let it air dry.

How to deep clean Nike Air Jordan 4 shoes?

Grab a soft bristle shoe brush and some liquid dishwashing soap to it. Wet the brush a little bit and scrub the shoes as hard as possible. Using a toothbrush for hard to reach spots would be tactile. Go ahead and rinse the soap off under a stream of cold water. Get rid of all the excess water, then dry them out in front of a fan. Well, be wise enough to keep your blow dryers away.

How to deodorize Nike Air Jordan 4 shoes?

Deodorizing your Jordan’s is nothing more than a child’s play. It’s as simple as using tea bags. Place them in the shoe and let them sit for a day. The tea bags will work incredibly for your smelly shoes and draw out all the odour and bacteria.

Using white vinegar and baking soda will also help you get rid of evil-smelling shoes. Pour some white vinegar/baking soda along with some water in a spray bottle. Spray this mixture inside your Jordans and let leave it for a few hours unattended.

Real vs Fake Nike Air Jordan 4

Air Jordan 4 Real vs Fake

Counterfeits are taking the sneaker market by storm. How do you spot the OGs? Please walk through my elaborate guide to nail the real Jordan 4s.

  • Begin with scrutinizing the shoe box. The real Nikes come packed in a vigorous and solid shoe box. The box will be seen screaming the swoosh logo on the side and the lid. The design and colour of the box can differ depending upon the model. However, there’s a major concern. A real shoebox can escort fake Nikes. So, don’t get sold out just by the box.
  • Let’s go further to the inside shoe label. The label details will include the style number (9 digits), year and a barcode. These details should match the ones on the box. There must be no disparity. Also, the counterfeit Jordans will have the text inconsistently printed. In the fake Jordan 4s, the label tag will have ‘MADE IN CHINA’, and ‘FABRIQUE EN CHINE’ printed inconsistently and very thick. Bogus sneakers will have Q tale abruptly starting from the centre.
  • Get to the AIR JORDAN tag in the interior of the tongue. The authentic Jordans will flaunt a thick and large text. Clear and crisp!
  • Head to the rear inscriptions of the sneakers. The Nike swoosh logo should touch the NIKE text, and the logo should be pretty dense. Get to the “AIR’ text below. The hoax pair will have the text abnormally thin.
  • Haven’t we already discovered how the Jordan 4 is completely different from the previous ones with the mesh panel at the side and no swoosh logo? Bootleggers may just overlook this aspect, but you cannot. If you find no mesh panel at the side or spot a swoosh logo, you know it’s bogus.
  • Jordan 4s flaunt an embossed Jumpman and AIR logo. The fake Jordans will have the Jumpman logo with an obnoxiously thick arm and a curvy body. The fingers will also be large in size, looking a bit unpleasant. The finish of the real Jordan 4s is sure to be swift and excellent.
  • Bonafide Nike Jordan 4s have the Arch support technology. The arch support air cushion mechanism should be visible enough in the real sneakers. Also, the air bubble of superior quality should be visible enough to spot.
  • Authentic Jordan 4s will have the tongue showcasing in two parts. The lower tongue section flaunts a premium quality mesh. And the top section has an embossed Jumpman label. The tongue also has top edges with fine round corners.
  • Let’s take a deep look at the stitch of the tongue. The counterfeit Jordans will have the stitch looking thick and small. You may also find the stitch breaking at some points. But the real Jordan 4 will have the stitch all around the tongue immaculately. The reverse side of the tongue will have the Jordan printed upside down.
  • The toe box of the fake Jordan will be arched on the front tip and curved at the sides. The fake sneakers will have the toe box looking overinflated.
  • Once you spot the Jumpman logo on the inner sole, it’s a positive sign. The sneakers are real for sure. But don’t forget to inspect the proportions of the ball, feet and hand of the logo.
  • The stitch on the side of the shoes says a lot more than you can imagine. The fake ones will have the stitch size exceptionally big, and two lines will be quite distanced from one another.
  • Last but not least. The outsole must feature a sizeable Jumpman logo.

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Top Nike Air Jordan 4 of All Times

Air Jordan 4 OG Fire Red 1989 White Fire Red

Image Credit: kicksonfire.comklekt.com

1. Air Jordan 4 OG Fire Red 1989 White Fire Red: The name ‘Fire Red’ earned endless fame, with MJ sporadically sporting the sneakers. These trainers are one of the many to flaunt a Tinker designed original colourway. The red and black strongly contrast with a huge Nike branding assures all the eyes gazing at you. The fearless team with a bold palette and construction makes it a sneaker paradise.

Best Feature: Striking stairway

Air Jordan 4 Retro Kaws Cool Grey WhiteImage Credit: klekt.com

2. Air Jordan 4 Retro Kaws Cool Grey White: These jaw-dropping and chic sneakers are stylish, sporty, and everything you would ever want. Grey is the new black! The attractive looking sneakers can make a statement with every step you take. The grey midsoles feature rubber outsoles and air bubbles at the heels to take care of the comfort aspect.

Best Feature: Glow in the dark outsole

Air Jordan 4 Retro Doernbecher Black Electric Green 308497-015Image Credit: sneakerhouses.com

3. Air Jordan 4 Retro Doernbecher Black Electric Green: These kicks are sure to take your sneaker scoreboard very high. The black suede makes it ideal for a winter evening. The colour palette also involves green, blue, and red pop-ups to make the trainers look extremely beguiling.

Best Feature: Air bubbles at the heels

Air Jordan 4 Retro White Tour Yellow 314254-171Image Credit: solecollector.com

4. Air Jordan 4 Retro White Tour Yellow: If there was something like a ‘rare sneaker to find’, this one could qualify big time. En-vogue, juvenile, spooky! Yes, that’s the perfect description. The gorgeous looking sneakers are dressed in white, black and hues of yellow and grey. The classics also have TPU panels nearing the lacing area for maximum support.

Best Feature: Superior grip

Air Jordan 4 Retro Black Cement 1999 136013-001

Image Credit: hypebeast.com

5. Air Jordan 4 Retro Black Cement: I promise the black beauty is a sneaker game changer. The little and large detailing in black with accents of grey and red can make you feel super stylish while you walk down the path. The midfoot and the sides also flaunt integrated cages making the sneakers look more alluring.

Best Feature: Dazzling looking

Levis Air Jordan 4 White Denim AO2571-100

6. Air Jordan 4 Retro Levi’s White: The iconic collaboration of Levis and Jordan has resulted in this white stellar. Draped in white uppers, gum bottom and waxed laces, these sneakers flaunt a red Levis tag at the side. The Jumpman logo has not been plummed either. And that’s what makes these dope sneakers truly iconic.

Best Feature: Charmer

Top Nike Air Jordan 4 of 2021

Air Jordan 4 Shimmer Womens DJ0675-200

1. Air Jordan 4 Shimmer Womens: Get ready to welcome winters with these neutral beige uppers and shimmer feels. The classic trainers have the competency to jazz up your appearance significantly. These silhouettes will let you steal the show wherever you go with the dashing look on your feet.

Best Feature: Ultra-breathable

Re-sale value: £207.73

Air Jordan 4 White Oreo CT8527-100

2. Air Jordan 4 White Oreo: Styling could never get so easy! The fresh white sneakers look dreamy with any outfit you pair them with. The Oreo kicks can blend in with anything and look fantastic. You are sure to feel luxurious with your feet inside the textured trainers flaunting a stash of red.

Best Feature: Snug-fitting

Re-sale value: £130

Air Jordan 4 Lightning Tour Yellow CT8527-700

3. Air Jordan 4 Lightning Tour Yellow: This dad like sneakers could not get any more fierce in nature. You can take your summer sneaker game to the next level with these trainers on your feet. The nubuck upper flaunts grey detailing with black mesh and a white midsole. Not everyone’s taste, but if you are a cool bro, this one’s for you.

Best Feature: Highly durable

Re-sale value: £170

Air Jordan 4 University Blue Black CT8527-400

4. Air Jordan 4 University Blue Black: The refreshing blue sneakers is straight out of the unicorns and fairytales. The soothing and soft colour palette can make you miss a heartbeat at the very first glance. The warm aura, crisp white soles and velvet leather texture makes the sneaker look jaw-dropping.

Best Feature: Heavy construction

Re-sale value: £250

Air Jordan 4 White Tech Grey CU9981-100Image Credit: kicksonfire.com

5. Air Jordan 4 White Tech Grey: The staggering combination of white and black can never go out of vogue. The OG pair also involves pop-ups of grey and red, making them even more irresistible. What’s even more enticing is the gaming reconstruction. This techy trainer is a dream for any golf lover with detachable spikes and a formidable grip.

Best Feature: Excellent lateral balance

Re-sale value: £150

Celebrity Tales in Nike Air Jordan 4

The who-who is seen flaunting the Nike Air Joran 4. Athletes, sneaker diehard enthusiasts, fashion models and celebrities are drooling over these irresistible beasts. The impeccable sneakers have become the talk of the town and have gained massive popularity because they are revamped.

Lebron James wear Jordan 4s

Image Credit: twitter.com/brkicks 

National Basketball Association (NBA) ruler Lebron James stepped into the UFC octagon flaunting an ‘Iceman’ look. He wore the white cement Jordan 4 with a plain white T-shirt and cool grey joggers. The dunker made basics look so ravishing. Even though James Harden signed an adidas contract, he was time and again spotted in Jordans. The great beard-o was asked to chill out on Jordan sneakers. He often wore the grey Retro x Kaws on the court.

The finals MVP and two-time NBA champion, Kevin Durrant, swings to the beat of Jordans in his legendary sneakers. He has often sported the Jordan 4 retro fire off the court.

Justin Bieber spotted in Air Jordan 4

Image Credit: SneakerMyth, pinterest.com

A-lister celebrities are obsessed with Jordan 4s. Aubrey Drake Graham, a Canadian rapper, ditched his adidas silhouettes and flaunted his outlandish Jordan 4 colourway palette with his red joggers. Not just his music, but his attire attracted popped up eyes. The stunning couple – Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin, were chilling in LA, having a cosy brunch at a vintage restaurant. Sure, they were in high spirits, and Jordan 4s contributed largely to it. Cara Delevingne flexes her Jordan beast in an oversized leather jacket, and sublime grey printed pants. No prize for guessing she looked uber cool.

Kylie Jenner and Air Jordan 4Image Credit: houseofheat.co

Travis Scott spotted in Air Jordan 4Image Credit: hypebeast.com

There’s no doubt about Kylie Jenner, the famous socialite, being a huge sneakerhead. She owns endless variations of Jordan 4s and is super dedicated to the brand. The beauty gave a gist of an adorable moment with her little one in identical Jordan 4 sneakers. Undoubtedly, she took the limited edition shoe prices high and sold out in no time.

Rihanna spotted in air jordan 4Image Credit: welovesneakers.com, girlnamekaylaa.tumblr.com

Are you obsessed with airport looks? You will be in awe of these jaw-dropping gorgeous beauties. They surely managed to make Jordan silhouettes look a million bucks. Rihanna arrived at the New York airport, flaunting an all-white look – White sneakers, baggy pants and a body hug T-shirt.

Teyanna Taylor and Jenefer Lopez Spotted in Air Jordan 4Image Credit: pinterest.com/joanncheto, girlnamekaylaa.tumblr

Jenefer Lopez also slew her pitch-black sneakers with a white sweatsuit. Teyanna Taylor rocked her Jumpan Jordans with a fitted bottom and band jacket.

Wrapping Up

Is there anything more you were looking to know about the Nike Air Jordan 4s?

I bet you can’t find anything as veritable as our Jordan guide. From style to size to comfort to history, you have gathered it all. You haven’t experienced anything as wholesome yet, right? Every sneaker jagger deserves to include it in their roster right away. Well, if you are looking for Jordan 4 released dates, everything is on a platter here for you. All you have to do is stay tuned.

See you in the queue!

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