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Nike Air Jordan 6: A Complete Guide

09 December 2021


Liam Perry

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Air Jordan 6 Complete Guide

It has been proved that the Michael Jordan – Tinker Hatfiled collaboration can never be wide of the mark. The previous Jordan series has swept off all the sneaker hungry. As usual, the bright brain duo managed to rule the sneaker realm with its distinct creation and revamped models.

Being a sneaker connoisseur, Tinker Hatfield, as always, continues to provide the world with the most striking and well-crafted footwear. It wasn’t just luxurious; it wasn’t just athletic; it wasn’t just well moulded; it was practical as well. And hey, it doesn’t end there. The exclusivity of the sneakers was not just in the construction and design but also in the interesting story and history.

How are these Jordan silos any different from their predecessors? Why is every athlete drooling over them? And why is every fashion mogul gushing over them? Hell, there’s a lot to tell. Let’s not beat around the bust anymore.

The Journey or Jordan 6

Air Jordan 6 TimeLine

Until 1990, the breathtaking designs of Air Jordan 3, 4 and 5 drove the entire Jordan signature line and helped in achieving the tagline of ‘most remarkable’ sneakers. But the inception of the dashing Jordan 6 broke history and created new trends in itself.

Being the fourth iteration, Air Jordan 6 left no stones unturned to enchant any sneaker hogger. The Air Jordan 6 rolled out in 1991 in five colourways. But prior to that, Michael Jordan was seen wearing the beast in his second MVP season. Whilst, he also won the NBA championship for the first time in his glorious basketball career. The legendary player scored 31.5 points per game, and it was the first to spot the All-NBA and All-Defensive team.

Moreover, the genius grabbed the most valuable player label. Michael switched to the Black Infrared colourway and led the Bulls by outdoing the Lakers and Magic Johnson postseason. He then proudly bagged the ultimate MVP award. In this process, not just him but the Jordan shoes got more fame than expected. And of course, he played a major role in making the sneakers one of the most historically significant of all Air Jordans.

The year 2000 was filled with pleasant surprises. It took nine years for the Jordan brand to release the retro version. The sneakers were retroed for the first time with an outset of state-of-the-art colourways and Jumpman logos. Clearly, the original ‘Nike Air’ was replaced and how. In 2002, the model was released in low-top forms and some vibrant and high spirited colourways in Black/Silver, White/University Blue and White/Pink, the first women’s colourway to drop the sneaker dome.

The next big moment in the Jordan 6 paradise was seen in 2006 with the: defining Moment Pack’ release. This pack embraced the two sneakers Jordan wore in the 1991 and 1996 NBA finals flaunting some black and gold accents. So, just like any other Jordan, the power of Nike Air Jordan 6 also endured in the Jordan painted colourways. By 2010, Air Jordan 6 had a platter full of colourways. In 2014, Air Jordan 6 celebrated its 23rd anniversary by introducing some kooky styles in wacky tones.

And needless to say, these stunning silos have become a hyped and high profile harbour. Sneakerheads can’t disdain any gradient.

The Untold Truth about Air Jordan 6

Sure, AJ 6 is Michael Jordan’s one of the most iconic pairs. But what next? How have these basketball sneakers gained such massive popularity? Being a Sneaker Freaker, you deserve to know much more than you already do. Confused? Stay tuned!

  • While playing in the second game of the NBA Finals in 1991, Michael Jordan suffered an injury wearing the Jordan 6 but couldn’t care less about it. Rather he was asked if he needed special training shoes to protect him, he gladly refused by saying, ‘give me the pain’.
  • Nike’s Air Jordan 6 was inspired by MJ’s German sports car Porsche 911 to depict speed and ferocious nature.
  • The dynamic aesthetics were staggeringly different from the previous Jordans.
  • Besides having the superhero status of Michael Jordan, Tinker Hatfield felt the need to incorporate another hero and delineated Batman’s ‘Bat Boots’ in the 1992 AJ6 series.
  • The Air Jordan 6 was the first basketball shoe to feature a clean toe design.
  • AJ6 exposes a revolutionary tongue with holes in it.
  • It is the first-ever shoe to flaunt a heel tab.
  • Tinker has added a personal touch to the design of the shoe. He incorporated the number ’23’ as a blueprint which is Michael Jordan’s jersey number.
  • These sneakers were the last in the Jordan family to flaunt the ‘Nike Air’ branding.

The Construction of these Charismatic Sneakers

Air Jordan 6 early concept

The Air Jordan 6 is the perfect portrayal of the bright flame of fire. These dope-like sneakers have incorporated some unconventional elements, which worked for the sneaker series. I would rather put it as some minor detailing, and some twisted facets added countless glory in the Jordan 6 journey.

The AJ6 feels like a thematic trilogy in the Jordan paradise and Tinker’s design history from the design perspective. Michael Jordan was inclined to have reinforcement around the toe area. He instructed Tinker to craft the shoes with a clean toe and give them a plush look. And, of course, these were the first basketball shoes to feature it. This worked well in securing the shoelaces.

Air Jordan 6 Technical Sketch

Tinker made the tongue the focal point of the trainers. He did something unusual, never seen before in Jordan land. He highlighted the tongue’s top by casting two holes and showered the back with a loop. Sure, it was a spoiler. By all means, we cannot miss the stretchy substance panel on the tongue.

The second to have a clear rubber sole, these silos proudly parade the lace lock mechanism with colossal die-cut and rubberized tongue. This graciously added to the spoiler image. The heel tabs were also constructed for easy access and in nubuck leather with liberal panelling for breathability.

These stunning sneakers are brimming with angular panelling and feature a tab on the heel. Tinker engulfed relatively less padding around the ankle area to lighten the load and make it more spirited. And that’s how it was the first Jordan shoe to have a moulded structure on the back.

The ’23’ number on the shoe’s design, visible air window, an elusive colourway, loop on the back, remastered tongue and minimal upholstery is a sign of well-crafted sneakers.

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Size & Comfort level of Nike Air Jordan 6?

Air Jordan 6 Size Chart

And it’s about time we get to the most-awaited question, Is the Nike Air Jordan VI true to size? Hell, yeah!

The high top design ensures your feet remain supported throughout. So, yes, it’s super comfortable and bang on with size. Truth be told, they are one of the most comfortable and accurate Jordan sneakers you can own. The inside of the sneaker is absolutely swampy and soft. This makes the sneakers score an edge over the comfort factor. Also, what adds on is that these silos are not so heavy in weight. They are light with just the right amount of padding. The tongue is thick to provide an extra cushion. So, you can go on for long prolonged hours with these beasts on your feet.

Air Jordan 6 Level of Comfort

The lace-lock mechanism lets you tailor the sneaker size to a significant extent. This kind of makes sure that every runner you pick lets you enjoy snug-fitting. So, whether you have hobh feet or considerably wide feet, stay true to your size and let the heartthrobs do the rest.

Can these Basketball sneakers be Lifestyle sneakers?

Unquestionably, Jordan sneakers have been marketed as a luxury product. In the process of matching MJ’s style and strength, the phenomenal designer – Tinker Hatfield created a cultural sensation. He crafted them so beautifully that these sports plimsolls are now recognized as mainstream sneakers.

Air Jordan 6 can beautifully flex with any ensemble, all thanks to being so dynamic and juvenile. Tinker continued his streak of Air Jordans with his sixth edition but brought in some jejune zest along with it.

The bright and vibrant pop-ups of colours and a clean and solid construction let the sneakers score very high on the style game. Coming back to the question, they are not just basketball sneakers. Indeed, they are lifestyle sneakers.

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Style up your Nike Air Jordan 6

The Air Jordan 6 fan following is escalating, and how! The much-loved silhouettes have already garnered the title of being the ‘most stylish sneakers’. So, when the runners have done their job rightly, what’s stopping you?

The curated Fast Sole stylists are here with their styling guide to help you slay it even more. Sounds exciting, isn’t it?

Coz not flaunting the Jordans right is like demeaning them.

Styling tips for women

Women's Air Jordan 6 Retro NRG Aleali May

These versatile sneakers could fit into your everyday look and swiftly vibe in your weekend turnout. Style your AJ6 with your printed sweater and team them up with relaxed cargos along with oversized flannel shirts. It’s as cosy as it sounds right now. You can celestially up your summer sneaker game and win an award for being the best day dresser.

Well, if you are heading to a brunch or a nightclub with your girls, the thumb rule is the same. Slip on your favourite pencil-fit skirt and team it up with a body hug crop top. You can stick to neutral shades and let your Jordans spell put glamour. And yes, an oversized coat can complete your attire for a night look.

Styling tips for men

Travis Scott Air Jordan 6s

The high profile cut and a thick tongue get the sneaker all the attention it deserves. So yes, unveil them as much as you can. If you are a sucker for basics, you will love what these Jordans have in store for you. Just bring out an unfussy full sleeves t-shirt and put together your ribbed denim or vibrant tone cargos. That’s all you. You need nothing more.

Hey, ever thought of being funky at work? Pull out your black blazer that’s been hiding in your wardrobe for a long. Slip on your well stitched black trousers, and the AJ6 is only going to look even more alluring.

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How to clean Nike Air Jordan 6?

How to clean Air Jordan 6

Keeping your shoes clean is as important as owning them. Part of loving your Jordans is to ensure they are always clean. Treat your kicks the right way, and they promise to look as dashing as ever. Investing in a shoe cleaning kit is a beaming idea. What else do you need apart from it?

  • Soft brush
  • Hard brush
  • Clean cloth
  • Shoe cleaning serum
  • Toothbrush

Cleaning these celestial sneakers is a cakewalk. For a quick wipe, you can grab on to wet wipes. For intricate cleaning, follow my guide.

Ways to clean Nike Air Jordan 6 shoelaces

There are two ways of rejuvenating your sneaker shoelaces. You could either involve a washing machine or get it done manually. In the case of the former, dump your shoelaces in the machine and opt for a cold water setting. You could make use of a mesh laundry bag and let your shoelaces breathe in them without getting tangled.

If you prefer doing it manually, you only need a few basic things – A bowl, clean water and some detergent. Fill up the bowl with some water. Prefer it to be slightly warm. Add one tablespoon of detergent to it. Let your laces sit in this solution for about 20 – 30 minutes. Remove and check if they are sparkling enough. If your laces have been too grimmy, there are chances you may need to repeat the procedure.

Ways to deep clean Nike Air Jordan 6 shoes

Please pick up the soft bristle shoe brush and dampen it a bit. Dip it in the liquid soap and begin to scrub the shoes as hard as you can. Now you can grab a toothbrush to get to hard to reach spots and remove the tough speckles. Rinse the soap under cold water and get rid of excess water. Don’t do the mistake of drying your sneakers with an air dryer. Let it dry out naturally.

Ways to deodorize Nike Air Jordan 6 shoes

Trust me, deodorizing your sneakers is as important as cleaning them. You definitely don’t want to slip on to smelly and stinking shoes. The beauty of it is that it’s super easy to eradicate the foul smell. Place the tea bags inside your sneakers let them rest for a while. In no time, it will draw out all the bacteria and odour from your sneakers. Incredible, isn’t it?

Another way to eliminate all the evil smells is to use baking soda and white vinegar. Apply the paste to your sneakers to dip your Jordans in this spectacular mixture of water + white vinegar +baking soda. Pluck out your shoes after a while and rinse them with clean water. Leave your shoes unattended for a while.

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Top Nike Air Jordan 6 of All Times

Air Jordan 6 Retro Doernbecher 15th Anniversary Navy CI6293-416Image Credit: sneakerxp.com

1. Jordan 6 Retro Doernbecher 15th Anniversary: The release of the Jordan retro Doernbencher has galvanized all sneakers hoggers with its aesthetics. It is well crafted with a translucent sole, blue upper, white Jordan Jumpman, red midsole and striking blue hues. These stellar shoes are carved with midnight navy suede upper to spell out utmost royalty alongside debossed stripes. Also, the red tooling and racing number on the heel expounds class and high speed.

Best Feature: Premium feels

Air Jordan 6 Retro Low Chrome 2002 Black 304401-061

2. Jordan 6 Retro Low Chrome (2002): The all-black colour scheme explicates ultimate glamour and charisma. It has a soft nubuck construction and visible panelling, making you fall in love with it at first sight. These coveted runners sport discernible perforations to ensure breathability and flexibility. That’s not about it. It features a toggle lacing mechanism for a confined comfort fit. Last but not the least, the metallic silver midsole scores all the brownie points with a translucent rubber.

Best Feature: Evergreen

Air Jordan 6 Retro Oreo White Black 384664-101Image Credits: kicks of the day

3. Jordan 6 Retro Oreo: By the name, you have already grasped the colour scheme, isn’t it? The sneakers flaunt a white leather upper with black suede panels. To add a tinge of spunkiness, these sneakers flaunt speckled graphics on the midsole. You will also find some graceful in-depth detailing of a heel tab and lace on these desirable kicks.

Best Feature: Snug-fitting

Air Jordan 6 Retro Slam Dunk Varsity Red 717302-600

4. Jordan 6 Retro Slam Dunk: The retro slam dunk is a limited version motivated by the anime series ‘Slam Dunk’ and Japanese Manga. The trainers flaunt the jersey number ’10’ at the ankle to tribute to the series protagonist ‘Hanamichi Sakuragi’. The unique collaboration sets forth an all-red upper with a blue translucent upper.

Best Feature: Ultra-durable

Jordan 6 Retro Hare

5. Jordan 6 Retro Hare: Here’s an old school classic, and that’s why it’s an all-time favourite. The colourway keeps the retro vibe alive with white and red detailing along with some grey underlays. These irresistible trainers have a translucent tongue and an embellished outsole. Let’s not skip the purple Jumpman on the heel and how beautifully it completes the design.

Best Feature: Classic feels

Top Nike Air Jordan 6 of 2021

Air Jordan 6 Bordeaux Black CT8529-063

1. Air Jordan 6 Bordeaux Black CT8529-063: These sneakers are sure to galvanize every fashion-savvy sneakerhead. It is en vogue and super sensational. These silos feature dark grey underlay, black overlays, perforated side panels and velvety layers for a super royal feel. Thanks to the colourway with pop-ups of dark orange, purple, brown and navy blue, these trainers can be paired with any outfit of your preference.

Best Feature: Premium look

Resale value: £180.00

Air Jordan 6 Gold Hoops Womens DH9696-100

2. Air Jordan 6 Gold Hoops Womens DH9696-100: This white beauty with gold hoops is not just classic but straight out of a fairy tale. These sneakers play it down with their elegance and street charm and throw a bombshell just in point with its metallic gold accents. If you could arrest someone for being too royal, these trainers are contending high. They are as refreshing as a gerund.

Best Feature: Highly engineered

Resale value: £149.96

Air Jordan 6 Electric Green CT8529-003

3. Air Jordan 6 Electric Green CT8529-003: The retro electric green is absolutely celestial. It is highlighted with an all-black Durabeck upper looking ravishing. It’s a dream come true for every sneaker junkie. Get ready to be embraced with accents of electric green on the midsole, tongue and heel tab. These coveted trainers are crafted to perfection with a milky green translucent outsole finishing the construction.

Best Feature: Highly engineered

Resale value: £191.92

Air Jordan 6 Carmine White Black CT8529-106

4. Air Jordan 6 Carmine White Black CT8529-106: The Retro Carmine is everything you would ever want. This signature silo made its debut in the NBA season, and ever since then, they have witnessed only true love. The hues of red, white and black delineated the Chicago Bulls signature colour, and that’s how they gained all that fame. The bold red and white upper meets the vibrant shades on the midsole and finally finishes with an icy blue outsole.

Best Feature: Aesthetically pleasing

Resale value: £200

Travis Scott Air Jordan 6 British Khaki DH0690-200

5. Travis Scott Air Jordan 6 British Khaki DH0690-200: This incredible teamwork of the Jordan brand and Travis Scott has managed to beautifully up the sneaker score. These kicks are a suede lovers dream displaying British Khaki suede. They look opulent with the pop-ups of bright crimson on the heel and tongue. What’s even more impressive is the two cargo pockets sitting on the upper, looking radiant. Also, the glow-in-the-dark outsole gives a clean finish and is surely unmissable!

Best Feature: Enhanced grip

Resale value: £126

Real vs Fake Air Jordan 6: Legit Check

Air Jordan 6 Legit Check

The thought of indulging in counterfeit Air Jordan 6 is super disturbing. Here’s my quick guide to help you identify the fake Jordans and keep them far away.

  • Size tag: Size tag plays a huge role in authenticating real sneakers. The fake ones have the date of manufacturing printed in the thick font, and oddly, you will see them sliding out. Whereas in the OG size tag, the font remains consistently thick throughout and stays within the tag. The same is the case with the product number, ‘MADE IN CHINA’ and ‘FABRIQUE EN CHINE’; the font appears to be strangely thick.
  • Side of the sneakers: In the real vs fake Air Jordan 6, this is a vital sign of authenticity. The perforations on the side of the sneakers come in contact with the midsole in the fake sneakers. But that’s not the case with the bonafide Jordans. These holes remain at a distance from the midsole.
  • Nike branding: Let’s get to the Nike branding. The counterfeit has the ‘NIKE’ and “AIR’ looking too thin. Conversely, the authentic Jordan sneakers have the text consistently thick. But the Swoosh logo plays a contrast game. The fake one flaunts a bizarrely thick logo.
  • Jumpman logo: No prizes for guessing that the Jumpman meets the lacing area. In the replica sneakers, the Jumpans upper arm looks obnoxiously too thick. Also, the head looks curvier than normal. The Jumpman body also looks boxier and less curvy. The overall stitch is definitely of poor quality.
  • Sneaker Tongue: The difference in the sneaker tongue is pretty obvious, and you can spot it in a jiffy. The replica Jordan flaunts a highly textured tongue. But the same is not the case with the real AJ6.
  • Reflective details: Let’s now jump to the last step that’s the side reflective details of the sneakers. You could take some help by using flashlights and spotting them in a second. The replica Air Jordan 6 shows a 3M reflective material but in poor quality. Moreover, the authentic AJ6 flaunts this detail in premium quality and super dominant tone.

Guess what? Everything mentioned above can be spotted in only 60 seconds.

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Celebrity Tales in Nike Air Jordan 6

If any Jordan is taking the celebrity by a storm, it’s the Nike Air Jordan 6. As mentioned earlier, they are not just basketball sneakers. They are lifestyle moccasins. These silos have not just made a significant place on the court but also off the court, and sometimes even at red carpet events.

Drake has a massive record of golden moments in his performances, and his sneakers slightly added to all the attention he got from his fan following. Undoubtedly, he was a rockstar at the Made in America festival and rocked a clean white look. The stage and Jordans seem to share an inseparable bond. ASAP Rocky sported a clean look wearing white Jordans and a white hoodie.

The designer himself, Kanye West, loves the Jordans as much as the Yeezys. He flaunted a stunning black pair of AJ6 and looked dashing by slipping on an overcoat.

The renowned Kylie Jenner has a massive sneaker collection. But we are not here to talk about it. Jenner’s daughter also seems to be a sneaker crazie. Kylie posted a picture on Instagram flaunting her daughter’s Nike sneaker collection. Although it did not go down well with her fans, we were completely in awe of it. Amongst all the Nike high-end shoes, there were lots of Air Jordan 6s.

Now, let’s get to the game. Chris Paul wore a clean blue Air Jordan 6 during the All-Star game. The famous American football player- Randy Moss and Jordan Brand surely, have a deep connection. In his National Football League career, Moss is often spotted wearing Jordan sneakers. Air Jordan 6 seems to be one of his favourites.

Despite signing a deal with adidas, James Harden was spotted in Air Jordans. But there was nothing to worry about since the deal had some time to begin. So, the athlete was far away from any controversy. He dunked very high in the Air Jordan 6. Ja Morant was also spotted on the basketball court wearing these stunners.

Stylist turned sneaker designer definitely loves her Jordans. She wore her vibrant looking silos and played it down with her attire. Oh buoy, her AJ6 was sure to be a head-turning fit.

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Wrapping Up

And that’s a wrap to our Nike Air Jordan 6 complete guide. From all your takeaways, one thing’s certain. This timeless beauty deserves all the access to your shoedrobe right away. While every sneaker junkie has grasped all the information on these sneaker size and style guides, stay in the loop with Fast Sole to be the first to know about Air Jordan 6 release dates.

If they haven’t yet, these kicks must make it to your roster right away. Hey, Christmas is around the corner, and you definitely don’t wanna step out in your old fashioned sneakers.

Stay in touch with Fast Sole, and that’s all it takes to be a sneaker influencer. See you around!

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