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Nike Air Max 270: A Complete Guide

14 June 2022


Liam Perry

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Nike Air Max 270: A Complete Guide

Not so long ago, the Nike Air Max 270 dropped in Feb 2018 with some noticeable elements and magnificent style. Designed by Marie Odinot, this Air Max variant made news breaking waves with all its distinctive features. It was no secret that Nike was cooking up a monster in the sneaker realm, but nobody really realized that it would be a feast in the Nike palace. And then boom! Emerged the AM 270 on the Air Max Day in 2018.

Air Max 1 designer Tinker Hatfield

Image Credit: flexdog.cz

The first three colourways were impressive and had every youth drooling over them. The Air Max 1 was introduced by Tinker Hatfield in 1987 with some splendid cushioning and underfoot support. Since then, it was hard to imagine any of the Air Max models without the enhanced cocoon. The AM 270 has been one of the first Air Max runners, purely lifestyle sneakers and less of running shoes.

The legendary Nike Air Max family became even more iconic with the unveiling of the Air Max 270. It’s almost like the label got a magical makeover. Secretly, the AM 270 sneakers were first unveiled in 2017 at the famous Nike Beaverton, Oregon headquarters. In the true sense, the silos injected an electrifying nudge by incorporating a few modern elements. Let’s dig deep into how the sneaker series was considered ‘revolutionary’.

The Ambitious Story and the making of Nike Air Max 270

Nike has consistently put forward some of the best game-changing sneakers garnered to provide optimal performance. But the Nike Air Max 270 is the first sneaker in the lineup with a lifestyle offering. Let’s take it from the top.

Nike Air Max 1 OG Bubble

Image Credit: today.line.me

In 1987, the Nike Air Max 1 kicked in and featured the juicy bubbly peeks out of foam confines. The visible air bubbles gradually grew on people and then sprung the Nike Air Max 95 with multiple bubbles. Much later came the Air Max 180, exposing the gaseous membrane all throughout, flaunting the outsole in a 180-degree arc and the Air Max 93 wrapped around the heel. Air Max 270 is a classic combination of the two but is an entirely modern and new silhouette. The iconic trainers are ideally a tribute to the sneaker past in the Air Max family. The designer kicked in elements from the AM 93 and AM 180 and therefore named the trainers’ Air Max 273. The runners adopted the stretchy inner sleeve, socks like upper from 180 and a bulging heel from 93. In due course of time, they were named Air Max 270, representing the 270 degrees of visibility of the air unit. The sneakers were injected with an energizing jolt to put forward a modern design.

The coveted kicks were built focusing on the demand for all-day wear and not just sports and performance-centred. With each release came an indisputable impact on streetwear culture, converting even the non-sneakerheads to sneaker lovers. And there are reasons why this happened.

The Ambitious Story and the making of Nike Air Max 270

The stunning silhouettes showcased an oversized air bubble on the heel, white foam forefoot and a bold branding ‘Air 270’ at the ankle. Nike gets in a futuristic vibe with a slip-on construction and elastic body of the trainers. There is no compromise on the breathability of the mesh upper, which gives as much solace as you are expecting.

What’s even more awe-inspiring is the flexibility of the sneakers. It is induced with new rubber and crafted in such a way that it protects the shoe from popping, fogging and losing the cushion. It can flex and move more than any of the air max models. Not kidding!

The Air Max 270 design team head Dylan Raasch

Image Credit: sneakerfreaker.com

The Air Max 270 design team head Dylan Raasch revealed that it was a major challenge to craft the towering heel unit with simple engineering. The previous pioneers focused more on performance and speed, so the foot was kept closer to the ground level for stability. But the same was not the case with these trainers. These were more about style, comfort and aesthetics!

The Ambitious Story and the making of Nike Air Max 270

Image Credit: lifewithoutandy.com

The air unit is seen standing at 32 mm tall, again one of the biggest heel volumes in the Air Max family (almost 15% bigger). The large prominent insert is one of the biggest innovations by Nike, showing a continual progression. Swoosh has constantly looked at capitalizing on success. And therefore, these outlandish shoes were also infused with cutting-edge technology to spring up a nostalgic vibe. It definitely resulted in buzzy brainers!

The Air Max model did nail it with the appearance. Find a full-length react foam midsole sitting at the core of the design along with a transparent unit reflecting major radiation of light. Small Swooshes are ticked on the sides, with the padded tongue completing the look.

To put it up discreetly, the Air Max 270 trainers are perfectly playful and polished. A new generation sneaker with futuristic colourways.

The unsaid truth about Nike Air Max 270

The unsaid truth about Nike Air Max 270

Image credit: news.nike.com

Sure, it’s one of the first 100% lifestyle Air Max sneakers, but there are a lot of intricacies. The runners are renowned and have become super legendary for several other reasons. The lifestyle sneakers have admirable and noteworthy aspects that have successfully created history. With all the fabrication, the runners set forth a cultural heritage. Allow me to put them forward.

  • The Nike Air Max 270 flaunts an air unit of 32 mm, which is the tallest heel ever.
  • The largest-ever Nike AM 270 is a whopping size 18, ideally crafted for the American professional basketball player Kevin Durant. He put them on for the first time in November 2017.
  • The runners are majorly inspired by the Air Max 180 and Air Max 93. The designer reveals that he took a bit of DNA from the above two Air Max models and remixed them.
  • It’s sporty looking but not yet a running shoe. The air units were designed so that they could cope with all the lifestyle demands.
  • The AM 270 unit height offers the highest heel volume relocation for maximum air cushion comfort.
  • The runners have derived the name from the Air Max 93’s name. The ‘270’ title is derived from the 270 degrees visibility in the air unit.
  • The upper mesh was rotated to give a spunky look and provide enhanced comfort with a mechanical stretch.
  • The simple and clean look with banished panels made the mesh extremely visible and the sneakers more modern looking.
  • The Nike Air Max 270 was filled with promises. It made various appearances in a variety of silos in 2018.
  • SNKRS (the ultimate destination featuring sneaker releases) illuminated the Air Max 270 on February 1. The runners are now available at nike.com.
  • The Air Max 270 also flaunts a new Flyknit upper.
  • The dual-layer mesh on the upper gives the runners a super stylish and premium look.
  • Importantly, the Nike Air Max 270 has a fairly decent price.

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Comfort & Size of Nike Air Max 270

Comfort of Nike Air Max 270

Image Credit: bukalapak.com

The Air Max 270 sneakers were designed using comfort as the weapon to put things straight. The tallest of 32 millimetres substantially contributed to the comfort level. To cut things short, if you are in a game, you can definitely expect to be more comfortable than your opponent.

180 degrees of the cushion and internal air pods supported underfoot and enhanced the relaxation massively. The firm midsole improves the comfort along with the breathable mesh, reducing the chances of bulging and allowing more dynamic movement. Your feet will also remain cool at all times, eliminating the worry of sweat and overheating completely. The fuse toe protector acts as a cherry on the top, keeping the foot secured in all places. The sneakers have incorporated a pull tab allowing the user to slip in and out easily. Lastly, the magnificent combination of the React cushion underfoot and sturdy heel makes the lifestyle sneakers one of the most comfortable in the sneaker game.

Size of Nike Air Max 270

Image Credit: indiamart.com

The heart breakers are a gold star with their fit! They have also secured a place in the sneaker hall of fame with the solace they provide. The cult sneaker, along with its exaggerated midsole, gives a bit of elevation and a springy effect. The trainers may run a bit narrow in the toe box in a few cases, but the overall size usually fits right. The hybrid silhouettes have embraced a sock-like fit, so I wouldn’t recommend experimenting with the size. Nike’s ever-style lifestyle shoes feature a resilient foam, which diligently distributes the cushion overall. This contributes towards the comfort & size of both. It sure is a bang on!

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Real vs Fake Nike Air Max 270 trainers? Spot the Difference

Here’s the much needed Nike talk! The counterfeits have already gained a substantial market and are engulfed with some irresistible price options. Read through my real vs fake guide to get well versed with everything possible and keep away the bogus Nike trainers.

Sneaker size tag

Real vs Fake Nike Air Max 270 trainers

The sneaker size tag is one of the biggest and most reliable signs of authenticity. Product ID on the fake trainers will be abnormally thin and may also be printed in a weird-looking font. The real ones will have it embossed in a consistent font and are substantially sized. When you move to the lower left side, you will find the details of the manufacturing country. The fake ones will have the text looking too thick. But the same will not be the case with the real ones.

Swoosh logo

Real vs Fake Nike Air Max 270 trainers

Get on to the Nike Swoosh logo and analyze every little detail about it. Let’s begin from the rear side of the sneakers.

You will find the Nike Swoosh logo placed on the backside of the wool panel. The bogus Nike trainers will have the Swoosh looking less defined and thinner than what’s on the legit ones. On the contrary, the authentic Nike trainers will have the logo looking more defined and thick. You will also find the toe box meeting the Swoosh logo. The Swoosh on the counterfeit toe box will be significantly small and not neatly crafted. Also, the positioning will be absurd. The logo will be placed too low from the upper suede. However, the authentic trainers will have it placed right in the middle of the suede, and it was equidistant from the lower and upper edge of the patch.

I would also recommend looking into the sneaker shape. The fake one will have it less curvy than the authentic trainers. The difference is pretty much noticeable to the naked eye.

Sneaker Tongue

Real vs Fake Nike Air Max 270 trainers

Firstly, the sneaker tongue must be well padded with a firm grip. But the fake runners will have the tongue absurdly thick. Now getting on to the Swoosh, the counterfeit will have the Swoosh logo less curvy than the authentic one. Let’s also look int the tongue stitches; the fake trainers will have considerably poor quality. The stitch will be inconsistent and improperly weighted. It will be very thick on the top and will get slimmer on the sides. But the OG pairs will have the stitch in place and properly weighted.

Sneaker toe box

Real vs Fake Nike Air Max 270 trainers

Yes, the Sneaker toe box is a significant point of distinction as well. Fake sneakers will have the toe box looking overinflated and too thick. However, the genuine ones will always have the tor box looking small, thin and less inflated.

Sneaker midsole

Real vs Fake Nike Air Max 270 trainers

Getting on to the sneaker midsole, you will find the ‘nike react’ text embossed on it. If the text is ridiculously thick, there are no second thoughts about it being fake. This one’s super easy to spot.

Sneaker tab

Real vs Fake Nike Air Max 270 trainers

Getting onto the sneaker branding. You will find details like the Swoosh logo, ‘nikereact’ or ‘airmax’. Don’t get tricked here, and have a close look. The text on the rear tab will be improperly positioned and not in the centre of the tab. Also, the spacing in the fake trainers will be inconsistent.

Sneaker box label

Real vs Fake Nike Air Max 270 trainers

Every Nike Air Max model comes packed in a box. Sure, the box will feature a label on the side with details like barcode, shoe size, style name, shoe colour and country of manufacturing. The style number will have 9 digits, with the first six representing the style and stating the colourway. The mentioned barcode lets you access all the possible details.

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Nike Air Max 270 Styling Tips

When you have decided to ditch the heels and grab onto the Nike Air Max 270, you are already slaying it! These lifestyle runners are an icon in themselves. Styling them is as effortless as it could get.

Let me guide you on how to grace these stunners and have all the eyeballs gazing at you.

How to style the Nike Air Max 270

How to style the Nike Air Max 270?

The runners have an aura in themselves and look super sporty. So you could go easy with the styling and yet look so chic. Wear distressed jeans with scuffed knees and a plain fitted cropped t-shirt. Embrace your attire with an overcoat and look nothing less than a million bucks. If you are looking at rocking your gym look, put on your cuffed joggers and your favourite logo t-shirt. You need nothing more than that.

The vibrant colourways let you kick in the perfect summer wear. Put on your denim shorts and a basic tee. Let the combo pair up with tube socks and look even more spectacular. Besides casual attire, you can slip on your dusk shades and camouflaged printed trainers for evening wear. Rock them with your best-suited skirt and a buttoned blouse. You can put on a sleek leather belt with a bold buckle to add some more fire.

Ever tried on leather pants? You can look as swanky as you want with them on. And there’s nothing known as too much leather. Put on your leather jacket and pants; all you need is a simple basic t-shirt inside.

For a crazy winter evening, go all out with your bold-coloured hoodies and pants. If you have a blue-eyed fur jacket, you can definitely team it with your chunky sneakers. one thing’s for sure, styling the Nike Air Max 270 has no hard and fast rule.

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How to care for Nike Air Max 270?

How to care for Nike Air Max 270

The Nike Air Max 270 is made from multiple materials. The lifestyle sneaker brought a twist to the Air Max family with all the aesthetics. If you are a die-hard AM 270 fan, you must be well aware of this procedure to have sparkle even after long usage.

How to clean the Nike Air Max 270 upper?

How to clean the Nike Air Max 270 upper

  • To prepare the most effective cleaning solution, you only need warm water and soft laundry detergent. Be very sure of the water not being very hot.
  • First, begin with using a dry brush to remove the excess dirt from the sneaker.
  • Dip the brush in the prepared solution and begin scrubbing the shoe upper. Scrub every area separately.
  • Grab a clean toothbrush to get into the smaller sections.
  • Clean every section of the upper separately. Dip the brush in the solution and scrub it gently.
  • Avoid scrubbing hard on the damp section. It will drive the dirt deeper into the shoe.
  • Clean the outsole and the midsole the same way. Once you are done, use a microfiber cloth to dry the shoe.
  • While you are at it, remove the shoelaces.
  • Air dry your sneakers for best results. But keep it away from sunlight to avoid any changes of colour fading.

How to clean the Nike Air Max 270 laces?

How to clean the Nike Air Max 270 laces

  • The laces are already out; begin cleaning the back and front of it.
  • Before you begin deep cleaning, grab a soft brush and remove all the excess dirt from it.
  • You can either clean it directly or place it in a pillowcase and then do it.
  • Take a medium-size bucket or a big bowl. Prepare a cleaning solution in it with laundry detergent and water. In the case of white laces, you can add a few drops of bleach to the solution.
  • You can now put the laces in the pillowcase and submerge them in the solution completely.
  • Post 15-20 minutes, you can remove the bag from it.
  • Take a soft brush and gently scrub the laces. Do it while it is completely wet.
  • Refill the water with clean water again. Repeat the process.
  • Rinse off the laces and watch the dirt coming off.
  • Hang the shoelaces on a rack and leave them to dry out completely.

How to clean the Nike Air Max 97 insoles?

How to clean the Nike Air Max 97 insoles

  • Cleaning the insoles separately is essential.
  • But before you begin cleaning, remove them and allow them to air out.
  • Take a soft brush and eradicate all the excess dirt and mud.
  • Now fill a bucket with lukewarm water.
  • Put some drops of shoe cleaning serum in it.
  • Take a soft bristle brush, dip it in the prepared solution and gently scrub the insoles.
  • The heel and toes section will be more stained compared to the other areas. Stress more on it.
  • If it’s clean, you are good to go. If not, dip the brush in the solution and repeat the process.
  • Do not soak the insoles in the solution.
  • Take a microfiber cloth and dry the soap residue.

Follow these cleaning DONTs

  • The water used for cleaning should only be lukewarm and never hot. The glue used in the shoe is very vulnerable and can damage the shoe.
  • Similarly, keep hot air away.
  • DONT clean your shoe in a washer.
  • DONT dry your sneakers in direct sunlight. You will notice it getting discoloured.
  • When you use bleach, be very mindful about the quantity. DONT go overboard on it.

Some sneaker cleaning tips to keep in mind

  • It would be best to clean the sneakers as soon as you find them a little grimy.
  • Ideally, you should always use a soft brush. Do not get your hands on a hard brush.
  • You should deep clean your sneakers once in 20 days.
  • It is a great idea to follow up with a stain repellent every time you clean.

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Ten reasons why the Nike Air Max 270 is so irresistible even today

the Nike Air Max 270 is so irresistible even today

Image Credit: onlinesale.cheaps2022

Clearly, people are losing it over the Nike Air Max 270! Even today, the legendary runners are the heroes of the Nike series, and they are very much accountable for the mammoth success of the Nike brand. Here’s what makes the AM 270 so irresistible even today!

  1. Tinker Hatfield has been one of the best sneaker designers to date. Nike has been truly blessed with his talent and crucifixion. The Air Max series was invented by the spectacular brainchild, and most of the models were designed by him. The advent of the stunning sneakers was a step into the future with a dash of the past but completely unconventional. It was taken over by Marie Odinot with some impressive innovations.
  2. Some flashy bubble accompanies the facile design to give it a futuristic and state of the art retro feel.
  3. The Air Max 270 is gauged as one of the most flexible and durable Air Max bubbles.
  4. The Nike AM 270 takes casual comfort to a whole new level. With the largest airbag and heel displacement, they are regarded as one of the most comfortable slip-ons.
  5. The colourways are extensive and super striking.
  6. These silhouettes provide increased breathability with the upper mesh and flyknit.
  7. It is the first 100% Nike lifestyle inspired Airmax model. It’s a great shift for Nike from performance to lifestyle.
  8. The flex and heel displacement has been the highest and the most unique. It means that the runners have an exceptional weight-bearing capacity.
  9. The coveted trainers have derived their name from their most unique feature of having270 degrees of full visible air.
  10. Last but not the least, the Air Max 270 has been pretty generous with its pricing.

Nike Air Max 270 of All Times

Nike Air Max 270 String Desert Ochre AO8283-200

1. Nike Air Max 270 String Desert Ochre

Here’s a premium edition dressed in string and desert ochre colour combination. The trainers are seen with layers of perforated leather, albeit tumbled and smith leather all throughout. The stunning colour palette of ochre, neutral and olive creates a completely dreamy effect. And, of course, the whole look is completed with mesh around the collar and olive swoosh grabbing all the attention.

Best Feature: Super responsive.

Travis Scott Nike Air Max 270 React Cactus Jack Brown CT2864-200

2. Nike Air Max 270 React ENG Travis Scott Cactus Trails

The first-ever time La Flame has put his signature touch on the Air Max series. Find the trainers flaunting tumblr leather, mesh upper and hints of suede overlays. A gold midsole and a green tongue with attached lace locks and Cactus Jack branding on the heel design finish the design completely. The earthy tone colour palette is quite a winner for sneaker players.

Best Feature: Hybrid midsole.

Nike Air Max 270 Doernbecher 2019 Camo BV7112-001

3. Nike Air Max 270 Doernbecher (2019)

The deep pits of the sneaker world can up your game and how! The runners flaunt an army fatigue upper with a black sole and midsole, some stunning gold accents, and a gold Nike ‘Swoosh’. The runners showcase ‘AB’ on the heel and tongue, representing the initials of Aiden Barber, the brain behind the design.

Best Feature: Eye-catching design.

Nike Air Max 270 Olive Canvas AH8050-301

4. Nike Air Max 270 Olive Canvas

The runners can be arrested for looking too classy. Here’s a sheer epitome of performance and style. The ‘Triple Olive’ runners feature a monochrome design accompanied by diverse stitch patterns in the knit upper. A reinforced neoprene tongue also leads the trainers for enhanced durability. Lastly, the trainers have thoughtfully distributed airflow across the foot, adding comfort.

Best Feature: Aesthetically pleasing.

Nike Air Max 270 Be True Multi AR0344-500

5. Nike Air Max 270 Betrue (2018)

The AM Betrue was made to honour the LGBTQ community. Find them dressed in a blast of pink, black, and purple dawn and grey and black swatches. Find the subtle pink on the heel loops and the branding. Black hues and light purple are sported on the upper, along with a rainbow gradient air bubble in the heel. A contrasting white midsole makes the trainers look more enticing.

Best Feature: Alluring

Nike Air Max 270 of 2021

Nike Air Max 270 Pure Platinum White DM2462-002

1. Nike Air Max 270 Pure Platinum White DM2462-002

The dope like sneakers have a heavy-duty fabrication featuring a foam midsole, stretchy inner sleeve, rubber outsole and a heel pull tab. The upper ensures a breezy and lightweight feel. This also works towards giving a customized fit. A classic combination of pure platinum, light smoke grey, white, and aquamarine.

Best Feature: Cool and breezy.

Resale value: £109.99

Nike Air Max 270 Persian Violet DN5464-001

2. Nike Air Max 270 Persian Violet DN5464-001

A jet black makeover you would have never seen before! Black kicks never go out of fashion, and with some Persian violet drops, any sneaker junkie can go crazy. An all-black sleek colourway will have you drool over along with the neatly crafted uppers and some chic branding atop the black base and midsole.

Best Feature: Incredible style.

Resale value: £125.00

Nike Air Max 270 Pre-Day Blue Multi DD3025-400

3. Nike Air Max 270 Pre-Day Blue Multi DD3025-400

A quintessential combination of modern and vintage. This exclusive looking silhouette has colourful iterations and a bright colour scheme. Find a stunning teal blue colourway painting the entire shoe and making it look nothing less than impressive. The eye-catchy rainbow Swoosh nods to the signature Pride flag, grabbing attention.

Best Feature: Incredible style.

Resale value: £150.00

Nike Air Max 270 Black Neon DO6392-001

Image Credit: archiwum.allegro.pl

4. Nike Air Max 270 Black Neon DO6392-001

The black beauty is a must-have in every sneaker closet. The dope silos flaunt neon green contrasting accents with white branding all throughout. Find the togue, laces, synthetic overlays and liner appearing in black, accompanied by a neon and black rubber sole completing the design. The silos are made of everything snug, with the air bubble on the heel and EVA sole.

Best Feature: Snug fit.

Resale value: £139.99

Nike Air Max 270 Essential Summit White Womens DQ0878-100

5. Nike Air Max 270 Essential Summit White Womens DQ0878-100

A gorgeous and stunning colour scheme perfect for winter evenings and summer afternoons. Crisp white dominates the upper completely to give out stunning snowy vibes. The tongue tab, midsole and laces are seen following the theme in the white sail scheme. Also, the stretchy synthetic mesh is not just breathable but also super springy.

Best Feature: Snug fit.

Resale value: £118.00

Celebrities in Nike Air Max 270

There’s just something about Nike Air Max sneakers. The trendy and splendid design has won millions of hearts effortlessly. Sneaker influencers, commoners, celebrities and A-listers; everyone’s loving every bit of these trainers.

Karrueche Tran Worn by nike Air max 270

Image Credit: spotern.com

American actress and model- Karrueche Tran was spotted posing away to glory with Victor Cruz. Both seemed like Nike die-hard fans, and Karrueche Tran was seen wearing a bold bikini with a white and pink Air Max 270.

Kiari Kendrell Cephus worn by Nike air max 270

Image Credit: spotern.com

Sneakers and Instagram have become like a cat in the bible. American rapper Kiari Kendrell Cephus, professionally known as Offset, loves to have his sneaker game on point. He wore his alluring Nike Air Max 270 with white rolled up Swoosh socks, dressed in a spunky attire.

Drake worn by Nike air max 270

Image Credit: spotern, scoopwhoop

Canadian rapper Aubrey Drake Graham posted a picture in dashing all-black attire, looking super sensational from head to toe. The sneakerhead then spotted an all-white look wearing a crisp white sweatshirt, shorts with number 6, and his sizzling sneakers, of course!

corentitolisso worn by Nike air max 270

Image Credit: spotern.com

French Footballer Corentin Tolis­so is a sneaker freak and loves his silos. He certainly has an avant-garde collection of sneakers and is often spotted flaunting them. We love how he showcased his multi-coloured Swoosh sneaks with a black jersey attire.

Christiano Ronaldo worn by Nike air max 270

Image Credit: sneakerbardetroit.com

Portuguese Footballer Christiano Ronaldo was spotted chilling with Odell Beckham, wearing Nike beast on their feet. Ronaldo stuck to basics wearing a black t-shirt and blue denims accompanied by his black sneaks, and looked super spectacular.

Benjamin Hammond Hag worn by Nike air max 270

Image Credit: spotern.com

American rapper Benjamin Hammond Haggerty, famously known as Macklemore, posted a swag looking picture on his Instagram handle. Wearing the Nike Air Max 270 Dusty Cactus in a neutral shade t-shirt and rolled up baggy cargo pants, he sure looked like a rockstar.

Emily Ratajkowski's worn by Nike air max 270

Image Credit: yournextshoes.com

We are always in awe of American model Emily Ratajkowski’s fashion game! She slays it with her incredible style and looks super ravishing perpetually. She rocks the streets of New York city in her V plunged burnt orange top with low waist baggy green pants and 90’s style Travis Scott x Nike Air Max 270. And seemed like she was completely in love with them. She wore the same trainers and flaunted a street style look wearing an oversized white shirt over a brown bodywear shaper bra top. She did it and slay it with her toned midriff and cleavage.

Lil Uzi Vert worn by nike Air max 270

Image Credit: spotern.com

American singer and rapper Lil Uzi Vert set the stage on fire in casual attire and bright coloured sneakers. He rocked the event with his performance, but his spunky Air Max 270 kicks sure caught massive attention.

Kevin Durrant worn by Nike air max 270

Kevin Durrant has a successful sneaker Nike history and has been connected with the Air Max in many ways. He tweeted flaunting his Air Max 270 monochrome trainers, and all he said was, ‘I plan on playing’. Well, that was enough to do the rounds. His bright blue socks were screaming for attention.

Kylian Mbappe worn by Nike air max 270

Image Credit: spotern.com

When we speak about athletes scoring high in the fashion game, Kylian Mbappe stands tall on the list. He’s not just good with the ball but also with his sneaker game. He takes a dip in all-black attire and spunks up with his multicoloured silos.

Joshua Christopher worn by Nike air max 270

Image Credit: dmfashionbook.com

American basketeer Joshua Christopher wears a Trinx LA tee shirt with camo pants and styles them with a pair of Travis Scott x Nike Air Max 270 React sneakers. He pretty much accessorized his attire on point.

Marcus Rashford worn by Nike air max 270

Image Credit: soccerbible.com

And the man who requires no introduction on the Football ground, Marcus Rashford, is quite a stunner with his sneaker game as well. He often makes an understated statement with his fashion stunts and keeps it very subtle. He wore tapered black fitted pants and teamed them with a black overcoat hoodie. His black sneakers sure complemented the black coloured socks so well, with only a pop up of blue on the trainers. Sure, he took the black theme too seriously.

Trevoh Chalobah worn by Nike air max 270

Image Credit: soccerbible.com

We love how these Air Max trainers have been so popular amongst the athletes. We caught a glimpse of the renowned Soccer player – Trevoh Chalobah wearing the same and following a black and white theme quite literally from head to toe.

Alexis Sanchez worn by Nike air max 270

Image Credit: soccerbible.com

Alexis Sanchez wore the stellar Swoosh sneakers at an event in London, looking super effortless. Well, he did team up his black and white Nike trainers wearing a black jacket and white shirt. So, he did stay pretty much in the theme.

And that’s how these Nike trainers have become a lifestyle staple! Slip them on, and you know you are already a trendsetter.

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Wrapping up

And that’s a wrap to the revolutionary Air Max 270 complete guide. Here’s every minor and major detail a sneaker junkie is looking for. Your love and passion for these iconic silhouettes inspire us to put everything on a platter even more.

The arrival of AM 270 has created a stir in the Nike realm and the whole sneaker market. What’s even more lovely is that there’s a colour for every mood. The runners have countless styling potential and limitless streetwear appeal. The question now is, which one’s getting into your shoedrobe?

A piece of detailed information about the label, a brief list of best sellers and everything about the making; Fast Sole features it all! Get a brief sense of your shoe size and hop on to some styling tips. Stay in touch with us and know it all!

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