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Nike Air Max 720: A Complete Guide

26 June 2022


Liam Perry

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Nike Air Max 720: A Complete Guide

Big, bold and beautiful! Yup, that’s Nike Air Max 720. The Famous Nike mantra of ‘Just Do It’ was on for years, and boom came the Nike Air Max 720, which said ‘Just Rethink About It’. Well, just kidding!

Right after Air max 270, which was designed for lifestyle purposes, Nike unveiled another hybrid silhouette, and that’s the Nike 720. Released on 1st February 2019, Nike broke its own records in many ways. To put things straight, the trainers are the biggest achievement of the Nike Air Manufacturing Innovation Team. Curious to know more? We will get to that later.

Tinker Hatfield

Tinker Hatfield; Image Credit: sneakerfreaker.com

Since the inception of the Air Max series in 1987, Tinker Hatfield surely did raise the bar of creativity by exposing the air within the Sole. Slowly and eventually, this became a sign of creativity and modernism in the sneaker culture. With the launch of Air Max 720, the trainers stuck true to their cultural heritage and also went one step forward by infusing more air in the Sole.

Dylan Raasch

Dylan Raasch; Image Credit: sneakerfreaker.com

Nike Designer Jesi

 Jesi Small; Image Credit: shihuo.cn

The drool-worthy sneaks were distinctively designed by Dylan Raasch and Jesi Small. They came out in two ‘Northern Light’ colourways with some style of living and basketball-inspired features. Let’s dig deeper to get into the intricacies.

The Interesting Tales of Nike Air Max 720

Nike Air Max 270 OG pack

Nike Air Max 270 OG Pack;  Image Credit: thedropdate.com

One year after the inception of the Air Max 270 came another lifestyle sneaker, the Nike Air Max 720. But hey, that doesn’t mean the sneakers are identical. I would rather say that everything is different about them.

The Interesting Tales of Nike Air Max 720

The 720 is the first full-length lifestyle Air Max unit; Image Credit: news.nike.com

With the Air Max 720, Nike has talked up the airbag. It has been the largest in the company’s history. The design team did have a lot of conversations about whether it was too big. Some asked if the Air Max had gone too far. But to your surprise, the answer was, if it has, then even better! According to the designing heads Dylan Raasch and Jesi Small, if the Sole is comically large, it works well for the label. The senior creative director of the brand also revealed that the exaggerated shape is a way to communicate the modernism and comfort of the shoe. The air unit extending under the foot was a sign that the lifestyle shoes were also crafted, keeping basketball in mind.

The Interesting Tales of Nike Air Max 720

Nike Air max 720 was heavily inspired by nature; Image Credit: GadgetMatch

The Air Max series keeps innovating with every model. And the 720 series has been the epitome of revolution. Inspired by nature, the trainers reflect organic radiations in every element. They are more vivid and fearless in their colourways and aesthetic appeal. The trainers are seen playing with lava flows, Milky Way, Northern lights, sunrise and sunset.

The Interesting Tales of Nike Air Max 720

Nike Air max 720 Colorways; Image Credit: hypebae.com

Nike tells a tale through the intricate colourways. Very interestingly, the trainers leave a message for the youth who are negatively affected by various external factors. The bright colourways are incorporated to persuade people and bring in some positivity and good vibes. And that’s why the runners are so courageous!

The Interesting Tales of Nike Air Max 720

Image Credit: straatosphere.com

The brainchild behind the Air Max model came up with an interesting name, ‘720’, representing the degree of the visible air unit. The runners flaunt 360 degrees vertically and horizontally, and that’s a clear depiction of the name. The shoes were initially judged by the puffed-up Sole. They came across as being too loud and clear. You will find the airbags dangling around the sides of the shoe, oozing some burst of energy. And what’s even more surprising is Nike’s money-minting Swoosh logo. It has been replaced by a boomerang Swoosh logo that certainly looks like the Nike logo but was flipped upside down and showcased to high heat until all the sharp edges melted away.

And that was a super interesting journey.

Eight Super Facts about the Nike Air Max 720

Eight Super Facts about the Nike Air Max 720

The air marshalled into the sneakers and made some game-changing lifestyle sneakers. The incorporation pushed the envelope, brought in some technological advancement and made sportswear and all-day wear. In the Nike Air Max 97 Guide, we have already discovered how the trainers reinvented performance capabilities by incorporating a full-length air unit. Every Air Max model is devised for steps and not just strides. Allow me to unveil the super interesting facts about the Air Max 720.

  1. Tallest unit ever! Post the launch of Air Max 270; the sneakers featured a 32 mm high unit, which was the highest in the Nike realm. The launch of AM 720 upscaled the air unit up to 38 mm.
  2. The name 720 is derived from the exposure of the 360-degree air unit. It is visible vertically and horizontally.
  3. The tallest heel unit, yes! Along with that, you can expect the biggest heel volume. With the presence of both features, you can expect a phenomenal bounce and feel super springy.
  4. The air unit is designed for a full-length lifestyle. The runners break the foregoing comfort expectation by incorporating a lot of technicalities that did not exist until then.
  5. The highest heel gives the sneakers much more elasticity than their predecessors.
  6. The Air Max 720 is manufactured with the goal of delivering a sustainable future for athletes. The composition includes more than 75% recycled manufacturing waste.
  7. The silos are uniquely inspired by nature. Each colourway was persuaded by the organic radiating movement of energy from all the natural wonders. The initial shades showcased lava eruptions, Northern lights, sunrises, sunsets and the Milky Way.
  8. The 720 unit is filled with high potential. Catch a glimpse of its capability in the Jordan Proto-720.

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The Making and Variants of Nike Air Max 720

Nike Air Max 720 Horizon

  • Nike Air Max 720 Horizon: Here’s a high-cut sneaker for urban explorers. Thanks to the Gore-Tex infused upper; the silhouettes are great for outdoor activities. The runners are seen featuring a full-length bootie with a Chelsea-boot-inspired collar. A rubber outsole along with an aggressive traction design is incorporated to provide an outstanding grip regardless of the surface and weather. The waterproof upper acts as a barrier against all external factors making the sneaker ideal for winter and wet conditions. Also, the reworked lacing system wraps around the gradient cage only to provide a snug and secure fit. The design takes hues from technical winter jackets and colourways motivated by Oregon’s highest peak. Find a TPU clip sitting on the midsole and stabilizing every stride. Lastly, these runners are low on weight and high on performance with a sleek TPU frame.

Nike Air Max 720 ISPA

  • Nike Air Max 720 ISPA: The Nike Air Max 720 ISPA stands for ‘Improvise Scavenge Protect and Adapt’. The runners are a transformed version of the AM 720 Swoosh models. Although some pairs from the Air VaporMax have had an ISPA makeover, these are completely distinct from them. The overwhelming design is likely to have mixed opinions due to its over the top aesthetic appeal. The upper features an asymmetrical tongue along with mesh construction. The clots around the midsole and heel have been inspired by the React line of footwear. It gives this limited edition a noticeably spacey feel. This iteration was ideally crafted for techwear enthusiasts, providing a futuristic feel. Infused with a slew of plugs, the runners were surprisingly worn by Kanye West, who flaunted them while shopping for sneakers. Who would say no to these trainers?

Nike Air Max 720 Waves


  • Nike Air Max 720 Waves: The Air Max 720 Waves is seen showcasing a revolutionary design of the renowned Air Max 720. The runners feature a full-length rubber outsole providing peerless cushioning with high shock absorbency. The synthetic upper replaces the futuristic mould with an over-over style design. You will also find a circular shape and grip pattern stabilizing the movement and providing a fashionable look. The fabrication involves tumbled leather and synthetic textiles. The disc-shaped circle wraps the grid patterns and makes the runners look super fashionable along with the medial overlays. The iteration is inspired by the 80s basketball footwear and has engulfed a speed lacing mechanism.

Nike Air Max 720 SATRNImage credit: snmstore.com

  • Nike Air Max 720 SATRN: The Nike Air Max 720 SATRN has no resemblance to the Air Max 720. With the daring and dynamic design, the runners can catch the attention of the onlookers at one glance. Find the bold Nike Air Max brandings on the side panels, making the runners look even more commanding. The limited version of this iteration has unique detailing like the car branding on the tongue and heel. This sure gives a motorsport aesthetic appeal. What’s completely impressive is the revamped lacing system and a pull tab at the back. The outdoor pair is highly famed for its midfoot zip and quirky graphics. You will find them embellished throughout the upper.

Nike Air Max 720 Zephyr

  • Nike Air Max 720 Zephyr: The Nike Air Max 720 Zephyr flaunts an ultra-modern look with Nike’s largest air unit of 720 cushioning. The AM Zephyr acquires maximum features from the Air Max 720 itself. The runners are elated with ultra-responsive cushioning and a soft bed underfoot to provide all-day comfort. It’s trendy and sleek but has all the futuristic components. The iteration stays distinct from the others with some of the exclusive features. It is the first Air Max model to have an air pod unit on the upper. Also, the tongue enhances the comfort and futuristic style. The runners also have a tactile mesh underlay for ventilation and add to the utilitarian appeal. All thanks to this, it scores an edge over the Air max 720.

Is the Air Max 720 True to Size? How comfortable are they?

Air Max 720 Comfort


The tallest Air Max ever is slightly tricky with its sizing. Unlike the other Air Max models, these runners will make you feel like you are walking on a huge bubble. Rather, they could feel like the most comfortable pair you own. A part of your feet may touch the ground, and a part may feel like you are walking on the clouds. The exaggerated air bubble, puffed-up Sole, full-length unit, and high-tech cushioning immensely contribute to the comfort factor. The ‘720’ feature provides all-day comfort, and that’s why they are recognized as lifestyle-inspired sneakers. You can go casual walking, indulge in a sport or even wear them variably for hours together; you will feel no discomfort on your feet. But hey, you cannot forget to slip on your socks.

The Nike Air Max 720 fits differently on every foot. If you have narrow feet, feel free to stick to your size. A lace-up closure mechanism, cords, and padded collar will make you feel secure and give you a snug fit. In the case of wide feet, the trainers will run a little small. It will only be wise to go a half size up, so you feel no discomfort.

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How to identify the fake Air Max 720 Trainers? Real vs Fake

Nike sneakers are among the most popular silhouettes in the world. They are loved by everyone, and that’s why they are also the prime target for counterfeiters. But hey, there are multiple tell-tale signs to help you identify the real runners. Look through my guide and forbid from getting scammed.

Sneaker Airbase

Real vs Fake Sneaker Airbase

In the comparison of real vs fake runners, the airbase is an important point of distinction. The fake air max model will showcase blisters in the airbase, which will be visibly evident. However, if you look at the OG footwear, you will find no such blisters.

Sneaker logos

Real vs Fake Sneaker logos

The sneakers logos are embossed in various places. First, let’s begin with the back of the heel. You will find the ‘720’ engraved at the back of the heel. The fabric ring at the top will have the ‘Swoosh’ embossed on it. Let’s get to the sneaker tongue. It will spell ‘Airmax’ loud and clear, and you will find the same ‘Airmax’ printed in the insole. The Swoosh logos will be placed in several more places like the side panel and the ventral area. Now, the thing with bogus trainers is that they always tend to goof up. The Nike logos will be either too thin or thick. You will notice the disproportion at a glance. Also, the letters in the ‘Airmax’ will be inconsistent and slightly blurred.

Sneaker size tag

Real vs Fake Sneaker Size Tag

The sneaker size tag is one major sign of reliability. You will find details like the Product ID, country of manufacturing, CPU code, date of making and a barcode. The best way to know the authenticity is to match these details on the Nike official website. Secondly, look into the font. The fake trainers will have it printed in a weird-looking font or will be abnormally thick or thin.

Sneaker tongue

 Real vs Fake Sneaker Tongue

The first thing is to spot the ‘airmax’ labelling on the sneaker tongue. Secondly, look into the grip, padding and stitches. How much ever the counterfeits try to compete, they will always fall short in all of the mentioned criteria. The bogus sneakers will have the tongue ironically thick. Also, the stitches will be of poor quality and will not be in line. In the case of real runners, the stitch will be neat and tidy, and the padding will have just the right amount of cushioning.

Sneaker toe box

 Real vs Fake Sneaker toe box

Here’s a point of distinction you will know at a glance. The counterfeits will have the toe box looking overinflated and immoderately lifted. On the contrary, the genuine trainers will have the toe box thin, small and less inflated.

Sneaker box

 Real vs Fake Sneaker box

The sneaker box is ideally the first thing you are going to look at, and it definitely has a lot of tales to tell. It will have all the details of what’s mentioned on the sneaker label. Like the shoe size, style name, colour, barcode, country and date of making. Firstly, remember that the details mentioned on both must match. The sneaker style name is an important detail to look into. You have a smart option to match it with the official website. Secondly, always remember the number will have digits, with the first six representing the style and colour of the shoe. You could also scan the barcode to get the correct details.

Sneaker outsole and midsole

 Real vs Fake Sneaker Outsole

Real vs Fake Outsole

 Real vs Fake Sneaker midsole

Real vs Fake Midsole

When you look into the sneaker outsole of the OG trainers, you will find a perfect pattern and the logo embossed. The engraved Airmax logo layer will be super flexible, and the top will have a Swoosh embossed. The fake sneaker will have a similar pattern with the Airmax and Swoosh on it. There will be no major difference, so here’s a part you must carefully look into. The Airmax will have inconsistent alphabets, and the Swoosh will not be too thick.

Sneaker sockliner insole

 Real vs Fake Sneaker Insole

The bonafide sneakers will have the good ‘Airmax’ logo embossed on the sockliner insole. When you turn the backside, you will find the material super comfortable and robust, but there will be no engravings. Here’s the part where crooks tend to goof up big time. In the effort of proving to be genuine, they kind of overdo it. They have engraved the ‘Airmax’ and the Swoosh logo even on the backside. This should definitely not be there. Secondly, the sockliner of the fake trainer will be quite thin compared to the genuine ones.

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How to Style the Nike Air Max 720?

To be honest, the Nike Air Max 720 is a style icon in itself. With its state-of-the-art design, humongous air bubbles and dynamic colourways, the runners are a heartbreaker and can quickly steal attention. The recent edition in the Air Max family is everything fearless and daring.

These quirky trainers have projected an ultra-futuristic look and therefore have the capability of making you look so voguish at any time.

Styling tips for daywear

Styling tips for daywear

The runners are super sporty, so you can easily flaunt an outdoorsy and athletic attire and look super chic. Wear a vibrant coloured bomber jacket and keep it neutral inside. Sporting a monochrome look inside will make you look super classic. Stay away from classic button-down shirts and keep slip on a basic t-shirt. Go a little fusion by wearing rolled up pants as your bottom wear and no-show socks. For a summer afternoon, have straight-up legs. Stumble up a bodycon dress with your colossal sneakers. If you are going for a summer hike, slip on your cycling shorts and team them with an oversized tee. Your bold footwear does not require too much colour, but a pop of it will be nice.

Hoodies and sweatshirts are always a go-to! For a cold day breeze, please put on your classic hoodie and team them up with sweatpants. Old school jeans with a logo tee and a pea-coat will also look super stylish.

Styling tips for nightwear

Styling tips for nightwear


Sure, the trainers are casual and sporty. But yes, you could even wear them for your night plans. The best part about these shoes is that you can dress them or down so effortlessly. Wear them with your leather shorts and shimmery full-sleeved blouse for a party ensemble. Accessorize it however you like. Big gold hoops will look super stunning.

Ever tried on metallic pants? Buoy, they look remarkably swanky, and you are certain to stand out in the crowd. Keep it super simple for your top wear with solid colours like black or white and yet look like fancy pants. To look nothing less than a glamour puss, simply slip on a shimmery chemise, and you need nothing more to accentuate your look.

Styling the Nike Air Max 720 is literally like a walk in the park. The fashion-forward design requires minimal aesthetics.

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How to care for Air Max 720?

The Air Max 720 involves multiple materials, and that’s why I am here to explain a simple procedure that would work on everything. They are enormously popular as lifestyle sneakers, so undoubtedly, you would love to live in them. If you are a die-hard sneaker fan, you must do everything to keep it snazzy and sparkling.

How to clean the Nike Air Max 720 uppers?

Nike Air Max 720 Upper Cleaning

  • Prepare a mild cleaning solution with warm water and soft laundry detergent. Make sure the water is never hot.
  • Make use of a dry-soft bristle brush to eradicate all the dirt and debris from the sneaker uppers. You can also make use of a toothbrush if you like. However, that will take longer.
  • Be mindful about the Air Max upper and clean every material separately. Dip the soft brush in the solution and scrub each area separately.
  • Do not scrub hard to dry the damp area. That will drive the dirt deeper into the shoe.
  • Make use of a microfiber cloth to dry after cleaning.
  • You must follow the same procedure for the outsole and midsole.
  • While you do that, remember to remove the shoelaces.
  • Air dry your sneakers for the best results. Keep the shoes at room temperature and away from sunlight.

How to clean Nike Air Max 720 laces?

Nike Air Max 720 laces Cleaning

  • While the laces are already out, you can begin cleaning the front and back of it easily.
  • Prior to deep cleaning the laces, use a soft brush to remove all the excess dirt.
  • Use a pillowcase or a lingerie bag to place your laces in it.
  • Take a not so gigantic bucket and fill it with warm water. Add some laundry detergent to make a cleaning solution. In the case of white laces, you can add some bleach to the solution.
  • Put the bag in the solution with the detergent in it. Ensure the bag is completely submerged in the water. You can use an object to make sure it is completely submerged.
  • Post 15 – 20 minutes, remove the bag from the solution.
  • Use a soft brush to gently brush it while it is completely wet.
  • Drain the bucket completely and refill it with only water.
  • Rinse off the laces. In case any dirt is lingering on it, you will notice it coming off.
  • Hang the shoelaces on a drying rack and allow them to dry up completely. This will also make sure they don’t get tangled.

How to clean Nike Air Max 720 insoles?

  • Cleaning the insoles separately is as important as cleaning the uppers and laces.
  • Before you begin cleaning them, please remove them and let them air out for some time.
  • Use a soft brush to remove the excess mud and dirt.
  • Take a bucket and fill it with lukewarm water.
  • Add some shoe cleaning serum to it.
  • Grab a soft bristle brush and dip it in the prepared solution.
  • Scrub the insoles gently. Stress more on the stained area like – the toes and heel section. The patch will be harsher than the usual.
  • If it still looks stained, wet the brush and repeat the process.
  • Remember not to soak the insoles.
  • Use a microfiber cloth to dry out the soap residue.

What are the cleaning DONTs?

  • Always make sure the water is lukewarm and never hot. The glue used in the shoe is vulnerable and can damage the shoes. Similarly, keep away hot air.
  • Don’t ever put your sneakers in the washing machine.
  • Never dry your sneakers in direct sunlight. It will discolour them.
  • Don’t ever use harsh chemicals. In the case of bleach, don’t use more than one tablespoon.

Sneaker Prevention Tips

  • Clean your sneakers as soon as you find them a little scruffy.
  • Use a soft brush or a toothbrush. Do not indulge in a hard brush.
  • Deep clean your sneakers once every 15 – 20 days.
  • Follow up with stain repellent every time you clean.

Top Five Nike Air Max 720 of All Times

1. Nike Air Max 720 Purple Galaxy

Nike Air Max 720 Purple Galaxy CW0904-400

These runners are sure to take you to space with their Galaxy theme. The premium-looking silhouette flaunts a completely futuristic design with a rich outer space print beneath the black angled overlays. The all-over print dons a dynamic appeal with branding across the forefoot, heel and tongue, exuding some impressive ‘Cosmic Fuschia’ hues. The navy variant takes over the plastic mould and outsole, with purple tones taking over the translucent airbag.

Best Feature: Galaxy inspired


2. Nike Air Max 720 Be True (2019)

Nike Air Max 720 "Betrue" CJ5472-900

The runners were crafted in celebration of Pride 2019, commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall. The trainers were rendered to pay tribute to Gilbert Baker, the late LGBTQIA and rights activist. Well, with an interesting story comes an interesting making. The multi-coloured upper with black accents and black Nike Swoosh accompanied by a translucent sole and midsole looks nothing less than spectacular. The eight-colour palette on the upper with some touch of text on the heel tab is in honour of the community legacy. The mini Baker’s signature near the heel defines the midsole and looks eye-catching.

Best Feature: Vibrant colour scheme

3. Nike Air Max 720 Volt Black

Nike Air Max 720 Volt AO2924-701

This sparkling, vibrant green sneaker is as vibrant and bold as it could get. The runners are incorporated with a breathable textile upper that adds solace to every move you make. Here’s a mix of Volt and Volt Green which is beautifully contrasted with black supportive overlays on the heel and panel. With these trainers on your feet, you can expect maximum stability. You can also bank on some enhanced cushioning and embrace yourself with a thematic appeal.

Best Feature: Great stability

4. Nike MX 720 818 University Red Black

Nike MX 720 818 University Red Black CI3871-600

The striking silo is a great combination of the two. It takes the upper from the Air Max 98 and the sole unit of Air Max 720. Draped in university red throughout, the sneakers stand distinct with their quilted synthetic material. You will also find a black grind pattern on the plastic mudguard contrasting with black paced on the medial side panel, inner lining, tongue, laces, and Swoosh on the midsole and toe. The sneaker finishes the whole look with a 3M reflective detail on the heel.

Best Feature: Bold and beautiful

5. Nike Air Max 720 Undercover Black

UNDERCOVER Nike Air Max 720 Black CN2408-001

The black beast is all set to rule your strides. The stunning sneaker features a black foam upper with speckled rubber overlays in the midfoot. The outsole is seen flaunting thermoplastic guards around. A small university red Swoosh is seen sitting with some cosmic graphics around. The black textile upper is accompanied by moulded clips, a heel-loop and a synthetic toe guard. A bold red tagline is printed across the sidewall, which takes a lot of attention.

Best Feature: Incredible looking

Celebrities caught by Paparazzi in Nike Air Max 720

Launched not so long ago but has already made a place in celebrity shoedrobes. Shoppers are looking to score big on sneakers, so we cannot bid adieu without featuring our celebrity section. Who would have thought that sneakers would have been looked upon more than the attire? Yes, they are indeed a classic fashion statement, and we are so curious to know who possesses these revolutionary runners. So let’s find out which famous personalities are going gaga over these trainers.

Kanye West worn by Nike Air Max 720

Kanye West, of course, needs no introduction. Despite his relationship with adidas going strong, the famed stud stepped out on Thanksgiving wearing the Nike ISPA Air Max 720 with all-black attire.

Kendrick Lamar Duckworth worn by Nike Air Max 720

Image Credit: sneakerbardetroit.com

American rapper Kendrick Lamar Duckworth wore these trainers to an event but flaunted a casual and cool appeal. He stayed in the grey-blue theme from head to toe and maintained an uber-cool look. The hitmaker paired his AM 720 sneakers with a soothing coloured hoodie and joggers.

American professional Basketeer James Harden is always in the news for his game and fashion sense. He was spotted in his elated trainers and Nike joggers suits. Shades of blue seemed like his favourite, but he broke the tedium with his vibrant red bag.

Dennis Schroder worn by Nike Air Max 720

Image Credit: spotern.com

The German professional basketeer Dennis Schroder posted a picture on his Instagram handle. He was spotted in tapered blue denims and a relaxed fitted t-shirt. He let his multi-coloured sneakers do all the talking.

Coco Bassey worn by Nike air max 720

Being a fashion blogger, Coco Bassey always has her fashion game on point. She slew it with her mini wrap-around dress, leather jacket and soothingly bold sneaks.

Michael Dapaah and Alex Oxchamberlain worn by Nike Air Max 720

Renowned actor Michael Dapaah and successful soccer player Alex Oxchamberlain were participants of the Nike 720 campaign, which was surely one of their biggest events. The duo were spotted in these runners indicating the youth to go bigger and think more futuristic.

Eugenie Bouchard worn by Nike Air Max 720

Image Credit: the-dots.com

The Nike Air Max Pink Sea (W) is the Canadian tennis players’ go-to shoe. Eugenie Bouchard is spotted in them several times. She wore them to a beach head wearing an all-black and let her joyful trainers do the drill. The athlete was seen in the same sneakers while posting a workout picture on her Instagram handle. Looks like they are her favourite!

Kosovare Asllani worn by Nike Air Max 720

Image Credit: spotern.com

And it looks like the trainers are pretty popular with the athletes. Swedish footballer Kosovare Asllani wore her fearless AM spunky 720 sneakers with a black tracksuit. She emphasised only the trainers in the picture by commenting, ‘Can you ever think too big? Never. Just Go Bigger.’

Ben Simmons Worn By Niike air max 720

Image Credit: buyvise.com

Ben Simmons is witty in his game and fashion sense. He wore the Nike Air Max 720 ‘Sea Forest’ sneakers and slew them with black tapered pants and a sweatshirt. The runners pretty much complimented his garb.

Kyle Kuzma worn by nike air max 720

Kyle Kuzma rocks the Nike Air Max 720 in Las Vegas, getting all prepped for his game.

Bradley Bean wore the ‘cool grey’ Nike air max 720 sneakers

Image Credit: spotern.com

Bradley Bean wore the ‘cool grey’ sneakers and matched them to a jacket. He was dressed up in the all-black inside.

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Wrapping up

Before we wrap up the revolutionary Nike Air Max 720 guide, I would like to point out that don’t misapprehend these runners as only lifestyle-oriented. The cloud-like cushioning, high bouncing ability and super flexing; make the sneaker’s performance level headed as well. The demand for these iconic silhouettes is growing each day, and there are all the reasons for it to.

So, here’s everything on a platter for you. From styling tips to sizing information to the intricacies of the sneakers. One thing’s for sure. You are certain to be complacent with all the information. The arrival of the stout-hearted sneakers has created a stir in the Nike realm. The label has suddenly started promoting ‘The bigger, the better.’ With this blueprint, it has managed to entice the youth and how!

Fast Sole is amongst the first to bring you all the information your mind is curious about. Stay in the loop to know what’s cooking in the sneaker industry.

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