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Nike Air Max 95: A Complete Guide

31 December 2021


Liam Perry

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Air Max 95 Complete Guide

Swoosh has always ruled the sneaker business, and that’s also because Nike loves emboldening young talent. One of the best decisions was hiring the genius brain Sergio Lozano, who proved to be a gem in the Nike lore.

The reason for the massive fame behind the revolutionary runners is the out of the box thinking. Being the pit boss, Tinker Hatfield believed in being liberal with his designers and encouraged them to go as bizarre as possible. And that’s how the brilliant idea of the legendary trainers spawned. Decades ago, the Air Max 95 dropped a fashion bomb in the sneaker culture and left the sneakerheads raving about it. The iconic and timeless silhouettes were solely in charge of the designer – Sergio Lozano. Tinker happily left the Air Max paradise in 1994 for reasons best known to him. But that didn’t stop Nike from shining bright.

The Air Max 95 was pretty much the most unconventional sneaker in the Nike family. It was far away from being recognized as Nike’s top running silhouette. But the design was bold and beautiful. Lozano’s goal was to present an entirely new take on the sneakerdom. And he pretty much succeeded in doing so. Let’s find out how!

The Intricate Story of Nike Air Max 95

Sergio Lozano working on the original Air Max 95 prototypesSergio Lozano working on the original Air Max 95 prototypesImage Credit: grailed.com

In the early 1990s, creating basketball sneakers were Nike’s go-to talent and preliminary focus. It goes without saying, Michael Jordan’s sneaker sales revenue was touching skyrocket, and the prevailing Nike team was trying all means to make a bold statement. In an attempt to re-energize the running division, Nike wanted to create a never seen design perspective in the Air Max family. And that’s how the brand brought on board a trained industrial designer to head the Air Max 95 project. Sergio Lozano was with a history of four years of experience in creating magical training and tennis shoes. Nike was super impressed with his work record and was looking forward to some fresh perspective in the Air Max paradise.

Sergio Lozano's quick sketch of Air Max 95

Sergio Lozano’s quick sketch of Air Max 95©Nike

The contemporary Nike design asked the young man to take some risk and come up with something completely out of the box. Unquestionably, it was a challenge for the free-spirited designer. In an interview, he claimed to have been inspired by the genius Tinker with the idea of having a story behind the sneaker. And that’s how he decided to convey his knotty thought process through the shoe.

Lozano was a part of a Nike campus even before stepping into this project. In his interest, his office window was facing a lake, which really helped while brainstorming. One rainy afternoon, he was looking across the tree and began depicting the process of rain eroding the earth. He then went far-sighted and imagined what a product would look like if it was excavated by erosion. Lazano then grabbed a pen and sketched his mind out. He etched a shoe with grooves very similar to what is seen on the walls of the Grand Canyon. The modest mind further took some quirky inspiration from the human anatomy, where the muscle and tendons were latched into the design. Layer after layer, everything was revealed but was not easily visible at first glance. And that’s how the revolutionary Air Max 95 was created. If you look at the runners from the rear, you can spot the human spine accompanied by the vertebrae.

Lozano aimed to make a super bold sneaker statement, and he pretty much succeeded in doing so. Debuted in an eclectic colour scheme, the Neon Volt Air Max 95 dominated the 90s sneaker game for the longest time. The gradient pattern going up the sidewalls set the sneaker apart from the other Nike members and created quite a stir in the Air Max family.

Things You didn’t know about the Nike Air Max 95 yet

Air Max 95 The 20-year-old legendary footwearImage Credit: sneakerfiles.com

The 20-year-old legendary footwear took a bit of a non-runner direction and was seen drifting towards the lifestyle outlook. These sneakers mean so different to several subcultures because of all the minor nitty gritty’s. Let’s find out!

  • After the ‘Neon’ colourway’s original release, the sneakers were re-released ten times (1997, 1998, 1999, 2003, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2015), with the air unit getting smaller in every variant.
  • We are all aware of Tinker’s exit in the Air Max series in 1994. Though he has expressed enough admiration for the shoes, he blatantly said that it’s not one of his favourite Air Max sneakers. He further reasoned it with the sneaker not being appt for running.
  • Not just Air Max 95, but Sergio Lozano is the mind behind many iconic Nike trainers.
  • The iconic footwear made it to the comic strips as well.
  • 2001 saw a completely new zipped up version of the Air Max 95.
  • Japan has been raging with sneakerheads and also witnessed an unpleasant robbery of the Air Max 95 by a Japanese teenage gang. This one was reported as the nation’s first sneaker robbery.
  • The paucity and the heavy price led to the Air Max 95 being heavily bootlegged.
  • Originally the AM95 box said only Air Max. It was only by 1999; the sneaker series got the name Air Max 95.
  • Interestingly, a private jet was painted in the ‘Comet Red’ Air Max 95 colourway.
  • It was never a cheap shoe, and back in 1995, the price tag was even more hard-hearted. It cost a whopping $140 at the release.
  • The Time magazine’s best of 1995 declared the sneakers as one of the most admirable athletic designs of the year.
  • 2007 saw a bizarre version of the Air Max 95 variant featuring a bat boot look.
  • The unconventional look of the sneakers met a lot of reluctance and resistance at first.

Five Reasons why you should buy the Nike Air Max 95

Unlike the predecessors, the Air Max 95 was not designed by the renowned Tinker Hatfield but a promising young talent – Sergio Lozano. This created the chances of wavering fame; little did Nike know the victory that would follow. What made the Air Max 95 so iconic? Let’s find out!

Fashion-forward footwear

Air Max 95 very high on the fashion game

Lozano tore the rule book of the running shoes. Unlike the other Nike runners, the AM95 runners took a non-runner direction. He did take the traditional Nike upper inspiration but crafted it upside down. So, it was not one of the best silhouettes for runners, but very high on the fashion game.

Elevated aesthetic appeal

Kudos to the high fashion points scored by the Air Max 95. It definitely dominated the sneaker markets with its offbeat and eccentric appearance. The sneakers are seen flaunting a bold colour palette and ripples design across the uppers. The revolutionary runners have some of the models with a black midsole to keep the disguise from dirt.

High on royalty

owning a pair of Air Max 95 was a status symbol

Since the beginning, the Air Max 95 sneakers have been high on royalty. They were released with a hefty price of $140 and soon raised to the price of $170. Clearly, the AM95s were not meant for the layman, and owning a pair of these sneakers was a status symbol and sign of luxury.

Proximity with danger

Air max 95 status markof youth sneaker crazies

In the early 2000s, the British Police force acknowledged the kicks and incorporated them at the most sensational crime scenes. Also, the trainers are endorsed by rappers from the Big Pun, The Game, Gucci Mane, Ghostface and Raekwon associated with crime flanges. This scored the sneaks an obvious status mark amongst the youth sneaker crazies. Hell yeah, even the corner boys worldwide were drooling over the sportswear.

Toggled lacing system

Air Max 95 Toggle Lace help you adjust the elasticity and fit

The Air Max 95 has become one of Nike’s staple silhouettes because of this smart and unusual technical update. The designer’s nimble-witted brain incorporated a utility focussed toggle lacing mechanism. This system can beautifully help you adjust the elasticity and enjoy a snug fit.

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The Making of Nike Air Max 95

Let’s get to the interesting part, and that’s the making of the iconic sneakers. Sergio Lozano created larger than life sneakers with his unusual thought process. Almost everything from head to toe is distinct about the AM95. However, the sneakers’ individuality created a hindrance in the Nike paradise. But who can deny the two-decade success of the sensational runners? Well, let’s give 100% credit to Lozano’s forward-thinking.

human anatomy-inspired design


The human body inspired the revolutionary runners, which was enough to blow sneaker minds. The bold brainstorming incorporated the upper with layered panels that pretty much resembled flesh and muscle fibres. The overlaying panel swiftly spotted a synthetic suede that was moulded to provide enhanced support. It also ensured no bagging out over time. Let’s get to the nylon eyelets and the lacing mechanism. They were fashioned, considering a set of ribs in mind. So yes, human anatomy was the major and only source of revelation.

The Air Max 95 debuted the visible forefoot air technology. Lozano sketched and introduced the feature in the Air Max family to provide ultimate air-powered cushioning to athletes and runners who are suckers for protection. With no shortage of perseverance, Lozano focused on providing maximum breathability. He provided mesh overlays throughout the upper along with the lacing eyelets. The inheritance of the smart design was to aim at wrapping the wearer’s foot from the top to the sockliner.

Air Max 95 Visible air Unit

The sneaker midsole was drafted after a spine. The mastermind also did something unconventional by creating black midsoles in some of the runners. This was to help mask the dirt and grime seen on the white midsoles. Hell yeah, it also felt fresh and rejuvenating. The gradient also bore a resemblance to geographical striations of eroded rock walls.

When we used the word ‘iconic’, it also indicated the colourways. The choice of colours was stunning and also offered maximum comfort to underscore the design. These impressive colourways were also used to emphasize the technology beautifully.

Air Max 95 Anatomy by Fastsole

The first AM95 did not have a Swoosh at all. Gradually it was incorporated with minimal branding. The sneakers had small Swoosh accents with unconventional placement. Lozano believed Nike was a renowned brand and did not need more signs of recognition. He made sure the labelling did not distract the defining characteristics of the sneakers. And therefore, he did not place them on the traditional spots.

The AM95 became a true trailblazer with its unique detailing. The runners used the air pressure mechanism to mould the user’s foot’s curvature. No prizes for guessing; it stood tall and unique in the Air Max paradise.

Without a doubt, everything was distinct about the sneakers. The design, branding, colourway, technicalities! Every single thing.

Size & Comfort of Nike Air Max 95

Are you new to the Nike Air Max 95 club? Your mind must certainly be lingering around these questions. The much-hyped aesthetics featuring ribbed lacing system, mini swoosh, layered gradient upper, two air units, and the chunky sole is enough spoken about. How about the comfort and size of the sneakers?

As you can imagine, sneakerheads gravitated towards the shoe and had magpie syndrome.

Is Nike Air Max 95 comfortable?

Air Max 95 enhances comfort level

The AM95 has been the chunkiest Air Max sneaker to date, and that has contributed massively to the comfort factor. The dual-chamber feature swiftly wraps the wearer’s feet and gives maximum stability around the ankle with its waffle lugs. The bulky midsole feels soft and sturdy at the same time. So, get ready to embrace every step you take.

The first to feature the air pressure technology, the runners utilize two air cushions in the forefoot to swiftly fit the curvature of the wearer’s forefoot. The pressurized air does not just aim to give comfort but also a springy feel without compromising on the fabrication. This also helps in providing high-end elasticity and low impact.

Straight out of the box, the sneakers may feel stiff. But eventually, they grow on you. The coveted trainers provide the right amount of arch support so you can confidently slip them on for any sport of your choice. The sneaker midsole is also well crafted to provide optimal support with its translucent rubber. The waffle design weaves around the shoe with enough traction on the stride. So, run as much as you wish to.

Lastly, I would like to mention that the shoe’s shock absorption is on point. Sure, it enhances the shoe’s comfort level and makes you feel like you are walking on a cloud.

Is Nike Air Max 95 True to the size?

Air Max 95 Size Guide

Everyone around has different shaped feet, so the fit could feel differently on every foot.

For those with regular or narrow feet, the sneakers run true to the size. Remember, your shoes must hug your feet and not feel roomy at all. Therefore, sticking to your size would be the right choice.

The leather stretches a bit for the feet to feel comfortable and cosy. The mesh wraps around the feet to give in that extra flex to the toes. Once you slide in your feet, the mesh and leather would sweep graciously to provide the extra flex to your toes. So, the sneakers will not crease up regardless of the number of hours you are in them for.

However, if your feet are a bit generous, it would be best to go for half size up. That’s because the sneakers are slightly narrow around the toes, so it is better to be safe. You can also be rest assured of being comfortable for long hours. And let your toes enjoy the luxury of having ample space.

One thing’s for sure with Nike Air Max 95; you never size down!

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How to Spot the real Nike Air Max 95?

Sadly, in the city of Sakai, near Osaka (Japan), Air Max95 has been the first-ever sneaker robbery. And after that, the sneaker market is swamped with counterfeits. Though it could be slightly intimidating to spot the fake trainers, I can reveal some key pointers right away to help you identify the real ones.

AIR Logo

Air Max 95 Legit Check Insole Air Logo

You should find the AIR logo on the insole and the tongue. The ‘R’ will never touch Nike or Swoosh (on the insole). If it does, you know it’s fake. Speaking about the tongue placement, the AIR Max logo must be immaculately stitched, embroidered or painted on the tongue. There should never be loose ends. You should find the AIR logo swiftly sitting on the heel as well. The size, placement, stitch and quality. All these aspects must be looked into. Also, the spacing must be consistent.

Swoosh Logo

Air Max 95 Legit Check Swoosh

The Swoosh logo is smartly glued or stitched near the heel. The Swoosh quality will speak for itself. In case of being glued, there must be no excess glue around it. If it is stitched, the stitch must be neat and tidy. Also, the Swoosh logo can be stamped or printed; in that case, make sure the edges are crisp.

Air unit

Air Max 95 Legit Check Air Unit

And that’s a must-have Nike Air Max 95 element. The air unit bubble must be clear and of top-notch quality. Also, the support structure within the unit must be exposed.

Side panel

Air Max 95 Legit Check Side Panel

The Nike Air Max 95 side panel could have mesh, suede or leather. Regardless of the material, the stitch must be neat and clean. Also, you must be able to spot the wave pattern effortlessly, and the waves must be even.

Sneaker Sockliner

Air Max 95 Legit Check SockLiner

It is pivotal you inspect the Nike Air Max 95 sockliner as well. You must find a logo embossed into the material with the shoe size mentioned. The deets hinted at must be sharp and clear. Also, the shoe size embossed should match to what’s on the box and shoe label.

Sneaker Sole

Air Max 95 Legit Check sole

The Nike Air Max 95 certainly has a distinctive sole pattern. It is intricately designed and made of high quality. Also, the sole arch support is solitary. The Air logo must be positioned on clear plastic support in top-notch quality.

Sneaker Tongue

Air Max 95 Legit Check tongue

When looking into every detail, why ignore the sneaker tongue? The AM95 should feature a rigid tongue with high-quality stitches around it. The top portion of the tongue must be well padded with vertical lines debossed into it. This is also to take care of the comfort aspect.

Shoe inside label

Air Max 95 Legit Check Inside Label

The inside label of the sneaker must possess all the details like – date and country of manufacturing and style number in 9 digits. There’s a way to match the production date and know if it’s genuine. Type the Nike Air Max 95 style number on google and get all the right manufacturing details.

Shoebox label

Air Max 95 Legit Check shoe box

Last but not least. The Nike Air Max shoebox must have a label on one side featuring details like the style name and number, barcode, shoe size, shoe colour and county of manufacturing. Well, some of the label details of the shoebox and the inside of the sneaker are the same. So, it goes without saying that it must match. The style number of 9 digits must have the first 6 representing the style and the last 3 indicating the colourway. You can also scan the barcode with a scanner to find all the necessary details.

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How to style the Nike Air Max 95?

These incredible looking silhouettes can effortlessly elevate any ensemble of your choice. The creative genius by legendary Sergio Lozano can customize your look and have the whole neighbourhood raving about you. Is that what you are looking for?

Styling tips for day wear

Air Max 95 day style

The fascinating sneakers are a classic style statement when worn with joggers. The chunky aesthetics lets you up your summer sneaker game with poise and leaves everyone ranting about your day dressing. Wear your relaxed joggers that sit perfectly above the sneakers and team them with a regular or snug fitted T-shirt. You can also slide in muted colour socks.

If you are an all-white fan, here’s an opportunity to flaunt it as much as you want. An all-white attire with your bold colour-blocked sneakers will make you look nothing less than a fashionista. Don’t forget to accessorize your outfit with a stunning belt.

Styling tips for nightwear

Air Max 95 night style

Having said that, the AM95 sneaks would look killer with dark-hued bottoms. Team them up with a white T-shirt, go easy on the print, and a leather bomber jacket. Well, you could smartly replace your jacket with an overcoat as well. The tangled lace-up system is fierce in nature, and the more you flaunt it, the more stunning they look. Your eye candy trainers will look even more splendid with a pencil fitted skirt and a fitted blouse. Yes, you can head to any party wearing these runners. Coz comfort is the new style statement!

How to care for Nike Air Max 95?

Air Max 95 Cleaning Process

Well, if you love your sneakers, you got to do everything it takes to keep them clean and tidy. It is best to keep them wrapped in the Nike shoebox to avoid as much dust as possible when not in use. A well-taken care pair of sneakers will always shine and sparkle.

How to clean white Nike Air Max 95 laces?

  • Regardless of how grimmy and scruffy your shoelaces are, you can remove all the dirt in no time. Smoothly loosen up all the dirt and let and let all the dirt from the upper.
  • You only need basic cleaning agents like – clean water, a bucket or a bowl, bleach powder and a pair of gloves.
  • Fill the bucket or bowl with some water. Make sure it’s room temperature. Add two tablespoons of bleach to it and soak in your laces for a while.
  • In this process, make sure to have your gloves on.
  • Twist and twirl your laces with the help of a spatula.
  • Don’t be surprised looking at how dirty and muddy your water looks. Change your water and repeat the process.

How to clean coloured Nike Air Max 95 laces?

  • In the case of coloured laces, keep the bleach away. Everything else remains the same.
  • Use your hands to brush off the excess dirt and get ready to begin deep cleaning.
  • Bring out the bucket or bowl, clean water and replace the bleach with liquid detergent.
  • Immerse your coloured laces in the solution and let your laces rest inside for a while.
  • Use the spatula to stir the laces. Well, there’s no bleach. So you could simply use your hands as well.
  • If the laces still look dirty, change the water and repeat the process.
  • You can repeat it until they come out like a shining star.

How to clean Nike Air Max 95 insoles?

  • Don’t be surprised if your insoles have a wicked smell. There are high chances they don’t just look soiled but also have an evil smell.
  • Pluck out your insoles and let them air out for a while.
  • Use a soft brush to eradicate all the dirt.
  • Grab a clean bucket and fill in some lukewarm water.
  • Add a few drops of shoe cleaning serum to make it an effective mixture.
  • Dip the brush in the soapy solution and begin scrubbing the insoles.
  • Stress more on the patched areas. That will be around the heels and toes.
  • Immerse the brush again in the solution and repeat the process.
  • You can repeat the process as many times as you would like. Only remember not to soak the insoles.
  • Use a microfibre cloth to dry out all the soap residue.

How to clean Nike Air Max 95 uppers?

  • You can use the same shoe cleaning serum to clean the sneaker upper.
  • Take a bowl filled with water and add some drops of it.
  • Dip the soft bristle brush in the solution and move it over the sneaker upper in a circular movement.
  • Depending upon the stains, take a call whether to use a soft or a hard brush.
  • Scrub them back and forth to remove all the stuck dirt.
  • You can also use a toothbrush to clean the cracks and crannies.

Things to Avoid

Don’t let your dirty sneakers turn into damaged ones. Let them snazzy as long as they can. Here’s a list of DONTs you must follow.

  • Don’t use hot water.
  • Don’t put the shoes in the washing machine.
  • Don’t expose your shoes to direct sunlight.
  • Don’t use harsh chemicals.

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Top Nike Air Max 95 of All Times

Nike Air Max 95 Doernbecher 2007 Varsity Royal 318351-411Image Credit: flickr.com/Justin Telfer

1. Nike Air Max 95 Doernbecher (2007): The iconic Nike – Doernbecher collaboration was released in 2007 and then re-released in 2013. Dressed in a patriotic pride colour manoeuvre, the runners flaunt a blue, white and varsity red; and also showcase a personal touch on the upper. Grace yourself with carvings from Mike’s life featuring lasered words on the upper and a personal logo.

Best Feature: Vibrant looking

atmos Nike Air Max 95 Animal Pack 2.0 AQ0929-200Image Credit: afew-store.com

2. Nike Air Max 95 Atmos Animal Pack 2.0 (2018 Animal Print Box): These sneaks are a new take on the classic footwear realm. The jungle juice animal pack stays true to the wild theme, with the upper delineating different animal prints like the zebra, tiger, leopard and pony. The silhouette is dressed in suede with white, red, and green pop-ups. The kaleidoscope of the animal fur makes it a one of a kind look. It features vibrant green lace with the same shade thumping on the underfoot as a stunner.

Best Feature: Exclusive

Nike Air Max 95 City World Cup London Navy 667637-400

3. Nike Air Max 95 City World Cup London: at the time of the world cup, Air Max released these silhouettes inspired by the colours and dressed in the London theme. You will find two shades of blue lingering on the sneaker upper – distance blue and midnight navy. The ribs are wrapped with a mix of red and white, looking absolutely alluring.

Best Feature: Good grip

Nike Air Max 95 Atmos Animal Pack Pony 314993-261

4. Nike Air Max 95 Atmos Animal Pack: Released back in 2006, the ‘Animal Pack’ created quite a noise in the sneakerdom. The classic model is draped in various faux fur on the upper. Find the sneaker covered in prints from Cheetah to Zebra along with some green and red accents on the laces, Swoosh and tongue. The fabrication of the runners communicates the power of giraffe and tiger, also the speed of horse, leopard and zebra.

Best Feature: Intricate detailing

Nike Air Max 95 Washington Redskins Team Red 542052-632

5. Nike Air Max 95 Washington Redskins: Bright-to-light in the Washington Redskin theme, these trainers have a burst of colours and can help you dress to impress! A bright fusion of orange, white, red and burgundy is seen with a team logo on the insole. The striking colourway will definitely rule your shoedrobe once it’s in. You will also find a no-sew mesh structure to let you flex your feet as much as you want.

Best Feature: Light in weight

Top Nike Air Max 95 of 2021

Nike Air Max 95 Greedy 3.0 DN8020-001Image Credit: depop.com

1. Nike Air Max 95 Greedy 3.0 DN8020-001: The black and grey upper with multi-colour accents can up your sneaker game graciously. It flaunts a smokey ash and black upper with bold pop-ups of cobalt blue, neon green and laser crimson. The runners also feature traditional sidewall waves with a smooth transition from grey to black. Hold your horses because the neon air bubbles on the forefoot are sure to grab all your attention.

Best Feature: Eye-catchy multi-colour lace loops

Re-sale value: £230.00

Nike Air Max 95 Khaki Black DO6391-200

Image Credit: thedropdate.com

2. Nike Air Max 95 Khaki Black DO6391-200: Classic colour scheme and a unique lace mechanism! These Khaki runners feature sidewalls with fuzzy suede and leather. It’s definitely a game-changing sneaker flaunting tangy orange laces over the premium nylon mesh. The cord pull up laces let you customize your comfort so you can literally live in your sneakers.

Best Feature: High engineering

Re-sale value: £209.00

Nike Air Max 95 SE AMRC Blue DH2718-400

3. Nike Air Max 95 SE AMRC Blue DH2718-400: Even the non-sneaker lovers are seen drooling over these runners. The colour palette is vibrant, reviving and the epitome of grace. It is draped in electric blue upper with golf and lemon green hues splurging out. You will also find tangy orange and yellow accents joining the theme. The runners promise maximum comfort by possessing a velvety suede T-toe with a padded tongue tab.

Best Feature: Highly versatile

Re-sale value: £170.00

Kim Jones Nike Air Max 95 Black Volt DD1871-002

4. Kim Jones Nike Air Max 95 Black Volt DD1871-002: These Black Volt trainers give you the flexibility to be unstoppable on the track with their high-end breathability, and lightweight feels. So, you can rock the stride with these kicks on your feet. Dressed in a black base, the trainers have neon green lace loops and an icy-blue rubber outsole. Also, the extra bulky midsoles and height underfoot give the sneakers speed and stimulation.

Best Feature: Snug-fitting

Re-sale value: £169.99

Nike Air Max 95 OG Black Iron Grey DM2816-001

5. Nike Air Max 95 OG Black Iron Grey DM2816-001: If you are looking for a sneaker makeover, these runners are one of your safest bets. Everything about them is dashing and black. Collar, tongue tab, laces, T-toe box and midsole; are all unapologetically black. The runners look even more iconic with the pop-ups of iron-grey on the tongue label and insole branding. Needless to say, the trainers can complement any outfit beautifully.

Best Feature: Vintage feels

Re-sale value: £124.00

Celebrity Tales in Nike Air Max 95

For some strange reason, these beauties are scoring very high as lifestyle sneakers. A-listers are seen vaccaying in them or even slaying it in their everyday wear. Of course, athletes are flaunting them on the ground/court. But hey, they are showing so much love even off the game. So without a doubt, Air Max 95 has gained massive popularity in very little time. Sneakerheads have drifted towards these dad-like shoes like magpies to a shiny trinket. Let’s jump into some celebrity tales right away.

The famous American model – Bella Hadid rocked the dorky dad sneakers on a sunny afternoon. The only thing not black in her entire look was her huge ass gold loops, and she looked so chic even in her casual attire.

footwearnews.com spotted with air max 95Image Credits: footwearnews.com

We are all aware of what a big sneakerhead Meg Ryan is. She pulled off a winter look graciously in her pitch-black Air Max 95, wearing a muted long overcoat with blue denims. The Singer and fashionista often shows heedless love to her Air Max trainers on her Instagram stories. She also wore them to an event and totally slew it with her look and performance.

Over the years, The Nike Air Max 95 has become a fashion staple for the stage. Lil Nas X plays Xbox in a pair of stunning Nike Air Max 95’s in “Ale Brown.” Everything about him and that night were larger than life. American rapper Mac Dre has often adorned Air Max 95 on his album cover. The release of AM95 pushed the aesthetic appeal further into outer space. One of the most renowned sneaker mentions was a bold shoutout to the silhouette in his classic anthem ‘Hate it or Love it’. Well, this has gone down the sneaker saga.

Kylie Jenner and boyfriend Tyga were spotted in matching orange sweatshirts looking like a perfect couple. Tyga stored in lime green trousers and crisp white AM95.

Let’s swiftly get onto the game now. American footballer Jarvis Landry is a straightforward Nike loyalist. The Air Max 95 was the first AM sneaker he wore on the ground. And thereafter, he is often spotted in them.

Michael Victor Cruz spotted with Air Max 95Image Credits: sneakernews.com

Michael Victor Cruz is a fashion-savvy, and we have no doubts about that. He wore well-fitted cargo bottoms and matched his T-shirt with his Air Max 95 ‘No sew’ sneakers.

Lebron James spotted with air max 95

Image Credits: lifewithoutandy.com

Lebron James has proved time and again that he loves bulky looking sneakers. Draped in earthy tone from head to toe, the basketeer wore his sneakers with rolled-up pants to flaunt them as much. Who said athletes could not be fashion moguls? Hell yes, they can! Yet again, he was spotted in a unique combination of teal and purple. He certainly stood out at the event and had all the fans gazing at him.

JR Smith spotted with air max 95

Image Credits: lifewithoutandy.com

The greatest basketball player of all times, LeBron Raymone James, popularly known as JR Smith, wore the Air Max 95 with a brisk grey suit and a clean white shirt to match his sneakers.

Sophie Turner spotted with air max 95

Image Credits: footwearnews.com

Let’s end the twisty celebrity tales with some glamour and love. Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner were spotted on the streets of NYC celebrating the singer’s boyfriend’s birthday. The young and talented actress always makes a statement with her looks, and this time was no different. She wore a bright red long-sleeved t-shirt with black biker shorts and flaunted her Nike Air Max 95 ‘ERDL Party Camo’ in white.

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Wrapping up

And that’s a wrap to the iconic Nike Air Max 95 complete guide. Being a sneaker junkie, I fathom your inquisitiveness and totally love your passion.

All thanks to Sergio Lozano, the AM95s have created quite a stir in the sneaker game. Well, it’s about time you grab these stunners for your sports and streetwear realms. Fast Sole is amongst the very first to reach out to all Nike lovers. Get a brief sense of the size, comfort, and more about the Air Max 95 silos. Stay in touch with us and be the first to grab all the info.

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