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Nike Air VaporMax: A Complete Guide

09 May 2022


Liam Perry

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Nike Air VaporMax

Not so long ago, the Nike Air VaporMax was launched on May 26th, 2017, which is popularly celebrated as Air Max Day. Just like all Air Max models, the VaporMax has also been successful, discrete and much loved by sneakerheads.

However, the journey of these runners has not been so unruffled and happy-go-lucky like the other Air Max models. Nike’s Air technology debuted in 1978 with the Nike tailwind and further innovated with the Air Max 1, flaunting a visible bubble and enhancing the Nike technology. And then came the Nike Air VaporMax ditching the traditional predecessor’s fabrication.

‘The struggle is real’. This holds exhaustively true in the case of these runners. It has taken the label a seven journey from ingenuity to release by Nike Sportswear Design Director – Dylan Raasch. The sneaker sole is moulded with 39,000 components, making it more knotty than even a car engine. It has taken the design team more than 100 tries to get the sneaker right.

Nike has been bestowed as one of the most iconic sneaker brands, and that’s because they have constantly strived hard to make modifications and revamped every series. And Nike Air VaporMax stands tall in being significantly innovative. The sneaker gains came with some courtesy of new technologies, and that’s how the label has instilled standalone fame.

How did Nike Air VaporMax become a legendary brand?

Nike Air VaporMax

Image credit: nike

The avant-grand sneakers- Air VaporMax has a noteworthy place in the Swoosh brand. The journey has been bumpy and full of the ins and outs. So let me walk you through the intricacies and detailing of the sneaker series.

2017 saw the launch of the Nike Air VaporMax. This year is also popularly known and celebrated as the 30th anniversary of the first Nike silhouette flaunting a visible air unit, and that’s the Air Max. The VaporMax was fabricated to bring in some evolution and innovation in the Nike Air Max. The runners did everything possible to stand out in the crowd.

The once VP of Nike – Brett Holts, called the Air VaporMax an epitome of style, grace, performance and modernism. Every word he said only had a lot of truth to it.

We have already discovered the fact that the VaporMax sole is fabricated with over 39,000 components. But what is the reason behind it? Well, this sounds more convoluted than a vigorous car engine also. The sole reason behind all the complexities was that the material was ingrained straight into the airbag. But, thanks to the quick-witted mind, the runners turned out to be extremely flexible and responsive. What could sound more alluring, right?

The breakthrough came with all the new technologies engulfed in the Air VaporMax unit. The previous Air Max units incorporated a rubber surface for added protection and enhanced durability. But with Air VaporMax, Dylan Raasch promised to be dynamic. The runners ditched the inflexible structural area and adopted a new technique to deliver top-most elasticity. It is the first-ever foamless air max unit to steer as a liberated and standalone outsole. This couldn’t get any more impressive.

What’s so Spesh about the Nike Air VaporMax?

Nike Air VaporMax

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Nike has been sitting in the number one position for the longest time and is doing great at it. It is like a bright flame of fire in the sneaker industry. A reigning champ and a survivor, ALWAYS! But did you ever think about what makes Nike a trooper?

Nike is a fighter, and every model is certainly so different from the other. In fact, every Nike sneaker is super unique, and the Air VaporMax is no different. Not one, there are several reasons behind the popularity. What’s so special about the Nike Air VaporMax?

  • It has incorporated the right fabrication of the underfoot to provide perfect protection with no compromise in the bounce.
  • The VaporMax has brought in a revolutionary change in the Air Max line.
  • There are uninfluenced air tubes that divert the impact tactfully. And this is a blessing in disguise for the runners.
  • Super light in weight, the VaporMax is four ounces and 113 grams lighter than its predecessors.
  • These runners are one of the most tested in the NIKE realm.
  • The sneaker outsole involves absolutely no additional materials. This is the closest you could get to running on air.
  • And lastly, the Air VaporMax journey has been stony but yet so incredible. Sure, it’s a masterpiece, and it’s taken a whopping seven years to engineer the runners.
  • The layers between the foam and midsole have been eliminated completely.
  • The shoe construction has completely changed Nike sneaker making after that.
  • The men’s size 9 weighs about 8.5 oz, and the women’s size 8 weighs about 7 oz.

The Making of the Nike Air VaporMax

Nike Air Vepormax Anatomy

Debuted in 2016 but with an official release in 2017, the runners were recognized as the ‘Pinnacle of Nike Air’. The runners allow additional air to be infused in the unit, abolishing a traditional foam midsole. Foremost in having a foamless Air Max unit, they are the first runners to feature a full-length VaporMax unit. By shedding the foam, these silhouettes also eradicated all that extra weight. But mind you, the mastermind has not compromised on the quality. It has only been less of weight and waste.

The upper is seen spotlighting a flyknit construction with dynamic flywire cables. The incorporation of this has also infused a wispy and feathery sensation. Look closely; you will find tightly knitted areas, which are open and promise more fluidity. In fact, the thought process behind a flyknit upper is amazing and unconventional. It has a snug fit and compliments the VaporMax bottom beautifully.

The runners are known for many reasons, and one of them is the distinctive air unit. It is the first in the Air Max family to feature a standalone air unit. Also, the sole has no transitional parts and has the air unit touching the ground rightly. When you glance through the forerunners closely, you will find the airbag looking like a mattress under the foot. But the VaporMax has turned the airbag concept completely. The air under the sole functions like a disc providing unmatched stability in the AM sneakerdom.

How much air is too much air? Speaking of the sole, it was anything but sleek. The zoom x sole did away with the rubber outsole and infused excessive air, which provided a cloud-like comfort.

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Is Nike Air VaporMax True to size?

Nike Air VaporMax

Image Credit: sneakersnews.com

If you think that the Nike VaporMax fits big because of its chunky aesthetics, you are slightly mistaken.

In most cases, the runners are a bang with their fit. It fits beautifully like a glove. The hybrid silhouette can actually feel a little narrow around the feet. If you have really wide feet, you must opt for half a size bigger. But in the case of narrow feet, stick to your size. The unbeatably voguish sneaker will give the right amount of flex, wrap the feet securely and fit almost like a second skin.

Real vs fake Nike Air VaporMax: How to Spot the difference?

Do you need to stress about the fact that counterfeits and bootleggers have attacked the sneaker market? Not at all! Fast Sole is here at your rescue to help you identify the difference between real vs fake, so you don’t get trapped under the rubble of mockups.

Sneaker size tag

Nike Air VaporMax

The Nike Air VaporMaxes has been released more than once, and therefore there are differences in each variant size tag.

Nike Air VaporMax 1.0: You may begin looking at the sneaker style code. The label will have bolded text printed with the style number placed in the middle. The fake runners will have the numbers imprinted thinner than the usual. You can shift a little on the right, which will have the details like the date of manufacturing. Even the date will be exceptionally thin and also will not be very visible. Text like ‘MADE IN CHINA’ and ‘FABRIQUE AU CHINA’ will also look thinner than they should.

In contrast, the letter ‘B’ will stand out by being obnoxiously thick. This means the text on the fake runners has multiple font weights. And the text like ‘MADE IN’ and ‘FABRIQUE AU’ will have the same font-weight.

Nike Air VaporMax 2.0: The fake runner flaws of Nike Air VaporMax 2.0 is similar to that of 1.0. The date of manufacturing in the bogus runners will flaunt a thin font and have inconsistent text. Also, the ‘MADE IN’ and ‘FABRIQUE EN’ inscriptions will look exceptionally thin.

Nike Air VaporMax 3.0: The size tag of the fake runners will either be smaller and thicker or bigger and thinner. In any case, you know they are not bonafide trainers.

Nike Air VaporMax 4.0: Looking at the upper left side of the sneaker tag, you will find the ‘EUR’ inscription with a low font-weight. But the authentic sneakers have the same text looking more defined. Also, the manufacturing details on the real runners are slimmer than the fake ones.

Sneaker soles

Nike Air VaporMax

Flip the sneakers upside down and begin inspecting the sneaker soles. Closely, look at the heel patches. The legit sneaker soles must have two inscriptions on the section around the heel area. In the authentic runners, you will find the left shoe flaunting the Nike Swoosh logo and the right one flaunting the VAPORMAX. On the contrary, the fake runners will have no inscriptions at all.

Sneaker insole printing

Nike Air VaporMax

In the real vs fake tug of war, don’t skip the insoles. You will find the VAPORMAX printed on the insoles on both real and fake runners. But the counterfeits will have the text looking too wide and thick, and the bonafide trainers will have the inscription looking smaller and slimmer.

Sneaker midsole

Nike Air VaporMax

Most people don’t generally get here. The difference in the detail is slightly intricate, but if you look closely, you will notice how genuine sneakers with black midsoles allow light to pass through and are more opaque. But same is not the case with fake runners.

Sneaker rear side

Nike Air VaporMax

It’s time to get to the text on the backside of the sneakers. You will spot the VAPORMAX text on the backside of the pull tab. The replicated runners will have the text looking too thick and badly font weighted. But in the case of authentic trainers, the text will be consistent and thin.

Sneaker toe box

Nike Air VaporMax

The sneaker toe box also has a lot of tales to tell. In the process of making the toe box slightly curvy, the counterfeits have overdone it. You will find the front tip being too away from the ground and looking too high. But in the case of authentic sneakers, the toe box will be only slightly curvy and closer to the ground.

Sneaker box

Nike Air VaporMax

All genuine Nike sneakers come packed in a box with proper labels and tags. The colour of the box will differ depending on the sneaker style. However, Nike uses colours like red, brown, or burnt orange most commonly. You should find all the details on the sneaker box- like the size, style, stock keeping unit number and barcode. Counterfeits try to imitate the genuine ones. But they always goof up with anyone or more details. Therefore, you must cross-check with the Nike website and see if all the details match. This one’s easy to match.

Sneaker tongue

Nike Air VaporMax

The different Nike Air VaporMax models feature distinct details like the label name (Nike) or (VaporMax) or the Swoosh logo. It could be either of the specifications. You need to ensure that the font has a consistent size in case of any text. Also, you should find various other details like the stock keeping unit, country of manufacture or serial number. The nine digits long number should completely match the number mentioned on the side of the sneaker box.

And that’s a wrap to real vs fake Nike Air VaporMax Guide.

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How to style the Nike Air Vapormax?

The Nike Air VaporMax can remodel your shoedrobe, and how! You don’t need the best outfits in your wardrobe to look like a trendsetter. Play along with colours and styles as much as you want, and that’s the best part about these trainers. They can make a statement independently without you doing much. But hey, who doesn’t wanna look voguish? Grab these tips from our team of stylists!

Styling tips for women

Nike Air VaporMax

Image Credit: v2mshop

As I said, wear what you want, even if it is completely out of the box. A pencil fit skirt with a body hug fit t-shirt tagged along with a long-sleeved blazer. Ever thought of this combination? Yes, this could be your winter staple or even a party quintessential look. And guess what? It will look nothing less than magnificent. If you are crazy in the head, go ahead and accessorise it with whatever you like. A mismatched oversized bag will beautifully complement your powerful kicks.

If you love being ‘folksy’, we are not stopping you. Your cool and refreshing attire will look super stellar. A slim-cut jeans with a colossal hoodie, and let’s not forget your chunky runners leading the entire look. Make this your perfect summer wear by accessorising it with a quirky scarf and large-sized sunglasses. Keep your bottoms as basic as you can. Keep away the prints and let your sneakers run the show.

Styling tips for men

Nike Air VaporMax

Image Credit: v2mshop

Boys will always be boys! Well, yes, they love being as basic, and that’s why these sneaks are perfect. Do nothing and still look like a rockstar. Grab on to your favourite pair of shorts and slip on your logo t-shirt. Do nothing more and look spectacular. Less is more! An offbeat printed socks can let you paint the town red.

Well, if you are looking to be fun at work, sure, go ahead. Bring out your black blazer and pants. These dope like sneakers will look breathtaking with this fusion wear. The premium washed VM Plus can skip a heartbeat with an all-black attire. Get all the heads turning at you!

Looking to keep it casual and cosy? Slip-on narrow, rolled up joggers and an absolutely plain t-shirt. If you are a sucker for basics, this is your look! Your footwear will make more news than you ever imagined them to.

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How to care for the Nike Air VaporMax?

The Air VapaorMax involves multiple materials, and that’s why I am here to explain a simple procedure that would work on everything. They are enormously popular as lifestyle sneakers, so undoubtedly, you would love to live in them. If you are a die-hard sneaker fan, you must do everything to keep it dazzling and sparkling.

Nike Air VaporMax

How to clean the Nike Air VaporMax uppers?

  • Prepare a mild cleaning solution with warm water and soft laundry detergent. Make sure the water is never hot.
  • Make use of a dry-soft bristle brush to eradicate all the dirt and debris from the sneaker uppers. You can also make use of a toothbrush if you like. However, that will take longer.
  • Be mindful about the Air Max upper and clean every material separately. Dip the soft brush in the solution and scrub each area separately.
  • Do not scrub hard to dry the damp area. That will drive the dirt deeper into the shoe.
  • Make use of a microfiber cloth to dry after cleaning.
  • You must follow the same procedure for the outsole and midsole.
  • While you do that, remember to remove the shoelaces.
  • Air dry your sneakers for the best results. Keep the shoes at room temperature and away from sunlight.

How to clean Nike Air VaporMax laces?

  • While the laces are already out, you can begin cleaning the front and back of it easily.
  • Prior to deep cleaning the laces, use a soft brush to remove all the excess dirt.
  • Use a pillowcase or a lingerie bag to place your laces in it.
  • Take a not so gigantic bucket and fill it with warm water. Add some laundry detergent to make a cleaning solution. In the case of white laces, you can add some bleach to the solution.
  • Put the bag in the solution with the detergent in it. Ensure the bag is completely submerged in the water. You can use an object to make sure it is completely submerged.
  • Post 15 – 20 minutes, remove the bag from the solution.
  • Use a soft brush to gently brush it while it is completely wet.
  • Drain the bucket completely and refill it with only water.
  • Rinse off the laces. In case any dirt is lingering on it, you will notice it coming off.
  • Hang the shoelaces on a drying rack and allow them to dry up completely. This will also make sure they don’t get tangled.

How to clean Nike Air VaporMax insoles?

  • Cleaning the insoles separately is as important as cleaning the uppers and laces.
  • Before you begin cleaning them, please remove them and let them air out for some time.
  • Use a soft brush to remove the excess mud and dirt.
  • Take a bucket and fill it with lukewarm water.
  • Add some shoe cleaning serum to it.
  • Grab a soft bristle brush and dip it in the prepared solution.
  • Scrub the insoles gently. Stress more on the stained area like – toes and heel section. The patch will be harsher than the usual.
  • If it still looks stained, wet the brush and repeat the process.
  • Remember not to soak the insoles.
  • Use a microfiber cloth to dry out the soap residue.

What are the cleaning DONTs?

  • Always make sure the water is lukewarm and never hot. The glue used in the shoe is vulnerable and can damage the shoes. Similarly, keep away hot air.
  • Don’t ever put your sneakers in the washing machine.
  • Never dry your sneakers in direct sunlight. It will discolour them.
  • Don’t ever use harsh chemicals. In the case of bleach, don’t use more than one tablespoon.

Sneaker Prevention Tips

  • Clean your sneakers as soon as you find them a little shabby.
  • Use a soft brush or a toothbrush. Do not indulge in a hard brush.
  • Deep clean your sneakers once every 15 – 20 days.
  • Follow up with stain repellent every time you clean.

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Nike Air VaporMax of All Times

Nike Air VaporMax

1. Nike Air VaporMax Off-White: An instant demand, an instant sell-out. These runners have left the sneakerholics drooling over them. Featuring a black Flyknit upper with an oversized white Swoosh, the terrific looking trainers can give anyone a run for their money. The sneaks are accentuated with orange hues and a full-length blacked outsole. You will also be embraced with a retro-style tongue and a quotation mark patch on the side panels.

Best Feature: Stellar looking

Nike Air VaporMax

2. Nike Air VaporMax Run Utility Chinese New Year (2019): Inspired by a large footwear collection commemorating the year of the pig. An all-red craft with accents of gold doing the branding looks super spectacular. The tonal theme continues until the translucent platform with the sockliner embellished with a traditional Chinese patchwork.

Best Feature: Sprightly

Nike Air VaporMax

3. Nike Air VaporMax 2019 Cactus Plant Flea Market (W): These runners are the result of the stunning collaboration of Nike and the talented designer Cynthia Lu. Released in 2019, the stunning sneakers flaunt a deconstructed design with an exposed seam mesh upper, highlighted by an unconventional smiley at the heel and a cord Swoosh on the side panel. The bold ‘Just Do It’ Nike trademark on the walls is as fierce as it could get. Finally, a multi-colour finish completes the sneaker look.

Best Feature: Great grip

Nike Air VaporMax

Image Credit: v2mshop

4. Nike Air Vapormax Off-White 2018: In a world full of spunkiness, these runners stand tall with all their sophistication. These classic and sparkling sneakers flaunt some eccentric details on the forefront, like the translucent Swoosh, exposed foam tongue and off-white suede eyestay. The imprinted shoelaces, ‘AIR’ on the lateral sides and orange pop-ups steal the show, looking nothing less than a million bucks.

Best Feature: Versatile

Nike Air VaporMax

5. Nike Air VaporMax Moc 2 University Gold (W): We love how these women sneaks ditch the laces from the previous iteration to flaunt a moccasin-style sleek slip-on. You will find the upper featuring a full Flyknit construction which allows maximum breathability and makes the runners super light in weight. The outsole relaxes below a clear cushion unit, and the insole flaunts a checkerboard pattern.

Best Feature: Sturdy

Nike Air VaporMax of 2021-22

Nike Air VaporMax

1. Nike Air VaporMax 2021 FK Black DC9394-001: Dressed in a black, white and anthracite colour scheme, the runners compliment every outfit beautifully. The ‘oreo cookie’ resemblance, a traditional lacing system, insole print and a medium-sized Swoosh on the heel tab makes the trainers irresistible. Also, the comfy knitted uppers provide a super snug fit and hug the feet super cosily.

Best Feature: Snug fit

Resale value: £156.84

Nike Air VaporMax

Image Credit: thesneakerone.com

2. Nike Air Vapormax EVO First Use Black Orange DB0159-001: The colourway is striking, vibrant, and everything sassy! The classic silos feature black, white and red highlights painted along the suede mudguard with a synthetic base and fully tinted Vapormax bubbles. The lace unit’s gold-gilded accessory makes the runners even more eye-catching. The colourful hues add the perfect amount of contrast to the gorgeous black construction.

Best Feature: Fierce colour palette

Resale value: £148.43

Nike Air VaporMax

3. Nike Air VaporMax Flyknit 2021 Black DH4084-001: This all-black beauty features an incredible modernistic outlook with monochromatic makeup. A black midsole along with a black Swoosh logo sitting on the sides makes the wearer feel ecstatic. Also, the air cushioning technology infused in the midsole will keep your feet padded and cosy at all times. The runners also flaunt a facile resistance to withstand any fierce stride effortlessly.

Best Feature: Perfect cushion

Resale value: £156.84

Nike Air VaporMax

Image Credit: sneakerhouse

4. Nike Air VaporMax Flyknit 2021 Metallic Silver DH4084-100: The soft colourway is an ideal footgear for summers and winters. The white-grey upper knit is super soothing and compliments every outfit sensually. Find yourself synthetic overlays to give out a frost and pacifying vibes. A perfect black lining around the tongue ribbon, pull tab and inner lining sets off well in the iconic crisp construction. The laces and the Nike Swoosh are dressed in a vibrant white with a uniform black border.

Best Feature: Bouncy feels

Resale value: £151.13

Nike Air VaporMax

5. Nike Vapormax Flyknit 2021 Navy Volt DH4085-400: Buckle up to grab these jaw-dropping sneakers from the VaporMax silhouette. A navy colour palette with subtle hints of shades looks stellar. Painted navy throughout with a yellow Swoosh logo and a yellow inner lining can win the heart of any sneaker hogger. You will also find some blue accents around the eye stays and more places to look subtle yet imposing.

Best Feature: Speedy responsiveness

Resale value: £154.89

Celebrity Tales in Nike Air VaporMax

The unleash of Nike Air VaporMax created heaps of hype in the sneakerdom. Not just Nike fans but also the celebrities and athletes were eagerly waiting for the big release. The long due wait got the A-listers super curious about what’s cooking in the Air Max lore. Not just performance silos, but these dope sneakers are doing the rounds in the charismatic sphere as well. Let me walk you through the magnetism of these trainers.

Nike Air VaporMax

Image Credit: Shutterstock

And why not begin with glamour? The renowned socialite Kate Middleton is super known and needs no introduction. She’s definitely a big sneakerhead and often finds her way amongst the best ones. She wore her understated white trainers to her tennis game and paired them with a black jogger suit flaunting some white panels.

Nike Air VaporMax

 Image Credit: sneakerbardetroit.com

American rapper and entrepreneur Jay Z sported the same black and white look. He wore his spectacular black runners and matching black bottoms along with a hoodie showing spunks of white. A black and white theme from head to toe looked pretty mesmerizing.

Nike Air VaporMax

 Image Credit: sneakerbardetroit.com

Brazilian soccer player Neymar sported the same sneakers but with a different attire. He wore the Off White x Nike Air VaporMax with a denim jacket and jeans slashed around the knees. His black t-shirt matched his black runners swiftly. And it looks like these black beauties are everyone’s favourite.

Nike Air VaporMax

 Image Credit: sneakerbardetroit.com

Kendrick Lamar wore them with his fuelled leather pants and a black hoodie. He set the stage on fire with his performance and array.

Nike Air VaporMax

 Image Credit: sneakerbardetroit.com

DJ Khaled wore these amazeballs sporting an all-black attire and looking like a chiller. 23-year old Lan Connor, stylist, influencer and model, is also a huge sneaker connoisseur. He flaunted the same iteration looking glorious at an event.

Nike Air VaporMax

Image Credit: Splash, Getty, Raymond Hall 

Bella Hadid is much known for her gym looks. Being a Nike brand ambassador, she has been quite a loyalist. We spotted her in Nike from head to toe, running on the streets of New York. She wore her black mesh leggings with a black sports bra and his sparkling white leggings. The fashionista accessorised her sports attire with a black cap and a small messenger bag. Being a snappy dresser, her fashion game is always on point, and she loves her VaporMax sneakers. She wore a grey sports bra with parallel leggings and allowed her purple trainers to do the talking.

Nike Air VaporMax

Image Credit: sneakerbardetroit.com, pausemag.co.uk

Canadian rapper Aubrey “Drake” Graham, popularly known as just Drake, has been a trendsetter since the beginning. He stole the show with his swarthy attire. Drake boosted a casual and composed attire in his black VaporMax flyknit runners and Air Jordan jacket walking swiftly on the streets of NYC. We also saw him sporting a tech look wearing a quick-witted blue jersey t-shirt with a pair of white shorts and greyish VaporMax. Drake also sported a bizarre colour combination in his ‘Glacier Blue’ VaporMax sneakers with red joggers and a grey hoodie. Yes, he sure looked like he was living life king size! Rapper Denzel Curry sported an all-white look wearing a fitted t-shirt, baggy shorts, and VaporMax sneakers. He matched his pulled up black socks with a squashed mesh jacket. Asap Nast posed for a picture in his arresting black VaporMax trainers with tapered black joggers and bright yellow t-shirt. The runners are quite a hit amongst rappers!

Nike Air VaporMax

Image Credit: Backgrid

American actress Yara Shadidi is at heart with Nike sneakers, and Air VaporMAx is her comfort zone. She sports a relaxed look walking around on the streets wearing a loose grey t-shirt with black tapered sweats and matching them to her covetable trainers.

Nike Air VaporMax

Image Credit: iwmbuzz

American model Emily Ratajkowski flaunts a chic and sporty vibe at the same time. She takes her dog for a stroll on NYC streets wearing a yellow mini bodycon dress with her grey Air VaporMax sneakers. And that was an incredibly glamorous game.

Nike Air VaporMax

Image Credit: spotern.com

Meanwhile, we have also found these silos floating famously on the much-known platform – Instagram. American stand up comedian Kevin Hart created a storm on IG with a post flaunting his picturesque VaporMax kicks with black pants and a sweatshirt.

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Wrapping up

Time to wrap up the Nike Air VaporMax guide. Did I mention what the coolest thing about the runners is? Every sole is made in Nike’s treasure-like factory in Portland, Oregon. So, with Air VaporMax, there was a new beginning for numerous things. With a push in supremacy, the runners managed to grab the number 1 position in the Nike kingdom. Who would wanna miss them?

The lifestyle runners are a paradise for runners. Big flex, cloud-like cushioning, and a spring-like bounce; these trainers are everything that you ever dreamt of. These silhouettes have an exceptional demand, with people drooling over them at the first look. They hardly remain on the shelves. So, I see no reasons for you to hold yourself back.

What details are you looking for? Here’s everything on a platter for you. A comprehensive style guide, sizing information, best trending silhouettes, the detailed journey and celebrity tales. We ensured to feature it all. You are certain to be content with all the information you are looking for. The arrival of VaporMax has created quite a stir in the AirMax family.

Ever heard of the phrase ‘the bigger the better’? Oh boy, it’s true!

With Fast Sole by your side, you don’t have to look anywhere else. Stay in the loop to know what’s cooking in the sneaker industry. And there’s nothing that can stop you.

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