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Nike Air VaporMax Plus: A Complete Guide

29 April 2022


Liam Perry

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Nike Air Vapormax Plus Complete Guide

In case you are considering the Air VaporMax Plus to be a replica of the Air VaporMax, you are moderately mistaken. Sure, the Nike Air VaporMax has returned but with a tinge of modifications and twists. It’s almost like the massive success of the predecessor led to the release of the other but with some advanced developments.

Famously the Nike Air Max Plus debuted in 1998 and did not leave the shelves for at least twenty years. The initial journey of the runners was not so merry, but once it made its place in the hearts of sneakerjagers, it was here to stay for long. The Nike Sportswear designer – Dylan Raasch made quite a few trials to establish the Air VaporMax in 2017 with the right design, technicalities and aesthetics. Once it clicked, the label inculcated standalone fame. And then came the Air VaporMax Plus just a year after that.

The iconic trainers were significantly innovative, showcasing intricate detailing and completely out of the box features. The label also managed to bring forward some bold artistry which was like dyed in the wool in the Nike realm. Let’s get to the revolutionary runner story.

The Story of Nike Air VaporMax Plus

Nike Air VaporMax Plus

Sean McDowell with his Air Max Plus.  Image Credit: Champ Sports

There’s a reason why there’s a mention of the Nike Air Max Plus and Air VaporMax above. Well, both have a strong influence on the Air VaporMax Plus.

Released in 2018, the Nike Air VaporMax Plus origin story goes back in the days. Back in 1998, we saw the emergence of the performing running shoe in the air max line. Sean McDowell designed the Nike Air Max Plus with a lot of intricacies and comprehension. The designer was inspired by palm trees, sunsets and Florida beaches. The runners had superbly bold aesthetics compared to their predecessors in the Air Max sphere. You could swiftly spot some fearless features like a brightly coloured spray-faded upper surrounded with spray faded upper and encased with an external TPU skeleton. The classic hexagonal ‘Tn’ branding, along with a flat tube lacing, plastic toe cap and wedged-shaped edges, uplifted the iconic trainers tremendously.

Nike Air VaporMax Plus

Sean Mcdowell’s  Original Air Max Plus Sketch. Image Credi: news.nike.com

And the Air Max Plus exterior was enticing, captivating, and everything nice! With these runners debuting the tuned air technology in the sole and the pods ‘tuned’ for high impact protection desired and wanted by runners always. That’s also one of the reasons how the shoe gained the name ‘Nike Air Max TN‘. The runners came in hundreds of colourways, giving out all the spunkiness every sneakerholic was looking for. Needless to say, the runners were an instant hit and an acoustic phenomenon. They were not just crafted for running but had a massive influence on the fashion game. We already mentioned how the trainers were wavering around the sneaker shelves for almost twenty years.

To memorialize Air Max Plus’s 20th anniversary, Nike unleashed the revolutionary Nike Air VaporMax Plus in 2018. The runners were a classic combination of the Max Plus and its predecessor Air VaporMax.

Nike had already introduced the air max cushioning with the TN but continued to reinvent it in numerous ways. In 2017 when the VaporMax hit the market, there was a complete revision of the air cushioning. After a seven-year struggle, the runners established their sneakerdom and mocked running on air esthetics. The futuristic design finally impressed the sneaker jaggers with a full length cushioning and modernised sole giving out cultural and sports vibes.

But hey, the same was not the case with the Air VaporMax Plus. They did support the originals but also caught everyone’s attention expeditiously. A lot of it was with the revamped modification and coherent making. Well, we would come to that a little later.

Thanks to the massive growth, we saw the runners’ range expand by leaps and bounds. In fact, the trainers released the archival Air Max favourites like the ‘Be True’, ‘Neon’, ‘Undftd’ and more. Instantly, the trainers were loved by fashion elites and fans from hip to nostalgia. The evolved technology and visual appeal made the runners grab a gigantic place in plentiful sneaker stores worldwide. And it’s been a few years, but even now, the VaporMax Plus remains in rotation at many stores. Rather I would say we see no signs of slowing down. Countless colourways and refurbished features give the runners an incredible staying power.

The Making & Variants Nike Air VaporMax Plus

Let me brief you on the distinct making and famous Nike Air VaporMax Plus variants.

The Making of Nike Air VaporMax Plus

Nike Air VaporMax Plus

The runners are definitely not a replica of the Air VaporMax. They are an advanced stance and more legendary than the OG. The distinctive-looking sneakers are a classic combination of the two most iconic Nike silhouettes. And that’s what makes the making even more revolutionary.

One of the most notable features is the glossy TPU cage positioned on the upper, giving the wearer enhanced support. The running-inspired low top sneaker also showcases the horizontal strips of reflective 3M running from the tip to the centre of the sneaker. Well, you would find them going all the way to the neoprene tongue. The original palm tree styling is seen as bolder and more fearless.

The designer has recuperated the sole making it much lighter and giving the feeling of walking on the clouds. The perforated material is incorporated to allow maxim airflow and encourage intensified breathability. The VaporMax Plus is ideally a visual treat aided by the glaring look of the vapour bubbles.

The famous ‘TN’ branding was replaced by ‘Vm Air’, which is one of the biggest distinction points from the predecessors. Ensuring fans have no confusion!

The Variants of Nike Air VaporMax Plus

All of the versions are low-top, but some of the variants have made it to the sneaker saga.

Nike Air VaporMax Plus

Image Credit: Kicksonfire.com

  • The Nike Air VaporMax Plus Triple Black is one of the most famed colourways and is highly recognizable. The spectacular combination of VaporMax outsole with the Air Max Plus comes dressed in a crisp monochromatic black colour. Expect a lockdown and complacent fit, all thanks to the neoprene upper. The TPU overlays are embraced for added support. Also, the Vm branding in yellow/white is absolutely immisable.

Nike Air VaporMax Plus

  • The Nike Air VaporMax Plus Triple White is a refashioned all-white sneaker flaunting a clean looking facade. The versatile and street-ready silhouettes have absolutely everything in sizzling white, from the neoprene upper to the heel tab to the laces to TPU overlays and, of course, the sole unit.

Nike Air VaporMax Plus

  • The Nike Air VaporMax Plus Midnight Navy Metallic Gold was the first to release in 2019 available for men. The runners played a bit with the colour scheme going all out rather than going very safe. The street style sneakers have a neoprene upper giving a snug fit to the wearer. Dressed in premium deep blue hues with matching tonal TPU quarter panel reinforcements. The miniature Swoosh below the midsole and collar flaunts metallic gold accents making the trainers looking super dazzling. What’s even more impressive? The University Red VaporMax sole completes the look graciously.

Nike Air VaporMax Plus

Image credit : ibzstore.com

  • The Nike Air VaporMax Plus Aluminium can steal your heart at first glance. The solid-looking sneaker showcases an ombre like light grey to blue gradient neoprene upper with black TPU overlays, heel pull tab, laces and tongue branding, completing the look. The royal looking steel blue to black meets the tutorial colour Swoosh at the underfoot and ankle.

Nike Air VaporMax Plus

Image credit : ibzstore.com

  • The Nike Air VaporMax Plus Grape gained massive popularity for several reasons. Firstly, the colour scheme was completely unique. Secondly, the support and stability of the sneakers were unmatched. And lastly, the aesthetics flaunting a clean and tonal look was a clear winner.

Nike Air VaporMax Plus

  • The Nike Air VaporMax Plus Rainbow was like a big tickle in the VaporMax line. The runners set aside from the overpowering theme of monochromatic and minimalistic; it did a great job in being brightly-hued and multi-coloured. The eye-catchy pair helps you completely summer-ready with a fully blown rainbow theme. Hints of teal, blue, yellow, habanero red contrast rightly with a clean white midsole.

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Why should you buy the Nike Air VaporMax Plus?

Nike Air VaporMax Plus

Image Credit: twitter.com/hibbettsports

The Nike Air VaporMax Plus gained a cult-like following in no time. It is one of the rare designs you could love at first sight or hate instantly. But guess what? You are only going to fall in love with them.

  • It is one of the most comfortable kicks you can own.
  • The neoprene upper increases breathability and prevents sweat accumulation.
  • In the truest sense, they are performance runners.
  • It’s a stronger and more advanced version of the Air Vapormax.
  • Great at flexibility, making it desirable for athletes.
  • In most cases, it is always true to the size.
  • The foam midsoles made a comeback along with the airpods giving it a springy sensation.
  • The Air VaporMax has continuously reinvented itself in every possible theme.
  • A hybrid silhouette and a combination of two but not a replica of any.
  • They have some groundbreaking cushioning. The individual pods give you the cushioning only where you need it.
  • It is not just a running shoe but also an all-around workout sneaker.
  • The design of the VM Plus is beyond beautiful.

Real vs Fake Nike Air VaporMax Plus: How to spot the difference?

Nike Air VaporMax Plus

Do you need to stress about the fact that counterfeits and bootleggers have attacked the sneaker market? Not at all! Fast Sole is here at your rescue to help you identify the difference between real vs fake, so you don’t get trapped under the rubble of mockups.

Sneaker size tag

Nike Air VaporMax Plus

Let’s begin with looking at the sneaker size tag. Each Air VaporMax comes with a sneaker size tag that mentions various deets about the trainer. Find the sneaker style code with a number placed in the middle. The fake runners will have the numbers imprinted thinner than usual. Shift a little on the right and find the date of manufacturing. The counterfeit will have the date exceptionally thin and not so visible. Text like ‘MADE IN CHINA’ and ‘FABRIQUE AU CHINA’ will have inconsistent text. The fake runners’ size tag will always have the font looking too thick or thin. It could be either of them.

Sneaker soles

Nike Air VaporMax Plus

Inspect the sneaker sole by flipping the sneaker upside down. Closely, look at the heel patches. The legit sneaker soles must have two inscriptions on the section around the heel area. You will find a mini Nike Swoosh logo in the authentic runners doing some substantial branding. On the contrary, the fake runners will have no inscriptions at all.

Sneaker insole printing

Nike Air VaporMax Plus

In the real vs fake tug of war, don’t skip the insoles. When it comes to branding, the runners have not been very bold about it but yet done it in a very subtle way. Find the Vm Air along with a mini Swoosh printed on the insoles. Here’s where the counterfeit goof up big time. They forget to emphasise the insole branding and miss one or both marks.

Sneaker midsole

Nike Air VaporMax Plus

Most people don’t generally get here. The difference in the detail is slightly intricate, but if you look closely, you will notice how genuine sneakers with black midsoles allow light to pass through and are more opaque, but the same is not the case with fake runners.

Sneaker rear side

Nike Air VaporMax Plus

It’s time to get to the text on the backside of the sneakers. You will spot the Vm text on the backside of the pull tab with a tiny Swoosh completing the branding. The replicated runners will have the text looking too thick and badly font weighted. But in the case of authentic trainers, the text will be consistent and thin.

Sneaker toe box

Nike Air VaporMax Plus

The sneaker toe box also has a lot of tales to tell. In the process of making the toe box slightly curvy, the counterfeits have overdone it. You will find the front tip being too away from the ground and looking too high. But in the case of authentic sneakers, the toe box will be only slightly curvy and closer to the ground.

Sneaker box

Nike Air VaporMax Plus

All genuine Nike sneakers come packed in a box with proper labels and tags. The colour of the box will differ depending on the sneaker style. However, most commonly, Nike makes use of colours like red, brown or burnt orange. You should find all the details on the sneaker box like size, style, stock keeping unit number and barcode. Counterfeits try to imitate the genuine ones. But they always goof up with any one or more details. Therefore, you must cross-check with the Nike website and see if all the details match. This one’s easy to match.

Sneaker tongueNike Air VaporMax Plus

The sneaker tongue has the brand labelling done just right. Classy, bold and clear. The sneaker tongue will spell out Air Vapormax Plus and a Swoosh logo towards the edge, almost reaching the shoelaces. Get one thing straight. You will find the same details even on the fake trainers. They are clever about this and don’t miss any of the details. But hey, they screw up with the Swoosh placement big time. Not realising where to place it, the counterfeits position it wrongly. Also, the Air VaporMax Plus is never printed in consistent text.

And, of course, material matters! We have already given a brief up on the whole fabrication of the shoe. Be very sure of the material.

And that’s a wrap to real vs fake Nike Air VaporMax Plus Guide.

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Is Nike Air VaporMax Plus True to Size?

Nike Air VaporMax Plus

Just like most Nike sneakers, the Air VaporMax Plus is a bang on with size.

The VaporMax Plus may feel bulky because of the chunky aesthetics, but that’s not the case. The midfoot cafe and voluminous heel make no difference to the size. Rather, the VaporMax Plus can feel a bit narrow around your toes. So, you could always go half a size bigger if you have remarkably broad feet. If your feet are narrow, stick to your size. The mesh and neoprene upper will flex and fit you just right.

Is the Nike Air VaporMax Plus durable?

Nike Air VaporMax Plus

The layered and thick upper is not going to tear in a hurry. The outsole and midsole are made in such a way it can deal with any activity the wearer is indulging in. Nike’s traditional rubber compounds are engulfed and can reckon enhanced protection along with maximum durability. This kind of contributes to the amazing traction you can experience.

How to style the Nike Air VaporMax Plus?

The Nike Air VaporMax Plus can remodel your shoedrobe, and how! You don’t need the best of the outfits in your wardrobe to look like a trendsetter. Play along with colours and styles as much as you want, and that’s the best part about these trainers. They can make a statement independently without you doing much. But hey, who doesn’t wanna look voguish? Grab these tips from our team of stylists!

Styling tips for women

Nike Air VaporMax Plus

Image credit: ibzstore.com

Like I said, wear what you want, even if it is completely out of the box. A pencil fit skirt with a body hug fit t-shirt tagged along with a long-sleeved blazer. Ever thought of this combination? Yes, this could be your winter staple or even a party quintessential look. And guess what? It will look nothing less than magnificent. If you are crazy in the head, go ahead and accessorise it with whatever you like. A mismatched oversized bag will beautifully complement your powerful kicks.

If you love being ‘folksy’, we are not stopping you. Your cool and refreshing attire will look super stellar. A slim-cut jeans with a colossal hoodie, and let’s not forget your chunky runners leading the entire look. Make this your perfect summer wear by accessorising it with a quirky scarf and large-sized sunglasses. Keep your bottoms as basic as you can. Keep away the prints and let your sneakers run the show.

Styling tips for men

Nike Air VaporMax Plus

Image credit: ibzstore.com

Boys will always be boys! Well, yes, they love being as basic, and that’s why these sneaks are perfect. Do nothing and still look like a rockstar. Grab on to your favourite pair of shorts and slip on your logo t-shirt. Do nothing more and look spectacular. Less is more! An offbeat printed socks can let you paint the town red.

Well, if you are looking to be fun at work, sure, go ahead. Bring out your black blazer and pants. These dope like sneakers will look breathtaking with this fusion wear. The premium washed VM Plus can skip a heartbeat with an all-black attire. Get all the heads turning at you!

Looking to keep it casual and cosy? Slip on narrow, rolled up joggers and an absolutely plain t-shirt. If you are a sucker for basics, this is your look! Your footwear will make more news than you ever imagined them to.

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How to clean the Nike Air VaporMax Plus?

Nike Air VaporMax Plus

The key to your runners lasting long is to clean them regularly. Did you imagine your runners flashing and sparking even after years of use? Yes, all you need to do is invest a bit of time. They are not just performance-oriented but also a cultural phenomenon. So, allow me to get them all snazzy and look a million dollar bucks on your feet.

What are the tools required to clean the Nike Air VaporMax Plus?

Before you begin cleaning, grab yourself these essentials. A microfiber towel, warm water, alcohol-free detergent, dye-free cleaner, soft and hard bristle brush.

10 easy steps to clean the Nike Air VaporMax Plus:

  1. I know you are super curious to get to the cleaning procedure, but hang on. Remove your shoelaces first. Remember that you cannot clean any shoe without removing the laces. Also, the laces need separate attention. So, out and about. Take off the laces before doing anything.
  2. Now let’s get on to preparing the cleaning solution. First, you need some basic water but make sure it’s not hot. Take some warm water and mix with a mild laundry detergent free from alcohol. You could also make use of the all-natural and dye-free cleaner. Stir the solution for about a few minutes and let everything set in.
  3. How about cleaning the shoelaces first? Dip them in the soapy water and rinse them thoroughly. Repeat the process until it gets completely clean. Do not soak or submerge the laces for a long time. Also, remember not to immerse the lace end for a very long time. Once the laces are completely clean, dry them with a microfiber towel and then leave them aside to dry out naturally.
  4. Get to the sneaker midsole and outsole. Grab on to the soft bristle brush and begin cleaning the soles. Repeat the procedure until it is thoroughly clean. It will take a couple of minutes, though.
  5. Be mindful of the sneaker material and then get hold of the brush. I recommend grabbing onto a soft bristle brush to clean the sneaker upper. Ensure the brush is clean and gently scrub the area to loosen the dirt after immersing it in the cleaning solution. Then get hold of a microfiber cloth and bolt it dry instantly after scrubbing each section. Smartly press down and lift up to lift the dirt directly off. Do not scrub to dry the damp areas that will cause the dirt to get deeper into the sneaker rather than remove it. Repeat the procedure depending upon how sooner it is getting clean.
  6. Most probably, you have already kicked out all the stubborn stains. But if there’s still any leftover on the surface, do not get worked up. Grab the microfiber towel, dip it in the solution and swab the stain parts.
  7. Now that the entire shoe cleaning is done keep your runners at room temperature and away from the sunlight. Allow them to dry out naturally. Well, if you are in a rush to slip them on, I have a cool trick for you. Bring out your old newspapers and crumple them. Stuff your shoes inside. Repeat this process with a fresh newsprint every hour. However, do not try this gimmick for white sneakers.

What are the sneaker cleaning DONTs?

Do you know what’s worse than dirty sneakers? Damaged sneakers! Hell, yeah! And that’s why here’s a checklist of sneaker cleaning DONTs.

  • Keep your sneakers away from hot air and hot water. The glue is very sensitive to heat. It can harm the shoe and make it irreparable.
  • As much as you may have across shoe cleaning washing machine tips, I would recommend not to put them in. It can warp your sneaker and make it impossible to repair.
  • Never ever dry your sneakers in direct sunlight, no matter how much rush you are in. It can discolour your sneakers and make your sparkling white shoes look yellow.
  • Of course, you will come across many shoe cleaners making tall promises and giving you spectacular results. Be sure to use only mild cleaners. Also, stay away from bleach.

Here’s a checklist for sneaker prevention tips:

  • Prevention is better than cure. We all know that, but how much of it do we actually follow? Clean your shoes as soon as you find them a little shabby. Fresh scuffs are easy to remove. Do not keep them lingering around for very long.
  • A toothbrush can certainly replace a soft bristle brush. Sure, it will take longer to get the cleaning done, but you can also get some spectacularly detailed cleaning done.
  • Make a cleaning ritual once every fifteen days. Well, that will help your kicks look fresh always.
  • Using a stain repellent after the cleaning procedure is a great idea.

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Nike Air VaporMax Plus of all Times

1. Nike Air VaporMax Plus University Red Black:

Nike Air VaporMax Plus

The vibrant and revolutionary looking runner is draped in a neoprene upper with university red colourway while contrasting with black via the heel tab, mudguard, laces, liners, shoe cage and a full-length VaporMax sole unit. The toe, ankle and tongue are seen flaunting mini Swooshes with pride, along with some back detailing showcasing the ‘Vm Air’ logo.

Best Feature: Genius looking

Resale Value: £69.99

2. Nike Air VaporMax Plus Grape:

Nike Air VaporMax Plus

The white and fierce purple trainer showcases Air Max Plus’ signature synthetic overlays with a stunning purple to green gradient along with a matching midfoot shank plate. Find the tuned air logos at the heel and insole, giving the nod to the OG Air Max Plus sneakers. The outsole is completely groundbreaking and lightweight, giving the wearer all the confidence. And the tropical colour palette sets you in the right mood for a summer afternoon.

Best Feature: Enhanced protection

Resale Value: £60.00

3. Nike Air VaporMax Plus Cool Grey:

Nike Air VaporMax Plus

The cool grey silhouette is one of the most soothing silhouettes in the VaporMax realm. The hybrid model is dressed in shades of silver, flaunting the cool grey, metallic silver and dark grey. The runner has taken cues of upper from the Air Max plus and full-length sole unit from the VaporMax. It’s a masterpiece you can flaunt with any outfit of your choice.

Best Feature: Versatile

Resale Value: £65.00

4. Nike Air VaporMax Plus Betrue (2018):

Nike Air VaporMax Plus

Funky and spunky, these runners are sure to make you feel like a trendsetter. They are made to honour the LGBTQ community; you will see a gust of colourway featuring a purple pulse, black and pink colourway. The stunner is dressed in a multi-coloured upper with black accents looking nothing less than spectacular. Find the ‘BETRUE’ branding on the heel pull tab along with a groovy rainbow coloured cushioned sole.

Best Feature: Versatile

Resale Value: £92.31

5. Nike Air VaporMax Plus Geometric Black White:

Nike Air VaporMax Plus

Get yourself a makeover with the geometric gradient black and white trainer. The geometric wave pattern is a distinct one of a kind featuring a solid ultra-lightweight cushioning. The design is totally amazeballs showcasing a floating cage and bringing back the OG 1998 vibe. Also, the air technology shoe is very impressive with its durability.

Best Feature: Durable and high end cushioning

Resale Value: £60.00

Celebrity Tales in Nike Air VaporMax Plus

Months of hype and elation already created quite a stir about the Nike Air VaporMax trainers. Being a part of Swoosh, half of the fame was already acquired. But then the modern aesthetic appeal added tremendously to the sneakerdom. The performance-oriented lifestyle sneakers are impressive at first sight with all the notable features and iconic colourways. The unleashing of the trainers were as dramatic as the response from every sneakerhead. Let’s get to the beautiful journey of the runners with the big daddies in the biz.

Nike Air VaporMax Plus

Image credit: spotern.com

Neymar da Silva Santos Junior, popularly known as Neymar, is incredible with his football and fashion game. Being dressed head to toe in his animal print attire, he stood out with his ‘Triple Black’ VaporMax Plus sneakers.

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Wrapping Up

The revolutionary runners have done their job of drooling all the sneakerheads. Not just lifestyle but also performance-oriented. Pick a sport of your choice and feel like a winner already. Yes, that’s the magic of the Nike Air VaporMax Plus. Step in comfort, supportive upper fit, plenty of reflectivities, cushioned ride, unexpectedly lightweight and super outsole grip. Could you ever dream of having it from any lifestyle sneakers? Exactly why the demand for these iconic silhouettes is only surging.

We promised to get you everything on a platter. Sizing info, styling tips, material clues and the who’s who! What else are you looking for?

Well, ‘The bigger the better’ just got more believable with these sneakers. We are completely in awe of them. And the best part is they are not gender or age-restricted. Leave your idioms behind, and just go with the flow. It’s about time you grab your favourite pair.

Fast Sole is amongst the first to bring you all the information your mind is curious about. Stay in the loop to know what’s cooking in the sneaker industry.

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