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Nike Blazer: A Complete Guide

26 January 2022


Liam Perry

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Nike Blazer Complete Guide

Recognized as Nike’s first basketball sneakers, Nike Blazer takes pride in taking the brand legacy very high. There are no Nike trainers that have not created a storm in the sneakerdom, but this one has been distinct in every angle.

Primitively constructed as basketball sneakers, the runners eventually stepped into multiple sneaker segments, including skateboarding and luxury zones. Today, special editions like Virgil Abhol’s off-white imprint, Supreme, Comme des Garcons, have taken the brand to new heights and flourished exceedingly in the last few years.

In the history of Nike sneakers, Nike Blazers stand tall and are fathomed as one of the most iconic silhouettes. The runners were also the first to be made by the Swoosh brand. When Nike created them, the brand was only 9 years old yet did an incredible job. Formerly known as Blue Ribbon Sports, the company was founded by Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman, who had earlier created various running-focused sneakers. Beautifully, they invented these basketball sneakers and created history with many details.

Nike adopted the Swoosh brand in 1971 and fashioned the Blazer runners in 1973. And what happened next? Let’s find out!

How did Nike Blazer become a legendary brand?

Here’s to one of the Nike brands that’s more iconic and less controversial, more celebrated and less criticized. Doesn’t that already sound like a legendary brand?

basketball and nike blazer

Image Credit: footwearnews.com

These foot gears are one of the oldest in Nike history. Sure, they originated as basketball sneakers, but eventually, they were embraced as lifestyle sneakers and shoes for skateboarding. Nike Blazers were the first-ever made by the Swoosh brand in 1973 by the co-founders who only had experience in the running sneaker segment. This was the only time they tried their hands on basketball shoes. But hey, the result is right in front of us. Lots of planning, hard work, and brainpower catalyzed Nike Blazers in low-top and mid-top variants.

These Nike trainers were named after the local basketball team – Portland TrailBlazer. But the journey began when the sneakers were worn by the NBA star George ‘The Iceman’ Gervin, who convincingly exposed the NBA fans to Nike for the first time. In the earlier days, the athlete was an adidas loyalist. On being approached by the Nike team (who offered more money), Gervin was convinced about Nike Blazer trainers being of better quality. He went ahead with the offer, and this smart move by Nike was its first step towards branding. At this point in time, Nike had some serious competition from basketball stars like Julius Erving with Converse and Walt Frazier with Puma, but with the right technology and unerring marketing strategies, the brand came out with flying colours.

The logo dominated sneakers were noticed by people every time Gervin was caught on camera. With each glimpse, the large Nike swooshes were captured by onlookers. It wouldn’t be wrong to say every picture became an advertisement. The young company was one of the most technologically advanced sneakers at that time. And that’s one of the reasons why Nike Blazers, which were originally created for basketball, became a part of the skateboarding community.

Grant Taylor GT blazer

The Nike Blazer Sole was thoughtfully designed for traction on the court. Skateboarders promptly recognized this, and they were convinced about having this amazing traction on the grip tape in a gist. The suede uppers and heavy leathers significantly stood up well against the beatings tiled against them. However, the mesh tongue was a bit of a problem. Skaters definitely needed more cushioning and therefore took ownership of the runners to give the Nike Blazers a second life.

In 2005, the pro skateboarder Lance Mountain remodelled the sneakers by adding the required padding to the tongue and brought the concept of Nike Air into the sneakerdom for the first-ever time. Within a year, these remade silhouettes made a significant place in the street and high-end styling with their commendable stature. Hold on, did I mention that before this, Nike also released 1000 pairs of a limited-edition capsule collection that are thin on the ground even today. In 2006, the Blazer celebrated its 33rd birthday and marked a sense of solidification. Going back to the skateboard collaboration, Nike became one of the most sought after sneakers in the world. Nike Blazers then was considered as the low-tech ones.

Grant Taylor and GT blazer Low

Let’s fast forward to 2014; Nike SB announced the release of a collaboration with Grant Taylor, which was recognized as the ‘Skater of the Year’. The mastermind designed the skate-specific sneakers with boundless energy and advanced technology like a pre-built zoom air unit, suede, and other skateboarding profiles. 2020 welcomed another pro skating addition, contributing to Blazer’s long-life legacy.

Needless to say, the futuristic classic runners swiftly shaped society and sporting culture.

The Making & Variants of Nike Blazer

And why do you think the Nike Blazer has received such an overwhelming response? The runner’s making has massively contributed to the whole stardom. Let me take you into the nitty-gritty of it. Originally, the runners were made of three major components – leather upper, nylon tongue and rubber sole. Let me brief you on each of the variants independently.

Nike Blazer low

Nike Blazer Low

Today, the Nike Blazer lows are regarded as one of the most basic silhouettes, but it was a big deal back then. The low-top variants feature an amazing amalgamation of leftover scraps and old-school cools. The runners have incorporated 20% recycled materials from its felt Swooshes to the blotched Nike grind sole. The lace-up sneakers clinch an autoclave construction with Avant-grade layers to deliver a streamlined look. You can also expect to have party vibes with the whole fabrication of synthetic, suede and premium leather. The recycled rubber sole smartly provides sturdy support and traction.

Nike Blazer Mid

Nike Blazer Mid

The Nike Blazers were deconstructed and retained the DNA to create the magical mid-top version. The Blazer Swoosh in the mid variants is extraordinary due to its fashioning, which is uniquely longer. The dissected appeal gives a flipped look. Furthermore, the runners are rendered with a semi-translucent mesh-like material and accompanied by suede and leather delineation on the upper. Also, the mesh material tongue exposes the foam padding. Get ready to discover the trademark rubber toe cap in the toe box. But what steals the charm is the oversized swoosh which looks displaced and wraps the midfoot on both sides, gradually descending into the soles. Eventually, the track-ready midsole finishes the whole assembly.

Nike Blazer S.B.

Nike Blazer S.B.Here’s the silo that took the Nike Blazers to the next level. The skate shoes got the brand a new identity, and here’s why. Nike’s first thing was to incorporate the Zoom air cushioning technology to accommodate skaters. The label teamed up with Lance Mountain to create the first-ever S.B. model. The skate-specific sneakers contoured a transitioned tread pattern with a lighter upper and a thicker midsole than the formers. These were well suited for skaters along with abrasion-resistant materials. A heavily padded collar made its way into the Nike Blazers to give much solace to the wearers. Old school traditions were replaced by contemporary styles of leather sequel heel collars and herringbone sole to deliver street shredding roller skates.

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What’s so Spesh about the Nike Blazers?

Nike Blazers are never going out of style. The runners have grabbed a massive place in the sneaker hall of fame. We have already spoken about the intricate and incredible design, but besides that, there are a lot of factors that contributed to making the trainers so special.

From Basketball to Skating journey

From Basketball to Skating journey

From basketball sneakers to skateboarders, these runners have transformed splendidly. Nike had surely adopted an advanced technology to reinvent walking footwear. The Nike trademark of ‘Air’ sole was incorporated by Marion Frank Rudy, a NASA engineer. He succeeded in trapping dense gas inside a rubber or polyurethane plastic and creating the iconic Nike air unit. This mechanism sure did a splendid job in accelerating speed for wearers. Skaters were wooed with a densified rubber sole and premium leather upper assembly. 2015 saw skating-focused shoes featuring an air sole and padded tongue. And that was a transition from Nike Blazer basketball sneakers to Nike SB Blazer.

Nike Blazers set the basketball sneaker standards high

Nike Blazers were the most advanced sneaker

Look back at the Nike Blazer fabrication- heavy leather uppers, solid vulcanized Sole and a mesh tongue. If you compare these runners to the basketball sneakers of today’s standards, you will only be disappointed and find shortcomings in the making. But back then, Nike Blazers were the most advanced in the trending sneaker market. And that’s why the renowned George Gervin ended his adidas alliance to switch to the Blazers.

The first to adopt the Swoosh logo

adopt the Swoosh logo

Released in 1973, Nike Blazers were the first to obtain the Swoosh logo. Earlier known as Blue Ribbon Sports, the brand name changed to Nike and, therefore, felt like a new company. The company also adopted some vigorous marketing strategies. Nike Blazers were the label’s first exclusive basketball sneakers, but this created a lot of hype amongst the sneakerholics.

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Famous collaborations

Nike Blazer has been celebrated for various reasons, and one of them is its renowned collaborations. Nike collaborated with many famed brands to create magic in its colourways.

Nike Blazer x Off-White

Famous collaborations of nike blazer

American luxury fashion brand Off-White was established in 2012 and collaborated with Nike first in 2017. They created ‘The Ten’ Nike Blazer as a team, which featured a white upper and all-white midsole flaunting a bold black Nike Swoosh. Nike teamed up with the label again in 2018 and Tennis bigwig Serena Williams to construct the ‘Queen’. These runners have been pretty distinct with their colourways and still manage to stand out in the crowd. A wolf grey upper with a sparkling white tongue and heel, pink and purple midsole with a faded effect and a Black Swoosh. Popularly known as the ‘Grim Reapers’, the trainers consist of a black midsole and upper toe with some Orange accents to give it a distinctive look. As a matter of course, all of them have made a huge mark in the history of Nike Blazer.

Nike Blazer x Sacai

Nike Blazer x Sacai collaboration

Image Credit: sneakerfiles.com

The luxury Japanese brand Sacai was founded in 1999 and collaborated with Nike in 2019 to create gleaming colourways. May 2019 saw some sparkling results of the teamwork by creating a splendid chromism featuring a black upper and university blue eyes stay with a peekaboo Blue Swoosh hiding behind the White Swoosh. In addition to that, the same month saw the emergence of an enduring ‘Maize Navy’ colourway, which is remembered in the Sneaker Saga even today. The runners flaunted a yellow upper and a white toe with an eccentric varsity red swoosh and a navy blue swoosh hiding behind it.

In October 2019, the skilful teamwork released ‘White Grey’ and ‘Black Grey’ famous colourways. The former flaunted an all-white upper with the grey Swoosh sitting behind the white Swoosh. In comparison, the latter features an all-black leather upper with the grey swoosh sitting behind a patented black swoosh. These runners showcased a super interesting attire with white laces and midsole along with a grey toe. All of the mentioned runners left the sneakerheads drooling over them with their abstract look.

Nike Blazer x Stranger Things

Nike Blazer x Stranger Things collaboration

Remember the famous American Netflix web series Stranger Things buzzing on everyone’s big screen in 2016? Yes, that’s where this glorious collaboration came to light. Netflix collaborated with Nike in 2019 to design the ‘Hawkins High’ colourway for the Nike Blazer. The runners took major inspiration from the show’s storyline and featured a famous retro look. An all-white upper with the midsole and laces synchronized in white looks even more radiant when the green accents are seen touching the heel and tongue and a bright orange Swoosh sitting on the side.

In 2019, the stunning duo came together and released a power-packed three sneaker collection featuring the OG Nike Blazer. It has an eye-catchy design with royal blue suede upper and accents of white leather Swoosh complemented with white heel and midsole. In August, the same year, the talented team created a much-hyper ‘Upside Down’ Nike Blazer crafted with light tan mesh and Swoosh of the same material and colour. It could be hard to notice from the far, but it’s a paradise for soft lovers. The white laces and midsole do a bit of quirkiness.

Nike Blazer x Stussy

Nike Blazer x Stussy collaboration

The well known American clothing brand, founded in 1980, collaborated with Nike in 2002 to create outlandish runners to fit both aesthetics. At once, the team released two colourways – Navy blue runners with pink Nike swoosh and Wolf grey with an emerald green swoosh. The response from the sneaker hoggers was undoubtedly incredible. So, the two labels collaborated again in 2008 and released three more colourways.

Nike Blazer x Supreme

Nike Blazer x Supreme collaboration

Image Credit: goat.com

The American clothing and skateboard brand collaborated with Nike in 2006, just when the brand was flurrying in the skateboard culture. The alliance released vibrant colourways with all the elements satisfying the skaters. A varsity red with a red upper with a quilted stitch throughout provides an enhanced grip. The black swoosh with a snake-like design and laces complement each other sublimely. More colourways like the ‘Black’ and the ‘Sail’ are seen with similar modelling and colourways.

Are Nike Blazers True to size?

Nike Blazers Size Guide

Nike Blazers fit differently for each foot. Let the confines do the talking. If you have narrow feet, Nike Blazers are true to size. You may find the toe box area unyielding and cramped at first, but the runners stretch and fit just right after a little time. These silos take some time to break. The soft interiors and underfoot cushioning, along with leather upper, broadens up and give the feet just enough space as required.

In the case of wide feet, you must opt for a bigger size. Only half a size bigger should do the drill for you, and your toes would feel cheerful. To feel more at ease, especially with the mid version, you must go bigger. Without any second thoughts, you can wear thick socks as well.

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How to Spot the real Nike Blazer?

Are you tired of fakes? With the immense demand for Nike Blazer runners came the increasing counterfeits as well. The sneaker market today is brimming with counterfeits. If you find it intimidating to spot the difference between the real and fake, allow me to help you.

Sneaker medial text

Sneaker medial text

Here’s the Nike Blazer trademark, which you certainly cannot miss, and that’s the medial text on the side panels. The text on the fake runners will be completely deformed. At the same time, the authentic trainers will have the letters more defined. Also, the text will be placed slightly away from the suede. But the legit runners will have the text closely associated. Also, the font of every word will be mismatched.

Sneaker code stamp

Sneaker code stamp

The Swoosh runners have the code stamp right above the heels. When you look closely, you will find that the fake trainers will have the stamp positioned too low. But in the O.G. Blazers, this stamp will be high inside the leather area.

Swoosh Logo

Nike Blazer Swoosh Logo

Here comes the symbol of Swoosh. The fake runners will have the Swoosh of the same size, but they won’t be neatly crafted. You will find extra threads hanging around the logo. Also, the top side won’t be as curvy as it would be in the authentic trainer. The real Swoosh will not have any extra threads and will be immaculately stitched.

Sneaker NIKE text

Nike Blazer NIKE text

The rear side has more details than just the code stamp. You will find a NIKE embossed on both the fake and real runners. However, the counterfeits will have the text looking exceptionally wider than it should. Besides the dimensions, you will also find the fake runners fitting the text too deep into the sneaker skin. It’s almost like trying too hard. Once you look around the text, you will notice the sponge looking more like a textured fabric and less like a sponge. When all of these hold true, you know they are not bonafide Nike Blazers.

Sneaker stitch

Nike Blazers stitch

People don’t give enough importance to the sneaker stitch in most cases. But it’s an important aspect to factor in. The rear side stitch will also help extensively in spotting the difference. You will find the stitch looking deeper than normal in the fake runners. Also, I have one very easy and quick way to spot bogus trainers. The stitch will always be distorted.

Sneaker toe box

Nike Blazer toe box

When you look at the authentic Nike Blazers, you will find the toe box looking curvy. But the fake ones will have it looking flat. Also, the toe box will be lifted up, which should not be the case.

Sneaker size tag

Nike Blazers size tag

Moving inside, the sneaker size tag also has a lot of tales to tell. Sure, it sounds like a bit of an effort, but why not? If the ‘Q.B.’ text looks too thick and the ‘MADE IN CHINA’ text is exceptionally thin, you know it’s fake.

Sneaker box

Nike Blazer box

Last but not the least, don’t overlook the sneaker box. Nike always sells the sneakers in a well-crafted box with some intricate details. The box will always have a label and logo. Begin with the label; it will have all the important specifications like a barcode, style name and number, shoe colour and size. These details must coincide with the label inside the box. Rechecking on the official website is also a smart move. Secondly, counterfeits also goof up with the logo. It will be very short and boxy.

And that’s a wrap to the real vs fake Nike Blazer guide!

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How to style the Nike Blazers?

Do I even need to mention how iconic the Nike Blazers are? Blazers are taking the fashion influencers by a storm. A wide palette of colourways and a seeming style make the silhouettes a staple for a modern-day wardrobe. So, go ahead and take a look at my stylebook. Pointed to be noted – The looks have been tried & tested!

How to style the Nike Blazer Low?

Nike Blazer Low Style

You can surely make a fashion statement with these timeless low-top sneakers. Grab yourself a pair of baggy fit trousers for a laid back mood and pair them with a cropped snug fit graphic t-shirt. An over trendy puffy jacket can make you look so sassy and spectacular. You only need to pair them with a plain basic t-shirt and boyfriend jeans, and that’s enough to make an impact. Accessorizing with oversized golden hoops or a cap is going to give your outfit some tongue and cheek.

How to style the Nike Blazer Mid?

Nike Blazer Mid Style

Flaunt them if you own them! Baggy, oversized, boyfriend, roomy! These are a strict no for the Nike Blazer Mid. I am sure there are lots of all-black lovers around. Here’s your chance to nail your much-desired look. You have the liberty to mix as many textures as you like. Let your rebellious runners sit beautifully on your cargo slacks and team it with an overcoat or a hoodie. Go for a no socks show and allow your chunky sneakers to steal the show. You could beautifully complement your ensemble with oversized sunglasses.

Leather is the new denim! Yes, everyone’s drooling over them. And why not? It’s wintertime! A pair of narrow leg leather trousers is enough to make an iconic statement. Team them with your blazers to create a remarkably sophisticated look. It’s the perfect attire to transition your day look into nightwear. If you want to be a true rager, pop up with some gold accessories and create a never seen before aura.

How to clean the Nike Blazer?

Nike Blazers Cleaning Guide

The Nike Blazer involves multiple intricate materials, and that’s why cleaning it the right way is important. The street and sports style footwear requires detailed but careful cleaning. So, walk through my guide to keep your runners spik and span all the time.

How to clean the Nike Blazer uppers?

  • The first step is to prepare a mild solution. You only need soft detergent and warm water. Make sure the water temperature is not too much.
  • Take a dry soft bristle brush to remove all the excess dirt from the sneaker upper. You could use a toothbrush to do it as well.
  • Clean every material (leather, suede) separately. Please don’t mix it in a rush. Dip the brush in the solution and begin scrubbing.
  • Don’t scrub too hard to dry out the damp sections. That movement will only direct all the dirt deep into the shoe.
  • Use a microfiber cloth to dry the upper completely.
  • Follow the same process for the midsole and outsole.
  • It will be better to keep your shoelaces out in the process.
  • For best results, air dry your runners. Keep them away from the sunlight. Place them at room temperature.

How to clean Nike Blazer laces?

  • Clean your laces back and front.
  • You need to begin the same way again. Remove the excess dirt from the laces before you begin deep cleaning them.
  • Take a medium or small-sized laundry bag and place your laces in them.
  • You can grab a small-sized bucket or a bowl and fill it with warm water. Add one tablespoon of a mild detergent and prepare a cleaning solution. If your laces are white, you can add bleach to the solution. But remember only to add one tablespoon.
  • Put the laundry bag in this solution and let it remain complete.
  • Put the bag in the solution with the detergent in it. Ensure the bag is completely submerged in the water. You can use an object to make sure it is completely submerged.
  • Remove the bag from the solution post 15 – 20 minutes.
  • Please make use of a soft brush and ensure it’s damp.
  • Evacuate the bucket and refill it with clean water.
  • Rinse the laces and find the dirt coming off.
  • Dry up the shoelaces by hanging them on a rack.

How to clean Nike Blazer insoles?

  • Sneaker insoles are one part that doesn’t just get dirty but also stinky. So, there’s no escaping from them. It deserves dedicated cleaning.
  • Pluck out the insoles and let them air out. Let it be for 15 – 20 minutes, then begin cleaning.
  • Grab hold of a soft brush to eradicate the excess dirt and mud.
  • Take a medium-sized bucket and fill it with lukewarm water.
  • Add some shoe cleaning serum to it.
  • Dip a soft bristle brush to the solution.
  • Gently scrub the insoles. Scrub it throughout but strain more on stained areas like the heel and toes.
  • Most likely, you will have to repeat the process. But don’t keep the insoles soaked in the water.
  • Take a microfiber cloth and dry out all the soap residue.

What are the Nike Blazer cleaning DONTs?

  • The first and most important thing is to remember that the water is never hot. It has must be lukewarm only. If the water is very hot, it can damage the shoe and make that irreparable. Therefore, even hot water is a big NO.
  • Never put your sneakers in the washing machine.
  • Don’t dry your runners in direct sunlight. It will cause them to discolour.
  • Keep away harsh chemicals. In case you use bleach, do not put more than one tablespoon.

Some Sneaker Prevention Tips

  • Don’t keep your sneakers dirty for a long time. Clean them as soon you find them shabby.
  • Don’t use any hard brushes. Only a toothbrush or a soft brush.
  • You must deep clean your sneakers once in 15 days.
  • Follow the cleaning procedure with a stain repellent.

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Top 5 Nike Blazer of All Times

Nike Blazer Mid Off-White Grim Reaper

1. Nike Blazer Mid Off-White Grim Reaper: The ‘Grim Reaper’ runners are a perfect personification of a Halloween theme. Find the black and grey upper accentuating some contrasting orange stitches. Also, the sparkling white oversized Swoosh and off-white lettering on the quarter panel does a lot of speaking. The classic craft can make any sneaker hogger go bonkers.

Best Feature: Sturdy & Robust

Nike Blazer Mid Off-White Wolf Grey AA3832-002

2. Nike Blazer Mid Off-White Wolf Grey Serena “Queen”: These terrific-looking trainers were designed to embed greatness and celebrate Serena Williams (the impeccable tennis player) appearance at the 2018 U.S. Open. The lace-up sneakers flaunt a wolf grey upper with a classic combination of suede, leather and translucent textile. A beautiful black oversized Swoosh sits on the sides, looking stunning and grabbing all the attention. Also, the rubber midsole adorns gradient colouring transitioning from pink to purple to grey.

Best Feature: Chic looking

Nike Blazer Mid Off-White All Hallow's Eve

3. Nike Blazer Mid Off-White All Hallow’s Eve: Find a seasonally appropriate Orange Swoosh dressing up a Pale Vanilla base. Yellow, tan tinges are seen extending to the rubber midsole and exposed foam tongue with some contrasting pop up of colours. And, of course, you will find Virgil Abhol’s signature lines relaxing on the medial sides.

Best Feature: Snug fit

Nike Blazer Mid 77 Vintage Slam Jam White Black CD8233 100

4. Nike Blazer Mid 77 Vintage Slam Jam: Italian streetwear label collaborated with Nike in 2019 and created magic. The classic runners are seen featuring a white leather upper and suede patches. These silos also showcase a cheeky branding with words like ‘1977’ and ‘class’ sitting on the heel, and the upside-down tumbled leather Swoosh takes over the sides like a knockout.

Best Feature: Spunky

Nike Blazer Mid Rebel Off White Womens BQ4022-101Image Credits: sneakerdistrict.com

5. Nike Blazer Mid Rebel Off White (W): In the world of multiple colourways, these simple-looking runners made a huge impact with their lucidity. The upper leather is super breathable and makes the runner feel overly cosy. You can expect an incredible grip from the rubber midsole and outsole, giving you the luxury to run a marathon in them. Lastly, the contrasting black and white Swoosh adorning the lateral sides looks nothing less than an apple pie.

Best Feature: Versatile

Top 5 Nike Blazer of 2021

READYMADE Nike Blazer Mid Black Vast Grey CZ3589-001

1. READYMADE Nike Blazer Mid Black Vast Grey CZ3589-001: These runners have been hyping humongously in the sneaker ground with their modern aesthetics and premium vibes. The silos overlap with water-proof layers and a mixture of materials like velvety suede and fuzzy suede. What’s even more brilliant is the amalgamation of prints and colourways. Draped in dark grey and soft grey shades, these silos have beautiful bright orange and voltage green pop-ups.

Best Feature: Weather-proof

Resale value: £200.00

KAWS sacai Nike Blazer Low Blue Multi DM7901-400

2. KAWS sacai Nike Blazer Low Blue Multi DM7901-400: These eye-catchy Swoosh trainers can get you all the attention you have ever dreamt of. Co-designed by KAWS, Sacai and Nike, these eccentric trainers are as colourful as they can get. Find shades of yellow, peach, green, light blue overlaying the premium leather and suede. The runners feature double detailing of everything from Swoosh, tongue tabs and laces.

Best Feature: Bright coloured

Resale value: £160.00

Nike Blazer Mid 77 Jumbo White Black DD3111-100

3. Nike Blazer Mid 77 Jumbo White Black DD3111-100: The Jumbo silos flaunt everything oversized – Swoosh, midsole and a wide forefoot. The durable and premium combination features leather, suede, foam and nylon textile, making it a hi-tech construction. The techy looking trainers follow a stormy grey theme with orange and bold red stitches.

Best Feature: Foot-Friendly

Resale value: £100.00

sacai Nike Blazer Low Light British Tan DD1877-200

4. Sacai Nike Blazer Low Light British Tan DD 1877-200: Dressed in leather and suede, the runners look incredibly premium. They are versatile, they are light in weight, they are diverse, and they are perfect for every season. The sneakers flaunt a contrasting white midsole and two-tone laces, with all the heads turning towards you. The low-top construction provides incredible comfort and cushioning. It’s almost like you can live in them.

Best Feature: Super comfortable

Resale value: £110.00

Nike Blazer Mid LX Lucky Charms Black DM0850-001Image Credit: kicksonfire.com

5. Nike Blazer Mid LX Lucky Charms Black DM0850-001: The hot sizzling black beauty is absolutely drool-worthy. These runners flaunt a velvety stark black upper with a removable metallic silver chain and hangings to accentuate the overall fashioning even more. The highly coveted trainers also provide ingenious comfort. So, walk with stride as long as you want.

Best Feature: Light in weight

Resale value: £111.00

Celebrities in Nike Blazer

Nike Blazer is a star in itself. And we cannot deny the fact of how popular Nike is amongst the A-listers. The runners have made a significant place in red carpets, street style, airport looks and social media platforms. It’s almost like the celebrities and athletes have turned into being footwear connoisseurs by flaunting them away to glory. Well, I know you are already super curious to get a gist of the celebrity list. So, let’s get going!

Jordan Clarkson spotted with Nike BlazerImage Credit: nicekicks.com

A Filipino-American professional basketball player slays it on and off the court. Jordan Clarkson wore his spectacular off-white x high variant Nike Blazer and matched them with his hoodie. He wore rolled-up pants, so we got a clear visual of his runners.

Russell Westbrook spotted with Nike BlazerImage Credit: spotern.com Another basketeer – Russell Westbrook, was also spotted in Off-white Nike runners. He wore an Umbro jacket with calf-length pants and looked super smashing at the Rocket vs Spurs Game.

Kyle Kuzma spotted with Nike BlazerImage Credit: sneakerbardetroit.com

And looks like the Nike Blazer runners have impressed NBA players and how! Kyle Kuzma wore the off-white Nike Blazer Mid variant and kept it super simple with his attire.

Draymond Green spotted with Nike BlazerImage Credit: sneakerbardetroit.com

Draymond Green sported a cool yet sizzling look in the Nike Blazer Mid and matched them to his hoodie.

Kelly Oubre Jr spotted with Nike BlazerImage Credit: kicksuper.com

From head to toe, Kelly Oubre Jr was spotted in a vintage black and white theme. He flaunted the Nike Blazer Mid ’77 Vintage Black White sneakers and looked undaunting as ever!

Rihanna spotted with Nike BlazerImage Credit: nitrolicious.com

Rihanna has always been fierce and bold about her fashion choices. We love how she can pull off anything and look so radiant. She showed off her punk style on a Monday, clearly stating there are no Monday blues in her life. Purple premium kicks with black leggings and Schott x Jeremy Scott Perfecto leather jacket. Oh, she did smash it with her bold lip colour as well.

DJ Young Taco spotted with Nike BlazerImage Credit: sneakerbardetroit.com

The 24-year old rapper and DJ Young Taco wore his Nike Blazer Mid variant with denims and a hoodie.

Naomi Osaka spotted with Nike BlazerImage Credit: footwearnews.com

Tennis superstar Naomi Osaka has been scoring high on and off the court. She is on point with her fashion game and loves to play it down. The pepped-up performer attended a Tag Heuer event in her white Nike Blazer Mid 77 sneakers. Her attire was completely drooling worthy. She wore a black satin dress and teamed up with a camouflage jacket. Her Louis Vuitton jacket kind of matched the runners.

Justin Bieber spotted with Nike BlazerImage Credit: footwearnews.com

Justin Bieber, of course, needs no introduction. Some find him a trendsetter, but some find him too bizarre. Whatever it is, he surely makes waves with every appearance of his. He was spotted in a multi-coloured Nike sweatsuit and kept it toned down with off-white Nike Blazer Mid runners.

Bella Hadid spotted with Nike BlazerImage Credit: elle.com

Bella Hadid’s sneaker game is always so strong. The supermodel has become a face of Nike and looks ravishing every time she walks out in them. She wore an off white pair of runners colour coordinated with her topwear. Her boyfriend fit denims had a spectacular white zip on them. There’s a reason why we call her a fashionista!

It’s not just the millennials, but the Nike silhouettes have impressed the cream of the crop as well. The CEO of Apple, Timothy Donald Cook, is a sneakerhead at heart. He grabbed an off white Nike Blazer Mid from the Spooky Pack and dressed in super subtle attire.

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Wrapping up

And that’s a wrap to the Nike Blazer complete guide. Another contribution by Nike in the sneaker realm, leaving the fans gushing with excitement. You have a brief idea of the comfort, size, fabrication, collaborations and everything more. So, what’s stopping you from taking your sneaker game-high?

The chunky sneakers are sure to last you very long. And that’s one of its fortes. Grab your pair with us right now. Fast Sole is the first to feature them, and you definitely don’t wanna miss them!

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