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Nike Dunk: A Complete Guide

02 November 2021


Liam Perry

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Celebrating the 30-year old victory, Nike x Virgil Abloh debuted in 1985 as the most iconic performance basketball sneaker. These revolutionary kicks are an evolution to the big brother Air Jordan 1, looks and feel luxurious.

When the world united with the ‘We are the World’ anthem, sports and entertainment spheres were amalgamating. Once basketball hit its stride in 1985, Nike became the catalyst. The juvenile and talented Nike Dunk designing team came up with a game plan to incorporate the street style basketball shoe with enhanced grip tape and protection. The heartthrobs utterly swayed off all the athletes and fashionistas with the solace it provided.

What’s the story?

Nike Dunk Timeline

The dope like sneaker line floated at the right time, energizing the basketball couth in beautiful ways. With the bold colour blocking, the showcased design of the evolved silhouettes made sports en-vogue and gained a lot of admiration off the court.

These iconic sneakers became a staple for every dunker because of the heavily padded leather uppers they offered. The kicks featured throughout the college basketball tournaments and swirled with a driving force massively during a campaign ‘Be true to your school’. The dunks arrived in a bright colour palette, becoming the first basketball sneaker ever designed in such bold hues.

Peter Moore planted seeds for the freaky mules and took major inspiration from era-defining kicks – Terminator, Legend and Air Jordan 1. These artistic sneakers spread like fire beyond the basketball culture once the skateboard centric range was launched in 2002. The skateboard community wholly embraced these stellar and made them skate icons. And that’s how the Nike SB Dunk was launched with a big bang!

The skate specific designs had all the special padding and traction features you could ever want. It was a blessing in disguise for the style-conscious skaters. The masterpiece was coveted by all sneakerheads and skaters in the US, Asia and Europe.

Without a doubt, the legendary sneakers offered high-end ankle protection and grip. It doesn’t end there. Skaters could feel like a duck to water with all the board feels. This certainly couldn’t stop the surging popularity of these Dunks.

The Dunk Effect

If you are a sneakerhogger, these mules deserve to get into your shoedrobe right away. A series of digital moans from the would-be buyers deserve to know every little detail. Why is the Nike Dunk so special? Fast Sole brings forward everything on a platter to an untrained eye.

  • All sneaker obsessives have treasured the Dunks for its enthralling colour scheme.
  • Nike Dunk has been a victim of an unprecedented rise in stardom and a string of high profile collaborations.
  • Sneaker freaks can invoke happiness on the wacky-coloured palette.
  • The dope like sneakers offer extreme versatility; basketball shoes turned into a skateboard staple.
  • Nike has breathed new life into a classic, timeless sneaker culture.

Which are the Different Variants of Nike Dunk, and what are they made of?

Nike Dunk Anatomy

The iconic collaborations with Travis Scott and Virgil Abloh gave birth to some bonafide and aerodynamic variants. The high fashion shoes were seen making a crossover appeal by transitioning the athletic footwear to a fashion realm. Let’s dig deep.

Different Variants of Nike Dunk

1. Nike Dunk High

The Nike Dunk high came as a surprise to all Basketeers in August 1985. The upper was seen coinciding with the cult-classic AJ-1, Terminator and the Legend. The legendary dad shoes entered the sneaker trend with some modern and hi-tech engineering. The quintessential charmers were designed to keep the feet warm and cosy with their exceptional fabrication.

The uppers featured a premium suede, unpadded mesh or nylon tongue and some crazy cushioning. Also, the upgraded leather will keep your feet speedy and sporty every time you slip them on. With the aid of a high top structure, these hot players will pamper your feet with endless comfort.

2. Nike Dunk Low

Then came the Nike Dunk low in 1998, offering peerless leisure while exercising. These modern-looking trainers are fire with their breathable construction. The OG kicks can galvanize every sneakerhead with their quirky establishment.

Nike Dunk lows are neatly crafted with leather and mesh on the uppers, promising featherlight weight. The underfoot features padding with enhanced comfort. With the lows on your feet, you can win over the tacks in a trice. The high-quality construction of leather and nylon textile makes the structure breathable and flexible. Let’s not miss the pixel-like midsoles; they are celestial!

3. Nike SB Dunk

The Nike SB Dunks are a state-of-the-art kick and stuff of legend. They are revolutionary in every way. The fabrication of SB Dunks is completely different from the regular Dunks. These high performers have advanced insoles. They have a zoom air unit at the heel and spongy foam in the forefoot. This construction gives a responsive feel to the skate shoe.

When it comes to cushioning and padding, these stellar have been pensive like no other. SB Dunks provide fat and puffy padding for improved fit and elasticity while running. In the outsoles category, they have outwon the sneaker jaggers with their exclusivity. Nike has designed the outsoles with fine rings for additional grip and flexibility. The midsoles also have phylon foam for abundant and springy cushioning. Let’s not forget the full-grain leather and plush suede!

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Are Nike Dunks true to the size?

Nike Dunk Size Chart

Nike Dunks don’t just look like a dream but also fit like one. Call it the must-have sneakers or timeless silhouettes; these trainers are sure to live up to your expectations.

  • Nike Dunk High: Nike Dunk Highs have the perfect amount of padding, so they don’t eat up too much space at the toe box. Regardless of the model or design, you can expect these silhouettes to be true to your size. Don’t size up or down. Just go bang on!
  • Nike Dunk Low: Let’s just say they are pretty much different from the highs. These signature sneakers are roomier compared to the former. Our experts recommend going a half size down to feel at home. The lace-up sneakers cannot do justice with the OG size.
  • Nike SB Dunk: One thing’s for sure, every member (variant) of the dunk family fits differently. These bonafide silhouettes are fabricated smartly and distinctively. There’s no doubt about the fact that they are crafted with thick padding. Sure, this means they have a solid construction, but it also implies that they could run slightly small. Going half size up with Nike SB Dunk will make absolute sense. Well, if you have a hobbit and slender feet, you could consider sticking to your size. Measuring will be a great idea.

How to Spot Fake Nike Dunks? Legit Check

Nike Dunk Legit Check

Why do you think the real vs fake Nike Dunk’s section deserves a special mention? Look around you. There’s a deluge of con men. Let’s not allow the cheats to conquer their game plan.

  • The interior label tongue is aligned in spotting the counterfeit. Take a deep look at the alphabet. The fake ones will be too boxy and thick.
  • Here’s a mark you cannot miss. The top back patch flaunts the ‘NIKE’ text. The fake one will have it too thin and have extra threads connecting the alphabets. The minute you spot this, you know it’s a replica.
  • The stitch on the mid side also has a lot of tales to tell. The authentic pair will have a thin line of stitches. The fake one will have it looking slightly thick and obnoxious.
  • How can we miss the Nike swoosh logo? The authentic ones will have it thin and at a distance from the sole. In the counterfeits, they are thick and very close to the sole.
  • Size tag says a lot more than just the size! No prizes for guessing the sneakerdom is made in Vietnam. So let’s begin from there. The fake ones will be screaming it out loud in thick letters. The authentic ones will have it subtle and thin.
  • The exterior tongue will also help in spotting the mockup. The authentic pair will have it slender and neat. On the contrary, the forged Nike Dunks will have it to be wavy.
  • The minute details on the toe box say a lot more than you can imagine. The replica will have the perforations looking smaller and less deep than the OGs.
  • Only to prove a point, the counterfeits go a step further than what’s even required. The midsole stitch is unnecessarily thin. The stitch on the authentic pair is crafted neatly.
  • Lastly, the inflation level at the toe box can also guide you to the path of authenticity. The fake dunks will have their toe box to be deflated.

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How to Style Nike Dunks?

NIke Dunk style

Styling these world-renowned silhouettes is absolutely effortless. When you have Nike Dunks on your feet, say goodbye to matching and coordinated outfits. The hype of these silhouettes has been crazy, and the fierce nature is one of the prime reasons.

If you are a sucker for basics, keep the fire burning with it. A white shirt with a wacky print will up your fashion game with the heartbreakers on your feet. Go baggy or just relaxed with your pants, and that’s a catch. The go-to sneakers will also look very classic once you pair them with an oversized shirt and tapered bottoms.

The high fashion SB Dunks look alluring with shorts or joggers and a pair of nike socks. Well, you can’t go wrong with boyfriend jeans and slim fit logo T-shirts.

How to care for Nike Dunks?

Care your Nike Dunk

Hey, we call it the big daddy of the sneaker sanctuary. Why not give it all the love and affection it deserves? These trainers are definitely not sitting on the fence for a long time. Rather, they are on your toes and ready to make a mark with every footstep.

These beauties are like diamonds. You cannot risk them at any cost. Not just on the court or with the icons, these heartthrobs have entered the shoedrobes of commoners as well. And why not? It’s become a staple for every sneakerhead. In only a few minutes, your trainers will sparkle like never before!

  • Begin with flapping your shoe soles. This one jerk will break up all the dirt on it.
  • Don’t we always remove the laces before beginning with the cleaning?
  • Take a moderate-sized plastic tub and fill it up with some room temperature water and liquid soap.
  • Bring out a soft bristle brush. Dip it in the liquid to remove all the stains and scuffs. Even caked with mud sneakers will glint.
  • Rinse the brush as and when needed. The best way to go is in circular motions.
  • In case of stubborn stains, make a fine paste of baking soda and white vinegar. It’s going to restore the freshness of your shoe and leave you stunned.
  • Don’t leave the soles grimmy.
  • Once you are done, use a clean cloth to wipe it down.

Which are the All-Time Nike Dunks?

NIke Dunk Cactus Plant Flea Market Spiral Sage

Image Credits: newjordans2021.com

1. Nike Dunk Low Cactus Plant Flea Market Spiral Sage: The stunner is not just a treat to the feet but the eyes as well. The gorgeous looking kicks are a must-cop for every diehard enthusiast and trend-setter. The jaw-dropping trainers have quirky gems and gold stone embossed on the leather front. They can be a relief to you if you are forever struggling to up your fashion game.

Best Feature: Jewelled detailing

Nike Dunk Low SP Chocolate

Image Credits: jimfisioterapia.com

2. Nike Dunk Low SP Chocolate: The forever trendy chocolate boy is a beast on the feet. It has an inky colour palette that makes the sneaker a winter winner. Leaving aside the aesthetic appeal, the must-cop sneakers are snug-fitted and are ridiculously comfortable. The sneakers have extraordinary footgear, and there’s no reason for you to hold back.

Best Feature: Boost Technology

NIke Dunk Low Celtic

Image Credits: footlocker.com

3. Nike Dunk Low Celtic: These hyped Nike Dunks can give you butterflies in your stomach with their stylish aesthetics. They are classic; they are evergreen, they are everything you would ever want! The seamlessly crafted trainers have comfortable, responsive and firm rubber soles to give you the best grip ever.

Best Feature: Exceptionally responsive

Nike Dunk Low Un-Tiffany Black Turquoise 309431-903

Image Credits: solecollector.com

4. Nike Dunk Low Un-Tiffany: These Dunk low trainers are puffed for the right reasons. They are chic yet flashy. Subtle, yet jazzy! The striking sneakers have a perfect pop of textured black leather and turquoise overlay panels. The Dunks also deliver the comfiest ride on the tracks.

Best Feature: Air-cushioned

Nike Dunk Low Splatter Silver Ice 305979-061

5. Nike Dunk Low Splatter: You need a bit of an outlandish taste to fall in love with these Dunks. Abstract patterns, shades of silverish grey and red can grab all the attention even from a distance. Besides the eye-catchy design, let’s give some credit to the cushioned soles and thick padding.

Best Feature: Vibrant and utterly comfortable.

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Which Nike Dunks are trending in 2021?

Supreme Nike Dunk Low Stars Pack Black White DH3228-102

1. Supreme Nike Dunk Low Stars Pack Black White: This chunky pair is sure to make you feel like a fashion monger. The dramatic-looking sneakers let you slay any outfit of your choice. Jet black laces, metallic star gold prints and crocodile skin-textured overlays can make any sneaker junkie skip a heartbeat.

Best Feature: Timeless beauty

Re-sale value: £476.63

Carpet Company Nike Dunk High White Royal Pulse CV1677-100

2. Carpet Company Nike Dunk High White Royal Pulse: The Nike Dunks, with its mind-boggling deets, have swept away every sneakerhead. The full-length midsoles make the sneaker comfy as hell, along with a gum rubber outsole. It features a spotless white colourway along with a tinge of white and blue.

Best Feature: Gum rubber outsole

Re-sale value: £260

Nike Dunk Low University Blue DD1391-102Image Credits: milled.com

3. Nike Dunk Low University Blue: Put an end to your sneaker hunt right away with this Blue and White beauty. The buoyant colour theme is an ideal choice for summer days. Wear it with any outfit you like; the dapper fits well with everything.

Best Feature: Airbag infused soles

Re-sale value: £300

Nike SB Dunk Low What The P Rod Multi CZ2239-600

4. Nike SB Dunk Low What The P Rod Multi CZ2239-600: These SB Dunks have a burst of colour oozing out from every little corner. We call it the ‘mismatch sneakers’, but in a very sassy way. The laces, inner lining, tongue lab and outsoles are at odds with each other. And that’s why these groovy pairs are not everyone’s cup of tea. But if you are a pacemaker, you are sure to make a statement in them.

Best Feature: Mismatch aesthetics

Re-sale value: £679

Ishod Wair Magnus Walker Nike SB Dunk High Sail DH7683-100

5. Ishod Wair Magnus Walker Nike SB Dunk High Sail DH7683-100: These dope kicks are sure to gladden your shoe shelf. The multi-coloured outsole – blue, red and white, makes the sneakers even more gorgeous. Furthermore, the highlight of these trainers is the number ‘277’ that sits on the lateral heel.

Best Feature: Tri-colored outsoles

Re-sale value: £267

Undefeated Nike Dunk Low Dunk Blue DH6508-400

6. Undefeated Nike Dunk Low Dunk Blue DH6508-400: These astounding silos have a striking texture like no other. The snakeskin at the toe and eye stay will make you feel so royal with every step you take. Also, the dynamics of these trainers involve a yellow sole and purple underfoot. This couldn’t get more vintage, could it?

Best Feature: Tri-colored outsoles

Re-sale value: £183

Parra Nike SB Dunk Low White Fireberry DH7695-600

7. Parra Nike SB Dunk Low White Fireberry DH7695-600: Get ready to be blown away by this vivid and wild aesthetic. Along with a colour palette of red, blue, teal, green, pink, the charmer flaunts white layers to tame it down. Not just the look, but the construction is also pretty solid. The premium leather, textile overlays, mesh lining and leather tongue, make the sneakers rock solid.

Best Feature: Highly responsive

Re-sale value: £300

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Celebrity Tales in Nike Dunks

It’s not a secret that Nike Dunks have a significant movement in the sneaker game. Once skateboarders adopted these sneakers, the iconic silhouettes were seen skyrocketing sneakers popularity and became the talk of the town. The who’s who was flaunting it.

offset and nike dunkImage Credits: yunkushop.com, highsnobiety.com

The renowned rapper Offset is often seen slaying it in Dunks with a lot of poise. The Nike Dunks has forever been his go-to sneakers. But the SBs have grabbed a major share in his shoe collection. The American star flaunted his bright yellow SBs in a coordinated printed t-shirt and distressed blue jeans.

Rihanna and nike dunk

Image Credits: kicksguru.com , nylon.com, californianewstimes.com, forbes.com

And why should the female pop stars hold themselves back? Rhianna and Miley Cyrus also made a statement in these impeccable. Rhianna showed her punk style in her purple palette SB Dunks, galavanting a premium suede upper. She teamed the gem with a blazer and black snakeskin hugs. Let’s not miss the bold colour on his lips that accentuated the entire look.

Miley Cyrus and Nike Dunk

Image Credits: starstyle.com, stylebistro.com

While Rhianna came out fiercely, Miley Cyrus kept it completely subtle. She totally dominated the saying, ‘Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’. She flaunted wearing a black slip-on and paired it with a black t-shirt and jeans. Simple, yet so elegant!

Kyrie Irving and nike dunk

Image Credits: reddit.com , buyvise.com, Complex.com, forbes.com

Kyrie Irving’s passion for skating is no secret. And that’s how the love for Nike SB Dunks has been booming. On and off-court, he has often been spotted in signature SB models. The Nike SB Dunk Low Elite Grey seems to be one of his favourite pairs. Kevin Durant flaunted the vibrant orange Nike SB Dunk low off the court in a full black jogger suit with a hoodie. He sported a complete techy look.

LeBron James and Nike Dunk

Image Credits: skateshoesph.com

In the National Basketball Association, the hype is not just restricted to the game but also the attire and style of the player. The 32-year-old lad Markieff Morris sported the Nike SB Dunk Low’ Court Purple’ launched at the start of 2021. The quirky mind paired it with green bottoms and a white t-shirt. The SB Dunks has gained soaring popularity with all basketeers. LeBron James looked dapper in classic white kicks and an immaculate suit. The pregame look was exceptionally appealing.

Kylie Jenner and nike dunk

Image Credits: twitter.com/complexsneakers, postkulture.com, sassydaily

Let’s get back to some off-game names. Kylie Jenner has often been seen swaying the sneaker space. Take a look at the mega influencers insta handle, and you will know what a diehard of Dunks she is. Let’s not deny the fact that she has played a massive role in surging up the sneaker prices. Has anyone looked so charismatic while being bored in the house? Well, only this stunner can! She caused a spike in the Nike Dunk Low Stussy Cherry and looked magnetic in a black jog suit.

big daddys and nike dunk

Image Credits: nicekicks.com

The sneaker heat is also felt in other big Daddy names like Daniel Jason Sudeikis, Olubowale Victor Akintimehin and Travis Scott, of course!

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Wrapping Up

No prizes for guessing this Nike Dunk guide has everything you could ever want. The a la mode has lived up to the promise of gratifying every sneaker junkie with its aesthetics and comfort. If you haven’t yet, make sure these kicks make it to your roster this year. And that’s exactly what Fast Sole is here for.

Stay tuned in the world of Nike Dunk release dates. Familiarize yourself with the style and size guide. If you are a Fast Sole loyalist, you are certainly the first to know. Our blog has everything that’s on your mind right now, isn’t it?


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