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Nike Metcon 1 OG “Banned” Release Set For August

05 June 2024

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Liam Perry

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Nike Metcon 1 OG Banned Release Set For August featured image

Get ready to lace up history with the Nike Metcon 1 OG “Banned” colourway, dropping just before the much-anticipated Metcon X. Dive into the story of a Nike sneaker that’s not just about performance but rebellion and style.

Nike Metcon 1 OG Banned Release Set For August front corner

Banned But Not Forgotten

Back in the spotlight, the Nike Metcon 1 OG “Banned” re-emerges with its audacious black and red palette that shouts defiance. Originally dropped in 2015 and swiftly banned at the CrossFit Games due to exclusive deals, these kicks are about breaking the rules and setting trends.

Nike Metcon 1 OG Banned Release Set For August up

Product Information

Colour : Red Black

Code : FQ1854-001

Release Date : Coming Soon

Price : £120

Heritage Meets Modern Muscle

The “Banned” motif isn’t just a colourway; it’s a nod to sneaker royalty, reminiscent of the 1985 NBA ban on Michael Jordan’s Air Jordans. Just like MJ’s infamous fines, this Metcon carries the torch of rebellion with its iconic X logo on the insoles, making each step a statement of independence.

What’s Old Is New Again

While sneakerheads gear up for the Metcon X, the revival of the Metcon 1 OG “Banned” serves as the perfect prelude, blending vintage vibes with cutting-edge technology. This release isn’t just a throwback; it’s a bridge to the future of training footwear.

Fit for All

Whether you’re crushing weights or cruising the streets, the Metcon 1 OG “Banned” fits like a dream. Engineered to support all arches and foot shapes, it ensures everyone can rock them without a hitch.

Style It Right

Elevate your gym gear or streetwear by pairing the Metcon 1 OG “Banned” with basics or bolds. Check out our style guide for tips on how to make these kicks pop with your personal flair—think distressed jeans or streamlined joggers to let your sneakers do the talking.

Catch Them If You Can

Mark August 2, 2024, on your calendar, because the Nike Metcon 1 OG “Banned” won’t stay on shelves for long. Whether you’re a collector or a first-time buyer, this release is more than a shoe; it’s a piece of Nike history.

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