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Nike MMW 005 Slide Returns in New Summer Colourways

29 May 2023

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Liam Perry

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Nike MMW 005 Slide Returns in New Summer Colourways featured image

What’s cooking in the sneaker world, you ask? Well, the heat is on as Nike’s collaboration with 1017 ALYX 9SM founder and Givenchy’s creative director, Matthew M. Williams, is ready to light up the season. That’s right, the Nike MMW 005 Slide is hitting the shelves again, but this time it’s flaunting two fresh colourways – “Dark Khaki” and “Volt“.

MMW x Nike 005 Slide Volt DH1258 700 right 1

Colorway Vibes: “Dark Khaki” & “Volt”

This summer, expect to see a new wave of sneakerheads sliding around town in the slick “Dark Khaki” and the electric “Volt”. These new shades stay true to the kicks’ DNA while adding their own unique spice. The “Volt” drops a clean two-tone look, and the “Dark Khaki” sports a spray paint-style finish. In short, both are built to vibe.

MMW x Nike 005 Slide Volt DH1258 700 front corner 1

It’s All in the Details

Don’t sweat it; the MMW 005’s iconic design hasn’t been touched. The slip-ons come with their well-known perforations and window cutouts. Large MMW logos ride shotgun on the front, while a double-stacked foam sole and shank plate combo stay posted down below. And, of course, let’s not forget the textured, toad-like bottom.

MMW x Nike 005 Slide Volt DH1258 700 up 1

Product Information

Colour : GreenCode: DH1258-700

Release Date : Coming Soon

Price : £100

Rock the Slide

Want to level up your style game? Here’s the deal: these slides are versatile and cool and make for a wicked styling piece. Pair them up with some baggy cargo, throw on a vintage tee and layer it with an oversized denim jacket. You’ll be killing it effortlessly. But remember, style is personal, so give our style guide a gander for some more tips and tricks.

MMW x Nike 005 Slide Dark Khaki DH1258 200 right 1

Fit for All

The beauty of the MMW 005 Slide is that it’s more than just a sneaker – it’s a statement of style that fits everyone. It doesn’t discriminate; whether you’re a sneaker veteran or a rookie on the block, these slides are cut to fit your feet perfectly. They’re all about offering a perfect blend of comfort and cool.

MMW x Nike 005 Slide Dark Khaki DH1258 200 front corner 1

Product Information

Colour : Dark Khaki

Code : DH1258-200

Release Date : Coming Soon

Price : £100

Turn Up the Heat

Summer’s around the corner and it’s time to turn up the heat with the Nike MMW 005 “Dark Khaki” and “Volt”. These new colourways aren’t just a step-up for your sneaker collection, they’re a leap into high-style territory. Ready to make a splash? These slides are here to elevate your streetwear game. Let’s kick off the season with a fresh step and vibrant hues, shall we?

MMW x Nike 005 Slide Dark Khaki DH1258 200 up 1

Now that we’ve got you drooling over these new colourways, make sure to stay locked for more Nike drops and sneaker updates. Don’t sleep on it; follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for the freshest news straight from the sneaker streets. Let’s keep the sneaker love rolling, shall we?

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