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Nike React Element 55: A Complete Guide

26 January 2023


Liam Perry

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Nike React Element 55 A Complete Guide

Does the ‘React Element ring a bell? Yes, these runners were released right after the Nike React Element 87.

Just when we thought the ‘87’ iteration was the ultimate fashion-forward sneaker with exceptional functionality, Nike proved us all wrong. After the mammoth success, Nike saw a massive boom with so many modifications in the Swoosh label and the inception of the ‘React’ technology. The technical marvels and subdued futurism took the streetwear style by storm. And in no time, the runners skyrocketed to become one of the most desirable Nike kicks.

The blend of old and new, competing with the ‘Ultra Boost’ and the super outstanding features inspired by the Nike Internationalist, left the sneakerheads gushing with so much excitement. And that’s how amid the growing obsession, the Nike React Element 55 was crafted as a more affordable option for the successor.

But there was no compromise on the technology or aesthetics. So, is there any difference between the two? What different did Nike do? How did the spirit flourish upon its triumphant return? Let me take you through the journey.

Nike React Element 55: The idea, history and everything more!

Nike React Element 55 The idea history and everything

Nike React 87 Sketch, Image Credit: hanon-shop

If you haven’t walked through the adventure of the Nike React Element 87 with us yet, allow me to brief you on it quickly. It’s no surprise that the runners were introduced at the Paris Fashion Week in March 2018. Style, grace, exuberance! The stunning sneakers were packed with everything. The futuristic-looking shoe carried some cues from the Nike Internationalist- A vintage shoe that entered the sneaker market with a bang in 1980. Instantly, the coveted trainers grabbed all the attention for countless reasons.

The birth of ‘react technology’ created a lot of hype, but besides that, there were more whales swimming. The label ensured to reduce the risk of injury with maximum cushioning and stability. And that’s how it became a clear winner for anyone indulging in even a little bit of activity. The trail running laces, translucent upper, rubber pods on the outsole and vibrant colourways won the hearts of fashion paragons and how! An overwhelming response drove Nike to develop a budgeted option for Nike React Element 87. And then it was difficult to say which was more popular.

Nike spiced up things a year later by making some changes to the younger cousin. The React Element 55 was similar yet different to the former. The overall appeal and technology feel the same, but the React Element 55 were released $30 cheaper because of some significant variations. We love how the iconic brand had unstoppable energy. Time after time, we were embraced with revised versions.

Nike Element React 55 vs 87Nike React Element 55 vs 87

Obviously, the two sneakers are similar. But there are noteworthy points of distinction as well. Besides the name ‘55’ and ‘87’, important aspects differentiate the two sneakers. So, there is no room for confusion while picking one.


Nike React Element 55 vs 87 price

First and foremost, price is the biggest differentiator. The Nike Element React 55 is a more budget option than the 87. The former is a great option for someone in love with 87, but the price isn’t going down too well. It has been released for $130 and is also widely available.


Nike React Element 55 vs 87 tongue

Does a fall in price mean a tad of a compromise? Well, to a certain extent, yes. The tongue of Element 55 and 87 both have the Nike React Printing and the Swoosh pinwheel. Now comes the difference, which leans on the quality. The tongue of 87 is slightly stiffer and has thicker padding. So, kudos to that!


Nike Element React 55 vs 87 laces

The laces of the React Element 87 look interesting and have a fun element to them. They are completely flat and flaunt a dot detailing. We cannot deny how this contributes to all the attention the runners grab. Sadly, the same is not the case with React Element 55. They are just plain rope laces. It may not be such a bad thing. But it sure lacks the excitement.


Nike React Element 55 vs 87 insole

If you have dropped by the Nike React Element 87: A Complete Guide, you know how drool-worthy shoes have taken pride in a cork insole. The moisture-wicking material keeps the sneakers’ insole odour free. Naturally, the wearer will be at ease all day. But the React Element 55 features a regular insole, and it sure saves on that extra bucks. But is that a disadvantage?


Nike Element React 55 vs 87 Upper

The look and feel of the sneaker upper are completely different. The React Element 87 features a thin translucent mesh. This makes the runners see-through and unbelievably breathable. The latter definitely enhances the comfort. Your feet ought to be well ventilated. However, the see-through aspect can be considered a flaw if you don’t prefer it that way.

In the case of React Element 55, the translucent mesh has been replaced by synthetic nylon fabric. The material is soft and light in weight; this means it provides the required comfort. But the absence of mesh takes away the ventilation as well. If you prefer your shoes to be opaque, you will fall in love with them.

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Is Nike React Element 55 true to size?

Nike React Element 55 Size Guide

Image Credit: sneakerdistrict

The React Element 55 is one of Nike’s modern shoes, which is popularly known to be functional. The fabrication and sizing elevate the characteristics tremendously.

Those with narrow feet

Nike React Element 55 narrow fit

Image Credit: authentic-shoes

If your feet are like tiny tots, these trainers are your go-to. They fit like a dream for narrow feet. You don’t need to go higher or lower than your usual size; the sneakers will hug your feet right. They will fit you like a glove, leaving the right amount of space for your toes to breathe. Also, the comfort level will be on point. With the premium fabrication, these trainers will let your feet flex when required. The trainers will not crease up. So, do not consider sizing up. Focus on sticking to your OG size.

Those with wide feet

Nike React Element 55 wide feet

If you have slightly wider feet, I recommend going half a size up. Sticking to your original size could make your feet a little uncomfortable. Your toes may clench, your feet may feel unstable, and you may also experience pain in the heel. There’s no way you want to run into these issues caused by the wrong size. So, take my word and step into a bigger size – only half size up.

How comfortable is Nike React Element 55?

How comfortable is Nike React Element 55

The performance-oriented lifestyle sneaker is only going to please you with its comfort. All the hype of the ‘react midsole’ is kosher. And that’s an important element to define the shoe’s comfort level. The lifestyle silhouette gives you the luxury to live in them. Yes, that’s how comfortable they are. No kidding! Beyond the pops of colours, the Nike React technology underfoot elevates the comfort level guaranteed by Swoosh. Walk with joy. If that’s a thing, you are all set for it.

The runners are super light in weight; they are incredibly cushiony and will embrace you with an adequate springy effect. Once you slip on the shoes, the soft react midsole will ensure you have a congenial experience. The sturdy outsole, which is decorated with rubber pods, adds to the comfort level. These pods are strategically placed at the front and heel of the outsole. So, you can undergo an adequate foot-to-ground grip. This means you could go miles walking, run a marathon or even indulge in your favourite sport. The cushioning also aims at keeping the ankle and the midfoot at ease.

Unfortunately, there’s a downside to the runners, which comes in the way of comfort. The sneaker collar and tongue lack the much-desired padding and cushioning. This is one area that lacks comfort and has major scope for improvement.

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Here’s what makes Nike React Element 55 so desirable

Without any doubt, every Swoosh sneaker is irresistible. But isn’t there something so fetching about these silhouettes? When everyone cannot stop raving about them, why should we? Here’s what makes the Nike React Element 55 so desirable.

Sneaker outsole

Nike React Element 55 Outsole

The Nike React Element 55 outsole is absolutely breathtaking. The Nike engineers have crafted this with a lot of retrospection. They smartly gathered all the data on the areas that need shock absorption to make the wearer comfortable. They crafted the outsole to make it super functional based on the data. It is designed with rubber pods that are noticeable even from afar. These pods are integrated to do good to the shoes and the user. They absorb the shock with every stride, give great support in every step and increase traction largely. The outsole provides an exceptional grip even while running a marathon, thanks to the pods. With this rugged outsole, you can expect an extended lifespan of your shoe. Keeping all the operative aspects aside, the rugged outsole makes the sneakers look super stylish. What more can you desire?


Nike React Element 55 Midsole\

Here comes the feature for which the sneakers are so renowned. The midsole is incorporated with the react technology for the betterment of various things. It’s as impressive as it could be. The sneaker midsole is capable of providing good shock absorption and energy return. They are crafted to perfection. You can expect amazing support and responsiveness. The react technology also makes the sneakers lightweight and durable. As per sneaker experts, the react technology provides more support and energy return than the adidas Boost. Well, you definitely need to try it to believe it.


Nike React Element 55 upper

In the midst of all the similarities between the Nike React Element 87 and 55, here’s a point of a differentiator. The formers are, of course, well known for their translucent upper. But the same is not the case with these silos. Looks like the designer did not want to show off the socks anymore. These sneakers have the upper featuring a nylon fabric. This may feel slightly less breathable compared to the React 87. However, they are yet super stretchy. Besides the material, several other attributes contribute to the aesthetics of the sneaker upper. For instance, the Nike react branding on the tongue looks super attractive. Secondly, the traditional lacing on the upper flaunts a wave pattern. The sneakers also stand out with the several overlays and stitches running through the structure.

Heel counter

Nike React Element Heel Counter

A tiny little part, but the heel counter does a great job in keeping your feet secured. It provides great lockdown and gives enhanced stability and support to the ankle. The pull tabs at the heel counter are crafted to provide easy wearing. You will also find heel clips to keep the feet secured.

Nike React Element 55 real vs fake: How to spot the difference?

Have you ever wondered why you suddenly see so many iterations of Nike’s React Element 55? That’s because not all of them are genuine. Bitterly, the market is flooded with countless counterfeits and spotting the genuine sneakers in the whole crowd can feel a bit intimidating. If you are a Swoosh fan, I know you are dying to know every little detail about how to spot the difference. So, here’s a simple and detailed lead on Nike React Element 55 real vs fake.

Sneaker logos and branding

Nike React Element 55 Real vs Fake logos and branding

When it comes to the logo and branding, you will spot enough of them, even in counterfeits. In fact, to prove a point, they may overdo it. The bogus runners may incorporate excess logos in comparison to the real ones. The shoe branding will be embossed at various places like the side panes, sneaker tongue, heel tab, insole and outsole. Sometimes, the counterfeits tend to skip spots or position it even in places it shouldn’t be. So, be sure of the areas. The branding must neither be overdone nor underdone. Just the right amount!

Sneaker outsole

Nike React Element 55 Real vs fake outsole

One of the peculiar features of the sneakers is the outsole. The humble sneaker features a react cushioned outsole with a dotted pattern in contrast or the same shade across the sole. Along with this specification, you will also find the ‘nikereact’ branding hitting the outsole. You will definitely find imitations goofing up here. Also, the text will be crafted in an inconsistent font.

Sneaker tongue

 Nike React Element 55 Real vs Fake Tongue

The Nike React sneaker tongue is distinct from the rest of the Swoosh. Like the React 87, these iterations also feature an asymmetrical tongue, which gives the runners distinctiveness and enhances the beauty of the shoe further. Barring the shape, what takes the attention is the ‘Nike React’ text on the tongue. It would be best to find the branding flowing naturally in the direction of the asymmetrical text and not be linear. Also, the sneaker tongue must be well padded and cushioned to provide enough support. Most likely, the counterfeits will always lack the padding.

Sneaker care tag

Nike React Element 55 Real vs Fake care tag

There’s no way you can skip the sneaker size tag when you look inside. The white label with black printing will have all the details you would want about the shoe. To begin with, the size tag will have a barcode at the bottom-most. This is the biggest sign to prove authenticity. You will spot the ‘MADE IN VIETNAM’ and ‘FABRIQUE AU VIETNAM’ text when you go a little higher. Firstly, remember it cannot be ‘MADE IN CHINA’. Secondly, the fake runners will have the text inconsistently printed. Every alphabet may possess a different thickness, which is easy to spot.

Getting a little higher, you will find other details like the shoe style number, shoe size and date of manufacturing. Whether the runners are genuine or fake, the details will be absolutely correct in either case. You must only focus on the font and spacing. That’s where the difference will lie. Lastly, the tag must have a Swoosh on it.

Sneaker insole

 Nike React Element 55 Real vs Fake insole

The sneaker insole must be glued well, and there’s no way you should be able to see the inside base, well, if that’s genuine. In the case of the fake trainers, the inner sole will be removable. Also, the base will have wrinkles and folds attached to it, and the ventilation hole will not be properly opened. In the case of real runners, the sneaker insole should have Nike branding.

Sneaker midsole

Nike React Element 55 Real vs Fake Midsole

The midsole has been one of the major reasons for all the hype around it. The React midsole promises a lifetime experience that you cannot achieve otherwise. Lightweight, super soft and extremely responsive! The energy return and springy effect are totally unmatched. There’s no way the fake trainers can provide you with this experience.

Sneaker heel tab

 Nike React Element 55 Real vs Fake Rear Side

Have you ever looked into the sneaker heel tab? Below the pull-up tab, you will find a miniature Swoosh sitting below. Well, you find this detailing even in a fake sneaker. However, it will not be immaculately crafted.

Sneaker rear side

 Nike React Element 55 Real vs Fake Rear Side

Find a bold and stunning Swoosh sitting on the sidewalls of the sneaker. Little did you know that the authenticity of the sneakers lies on the rear side. Replica sneakers have also embossed a large Swoosh on the side panels. Hang on; there will be a helluva difference between the two. Very obviously, you will be able to spot the dissimilarity between the two. The fake sneakers will have the logo looking short and boxy.

Sneaker toe box

Nike React Element 55 Real vs Fake toe box

Here’s another point of distinction between the two. The look and feel of the sneaker toe box between real and fake are major. The bogus trainers will look deflated and be less curvy. But in the case of the real sneakers, the toe box will be arched and well inflated.

Sneaker box

Nike React Element 55 Real vs Fake box

Just like the sneaker label, you will find all the details on the sneaker box as well. The shoe style number, manufacturing country, sneaker size, barcode and more. One of the clever ways to cross-check the details is to scan the barcode simply. Another way is to match the details with what’s mentioned on the official website. You cannot go wrong here.

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How to style the Nike React Element 55?

Sports and streetwear styling, if that’s your thing, you will love every bit of this segment. For me, fashion is being sneaker obsessed, and there’s nothing more appealing than your feet looking stunning while being comfortable. So, why not just dress up right?

Styling tips for day wear

Nike React Element 55 Styling Tips for Day Wear

Image Credit: authentic-shoes

If it’s a relaxed summer outfit, you must keep it easy. Your bold and vibrant lifestyle shoe can pull off a rock-solid look. Wear a pair of loose fit shorts and pair them with a breezy tee. You could look smashing and be super comfortable at the same time. For a cold afternoon, pull out a pair of sweatpants from your wardrobe. Team it up with whatever t-shirt you like. There’s no thinking twice.

Of course, there’s nothing like being too dressed up. When it’s a formal lunch party, it’s time to get a little decked up. Grab a classic blazer and slip on your favourite jeans. To keep it formal, avoid the ripped and rugged look. A turtleneck t-shirt inside would be a nice idea. If baggy is your style, pull out a sweatshirt and pair it with fitted leggings or slim-fit jeans. Play with colours as much as you want. When you do, keep your socks muted.

Styling tips for nightwear

Nike React Element 55 Styling Tips for Nightwear

These eye-candy sneakers can be your party-goers as well. Love tweed dresses? Why not just bring it out right now? All you need to do is carry the right chic bag. For a winter evening, put on your overcoat. Because that can carry the weight of your elegance.

Well, denims are sure everyone’s favourite. And if you are no exception, you don’t have to do much. A pair of light jeans (let’s have it distressed) with a bold logo t-shirt. For a crazy evening, a sequence top would also work. You can graciously layer it with a bomber jacket. And for a subtle attire, a denim jacket would do the drill too.

Hey boys, we have a bit of a fun element for you too. Love leather? Why don’t you pull out your leather pants and a leather jacket? Because there’s nothing called ‘too much leather’. Your best bet can be a dashing blazer, gingham shirt and chinos. Guess what? You could even look like a college professor.

Variants of the Nike React Element 55

Besides the basic Nike React Element 55, three more famous iterations have created a storm in the sneakerdom.

Nike React Element 55

  • Nike React Element SE: Here’s an upgraded version of the basic iteration. It has introduced a few twists and tales to give a new vibe and feel. The runners flaunt a grid texture with rugged energy upper to showcase a classic and futuristic appeal. The initial range broadened its horizon with this category featuring pops of colours and a more space-aged style. The low variant provides a long-lasting comfort that works in favour of long-hour use. These summer-ready pops are a must cop for sneaker enthusiasts.

Nike React Element 55 Premium

Image Credit: buyhk1u.tk

  • Nike React Element 55 Premium: The premium range is one-of-a-kind in every aspect. The low-top sneaker is released in limited colourways to provide a sporty vibe for casual, and athleisure feels. The lace-up rope mechanism adds to the sporty accents. The runners have been crafted with a synthetic and textile upper to give a smooth feel. You can also expect a great level of stability with this model. The TPU heel clip with a pull tab at the heel makes it easy for the feet to slip in and out. This premium iteration has incorporated a lot of innovation, which has clearly gone right. An exaggerated outsole, super-bouncy comfort and an ideal blend of functional aspects. Also, the metal eyestays add up to the aesthetics.

Nike React Element 55 Kendrick Lamar

  • Nike React Element 55 Kendrick Lamar: Here’s a collaboration that is definitely the talk of the town. Don’t get mistaken; the sneaker does not have any Kendric Lamar branding. It’s just another palette from the React Element 55. Although, these trainers are infused with a lot of luxury and feature premium marble detailing. So, it sure adds a special flair to Nike. This iteration adds a multi-platinum look to the translucent upper in honour of Kendrick’s rap image. The marbled design is inspired by the yin-yang effect, which enhances the overall look immensely. The speckled react cushioned sole is seen completing the design. Overall, the design is contemporary and super bold, just as you would expect it.

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Best way to clean the Nike React Element 55

Nike React Element 55 Cleaning Process

Periodic cleaning will ensure your shoes look stunning and smell just like it should. The Nike React Element 55 is a classic made of leather, suede and more materials. So, cleaning these shoes requires attention and extra effort. Here’s a simple and quick guide on how to clean your runners and make them look new every time you slip them on.

What are the cleaning supplies required?

  • Shoe brush
  • Toothbrush
  • Laundry detergent
  • Baking soda
  • Magic eraser (optional)
  • White vinegar
  • Leather conditioner (optional)
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Suede brush (optional)

How to clean the insole?

Nike React Element 55 Insole Cleaning

Who wants to step into grimmy and foul-smelling insoles? Therefore, grab them, pluck them out and begin cleaning.

  • Air them out for a while before you begin cleaning.
  • Get hold of a shoe brush and make sure it’s soft. The sneaker insole is super soft, and that’s a no brainer. You cannot get harsh on it.
  • Once the insoles are out, remove all the excess dirt from them.
  • Bring out a medium-sized bowl and fill it with lukewarm water. Add some laundry detergent to it. A dash of baking soda will not hurt.
  • Dip the brush in the solution and scrub the insoles gently.
  • You will find the heel and toe area to be more muddy and stained. So, emphasise more on these sections more.
  • Repeat the procedure until your insoles look pristine.
  • Once you are done, air dry the insoles at room temperature.
  • You could also use the microfiber cloth to dry out the excess soap residue.

How to clean the laces?

Nike React Element 55 Lace Cleaning

Let your laces shine as much. It’s easy peasy. Cleaning them is less time consuming, comparatively. Remove the laces before you begin cleaning them.

  • Get hold of the same bowl as you did earlier. Now prepare a cleaning mixture in it with water, laundry detergent and a drop of white vinegar. You need to be sure that the water is not very hot.
  • Dip the laces directly in the solution and let it rest for a few minutes.
  • You will notice all the dirt loosening up and coming out. So, half of your job will be done without putting any effort.
  • Then remove the laces and scrub gently with the brush. Redo the cleaning until your laces look spik and span.
  • Once you are done, hang the laces and let them dry out.
  • Let the laces not tangle.

How to clean the upper?

Nike React Element 55 Upper Cleaning

Now comes the real challenge, and that’s cleaning the sneaker upper.

  • You will need the same tools as before – a soft brush, mild laundry detergent, warm water and microfiber cloth. You can add the magic eraser and leather conditioner to your list.
  • Prepare the cleaning solution the same way. You could add some drops of leather conditioner to it.
  • Immerse the brush in the solution and gently clean the upper. Remember to clean every material separately. Be mindful about how you clean it. You can run through a magic eraser on it.
  • I would highly recommend getting hold of a toothbrush to get into the crannies. It works!
  • Once you are done cleaning, use a soft microfiber cloth to dry your sneakers. Avoid rubbing the sneaker with the cloth. It will wear down the fabric.
  • Clean the midsole and outsole in the same manner.
  • Then let your sneaker dry out at room temperature. It should take about eight hours to dry the runners fully.

Tips to remember

  • When you use bleach, make sure to not go above one drop.
  • Do not scrub the sneakers very hard.
  • In the case of leather, wash them often.
  • In the case of suede, use a suede brush.
  • Always dry your sneakers at room temperature. Hot air is harmful. And so is hot water.
  • Avoid the washing machine as much as you can.
  • Clean your sneakers regularly.
  • Follow up with a stain repellent.

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Nike React Element 55 of All Times

Nike React Element 55 Teal Nebula CQ9705-002

Image credit: kickslinks

1. Nike React Element 55 Teal Nebula: The stunning sneakers are dressed in classic shades like the wolf grey, red orbit, teal nebula and black. The upper is delighted with subtle hues of grey while the Swoosh on the side panel pops up in a bright teal hogging the limelight. The heel clip and eyestays follow the colour theme. The midsole is seen in a spunk blue shade with accents of yellow and red completing the look. You can expect a boost in mobility while staying in fashion.

Best Feature: Very responsive

Nike React Element 55 Black BQ6166-008

2. Nike React Element 55 Triple Black: These triple black sneakers could be prisoned for being so irresistible. Dressed in black throughout, the runners feature a black mesh upper along with translucent materials. You will find durable pods on the side of the shoe, which elevate the look and the grip of the shoe. For a sophisticated contrast, the trainers flaunt a light Nike Swoosh on the side panel. A monochromatic theme is maintained with small insignias on the heel, Nike React on the tongue, a trail-inspired lacing system and some smooth leather accents on the eyestay.

Best Feature: Enhanced grip

Nike React Element 55 White Psychic Purple CK0846-100

3. Nike React Element 55 White Psychic Purple-Hyper Pink: The runners have introduced a bold and fresh look to the sports palette. Find eye-popping colourways like yellow, pink and purple sitting on the upper, which also successfully give out tropical vibes. The runners intend to keep the wearer’s feet cool even on the warmest day with a super-breathable upper. The iteration also promises to compliment any outfit of your choice.

Best Feature: Versatile

Nike React Element 55 Red BQ6166-601

4. Nike React Element 55 Gym Red: The low-top Swoosh sneaker is adorned in a slick red and white blend. The textile upper is covered in the ‘Gym Red’ shade, and a brighter hue is used on accents across the heel pull tabs, eyelets, stretchy lace system, neoprene tongue and lining. Needless to say, the large white Swoosh is unmissable. Additional details like the black accents on the rear and white reach cushioned sole with hints of red on the outsole add massively to the aesthetics.

Best Feature: Eye-catchy

Nike React Element 55 Brown BQ6166-100

5. Nike React Element 55 Light Orewood Brown: The ‘Light Orewood’ runner has all the International standards you ever desired for. At first sight, the colour palette can steal your breath with tints of black, golden beige, grey, and light orewood brown. A beautifully crafted construction with zigzag stitching and bonded tape hogs the limelight in an elusive manner. The grip and support are also on point, with inserts at the heel providing an enjoyable experience with the right amount of reflective elements.

Best Feature: Springy rubber nods

Nike React Element of 2021-2022

Nike React Element 55 Sunburst Pack Multi CK9288-100

1. Nike React Element 55 Sunburst Pack Multi CK9288-100: The Sunburst pack features four Nike icons, and the React 55 is one of them. This React Element is everything saucy and sassy. It has a colourful palette, including vibrant shades like yellow, orange, green, red and white, with the Sunburst logo jumping out. The ultra-modern lifestyle shoe is also equipped with rubber pods for great traction and cushioning.

Best Feature: Multi-colour aesthetics

Nike React Element 55 Premium Chalk White BQ6167-101

2. Nike React Element 55 Premium Chalk White BQ6167-101: This crisp white monochrome trainer can fleetly up your summer fashion. You can experience a unique makeover with metallic tones and a chalk-white theme. With an ‘almost’ white upper, the platinum accents on the heel tabs, Swoosh and lace loops look spectacular. The monochromatic paint continues to follow the midsole along with the bold plugs, featuring a chic vibe. So, whether it’s the summers or winters, the tonal Swoosh sneakers fit every season.

Best Feature: Multi-colour aesthetics

Nike React Element 55 Black CU3009-001

Image Credit: sneakerdistrict

3. Nike React Element 55 Black CU3009-001: An all-black is always stellar, and these runners are topping the race. The fully black upper with white accents will make your strides look more royal. The same white and black theme is carried to the midsole without any colour pops, giving a classy vibe. Speaking of the fabrication, the tonal black upper compliments the suede overlays, synthetic leather, plastic heel counter and modern style tongue tab. Besides the crisp white Swoosh, the visible stitch enlightens the brooding theme.

Best Feature: Great bounce

Nike React Element 55 White CU3009-100

Image Credit: sneakerdistrict

4. Nike React Element 55 White CU3009-100: Here’s a timeless colour scheme flaunting tints of black and white, surfacing a new ‘Schematic’ theme. The crisp white upper is crafted with a lightweight synthetic mesh with an embossed tonal white Swoosh. These kicks are accentuated more with stark black details and a black bold Nike Swoosh outline accompanied by some stitches. Find the toe box seen flaunting hexagon graphics, heel engraved with a black embroidered Swoosh and the printed insoles looking super eye-catchy.

Best Feature: Light in weight

Nike React Element 55 Quilted Grids Black CI3835-002

5. Nike React Element 55 Quilted Grids Black CI3835-002: The iconic sneaker is dressed in dashing colourways like black, grey and silver making it a perfect pick for your evening wear. The visual appeal is even more lovable, with the all-over quilted grids in black adding an extra layer and giving a premium feel. The grey colour gives the runners a craftily contrast while maintaining the theme. The juicy sneaker also flaunts a glittery outsole which helps in winning the ‘ultra-glam’ award.

Best Feature: Durable

Celebrity tales in Nike React Element 55

Released not so long ago, the stunning sneakers are still making a mark in the celebrity arcade. But with some major street style dominance and spunky vibes, these trainers are alluring A-listers and how! Nike React Element 55 has also made athletes sneaker influencers with some high spirited energy. Let’s walk through the celeb sneaker hallway.

Kendrick Lamar collaborated with the Nike React Element 55

Image Credit: modern-notoriety

American rapper Kendrick Lamar collaborated with the Nike React Element 55 and adopted Instagram as the platform to announce the iteration’s release at a price of USD 150.

Kevin Durrant in Nike React Element 55

Renowned Basketeer Kevin Durrant keeps it simple, arriving at the game at Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He wore the React Element 55 and coordinated the colour with his grey joggers. Smarty pants paired a black hoodie and cap to flaunt a subtle and sporty appeal.

Chris Paul in Nike React Element 55

Image Credit: sneakerbardetriot

Another court beast Chris Paul is totally in love with the Nike React 55. He wore the khaki painted colourway and flaunted an all-black look from head to toe, giving his trainers all the attention they deserve. Chris Paul wore the beauty and posted a pic on his Instagram handle. Dressed in the gym red, the sneakers accentuated his chequered pants even more.

The runners have made a huge mark in the NBA for sure. We spotted Lebron James in the stunning sneakers matching his rolled-up pants and waist tied up jacket. He wore a black sweatshirt with a bold print, looking like a boss. His fetched up socks were graciously screaming Nike.

6lack in Nike React Element 55

Image Credit: spotern

Unconventional name and style, 6lack has looked super sensational in every performance. He has the skill to set the stage on fire with his music and appearance. We caught a glimpse of him dressed in black from head to toe, and we could not stop raving about him. He sported a black overcoat and maintained the theme throughout, including his Nike React Element 87. We saw bits of silver hues doing the talking.

Hilary Duff in Nike React Element 55

Image Credit: theninesfashion

One of the most beautiful and brilliant actresses, Hilary Duff, has always had her sneaker game on point. She was spotted in Los Angeles on a bright sunny day looking head over heels. The stunner wore a simple chic black jumpsuit from Nike and flaunted sneak print mesh React Element 55. Her mini Louis Vuitton backpack got a little less attention than her sneakers.

There’s no secret that the Nike React Element 55 has been trending and constantly spotted on famous feet. However, if you compare the runners to the React 87, the popularity is less, and the sneakers are still growing over the famous personalities. But we are sure, in no time, these ultra-modern sneakers will climb up the ladder with a widespread fanbase.

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Wrapping Up

What’s holding you back from slipping your feet into these beauties? Fast Sole deeply understands the needs and requirements of sneakerholics. We are the first to provide the most accurate information on the release dates, sneaker journey, bestsellers, maintaining tips, style guide, easy cleaning hacks and the celebrity hallway (this should interest you).

Swoosh has been a leader in the sneaker game for many decades. The bar has been raised with every silhouette, and the Nike React 55 has maintained that. I bet you could be fun, fashionable and functional together. These high-spirited trainers have impressed sneakerheads and how. There’s no one who can stop admiring them.

The unparalleled sneakers are very much in high demand. And that’s what lured us to unwrap all the details. Which of the streamlined sneakers are you getting your hands on?

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