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Nike React Element 87: A Complete Guide

26 January 2023


Liam Perry

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Nike React Element 87 A complete guide

If you are a sucker for fashion and technology, these beauties are your go-to!

The inception of the runners has been exuberant and voguish. Of course, the sheer hype all around it is for real. The runners were introduced in style at the Paris Fashion Week in March 2018, which justifies the iconic nature. Now, the interesting part here is that the label did nothing that the other footwear brands were attempting to. Nike React 87 did not adopt the ironic chunky fashion flaunting the bulbous design like the other trendsetters. The American sportswear company also did not take on the fashion-forward stunt of collaborating with celebrities.

In fact, the modern model created a huge impact with its technical marvels and subdued futurism. We are not surprised how React Element 87 became the talk of the town. Like any other Swoosh sneaker, these runners also put innovation at the heart of the sneaker.

Nike React Element 87: The idea, history and everything more!

Nike React Element 87 sketch

Nike React Element 87 sketch; Image Credit: hanon-shop

Going back in time, the Nike React Element 87 was introduced on the runway as a part of Jun Takahashi’s Undercover show. Instantly, it was established that the iteration was a born hit. Nike React became one of the most spoken about with clever innovations and built-ins in 2018. Do you want to go down memory lane?

Interestingly, the lithe sneakers were named after the chemical element Francium, which possesses atomic number 87. Recognized as one of the most explosive elements in the periodic table, even the Nike React 87 in no time became the most embracing one in the sneaker trend. Who did the mapping and made them so legendary?

Nike React Element Designer Darryl Mathews

Nike React Element 87 designer Darryl Mathews 

Renowned Sportswear innovative designer Darryl Mathews formulated the sneaker with a simple goal of making walking and running super comfortable. The design team involving Nike’s in-house mechanical engineers and chemists procured the technology after conducting more than 2,000 hours of tests. Well, the bright brains did not craft the sneaker, only considering athletes. They scrutinized every single body that needed that extra support for the feet. So, the design journey began by analyzing the foot of commuters. And that’s how the sneaker sole was drilled with holes to pay attention to the pressure points on the feet. This was the birth of the ‘React technology’. It was sculptured to support the troubled spots with maximum cushioning and high energy return. Clearly, the stable, soft and squishy engineering was not seen in the former footwear models.

Nike React Element 87 history, idea and everything

Image Credit: hanon-shop

A no case of nostalgia, the Nike React did away with the prior EVA foam and replaced it with the TPE material to elevate the support, padding and springiness. This made the sneakers incredibly durable and reduced the risk of injury. The runners, sure, did tick the box of innovation with a translucent upper, providing streetwear aesthetics. The see-through feature raises the visual bar and gives the enthusiasts another nod to add them quickly to the ‘fashion kitty’.

Of course, the React Element 87 flaunts a futuristic vibe, but surprisingly it carries cues from a vintage running shoe. And the unseamed mix of new and old is done up perfectly to make the runners most desirable. It is finished with suede detailing and 3M accents, Nike React logo and rubber outsole pods. The performance-driven sneaker was very well suited for lifestyle activities.

The zigzag contrast stitch around the heel, pressure-mapped cutouts, peculiar pattern on the outsole, cork insole, prominent eyestays, trail running lace and thick react cushioning made the runners instantly recognizable.

Sizing and Comfort of the Nike React 87

The feel and fit of the shoe are pretty much the highlights. With the adidas UltraBoost setting new comfort standards, how have these runners managed to be at par? Is the Nike React 87 Element true to size? Let’s find out!

Is Nike React Element 87 Comfortable?

Is Nike React Element 87 Comfortable

Image Credit: kicksonfire

The well-constructed shoe is super duper comfortable. The sneaker’s signature feature, which is the React technology, works towards providing ground-breaking comfort. The soft sole and thick insole are a game-changer. It can sweep off any sneakerholic by their feet with so much cushioning. The React foam sole unit has incorporated drilled holes throughout to assure the greatest response, along with a futuristic vibe. The evolved state-of-the-art technology has also contributed to making the runners more durable.

Coming to the translucent upper, it does two things again. Makes the sneakers more breathable and provides ample space for the feet to coddle and flex. You can wear them for your gruelling workouts or long hours of walking. The textile upper will make your feet look and feel good. It adds a new dimension of comfort. So, ideally, it is an instant cop for sneaker lovers wanting a comfortable shoe.

Is Nike React Element 87 true to size?

Nike React Element 87 Size guide

Just like most Swoosh sneakers, the Nike React Element 87 also fits true to size. From a functional point of view, the trainers have been a maverick in the footwear realm. With a simple execution of catering to the requirements, even the size aspect has been considered. The semi-translucent synthetic upper enhances the visual appeal and contributes to flexibility. It makes the sneakers look fanciful and feel breathable. So, it hugs the feet just right. The go-to sneakers curve beautifully and let you avail sufficient space for your feet.

Only if your feet are exceptionally wide you can consider sizing up. This is only to ensure that your feet do not clench one bit. Who likes their feet to perspire? Well, one of the best ways to avoid it completely is to choose the right size. Try and buy! Yes, that strategy always works.

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How to style the Nike React Element 87?

The Nike React Element 87 is certainly a bonafide contender for 2018, and it even bagged the award of the ‘sneaker of the year’. Let’s give some credit to its aesthetics. Styling these stunners is a cakewalk. They are royal, they are sporty, they are bound to gladden your attire. A failsafe option for your daily wear!

Styling tips for men

 Nike React Element 87 Styling tips for men

Image Credit: kicksonfire

The React Element 87 offers a cutting-edge style with chill accents and vivid colour palettes. They promise to be your sneaker staple with minimum effort. The coveted kicks are super sporty and let you embark on outdoorsy attire. If hoodies and sweatshirts are your thing, bring them on. A classic hoodie with old school jeans can do the work for you. You can let the bottoms be full or tapered length. In any case, it will look super staggering. But if you love to keep it more debonair, put on a black bomber jacket with some basic neutrals inside. The voguish outsole with the pattern-clad appeal can make you look super sassy.

Heading the gym? These runners are worth a shot there too. We do not doubt the functionality and what a rockstar you will be at your workout with the React Element 87 on your feet. All you have to do is put on your most comfortable pair of shorts or joggers with a logo t-shirt. Trust me, that’s more than enough.

Styling tips for women

 Nike React Element 87 Styling tips for women

These silhouettes are male-dominated. And yes, that’s an imaginary thought. To put it straight, they are sporty, but yet they can be super chic. Look swanky when you head to a club in classic metallic pants and swiftly stand out in the crowd. The super glam sneakers with the beguiling outfit will make you look nothing less than a star.

You can confidently put on a neutral coloured bodycon dress and let your high-spirited kicks speak a thousand words. You can rock this look at any time of the day! Fashion-forward sneakers do immense justice to even minimal dressing. So, get geared for a summer hike. Slip on your cosy cycling shorts and pair them with an oversized tee. Your footwear is bold enough to shoulder all the responsibility of futuristic dressing.

These beauties can be your go-to even if you are heading for a brunch party with your girls. The runners are comfy, smooth and let you feel straight out of a fashion show. Put on your most favourite oversized hoodie dress and look super chic.

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Nike React Element 87 vs adidas UltraBoost

Adidas launched Boost in 2013 and bagged every award for being the most comfortable shoe. It was almost like the runners were unbeatable with the fabrication. Then came the new kid on the block- Nike React Element 87. There was a debate on how the shoes were a replica for the longest time.

But hey, there’s a massive difference between the two. Nike React Element 87 vs adidas UltraBoost – here’s a brief review.

Explicit features of the Nike React Element 87

Nike React Element 87 vs adidas UltraBoost Explicit features

The features of these Swoosh runners are definitely elaborate. Well, they are much loved by every sneaker-owning celebrity, athlete and fashionista. As you may have guessed, the Japanese designer has also intricately crafted high-end streetwear.

Foam technology

Nike React Element 87 vs adidas UltraBoost Foam technology

When the adidas Ultra Boost sole was a game-changer, it was a turning point for sneaker fanatics to raise the bar and indulge in activities. Nike React 87 Element outdid the boost technology with the energy return by fair means. The fashion-forward sneakers offered a 13% greater energy return, giving the wearer a softer experience. Also, the foam technology sole makes the runners flawlessly 30% lighter and durable.

Trail running laces

Nike React Element 87 vs adidas UltraBoost running lace

Have an ultimate running experience with the trail running lace system. The construction intends to provide an incredible encounter while you are on the go. You can expect a secure fit song with some more impressive benefits. There will be absolutely no pressure on the top of the foot. So, your feet ought to be at ease.

Gum sole

Nike React Element 87 vs adidas UltraBoost Gum sole

Gum soles work phenomenally, especially in a hazardous environment. Unpredictable situations are least expected, but they are for real, aren’t they? With the help of the sole, you can prevent serious falls and slips. Thanks to its water-resistant nature, the sneakers also stand out from the crowd. So, you can feel secure in a muddy and slippery environment as well.

Cork insole

Nike React Element 87 vs adidas UltraBoost cork insole

Here’s one of the most awe-inspiring Nike React 87 features. Hands down, sneakers with a moisture-wicking material score an edge over the others with a cork insole. It sucks up all the moisture buildup and keeps the sneaker insole odour free.

Thermoplastic Elastomers

The Nike React Element 87 ditched the integrated EVA foam and introduced the TPE base. Also known as thermoplastic elastomers, the one-piece element is based on a completely different formulation for enhanced cushioning and great energy return. Thanks to high-end technology, you can eliminate the chances of injuries.

Translucent shell

Find the upper flaunting a translucent shell, and that’s not just to enhance the visual appeal. The signature translucent upper involves no-frills or useless materials. It elevates the snug fit and makes the sneakers a top-notch lifestyle one. The lifestyle sneaker also claims to be one of the perfect outdoor runners.

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How to clean the Nike React 87 runners?

The Nike React Element 87 is a classic fabrication of numerous materials. So, cleaning them could be a little time consuming and requires that extra attention. They are super fashionable and hence deserve all the love and attention. Here’s a simple procedure to help you clean them intricately.

How to clean the Nike React Element 87 laces?

Nike React Element 87 Cleaning Lace

  • The laces are an integral part of the sneaker. There’s no way you can skip cleaning them.
  • Cleaning them is less time-consuming, comparatively. Begin by removing them from the shoe.
  • Now take hold of the basic cleaning materials like – soft laundry detergent, soft bristle brush and warm water. Ensure the detergent is reliable and the water temperature is not very high.
  • Grab the brush. Yes, that small tool can do all the wonders.
  • Now pul out a medium-sized bucket and fill it up with warm water. Pour some liquid detergent and prepare an effective solution. You can also add some drops of bleach to it.
  • You can either dip the laces directly into it or make use of a mesh bag. In the case of the latter, let the laces rest in the bag.
  • Once you have submerged the aces in the solution, let them be in for at least twenty minutes.
  • Pull them out and gently brush them with the soft bristle brush. Make sure to do this as soon as you pull the laces out. This will eliminate the dirt faster.
  • Look at the laces carefully to see if there is still any dirt on them. If yes, you can always repeat the procedure.
  • Drain the buck and prepare the same solution again.
  • Redo the lace cleaning procedure.
  • Once you have succeeded in cleaning them completely, hang them and allow them to dry swiftly.
  • Do not tangle the laces.

How to clean the Nike React Element 87 upper?

Nike React Element 87 Cleaning Upper

  • The ingredients required are the same. Mild laundry detergent, warm water and a soft brush. Besides that, add some more tools to the list – a microfiber cloth and a clean toothbrush.
  • Prepare the solution exactly the same way you did earlier.
  • Dip the soft bristle brush into it and clean every sneaker material separately. You must be mindful about not getting very harsh.
  • Use the toothbrush to get into the crannies.
  • Once you are done, dry the sneakers with the help of the microfiber cloth.
  • This was all about the upper; you cannot skip the sneaker midsole and outsole. Clean them in the same manner.
  • Now, allow your sneakers to air dry. Keep them at room temperature.

How to clean the Nike React Element 87 insoles?

  • Most people skip this. Cleaning the sneaker insoles is equally important even though they are not seen.
  • I would highly recommend airing them for some time before you begin cleaning them.
  • Take hold of a brush but make sure it is super soft. That’s because shoe insoles are fragile. You must be as heedful as you can.
  • Before you begin cleaning the insoles, remove the excess dirt.
  • Take a small bowl and fill it with lukewarm water.
  • Immerse the brush in the solution and begin scrubbing the insoles.
  • It would be best to emphasize the stained areas like the toe and heel section. Compared to the remaining area, these sections are always more smudged.
  • You can always repeat the process as many times as required to get the insoles looking spik and span.
  • When you are done, dry the excess soap residue with the help of a microfiber cloth.
  • Be conscious about not soaking the insoles.

Some sneaker cleaning DONTs

  • The water must always be lukewarm and not very hot. If it crosses the ideal temperature, it can damage the show. That’s because the glue in the shoe is pretty vulnerable.
  • Hot air is as bad. Therefore, do not keep the sneaker anywhere close to high temperatures.
  • The same rule applies for direct sunlight. They can discolour your sneaker. So, keep your shoes away.
  • Avoid putting your sneakers in the washing machine.
  • Using bleach is a good idea. But limit the quantity.

Some sneaker prevention tips

  • Never indulge in a hard brush. Use a soft one.
  • It is best to clean the sneakers as soon you find them a little shabby.
  • Follow a deep clean ritual of once in twenty days.
  • Following up with a stain repellent is a great idea.

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Real vs Fake Nike React Element 87: How to spot the difference?

Being a Swoosh fan means you need to be ready for imitations. The market is flooded with bootleggers trying very hard to replicate the runners. Regardless of it, counterfeits always louse up in some aspect, and it’s not rocket science to judge the authenticity.

All you have to do is follow the real vs fake Nike React 87 simple checklist. Here’s a step by step guide.

1. Sneaker size tag

Nike React Element 87 real vs Fake size tag

First and foremost, look at the sneaker size tag. The tiny little inscriptions are the major points of differentiation. You can begin by looking at the product ID. The real React 87 runners will flaunt a consistent and proportionate one. But the fake ones will have it improperly font-weighted. The font, along with the width and spacing, will be inconsistent.

Going a little lower, you will spot the ‘MADE IN VIETNAM’ text. Very obviously, you will spot a different thickness in every alphabet of the fake runners. This flaw is very easy to mark. Also, remember that authentic sneakers will never have such kerning flaws.

Sneaker rear side

Nike React Element 87 real vs Fake rear side

Of course, the sneaker’s rear side grabs a lot of attention. The genuinity of the runners is reflected on the rear side with great courage. The brazen Swoosh looks spectacular in a significantly large size. All you need to ensure is that the logo is absolutely proportionate. Fake sneakers always tend to craft a short and boxy Swoosh. Secondly, find a visible stitch travelling through the edges. In the case of the stitch, only be sure of it being neatly finished.

Sneaker tongue badge

Nike React Element 87 real vs Fake tongue

The Nike React 87 sneakers are distinct from the rest of the Swoosh members. The asymmetrical tongue is crafted to elevate the beauty even more. Also, you would find the ‘Nike React’ text sitting proudly on the tongue, making a statement. So, be sure of these two aspects being as it is.

Counterfeits can never replicate the toe box come what may. The toe box of the fake runners will look deflated and be less curvy. However, in the case of the real runners, the toe box will be arched and well inflated.

Sneaker sole

Nike React Element 87 real vs Fake sole

The hype of these dope sneakers has also been the outcome of the sneaker soles. The ultra-comfy sole crafted with the help of AI technology is the signature, and counterfeits can never replicate it. Getting on to the midsole, the heavy and futuristic design is fabricated with polyurethane, phyllite, phylon and EVA. Fake manufacturers always goof up in this combination.

Sneaker insole

Nike React Element 87 real vs fake insole

How many of you have checked the inner cork insole? The ‘Nike React’ branding must also be present on the insole. Besides that, the sole should always fit all the way up and until the sides of the inner sole. Fake manufacturers are never good with the stitch and the fit.

Sneaker heel tab

Nike React Element 87 real vs fake Heel tab

Let’s get to the sneaker heel tab, which ideally no one looks into. The Nike React 87 sneaks will always have a miniature Swoosh sitting at the heel tab. It must be immaculately sitting below the pull-up tab.

Sneaker box

Nike React Element 87 real vs fake box

The box will have all the details about the runners. Find a label on it stating everything about the shoe. Specifications like the shoe style number, sneaker size, barcode, country of manufacturing and more. The best way to cross-check is to match it with the official website. Also, the sneaker style will have nine digits, with the first six indicating the shoe style. The last three will indicate the colour of the shoe. A change of even a digit implies it’s not genuine. You can also scan the barcode on the box to know the authenticity.

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Nike React Element of All Times

UNDERCOVER Nike React Element 87 Green Mist BQ2718-300

Image Credit: footdistrict

1. Nike React Element 87 Undercover Green Mist: The Nike sneakers feature a famed react foam technology with a super distinctive look. The runners do complete justice to the name Undercover with the translucent shell on the upper, revealed lace collar, trail-running style laces and an exterior taping on the heel. The coordinated colour palette stays true to following a subtle theme, flaunting shades of light beige, signal blue, green mist, university red and black.

Best Feature: Durable

Nike React Element 87 Sail AQ1090-100

Image Credit: kicksonfire

2. Nike React Element 87 Sail Light Bone: The Nike React silhouette is designed to rock a casual street look with a sporty feel. It is fueled with a translucent textile upper and accompanied by intricate stitch work. The distinct asymmetrical tongue gives a sleek look and sets the runners aside from the rest. The T-shaped toe is seen with detailing and a miniature Swoosh screaming for attention. The translucent upper fabricated from TPE yarn contributes massively to making the sneaker light in weight.

Best Feature: Great bounce

Nike React Element 87 Sneakerroom Breast Cancer Awareness White

Image Credit: kicksonfire

3. Nike React Element 87 Sneakerroom Breast Cancer Awareness White: The runners were released for the noble cause of raising money for cancer research. This pink pair from the limited version impressed sneakerholics for many reasons in very little time. The powerful pink hue embraces ‘Changing the world one sole at a time’ on the heel plugs with a back pull loop revealing the number. The SR Care branding adorns the tongue tip to make a powerful impact. Every colour is seen blushing in the pink tone, qualifying the sneaker as a well-dressed one.

Best Feature: Well decorated

Nike React Element 87 Black CJ4988-200

4. Nike React Element 87 Medium Olive Bright Crimson: Dressed in a medium olive, Bright Crimson, Black and Volt colour palette, the Swoosh sneakers feature a camouflage like upper. It is smartly inspired by Nike Internationalist and crafted in TPE textile yarn. The stunning silo is wrapped in semi-translucent attire, which is enough to prove its lightweight nature. The multitude of colourways can steal your heart, at first sight, I promise. Swathed in bold colourways, the military-inspired iteration is a must-have.

Best Feature: Energy returning sole

UNDERCOVER Nike React Element 87 Beige Multi BQ2718-200

Image Credit: iam-ran.blogspot

5. Nike React Element 87 Undercover Light Beige Chalk: Here’s the stunning sneaker unveiled at the Paris Fashion Week FW18. It features a translucent light beige upper with the ‘UNDERCOVER’ stamped. The sneaker showcases a colour-coordinated look with an ultra-futuristic design. The brown sole is like icing on the cake, amplifying the look and enhancing the comfort. The 3M reflective strip outside the foot adds an extra element of ruggedness.

Best Feature: Great grip

Nike Element React 55 vs 87

Obviously, the two sneakers are similar. But there are noteworthy points of distinction as well. Besides the name ‘55’ and ‘87’, there are important aspects that differentiate the two sneakers. So, there is no room for confusion while picking one.


Nike React Element 87 VS 55 PRICE

First and foremost, price is the biggest differentiator. The Nike Element React 55 is a more budget option than the 87. For someone in love with 87, but the price is not going down too well, the former is a great option. It has been released for $30 and is also widely available.


Nike React Element 87 VS 55 tonge

Does a fall in price mean a tad of a compromise? Well, to a certain extent, yes. The tongue of Element 55 and 87 both have the Nike React Printing and the Swoosh pinwheel. Now comes the difference, which leans on the quality. The tongue of 87 is slightly stiffer and has thicker padding. So, kudos to that!


Nike React Element 87 VS 55 laces

The laces of the React Element 87 look interesting and have a fun element to them. They are completely flat and flaunt a dot detailing. We cannot deny how this contributes to all the attention the runners grab. Sadly, the same is not the case with React Element 55. They are just plain rope laces. It may not be such a bad thing. But it sure lacks the excitement.


Nike React Element 87 VS 55 insole

If you have dropped by the Nike React Element 87: A Complete Guide, you know how drool-worthy shoes have taken pride in a cork insole. The moisture-wicking material keeps the sneaker’s insole odour free. Naturally, the wearer will be at ease all day. But the React Element 55 features a regular insole. It sure saves on that extra bucks. But is that a disadvantage?


Nike React Element 87 VS 55 upper

The look and feel of the sneaker upper are completely different. The React Element 87 features a thin translucent mesh. This makes the runners see-through and unbelievably breathable. The latter definitely enhances the comfort. Your feet ought to be well ventilated. However, the see-through aspect can be considered as a flaw if you don’t prefer it that way.

In the case of React Element 55, the translucent mesh has been replaced by a piece of synthetic nylon fabric. The material is soft and light in weight; this means it provides the required comfort. But the absence of mesh takes away the ventilation as well. If you prefer your shoes to be opaque, you will fall in love with them.

Celebrities in Nike React Element 87

All you need in this life of sin is Nike React Element 87! Yes, no kidding. Actors, athletes, models and other A-listers are simply going gaga over them! The spunky vibes and vibrant colours can impress you at once. The smoky and mysterious energy of the runners has won the hearts of many. Unquestionably, Swoosh has been one of the celeb favourites for decades. And we are not surprised! Let’s walk through the celeb sneaker hallway.

Nike React Element 87 worn by Drake

Image Credit: Looklive 

Canadian rapper Drake has been sporting a technical attire and is ruling contemporary fashion effortlessly. He slew a technical sportswear jacket with lightweight regular fit pants and slipped on the same colour t-shirt. The look was minimal yet very flattering. We can surely give some credit to the Nike runners.

Nike React Element 87 worn by Jordan Clarkson

Image Credit: Complex Sneakers/Twitter 

Filipino-American NBA star Jordan Clarkson has established himself as a player and a style icon. He is always known to have a trendy and stylish appeal. He can wear something casual and yet pull it off with sophistication. We spotted him in a pair of tailored sweats, which he wittily tucked into socks. The NBA star matched that with a university inspired tee and a plaid coat. His Nike trainers amplified his attire further.

Nike React Element 87 worn by Kevin Durant

Image Credit: Upscale Hype 

The man who needs no introduction – Kevin Durant, keeps it easy with his fashion game. He never flaunts a flashy look and always slays it simply. We spotted him in a Rhude’s Rhonda sweatshirt, which he paired with sleek joggers and exuberant runners.

Nike React Element 87 worn by Lebron James

Image Credit: sunhotsell

The Swoosh sneakers have swept the NBA stars off their feet. We got a glimpse of Lebron James in these eye-popping silos while he posted a picture on his Instagram handle. He looked bold and spunky, wearing a vibrant joggers suit. Yet again, we spotted him in another iteration from the collection. He was seen at the John Elliott NYFW show wearing the multi-coloured Nike React 87 in cheerful attire. A cap and a gold chain look like his staple accessory.

Nike React Element 87 worn by PJ Tucker

Image Credit: nicekicks

PJ Tucker has always been a Nike loyalist and is often seen showing immense love towards them. The champ was seen wearing a grey textured suit and his dapper Nike React 87. We saw him arrive in Miami wearing the Undercover x Nike React Element 87. He held the Nike Air Penny 2s in hand and grabbed even more attention.

Nike React Element 87 worn by Devin Booker

Image Credit: spotern

Devin Booker carried the stunning sneakers to his Instagram handle. He proved that there is nothing called being ‘too black.’

Nike Re­act El­e­ment 87 worn by DJ Khaled

DJ Khaled wore an all-black outfit with some tints of prints doing the bold talk. He watched the Miami Heat in the UNDERCOVER x Nike React Element 87 in subtle shades.

Ninke React Element 87 worn by Sean Wotherspoon

Image Credit: spotern

The renowned Youtube series creator and American sneaker designer Sean Wotherspoon was seen walking down the streets and painting the town red in casual and sporty attire. His Nike sneakers sure blended beautifully with the theme.

Nike Re­act El­e­ment 87 worn by John Mayer

Image Credit: spotern

American singer John Mayer is a sneakerhead, and there’s no questioning that. He sported a beaming blue Nike hoodie with relaxed grey pants and paired them with the quirky React 87 with elusive colour pops.

Nike React Element 87 worn by Chris Paul

Image Credit: spotern

Chris Paul looked jazzed up when we saw him in a customary Jordan brand jacket, rhude jogged and Nike React Element 87.

Nike Re­act El­e­ment 87 worn by Robert Lewandows­ki

Image Credit: spotern

Not just Basketball, Nike React 87 has gained a significant place in the hearts of footballers as well. The fresh and sprightly colours made the day brighter and even more lovely. He totally slew in a fond black coloured hoodie with knee-length denim shorts and rolled up socks with stunning grey-black runners.

Well, now it’s no secret how athletes, in specific, are drooling over these Nike trainers. The widespread fanbase has contributed massively to the sneaker fame game. Being a Swoosh loyalist calls for a huge responsibility of chic dressing up. But hey, that’s no biggie for our celebrities. The futuristic and ultra-modern design makes it effortless, anyway!

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Wrapping up

If you can’t wait to feast your feet with the Nike React 87, you are on the right page. Fast Sole is the first to feature the newest sneakers. Besides that, we would also acquaint you with the bestsellers, styling tips, cleaning guide and the celebrity hallway.

Nike has been leading the sneaker game since the brand’s inception. Every silhouette has raised the bar higher, and the React 87, with its quirky essence, has broken all the records. When you desire to be fun and fashionable simultaneously, you know you need to get your hands on these trainers. These Swoosh kicks have won the hearts of sneaker jaggers with their high-spirited colour palette and super functional elements.

Undeniably, the aesthetics of these silhouettes is unmatchable. We have unwrapped all the details with the high demand of sneaker fanatics. The BIG question here is which runner is getting into your shoedrobe?

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