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Nike TN Air Max Plus: A Complete Guide

30 November 2021


Liam Perry

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Nike TN Air Max Plus A Complete Guide

Also known as Nike Tn, Fashion veteran Sean McDowell engulfed a unique addition to the Air Max industry in 1998.

The sneakers became a cultural phenomenon with their zealot makeover and transcending performance. Unlike the other members of the Air Max family, the TN Air Max Plus featured a few never occupied before manufacturing techniques in the history of sneakerdom.

The classic runners defined the Air Max era and redefined the brand with a high key category. The jaw-dropping silhouettes were ideally a challenge thrown at the project by one of their most overriding retailers – Foot Locker (FL).

Nike had presented more than a dozen designs incorporating some of the key elements. Sadly, they were all refused by FL. The nascent project required the cushioning technology to be evolved and the re-craft of the street beast. And that’s when Sean McDowell stepped into the Swoosh brand and made a breakthrough in Nike’s Air technology.

Let’s read through how the mastermind cracked the cult stature of the Nike Air Max Plus.

The Squeaky Story of Nike TN Air Max Plus

Sean McDowell made a huge mark in the history of Swoosh with his groundbreaking techniques and mastery skills. He was hired by Nike and was asked to create a design that would satisfy Foot Locker. The footwear retailer demanded Tuned Air in the cushioning technology to optimize the stability of the holder and minimize pressure on the heel. Mc Dowell had something the other Nike designers did not. He possessed a bag full of memories and a sketchbook of the sensational sunsets from Florida.

Before joining Nike, the young designer was spotted chilling on Florida beaches. When he hung out by the foreshore, the artist in him sprung. He sketched the sky tracing with shades of blue and the palm trees swiftly blowing in the wind. These beautiful memories remained in his mind and archives. And that’s how the TN Air Max Plus creation originated. The birth of TN was fancy and nautical. The inspiration was clearly seen in the making of the sneakers. The runners were covered with welded exoskeleton uppers and plastic inserts to exemplify palm trees.

McDowell Air Max Plus concept sketch

Original Air Max Plus sketch by Sean McDowell, ©Nike

McDowell resumed sketching, and that’s how he derived the different colourways and sky versions. He began by naming his workings as ‘Sky Air’, and I am not surprised. Some of the silhouettes looked techy, some looked wavy, some looked geometric, and some just looked very dreamy. The man was definitely a genius, but for him, it was baptism by fire. He went through the hard way. He took the project with a grain of salt and did something splendid. Allow me to introduce the intricacies in the making of the subcultural sneakers.

The Untold Story About Nike TN Air Max Plus

Untold Story About Nike TN Air Max Plus

Nike TN Air Max Plus is hot like lava. It’s different, it’s dazzling, and it’s decorative. Here are a few things which you may not have known about the sneakers.

  • The veteran Nike Air Max designer – Tinker Hatfield is not a part of the TN Air Max Plus.
  • The sneakers were rebranded and are now called Nike Air Max TN.
  • The shoe design drove inspiration from the clouds and sky.
  • Air Max Plus featured the TN logo at the heel and tongue.
  • The iconic feature of shank decorating the heel sets TN Air max Plus from the rest.
  • Nike TN Air Max Plus believed in being eco friendly. The shoes incorporated recycled materials.
  • The Swoosh logo in TN Air Max Plus is slimmer and longer.
  • It is the first sneaker in the Nike family to proudly have the biggest technological innovation – the Tuned Air unit.
  • The cutting edge technology integrated a lot of issues in the making of the shoe. The plan did not go as per how McDowell visioned it to.
  • Nike TN Air Max Plus featured Tuned pods to provide runners high-performance impact protection.
  • The midsole and the bottom of the sole drew major inspiration from a whale’s tail.
  • The aggressive aesthetics of the shoe scored very high amongst the Australians.
  • The designer flew to Asia to fathom how to acquire specific shades.

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The making of the Iconic sneakers

Nike designer Sean MacDowell did something completely offbeat and outlandish. The character of Nike Tns Air Max Plus is different from the rest of the Nike family members in every way. Let’s see how the mastermind cracked what had been rejected sundry times before.

Nike TN Air Max Plus logo

Nike TN Logo

Let’s begin with the branding of the stunning sneakers. Swoosh has been one of the most acknowledged logos in the history of sneakers and fashion. Sean McDowell’s lack of experience in the company resulted in positive innovation. He was not provided with a logo template by the designing team. This resulted in Nike Swoosh looking slimmer and longer. The genius was surprised by the emergence of the TN logo; however, it later became a symbol of the shoe. Out of obligation, he threw the TN branding at the heel and the tongue of the sneakers. Eventually, it became one of the unique elements in Nike lore.

Nike TN Air Max Plus sole

The shoe turned heads around for how the sole was redesigned or, should I say, reinvented. We are all aware of how the sportswear giant incorporated the Tuned Air technology for the first time. The distinctive sole, sure, grabbed all the attention along with the hues of colours. The palm tree stripes in the shank were added, pointing towards the airbag. This artful design drew more attention to the Tuned Air feature. The technology involved the use of two hemispheres in the air unit and the sole. This worked towards enhancing the user’s stability by minimizing the pressure on the heel.

McDowell was committed to emphasizing the top-down view. He incorporated the presence of the shank at the bottom of the sole and extended it to the midsole. This design created a separation in the air units and hence provided a recognizable look to the silhouette. The shark shoe was ideally emboldened from a whale’s tail. He aesthetically engraved the palm trees on the lateral and medial sides. Furthermore, the designer connected them on the top.

Of course, these dad-like sneakers were created for runners. Therefore, along with the design, it was important to focus on the technicality as well. McDowell embraced flex grooves through the forefoot and boosted the reflectivity on the sneakers. The reflective fabric lightened the weight of the sneakers.

Nike TN Air Max Plus aesthetics

Inspired by the beach, clouds and sky, Sean created the silhouettes based on a beach in Florida. Sounds strange, isn’t it? The highlight of the shoes was from a picture of a clear blue sky turning into dark blue and a high profile of the palm trees at sunset. The nautical inspiration can be seen in the sneaker uppers that are covered by a welded exoskeleton. Also, the flat tube is seen lacing to the inordinately aggressive wedged shape.

And, of course, the unrivalled Tuned Air cushioning technology created a storm in the sneaker dome. The shoes were an instant gratifier. The technology and the aggressive design swept off fashion moguls. The new lacing system, TN branding, sleeker Swoosh, thermoplastic vinyl exoskeleton and the upper gradient. The entire TN Air Max plus fabrication was a winner!

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Why does Nike TN Air Max Plus deserve an entry in your shoedrobe?

The chunky tns trainers have gained a cult-like following, and if you are not a part of it, you are missing out on something BIG. The feet of a sneaker hungry deserve a dip in the Nike TN Air Max Plus. And here’s why.

  • The TN Air Max Plus featured half-spheres found in the air unit and sole. This reduced the pressure in the heel. You could work for continuous 25 hours in a day if there were!
  • Sean McDowell’s inspiration for the sneaker was born even before he started working with Nike.
  • The Max Air cushioning provides maximum impact shielding during repetitive foot landings.
  • The hexagonal TN Air logo is one of the most renowned Niki designs and a style statement for fashionistas.
  • The Nike Air Max Plus design allows you to start a new sneaker game.

Nike TN Air Max Plus Comfort & Size?

Nike TN Air Max Plus Comfort

Make you feel like you are walking on clouds

The Nike Tns Air Max Plus brought along a shed of features. The basic motive of doing so was to create unique footwear in the sneaker saga. But in the whilst, it also added to the comfort level exceptionally.

The most noteworthy alien-like exoskeleton feature covers the runner outer completely. The notable element helps the wearer make a statement and also achieve a great grip. This alone stole the heart of many Nike devotees.

The TN Air Max Plus took a completely different approach with the tuned air pods. The moulded rubber unit accommodated air bubbles and the hemisphere technology. Runners had never felt so protected before this. The half-spheres increased the cushioning at the forefoot.

The air bubbles took all the pressure to impart a comfiest and smoothest ride. Nike’s TN Air Max Plus features a solid and unconventional combination of Air system and Tuned technology to deliver stability like never before. These trainers can feel comfortable running on the roughest path, playing a sport or just walking around the town for hours. The Tuned Airbags can make you feel like you are walking on clouds. Well, if you are planning to run a marathon in them, you can give it a second thought.

Nike TN Air Max Plus Size

Air Max Plus TN Size Guide

Here comes the often asked question, is Nike Air Max Plus true to size? Let’s pause the upcoming wave of hype on the sizing. The lace-up sneakers are not true to size. They are roomier, they are generous, and they are sizable. The freaky design runs a bit bigger than usual. So, you have to be mindful about the size you grab onto. Pick half a size up to ensure they fit right. But if your feet are remarkably wide, indulge in one size bigger.

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Nike TN Air Max Plus Style Guide

The Nike TN Air Max Plus is capable of revamping your shoedrobe and wardrobe. You can play along with colours and style like a boss. Although the shoes can make a fashion statement independently, teaming up with voguish and contemporary outfits can up your sneaker game.

Styling tips for women

Air Max Plus Styling tips for women

We would love you to think out of the box. Pull out your pencil fit skirt with a long-sleeved blazer and a body hug fit t-shirt. This could be your winter staple or a quintessential party look. Accessorizing it will get better but only make sure not to overdo it. Something sleek and stylish works. The go-to outfit can be complemented with a mismatched oversized bag. You are going to walk out looking like a diva.

If being ‘folksy’ is your thing, the powerhouse footwear can add to your cool and refreshing attire. Style them with slim-cut jeans and a colossal sized t-shirt or a hoodie. Accessorize the summer staple attire with sunglasses and a scarf. Fancy pants are certainly a thing. But keeping your bottoms basic would work better. Let the focus be on your TN Air Max Plus and enjoy all the attention.

Styling tips for men

Nike Air Max Plus Styling tips for men

Here’s some good news, boys. You don’t have to do anything, and I mean anything. Wear your favourite pair of shorts, a basic t-shirt, socks (printed would be nice), and you are ready to paint the town red.

If you are looking to go fusion at work, these sneakers can work wonders for you. Stick to a black blazer and pants. An all-black attire with dope like refreshing colour washed sneakers is a killer combination. This prodigious draped outfit can impress anyone at work. But if being cosy is your style, wear a coordinated jogger suit with your astounding footwear. This basic ensemble will make you feel homely and stylish.

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How to clean Nike TN Air Max Plus

Nike Air Max Plus Cleaning Process

Clean your Air Max Plus just like you would clean any other Nike possession. Allow your trainers to shine and sparkle and remain fresh forever. It will only require a few minutes and a few implements.

Clean the TN Air Max plus laces

  • Loosen up all the dirt from your scruffy laces first. Let the top layer out swiftly first.
  • Grab a clean bucket and fill it with room temperature water.
  • Slide-in through tablespoons of bleach. Let it blend in the water.
  • Dip your dirty laces in this mixture and let it rest for a while.
  • You can use a spatula to stir the laces in the solution.
  • Pick up a soft brush and scrub off the dirt and stains.
  • Change the water and repeat the process.
  • If this has not sparkled your laces yet, let them in a washing machine and give it a quick wash.

Clean the Nike TN Air Max Plus insoles

  • Insoles don’t just get dirty but also foul-smelling. Cleaning them is not just a part of disinfecting but also maintaining hygiene.
  • Remove the insoles and let them air out for a while.
  • Use a brush to scour off all the mud and dirt.
  • Wet the brush using hot water and a few drops of cleaning serum.
  • Scrub the insoles tactfully.
  • Stress more on the stained areas (toe and heel).
  • Repeat the process until it’s clean.
  • Do not dip the insoles in water.

Clean the Nike TN Air Max Plus uppers and sides

  • You can make use of the same cleaning serum for the shoe uppers and sides.
  • Fill a bowl with room temperature water and some serum.
  • Dip the brush and move it on the sneaker upper and sides.
  • Scrub the hard-to-get-out stains aggressively.
  • Bring out a clean toothbrush to get into the cracks and crannies.

Cleaning Tips

The phenomenal sneakers can cost you a fortune. So, be as conscious as possible. Clean them with love and attentiveness.

  • Avoid high-temperature water.
  • Avoid using harsh chemicals.
  • Avoid exposing the sneakers to direct sunlight.
  • Avoid using a hard brush.

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Real vs Fake: How to spot the difference?

Nike TN Air Max Plus Real VS Fake

Spotting the counterfeit Nike Air Max Tns involves a lot of details. But it’s not rocket science. Follow my simple guideline process. Don’t get caught by the fake ones.

  • The Nike TN Air Max Plus box will have a date code stamped in the box.
  • TN flaunts eyelets cut out of thermoplastic vinyl exoskeleton.
  • The sneakers have a unique plastic square toe cap. The top and bottom edges curve faintly.
  • No glue marks join the upper and midsole.
  • The heel has plastic TN hemispheres in a row. The plastic should have a smooth shine and reflect light.
  • Check for the shoe label around the heel, tongue and sides.
  • The sneaker outsoles will comprise the Tuned Air technology.

Top Nike TN Air Max Plus of All Times

Nike TN Air Max Plus Triple Black

1. Nike TN Air Max Plus Triple Black: If an arrest warrant would be released for being too stunning, it would definitely be this black beauty. It’s super black, super classy and super shiny. The bulky and curvy midsoles expose the air bubbles, which not only looks great but feels great too. The techy black pair allows you to speed up as much as you want without compromising responsiveness. It’s ideal for your winter run.

Best Feature: Versatile with outfits

Nike TN Air Max Plus Bleached Aqua Fierce Purple (W)

2. Nike TN Air Max Plus Bleached Aqua Fierce Purple (W): The stunning Swoosh logo pops up in a soft shade to make a subtle and classy statement. The all-white construction fiercely flaunts bleached Aqua purple. The dope silos are iconic looking and feeling. The stretchy mesh construction lets your feet breathe for extended hours.

Best Feature: Enhanced Flexibility

Nike TN Air Max Plus Scream Green

3. Nike TN Air Max Plus Scream Green: The splendid looking sneakers are screaming out green graciously. The remixed colourway is a tribute to all the sneaker hoggers who are funky in the head. The sneaker uppers and midfoot shank are washed away with grooviness. The look is completed with sky blue hues, pared black grey caging and black n white detailing.

Best Feature: Swagger

4. Nike TN Air Max Plus OG Hyper Blue: The sneakers are calling out to all diehard enthusiasts for a sensational feel. The geometric footwear has a strictly blue upper with black accents. It flaunts a yellow Swoosh logo on the sidewalls and looks even more enthralling. These kicks let you be ahead of the fashion game and are one of the comfiest pairs you can own.

Best Feature: Water-resistant upper

Nike TN Air Max Plus The Shark (France)

Image Credit: lesitedelasneaker.com

5. Nike TN Air Max Plus The Shark (France): Air Max’s legendary model has been a fan favourite since its debut. The world-renowned silhouette is accented with jagged black lines and flaunts a tinge of colours from every corner. The highly hyped trainers were a great hit on Halloween but will do no less for Christmas. These dope sneakers promise never to provide a dull step.

Best Feature: Enhanced support

Top Nike TN Air Max Plus of 2021

Nike TN Air Max Plus Tiffany Black Blue

1. Nike TN Air Max Plus Tiffany Black Blue CV8838-400: The sneakers are fabulous and refreshing. Up your daily sneaker score with the soft and aquatic shades of blue along with pitch black overlays. The charmer is summer and winter wear. The blue takes over the mesh top with hints of black and a silver tongue tab. The Swoosh logo marks its territory in a silver shade, and the white laces do their job of looking outlandish.

Best Feature: High-quality construction

Resale Value: £ 241.65

Air Max Plus White University Red

2. Nike TN Air Max Plus White University Red DM8332-100: Draped in white with red accents, these Nike stunners are sure to grab your attention. The shiny leather fixtures, noticeable branding on the insole and Swoosh logo on both side walls has made waves for the right reasons. The red highlights on the tongue branding allow the sneakers to grab a place in your summer shoedrobe.

Best Feature: Classic sneaker

Resale Value: £ 129.00

Nike TN Air Max Plus 3 White Aquamarine

3. Nike TN Air Max Plus 3 White Aquamarine DM2835-100: If you are a white sneaker lover, you are sure to go gushing over these dope sneakers. The colourway is striking, unique and drool-worthy. The gorgeous kicks let you style your summer outfit sophisticatedly. The Tuned Air is not just visible but also very light in weight. So, slip on these kicks and experience the comfiest footbed.

Best Feature: Lightweight

Resale Value: £ 199.00

Nike TN Air Max Plus Black Royal

4. Nike TN Air Max Plus Black Royal DM8331-001: These sneakers scream out royalty with every step you take. The colourway can complement any outfit of your choice. Regardless of how you style them, these kicks let you slay anything and everything. The rubber outsole imparts the right amount of grip and traction. Walk on a slippery track, and you know you are safe.

Best Feature: Lightweight

Resale Value: £ 199.00

Nike TN Air Max Plus Smoke Grey

5. Nike TN Air Max Plus Smoke Grey DJ6896-070: The breathtaking footwear can give your sneaker wardrobe a makeover with its colourway and aesthetics. The stunners will keep your feet cool and comfy as long as they are on your feet with their airy mesh. The sneaker structure is designed to provide magnificent traction along with grip and durability. So, the newfangled kicks will please you with their insane comfort.

Best Feature: Premium stability

Resale Value: £ 165.00

Famous Fable of Nike TN Air Max Plus

Owning a pair of Nike Air Max Plus is signifying the fashionista in you. Celebrities, Basketeers, Footballers and A-listers are now claiming to be sneaker influencers. From rappers to athletes, everyone seems to be drooling over the Tuned Air Max Plus. Sure, they are taking the sneaker game too seriously. Let’s get into the celebrity tales. You definitely can compete with them.

Famous rapper Youv Dee was chilling on a bright wintery afternoon wearing his Nike TN Air Max Plus OG Hy­per sneakers. He posted a picture on his Instagram handle wearing black joggers and a winter jacket.

Gambi Spotted with Nike Air Max Plus© Gambi

French rapper Gambi is often seen loving every member of the Nike TN Air Max Plus family. The Air Max TN looks like his favourite trainers. He wore an all-black with a furry jacket and his black beauty on the feet. He totally slew the look. We also spotted a picture on his Instagram wearing another member of the Air Max Plus in the same colourway. The man looks like a huge Nike fan. His socks and jersey flaunted the Swoosh logo as well.

Aubrey Drake Graham spotted with Air Max Plus

Image Credit: Solecollector.com

Canadian rapper Aubrey Drake Graham wore his TN Air Max Plus ‘Bat’ with a bright orange sweatshirt and black joggers.

Kourtney Kardashian spotted with Air Max PlusImage Credit: footwearnews.com

Kourtney Kardashian was spotted with Luka Sabbat in Los Angeles on a sunny afternoon. They got all the attention for the green juices in their hands and chunky white and green TN Air Max Plus sneakers on their feet. The star-turned mother of three, a gorgeous lady, wore a low key outfit and allowed her trainers to do the job. She was spotted in a ribbed white tank top and undimmed grey sweatpants.

djadja spotted with Air Max Plus© djadjaofficial

Djadja has always been a sneaker trendsetter. He wore an all-grey suit with grey to black faded chunky sneakers. The fashionista accessorized his attire with a grey cap and looked quite colour coordinated.

Nike Air Max TN hasn’t gained as much popularity amongst the NBA players. We are figuring out the reason. Thabo Sefolosha stands out in the crowd by flaunting the kicks on and off the court. He finds them swaggy and comfortable. Rudy Gorbet is also a big Nike TN Air Max Plus fan but from the lifestyle perspective only. He prefers to keep the sneakers away when he’s on the court, but otherwise, he finds them awe-inspiring.

And lastly, not just a social media influencer but a big sneaker influencer too. Sofia Richie shows off her colourful Swoosh Plus kicks on her Instagram story. She beautifies the sneaker picture further with a drool-worthy emoji.

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Wrapping Up

The street style of Nike TN Air Max Plus lets you fuse your sneaker dom beautifully. And that’s a wrap to our complete Swoosh TN guide. Just like always, Nike never fails to gratify every sneaker junkie with its aesthetic appearance and comfort zone.

What’s stopping you from adding these coveted kicks to your roster? Stay in touch with Fast Sole to grab all the information first. Know about the TN Air Max Plus release dates and everything else about these stunners.

Stay tuned!

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