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Nike’s Air Rift ‘Kenya’ Is Set To Make A Comeback

18 May 2023

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Justin Stones

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Nike is about to take you on a wild adventure through the savannas of Kenya with the return of the legendary Air Rift ‘Kenya’ sneaker. So if you’re looking for an OG pack that’s both stylish and unconventional, then the Air Rift ‘Kenya’ is the one for you.

Lace up and get ready to run wild in the streets with this rare gem that will take your sneaker steez to the next level. Are you ready to roar with the Rift? Then let’s explore the details of this amazing comeback!

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From Kenya to Your Feet

Alright, sneaker fam, let’s take a trip back in time to the origins of the Air Rift ‘Kenya’. Back in 1996, Hatfield was inspired by his travels to Kenya and the country’s unique running culture. He noticed that many Kenyan runners preferred to run barefoot or in sandals and wanted to create a sneak that could mimic the barefoot running experience while also providing protection and support.

The name ‘Rift’ comes from the Great Rift Valley, a geographic rift that runs from Lebanon to Mozambique, and it’s a nod to the sneaker’s split-toe design. The silo was also inspired by the traditional tabi shoes of Japan, which have a similar split-toe design. And now, over 25 years later, Nike is bringing back the classic ‘Kenya’ colourway, paying homage to the country that inspired it all.

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Air Rift ‘Kenya’: Lit Style

This SE pack is a classic example of Nike’s innovative approach to design, combining style, comfort, and performance in one unique package. The ‘Kenya’ colourway of the Air Rift is a bold and eye-catching gem that will make everyone stare. The upper is primarily black, with a mesh material that’s both lightweight and breathable. The green accents on the sneaker really pop against the black base, adding a touch of wildness to the overall look.

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The tiny red Nike logo on the toe box is a subtle detail that shows off the brand’s iconic branding, while the ‘NIKE’ branding on the back belt adds another layer of boldness to the design. A clean white midsole completes the overall look. The Air Rift ‘Kenya’ reissue is also getting a few modern updates, including a more breathable upper and a comfortable Phylon midsole.

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Product Information

Colour : Black Green

Code : FN7772-001

Release Date : Coming Soon

Price : £120

Dropping Soon!

The Air Rift ‘Kenya’ is more than just a kick; it symbolises innovation, inspiration, and cultural exchange. And the dope news for all sneaker fans is that this hypebeast is coming soon, and while we don’t have an official release date yet, we’ve got a sneak peek for you to check out. So take a closer look at the picture because this gig is worth the wait.

In other news, Reebok just dropped a new version of the Classic Leather The Pump with the pump technology, Check it out, fam!

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