Official Look At Nike Air Max 97 “London Summer Of Love”

Official Look At Nike Air Max 97 London Summer Of Love 01

Official Look At Nike Air Max 97 “London Summer Of Love” will make you re-do your monthly shopping list. This runner has all the colours, freshness, and cheerfulness of the Spring season and shows them off unabashedly! It is a part of the On Air Collection that Nike Sportswear recently had. The line-up has six prominent themes that are all drenched and dressed with Spring-inspired shades. All of them tell different stories of particular cities, but this one, tells the story of love. Jasmine Lasode poured her heart out to show us how she spent her time in Primrose Hill and fell in love. For her, London is the city of love indeed. She uses a bucket full of colours and fresh hues to present the city’s lovely and romantic aroma.

Going crazy with colours and tangy vibes, this classic Air Max looks even hotter with the balancing white panel. This one will steal the show among the abstract and artistic themes from NYC, Shanghai, Tokyo, Paris, and Seoul. Orange, green, lime, purple, blue, and indigo spread on their areas playfully. Jasmine didn’t hold back at all it seems! Follow @FastSoleUK for more.

Vivid and quirky colours strike you right away with the colour blast! If you need a score boost overnight, then you should go for it without thinking twice. The spark and spice of the multicolour palette fit all the outfits you have in your wardrobe. The construction stays original with leather, mesh, and nylon materials. The quality has upgrades and higher engineering to cope up with any adversity of any season. It’s hard to describe how the hot hues paint the kick. You must see for yourself from the attached stills. But one thing is easy to notice. The embossed white leather mudguard that lets the colours pop out even more!

Official Look At Nike Air Max 97 London Summer Of Love 03

“97P” on the waves, “Good Chat” on the pull-tag, and some more hints from Jasmine’s first date finish this love-bird.

Nike Air Max 97 “London Summer of Love” releases April 13th via listed UK and European retailers.

Product Information:

Name: Nike Air Max 97 London Summer of Love
Release Date:
 April 13th
Price: £ 170

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