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Paul Pogba x adidas Predator is Worlds First Vegan Football Boot

26 October 2021


Liam Perry

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Paul Pogba x adidas Predator is Worlds First Vegan Football Boot featured image

Are you seeing this? Paul Pogba x adidas Predator is World’s First Vegan Football Boot, and it’s absolutely worth each of your penny! The Trefoil trainers for running by Stella McCartney and French professional footballer from Manchester United football club have joined together for the most amazing pair of this season. This particular pair doesn’t follow through with classic themes or traditional football shoes’ vibes. In fact, it looks way bolder than anything in stock right now! However, the “vegan” tag and the sock-like engineering make this boot appear cosy and casual.

It’s the adidas Predator Freak that we’re talking about, and the construction or the colour scheme both are outstanding. But on top of everything, this silo comes ready with high-quality Primeknit materials. It’s the world’s first-ever vegan football boot, which means the knit-walls are made out of fully recycled waste particles.

Stella McCartney’s own aesthetics join this Predator Freak, making it one of the most memorable sneaker-football moments! The sports world and the comforting features from adidas trainers go a long way back. This time the collaboration with Paul Pogba will bring the hype for comfy football boots to everyone else outside the sneaker world.

Paul Pogba x adidas Predator is Worlds First Vegan Football Boot 02

McCartney kept assuring that this adidas Predator Freak is made with the planet in mind. As a result, the Primenit walls and the track-ready midsole both are eco-conscious, comfortable, and season-friendly. And as you can see, the colour scheme or the graphics on this silo is gorgeous too.

Pogba, as an athlete, knows what every athlete needs. He was a crucial part of creating this vegan adidas football boot. The materials are stretchy enough so that a sportsperson can move as quickly as they want. Likewise, the walls keep them fresh by allowing maximum airflow inside. The upper body shows off a stunning combination of leopard print and Earth Protector graphics.

You can spot the spikes on the forefoot, which is quite new in this specific genre. Those spikes are adidas Demonskin rubber spikes, working with computer algorithms. Thanks to this high-tech infusion, the wearer gets a good grip on sports fields and admirable ball control for dribbling or passing. The spikes poke out of the white base with signal orange. Finally, Stella McCartney’s signature metallic chrome finishing on the synthetic heel completes the design.

Paul Pogba x adidas Predator is Worlds First Vegan Football Boot 01

Paul Pogba x adidas Predator is Worlds First Vegan Football Boot to arrive ready for every season! If you are a football fan or a casual sneaker collector, grab this limited edition boot ASAP.

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Image Credit: news.adidas.com



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