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Sneaker NFTs from Nike and METAVERSE

05 November 2021


Tracy Green

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Sneaker NFTs from Nike and METAVERSE featured image

Is Nike thinking about releasing sneaker NFTs? We’ve all heard the news of Facebook’s name changing to Meta and its stock trading symbol changing to MVRS. Since then, the Metaverse topic, in general, has become the hottest topic of today. NFTs are now a super popular and valuable commodity and are aiming to assimilate utility to pair with their own artistic value. The corporate sector seems to be working hard on slowly blending the real world with the digital. We might soon be getting Sneaker NFTs from Nike and METAVERSE.

Sneaker NFTs from Nike and METAVERSE 01

Seems like Nike is also embracing this future now, as we’re getting Sneaker NFTs from Nike and METAVERSE soon. According to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, the sneaker brand has filled multiple applications, including ones for the slogan “Just Do It” as well as the Jumpman and Swoosh logos. Each of these indicates an obvious goal to make and sell virtual goods.

Sneaker NFTs from Nike and METAVERSE 02

Moreover, Nike’s recent Job postings were looking to hire both a Virtual Material Designer of Footwear and complementing Virtual Design roles. One of the listings explained the role as a part of the “Digital Product Creation group” was said to be “a team focusing on igniting the digital and virtual revolution at Nike”.

Nike is working on protecting its trademarks for this new era and the future world. However, this movement is also an obvious sign that Nike is following Facebook’s example. Therefore, we can expect to see SNKRS and retail channels advance to include virtual products as well as physical ones. Even though we haven’t received any official statements yet, these virtual products could include clothing, footwear, sports equipment, artwork, toys, and so on, all of which were specifically listed on the applications.

Even though they’re not entirely wearable just yet, we could witness these implemented in VR environments. They could appear as a coded extension of our very own wardrobes. To know more about this and other exciting Nike news, follow us at FastSoleUK. We also post daily news from your favourite sneaker brands as well as release information. Stay tuned for all the latest details.

Image Credit: sneakernews.com



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