Recent News From Air Max 97

  Say hello to the first-ever two-tone makeover of the iconic Air Max 97! This season, Nike Debuting A Light Toned Air Max 97, and this beauty is givin’ sneaker junkies literally goosebumps! We don’t know about u, but we can’t wait to get our hands on the most futuristic and fashionable pair of AM97’s...Read More
  Looking for a jazzy pair of kicks to stun your audience? Well, Nike decides to throw in some sequins to the latest AM97 iteration, taking sneaker fashion right off the charts! The Nike Air Max 97 Black Sequin Soon To Drop, throwing sneakerheads into a turmoil!   Get the fall parties started with the...Read More
  Finally The Nike “Worldwide Pack” Landing Tomorrow! You don’t want to miss this because the entire collection is literally picture-perfect. Moreover, there’s a very slight of everyone in the sneaker realms getting a pair. The crowd is already quite massive. The chances are, only the fast ones will be the proud owner of a...Read More
  The newest member of the Swoosh’s Worldwide collection is about to make an entrance into the sneaker empire. We finally get to have a Closer Look At The Nike Air Max 97 “Worldwide” iteration, which will be here soon enough to rock our summer! Are you ready for the most out-of-this-world look that you...Read More