Recent News From Air Max 98

Nike Air Max 98 Triple Pink First Look is enough to give you butterflies in your stomach! It’s up for grabs by the end of January 2019. Morning shows the day indeed! The first month isn’t even over yet, and we’re all showered with multiple fascinating colourways and iterations from the Nike-hood. This classic, chunky beast...Read More
Recently we have seen Nike reviving lots of its famous classic lines. Great modern design concepts enrich these Air Max sneakers with the touch of its origin to commemorate the swoosh’s golden eras. Following that recent emphasis on the Air Max 98 continues. Here is the First Look At Wild Fractal Printed Nike Air Max...Read More
Nike Air Max 98 OG is making a big comeback this season with the evergreen, always-on-trend kick. This OG re-issue is quite the fuss now! Sneak freaks are all hyped up for this big boss kick and they possibly already have marked this one as their top-of-the-list. No other sneaker line gained this much affection...Read More