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The Nike Air Flight Huarache OG “Varsity Purple/Royal Blue” Drops Soon

03 June 2023

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Liam Perry

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The Nike Air Flight Huarache OG Varsity PurpleRoyal Blue Drops Soon featured image

Remember those old-school days, the echoes of bouncing balls and squeaky courts? Nike is about to teleport us back into that golden era with the re-release of the Nike Air Flight Huarache OG in the iconic “Varsity Purple/Royal Blue” colourway. Hold onto your laces, sneakerheads; we’re about to go on a trip down memory lane!

The Nike Air Flight Huarache OG Varsity PurpleRoyal Blue Drops Soon front corner

Sneak Peek into History

Nike is known for curating styles that stand the test of time, and the Nike Air Flight Huarache OG is no different. Initially making a splash in the ’90s, these bad boys were seen as revolutionary, pushing the boundaries of hoop-to-street style. The classic purple and blue colourway made a name for itself on the court, turning this design into an enduring classic. Prepare to lace up in nostalgia as Nike brings this classic back to the shelves on June 7th.

The Nike Air Flight Huarache OG Varsity PurpleRoyal Blue Drops Soon up

The “Purple Reign.”

With Tinker Hatfield at the helm, the design boasts a palette of white, “Varsity Purple”, and “Royal Blue”. These shades have not just walked but slam-dunked their way into the hearts of sneaker lovers over the years. The pops of purple and blue add a vintage touch, bringing out a retro flair that’s hard to resist.

The Nike Air Flight Huarache OG Varsity PurpleRoyal Blue Drops Soon back

Product Information

Colour : White Purple Blue

Code : FD0183-101

Release Date : Coming Soon

Price : £317.43

Flexing the Style Guide

The Nike Air Flight Huarache OG can elevate your sneaker game and become the high-flyer of your wardrobe. For a chill, laid-back vibe, pair them with distressed jeans and an oversized tee. If you’re more about the athleisure look, couple them with joggers and a crisp hoodie. Remember, style is a personal journey, so take a leap and craft your own fashion story with these kicks.

Ace the Fit

True to its OG roots, the sneaker maintains its classic silhouette that simply fits everyone. Whether you’ve got slim feet or wider ones, the Nike Air Flight Huarache OG hugs them just right. No more wobbly steps or squeezed toes, just pure comfort from tip to heel.

Timeless Classic, New-Age Comfort

While it hails from the past, this model doesn’t compromise on modern comfort. Infused with updated Air cushioning within the heel and forefoot, these kicks promise a plush ride every time you step out. So, while your feet are rocking the retro, they’re still chilling in 21st-century comfort.

Get ready to relive the ’90s with these iconic kicks. Remember to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for all your sneaker news and style updates.

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