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Yeezy Boost 500: A Complete Guide

02 November 2021


Liam Perry

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Yeezy Boost 500 A Complete Guide

Kanye West and addidas’s second venture – Yeezy Boost 500 with the ‘Super Moon Yellow’ colourway released in the year 2018 and stunned everyone with its kicks. The designer and sneaker king released the stunner during the NBA- All-star weekend for the much hype.

The iconic collab invented some new heights using the mastermind. The release of these heartthrobs became the talk of the town and let the sneaker land on fire with some prodigious features.

Stay tuned to know everything about these beauties.

What’s the story?

Yeezy Boost 500 Timeline

The Yeezy 500 was the first of Kanye and adidas venture to ditch the Boost technology. These runners came with the Avant-garde notion of ‘feet your wear’ sole in the adidas family. The Yeezy debutante was ideally 20 years old, featuring Kobe Bryant’s signature KB8 III in 1999.

The charmer silhouette was designed to help the basketball players prohibit rolling their ankles on the court. Drafted straight out of old school, the feet your wear sole created a new sneaker trend. The sharp-witted design was established on the concept of natural motion. This hi-tech feature was enacted as an extension for the athlete’s feet. It beautifully mimicked the natural curves and shape of the user’s foot by creating a wide base with an organic curve from the outsole to the midsole.

The Yeezy 500 futuristic sneakers ensured unparalleled stability and reached newfound levels. With this, it proved to be a massive hit amongst sneakerheads. The oversized silhouetted worked sympathetically for the lateral movements.

One of Kanye’s experimental silhouettes, Yeezy 500, made its way in more colourways like ‘Stone’, ‘Blush’. ‘Utility Black’, ‘Soft Vision’ and more. The chunky sneaker boy executed this beautiful sneaker collection with an impressive adiprene midsole.

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What are Yeezy 500 made of?

Yeezy Boost 500 made of

Hey, all this while, were you thinking that Yeezy 500 is made of the same material as Yeezy 350? Sorry to burst your bubble. They are poles apart.

These athletic sneakers are a classic blend of high-haired suede and nubuck suede. The tough construction is incorporated to escalate the durability of the sneakers.

Should we begin with the material of the packaging? The corrugated cardboard with Yeezy details mentioned on one side and the sneaker size details on the other. The cardboard box should have a double layer with a slight gap between the two.

Coming back to the Yezzy 500 beauty, they have a special mudguard feature on the side panel with the new buck suede underneath to assure a great level of stability. The upper construction, along with suede, also flaunts premium leather and lycra. Unlike the 350 series, Yeezy 500 does not have a primeknit technology but has impressed the athletes with the adiPRENE technology, a shock-absorbent. This is a performer at absorbing impact and optimizing rebound movement in the court. The dad like sneaker scored a brace with this.

The stellar also has removable ortholite insoles for cushioning to the feet. The Yeezy x adidas is manufactured in China, but soon Kanye aims at moving the unit to the US.

Know the Size Guide for Yeezy Boost 500

Yeezy Boost 500 Size Guide

Are Yeezy Boost 500 true to the size?

Being a shoefie, you are definitely curious to know if Yeezy Boost 500 is true to the size? Let’s just fathom one thing straight. Like the look and feel, the fit of Yeezy 500 is also completely different from 350. They run small, in most cases.

The narrow toe box gives no room for the feet to wiggle. You could highly feel cramped if you stick to your original size. Also, the structure of these sneakers is very firm and supportive. So, go a half size up and slay it like a dragon.

Are Yeezy Boost 500 comfortable?

Are Yeezy Boost 500 Comfortable

If you thought the absence of boost technology would make the Yeezy Boost 500 not so comfortable, boy, you are so wrong!

These dope kicks are comfortable but in a very different way. You may miss the primknit feature and the flexibility of Yezzy 350, but guess what? You will still find it like a bed of roses. The adiPRENE soles make the silhouette a heartthrob. It’s supportive, responsive and provides a pillowy foot for more comfortable running with a bouncy feeling. I bet you are going to enjoy wearing them for long hours at a stretch.

The go-to sneakers also have mesh panels on the top and around that makes it a breathable show. The limited Yeezy Boost 500 version features rubber around the midsoles. This gives peerless scratch proofing and support.

Let’s just say Yeezy has spoilt the sneaker industry, and this one is no exception!

Some Expert Opinions from our Top Sneaker Bloggers

Step into the unrevealed and sensational findings from our top sneaker bloggers. Here’s what Fast Sole’s curated panel has to say.

  • Words from our CEO – Shah Aktaruzzaman: Kanye West has blessed my sneaker collection insanely with his excellence. But this time, with Yeezy 500, he has beaten his own records. One of the most comfortable pairs I have ever owned.
  • Words from our Trends Writer – Liam Perry: The high slate Yeezy 500 has been a treasure in the Yeezy series. The versatile sneaker is a classic combination of comfort and aesthetics. It’s a beast!
  • Words from our Senior Writer- Tracy Green: I am blown away by how comfortable these beauties are. The sole has a modern cushioning tech that will give your feet a fellow feeling.
  • Words from our Editor-in-Chief- Simon Kalinchuk: These kicks are remarkably pleasant. They flaunt a fiery look which is absolutely alluring in an eccentric way.

How do Yeezy Boost 500 fit?

They are not snuggish. They don’t have a sock-like fit. These kicks are comfortable and have a custom fit. Also, the andiPRENE sole makes every pair absolutely reliable.

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Ways to care for Yeezy Boost 500

How to clear your Yeezy 500

How to clean Yeezys?

Yeezy 500 are made of different materials – premium leather, premium mesh, premium suede and uncleared stripe with leather on the sides. So, you definitely don’t want your loved sneaker to get ripped off in the process of cleaning.

A magical wash set should do the drill for you – Jason Mark ready to use foam, premium brush, standard brush, microfibre towel, and the Jason marks week. With this, you can clean every tiny part of the shoe. Begin with uppers, then the midsole and then head to the laces. The suede section could get a little gruelling. But hey, the Jason Marquis racer is a genius!

Which chemicals can you use to eliminate spots?

Shun the harsh chemicals right away. Yeezy 500 sneakers are a gem. Clean it exactly the way I have mentioned above. Nothing more, nothing less!

What should you avoid while cleaning the shoes?

Hot water can make your sneakers miserable. Ensure never to involve it in the cleaning process.

Can you replace any parts?

Yes, you can replace anything and everything in a Yeezy Boost 500.

Laces, insoles and more. Like I said, everything. What you do need to pay attention to is whether it’s a trusted seller. You cannot risk your Yeezys with some untrustworthy. If you smell something fishy, don’t take a chance.

Yeezy Boost 500: Real vs Fake

How to spot an authentic Yeezy Boost 500?

Spotting on authentic Yeezy 500 can be a bit bewildering. The mundane question – how to spot an authentic Yeezy Boost 500 comes only because of the existing counterfeits trying to con the widespread sneaker hungry people. Let me put the lowdown across first. The originality lies in the fine details. The fast sole has done intricate research on it, and here it is.

  • The midsole and the lower outsole should be the same colour.
  • The adidas logo between the fake and the OG one is fiercely different. The real logo is always stamped immaculately. In the case of the fake one, the logo will lack the 3D effect and stay flat.
  • The fake Yeezy tongue will be short.
  • The counterfeit toe box suede hair length and the colour will be uneven.
  • Check for the stitches all over. The real ones will be more detailed and tidy.
  • Head to the ‘non marking’ stamp on the outsole. The fake one will not be easily readable.
  • Don’t forget to inspect the insoles. The three logos printed on it should be – adidas, Yeezy and Ortholite. These logos should be bold, clear, thick and matte finish. If it’s not, then it’s a matter of concern.
  • The inauthentic Yeezy will have the size tag with erratically printed alphabets.

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Yeezy Boost 500: Style Guide

Style Guide for Yeezy 500

Image Credits: hypebae.com

Which is the best outfit to be worn with Yeezy 500?

The chunky-looking sneakers can be a trendsetter when you pair them with any outfit. Team them up with a pair of distressed rolled up jeans and flaunt them as much as you can. Do you want to go a bit formal? That’s doable too! An oversized coat with a fitted tee and cropped trousers are a go-to with Yeezys!

Should you go formal or casual with Yeezy?

You can style them however you like. But Yeezy 500 are more sporty looking than its counterparts. Have you tried them with your favourite sweatshirt and joggers? You are going to rock the show!

Socks or no socks with Yeezy?

Give the ribbed socks a shot. They are sure to make your Yeezy look even chunkier.

Yeezys are best for which season?

Summer baby summer! How I love the vibrancy and sprightliness of these big daddies. The fearless and joyous colour palette is going to make you rock every summer outfit you own. It’s a classic example of Bold and Beautiful!

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Top Five Yeezy Boost 500 of 2021

Top Yeezy 500 2021-Enflame

Image Credits: kicksonfire.com

1. adidas Yeezy Boost 500 Enflame GZ5541: The stunner can captivate you effortlessly with its spunkiness. Get geared to boost every little step with its flamy theme. The bright beauty will let you own the summer tracks beautifully.

Best Feature: Snug fitting.

Resale value: £170

Top Yeezy 500 2021-Frosted Blue

Image Credits: nigoclothing.com

2. adidas Yeezy Boost 500 High Frosted Blue GZ5544: Is there something called too funky? This Yeezy stunner has out beaten everyone on that aspect. These frosted blue beauties can be a staple in your wardrobe. Let them in right away.

Best Feature: Tech-infused midsoles.

Resale value: £240

Top Yeezy 500 2021-Quantum Flaora

Image Credits: endclothing.com

3. adidas Yeezy Boost 500 Quantum Flaora GW5314: I bet you are going to up your sneaker game with this babe on your feet! You definitely have not seen anything like this before. I can bow down to Kanye for this jaw-dropping sneaker.

Best Feature: Boost midsoles.

Resale value: £149

Top Yeezy 500 2021-Tactile Orange

Image Credits: poshmark.com

4. adidas Yeezy 500 High Tactile Orange GW2873: The modern-day sneaker is a perfect combination of mesh, leather and suede. The pair is a badass and can accentuate any outfit tactfully. Did I mention what a rockstar it is with the colour scheme? You have to see it to believe it!

Best Feature: Foot-friendly material.

Resale value: £130

Top Yeezy 500 2021-Taupe LightImage Credits: freshandflyinc.com

5. adidas Yeezy 500 Taupe Light GX3605: Funky yet sophisticated, these stunners are absolutely unmissable. Wear them whenever with whatever; the Blush themed sneaker will get you all the attention you never even thought of.

Best Feature: Wise cushioning.

Resale value: £66

Top 5 Yeezy Boost 500 of All Time

Top 5 Yeezy Boost 500 of All Time - Utility Black

Image Credits: solecollector.com

1. adidas Yeezy Boost 500 Utility Black F36640: These are diamonds in the Yeezy predecessors, absolutely differently designed! The elegant and premium feels give it a royal tinge. The sleek colourway also reflects as highly aesthetic.

Best Feature: Perforated mesh windows.

Resale value: £159

Top 5 Yeezy Boost 500 of All Time - Stone

2. adidas Yeezy Boost 500 Stone FW4839: The stone is a stunner! Painted in a beige colour tone, the sneaker speaks class from every angle. This juicy pair is a killer combination of suede and neoprene.

Best Feature: Gum rubber outsole.

Resale value: £249

Top 5 Yeezy Boost 500 of All Time - Bone White

3. adidas Yeezy 500 Bone White FV3573: Hold your breath; this head-turning sneaker is sure to make you go crazy! It has a hefty-looking upper to make it look heavy-duty and rock solid. The suede patches surely give a vintage vibe.

Best Feature: Flexible.

Resale value: £200

Top 5 Yeezy Boost 500 of All Time - Soft Vision

4. adidas Yeezy 500 Soft Vision FW2656: This baby boy is going to make your heart melt at the very first glance. The subtle new colourway flaunts different shades of soft pink and stripes on the insole.

Best Feature: Ultra-breathable.

Resale value: £269

Top 5 Yeezy Boost 500 of All Time - Salt

Image Credits: ice2art.com

5. adidas Yeezy 500 Salt: The tonal sneaker is a classic combination of squeaky and vintage. The dad shoe lets you boost fresh feet with its soothing colour palette. They are dramatically classy!

Best Feature: Weather-resistant.

Resale value: £150

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Celebrities and Yeezy 500

Celebrity Wearing Yeezy 500

Image Credits: sneakerbardetroit.com, tingzer.top, dailymail.co.uk, ice2art.com, hawtcelebs.com

Just like the Yeezy family, its fan following is growing by leaps and bounds!

Every piece created by Kanye is a masterpiece! And that’s why the exuberant sneaker wear has made the junkies go gaga.

The Kardashians and Kanye West himself are forever seen making a statement in them. But that’s not about it! Many have joined the dad shoe aisle and showed shown their overgrowing love.

While we have always spoken about Yeezys looking the best with denim or leggings, The American fashionista – Karlie Kloss was seen making news in the never seen before! She pairs her Black Yeezy 500 with a high waisted skirt and fitted cop top. She surely grabbed all the headlines!

Hailey Baldwin proves that Yeezys could be a part of any formal event too! The Americal model was seen slaying in spunky Yeezy runners and a feathered minidress on a red carpet event. She added an oversized distressed denim jacket and totally got all the eyes rolling over her.

Let’s not miss how Kim Kardashian is forever seen in Yeezys rocking her gym look. Can anyone look so fabulous after a hardcore workout session? Yep, that’s her!

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