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Yeezy Slides: A Complete Guide

25 January 2023


Liam Perry

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YEEZY Slide A Complete Guide

Let me begin by saying the relationship between Kanye West and slides have been fairly intricate. Unquestionably, he has been famed for his calibre and massive portfolio in the music and sneaker industry. But with the incorporation of adidas Yeezy slides, it’s been a love-hate relationship.

Unlike the first pair of sneakers, the Yeezy slides were looked upon comically. It was the year 2018 when footwear revolutionized into the croc style slip-on. The jaw-dropping futuristic sandals surely did see a lot of turbulence. This led to Ye making footwear-related news not just for his mastermind but also for their reactions. It was indeed a controversial phase for Kanye and adidas.

The Yeezy slide bones redefined the brand with a low key category. The silhouettes grabbed a huge share in the essential section of footwear. The mastermind is known for making waves in internet history. And the Yeezy slides did not flinch away from causing twitter meltdowns. But the forward-thinking framework gradually grew on people.

How did the love-hate relationship with the slides turn into absolute love? Let’s find out.

What’s Yeezy Slide Story from scratch?

YEEZY Slide Timeline

The open toe footwear made quite a storm on the internet with its unusual aesthetic appeal. But it’s no groundbreaking statement that everything Kanye touches turns into gold. From his music to his Yeezy sneakers and now the famous or infamous Yeezy slides.

The Yeezy slides have gone from strength to strength. The label dropped its first set of slides with its news-worthy characteristics. The slides were draped in earthy tones with an oversized frame and created a new sneaker chunky trend for everyday wear.

Ye dropped the first look of these sensational slides flaunting it himself. He garnered a hype-worthy scoop doing the rounds wearing the slides with a suit. Who would have thought about this look? He pulled off an unwonted appearance in a Louis Vuitton seafoam green suit and velcro slides with socks. Kanye set a new wedding trend and gave a green signal to those who would love to yank off an out of the blue wedlock outfit.

The iconic look got the paparazzi drooling over him but did not convince all onlookers. Some mocked them ruthlessly, but Kanye stayed unaffected by it. Rather, he left no stone unturned in publicizing the revolutionary slides.

Undoubtedly, social media is a strong driving force for most sneakerheads. Ye made the most of it and used the platform as a weapon to get to the sneaker lovers. The rapper acted quick-witted to get the much desired cult-like following. He was extensively trolled for wearing the tiny sized sides at a wedding. The man roasted himself very sportingly by tweeting a picture in oversized Yeezy slides and making them a costume for his music video.

The silhouettes took off like a ruptured duck when Kim Kardashian West teased the slides on her Instagram story, exclusively for kids. Post that, the slides only climbed the ladder of success. The slides got sold out regardless of how much they were mocked.

The tiny tales of Yeezy slide making

The celebrated slides are certainly made to perfection. The label has reinvented the definition of slides acoustically. The bonafide Yeezy silhouettes are practically made of EVA foam. Kanye, being a conscious consumer himself, made a wise decision of replacing plastic with ethylene-vinyl acetate. The elasticity and softness enhances the comfort of the slides to the topmost. The EVA foam also gives a good grip and makes the footwear rigid and tough. Sure, it looks bulbous and swollen. But it gives a crazy round aesthetic appeal.

The Yeezy mafia ensures the slides are nothing like what’s seen before. The identifiable design is enthralling and absolutely absorbing. The rubber outsole has a full-length display of grooves. This helps in exceptional traction and support.

They are incredibly lightweight yet durable. The slides have a smooth and matte finish. It features a soft footbed and the sole acts as the core talking point. So, yes, you can stay cosy at home or outside, in Kanye style.

The masterpiece is not like any other slides seen before. It’s a piece of art. They are immaculate and juvenile looking with their fabrication. The easy slip-on style keeps you away from the hassle of tying up laces. The underfoot also flaunts a curvy dimension to deliver a towering grip.

So yes, it’s a full-on sandal revolution!

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What makes Yeezy slides irresistible?

Yeezy slides have gained strange popularity. If there is any proof that Kanye is not human, some of these silhouettes are enough to manifest it. The prodigious footwear is a love affair with every fashionista today. The new category of these slip-ons can make you a trendsetter in a minimalistic way. Let’s know why it deserves a place in your shoedrobe right away.

1. Quirky Looking

Yeezy slides are not just any other slides. Each time, Kanye has astonished us with his creation. But with the slides, he has totally taken us by a storm. The masterpiece has no resemblance with any footwear whatsoever. The oversized and fierce nature will let you accentuate your esthetics.

2. Soft and Comfortable

These routine-like slippers let you live in them. Have you imagined sleeping on something as comfortable as a cloud? Yeezy slides let you experience that, all thanks to the cushioning. With most slip-ons, the softness deteriorates by the day and eventually disappears. With time, they start to feel like rock. But that’s not the case with Yeezys. The exaggerated tooling on the outsole lets you stay cosy forever. You can dwell in them effortlessly.

3. Versatile

And who said these slides are only loungewear? Sure, the comfort level makes you feel at home, but how about the unique look? It’s unmissable. The slides provide a sift texture and a phenomenal appearance. So, you can wear these slip-ons inside and outside. And that’s the best part about the Yeezy slides.

4. Waterproof

Kanye’s shoe rotation into the sandal-like slide has been noteworthy in every way. Part croc style, part Yeezy style; these slides have an amazing interaction with water. Rather they remain unaffected. They are waterproof, so you could conveniently slip them on whenever and wherever. Doesn’t this increase the usability of the slides?

5. Light in weight

Yeezy slides ensure you feel no burden on your feet, regardless of your usage. The EVA foam material is not just durable but also super light in weight. This directly impacts the comfort level as well, isn’t it?

6. Anti-slip

The underfoot pattern of the Yeezy slides makes the footwear anti-slip in nature. They are designed ensuring when the surface touches the floor, you get a good grip and don’t skid even on a wet floor. So, these slides also provide a level of security.

7. Aesthetic appeal

Last but one of the most important aspects to factor in. Yeezy slides are anything but not boring looking. Released in earthen tones, the silhouettes are now available in super attractive colourways. Enflame orange, glow green, enfora blue; take your pick and up your fashion game right away.

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Controversies of Yeezy slides

Kanye has a history of controversies. They go hand in hand. These Yeezy slides have been ridiculed massively, but the sneaker boss turned a blind eye towards it and maintained his pace of innovations.

Snoop Dogg got a little nasty and laughed at Kanye West’s attempt at fashion. He said they look like shoes a prison inmate would dress in.

Kim Kardashian was flaunting the new Yeezy slides for kids on her Instagram story following the wife duties. Also, there were pics of the kids floating around and enjoying daddy’s new footwear line. But the rapper did not refrain from commenting and criticizing his heart out. He spotted all the stories on ‘The Shade Room’ profile and took a nasty pick right there. He also atrociously called them the ‘jail slippers’ and had no qualms about being vocal on how much he disliked them.

What’s more interesting is that his comment gained 21,000 likes in a span of a few minutes. This was enough to make it obvious how much people agreed with him. Well, it did not end there. Milan Christopher, the renowned actor, added fuel to the fire. He said, ‘This man is about to sell y’all $2 Prison slippers for $500?’. He further added a crying laughter emoji. This wasn’t it. The so-called ‘adherents’ also roasted the runner slippers with many memes and tweets doing the rounds.

The rapper cum designer is certainly not new to courting controversies for his unique designs, but it went slightly overboard with the criticisms this time. Some called them the Polly pocket shoes, and some compared them to the Hexa bugs. The nasty comparison with prison slippers became perpetual.

Just like any other Kanye collection, eventually, the slides also got sold off like hotcakes.

How to style Yeezy slides?

Love them or hate them, Yeezy slides can get you massive attention. The futuristic footwear, hospital clogs, prison slippers; name them what you want! With the slides on your feet, you can surely make a statement. The croc-style revolutionized footwear can proudly get you all the much-desired attention.

Styling tips for women

Yeezy Slide tips for women

Slay it with your slides and get all heads turning around, even with your casual attire. An oversized t-shirt dress with some funky accessories, cat-eye sunnies and matching coloured socks will look soothing, cool and voguish at the same time. Be sure of looking stylish effortlessly. You can also pair your slides with a sweatshirt dress to feel cosy and cool. If you are planning to catch up with your girls for a coffee, play it down. Neutral shade joggers with a striking colour fitted tank top can work wonders. Well, you could go easy and skip the socks.

Styling tips for men

Yeezy Slide tips for men

Are you really wacky in the head? Well, I dare you to pair your slides with a suit. Completely bizarre and attention-grabbing. Get your hands on an oversized blazer in an earthy tone, relaxed pants and your beige slides. Remember Kanye’s look at a wedding? Mimic the mastermind. If you love jackets and prefer going a bit easy on your attire, dress up in a black blazer or a denim jacket and shorts. Don’t skip the rolled-up socks. This is going to look absolutely lit!

How to care for Yeezy slides?

Clean your Yeezy Slide

Cleaning Yeezy slides is effortless. Whether you have walked over some small puddle or dirty surface, you can scrape off all the dirt in only a span of a few minutes. Yeezy slides can last you really long. We have already discovered how durable the fabrication of the footwear is. You only need to show some love and affection towards them by cleaning the slides periodically.

  • Grab a shoe basket and fill it with lukewarm water.
  • Add two spoons of mild liquid soap. Keep away bleach, baking soda and dishwashing detergent.
  • Wait for a few seconds until the water gets a bit sudsy.
  • Dip your slides in the soapy water and let them sit for at least 40-45 minutes.
  • Sprinkle some white vinegar or a magic eraser on the slides. This will help you tackle the stuck on scuffs and dirt. Once you swipe it around the tough marks, you will find it vanish gradually.
  • Rinse your slides with clean water and look at the stained areas again. Repeat the process if you still find dirt spots.

Some points to remember

  • If your slides have velcro straps, do not put them in soapy water. Merely use a wet cloth to wipe off the dirt.
  • Make use of a clean toothbrush to clean the ‘hard to reach’ spots.
  • Do not make use of any pungent cleaning agents.
  • If not so grumpy, wet wipes alone can do the drill for you.

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Are Yeezy slides true to size?

Yeezy Slide Size ChartImage Credit: hypebae.com

Yeezy slides fit differently from the sneakers. The slides definitely run small and especially if you are wearing socks. They hug your feet nicely whether you are stationary or walking. But to ensure there’s enough room from the open-toes slippers, take half a size up.

It’s no surprise that the chunky slides are massively large with their construction. So, if you don’t want the walls sticking to your feet or your toes poking out in the front, make sure not to indulge in your OG size. Also, if your feet are exceptionally wide, go one size bigger. Better be safe than sorry!

How comfortable are Yeezy slides?

Yeezy Slide, How comfortableImage Credit: hypebae.com

The credibility of Yeezy slides comfort is very high. The bold check pattern of these silhouettes makes the slides fit like a dream. The classic low-top shoe has a firm rubber sole, resulting in a renewed take on the slide series.

The cushion technology is perfectly executed with thick cushioning to provide a good balance and ease. It has the integrity to bring you off the ground more than sneakers. The slides also have an exaggerated tread on the bottom for a comfortable experience. So you can expect more compression as you walk.

The EVA foam is much denser compared to crocs foam. This gives you a good bounce with every step you take. The sole is squishy and thick. The strap also has a comfortable fit and gives you room to wiggle your toes.

The curvy outsole underfoot elevates traction, so you have the right amount of grip even on slippery roads. The teeth-like texture ensures your steps are safe and cushioned on every path. Also, the high tech-infused cushioning ensures these slides are the comfiest pair in your stash.

Lastly, the slides are so spongy you may feel like you are walking on the clouds.

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Top Yeezy Slides of All Time

adidas Yeezy Slide Glow Green GX6138

Image Credit: selectabisso.com

1. adidas Yeezy Slide Glow Green GX6138: Get ready to light up your steps with this glowy green palette. The bright popup colour is an ideal choice on your feet for a Sunday brunch or a beachy summer holiday. The footwear is completely draped in neon, including the serrated sole and forefoot hood. Also, the head on top provides slip-on comfort and looks endearing.

Best Feature: Foam cushioning

Resale value: £69.00

adidas Yeezy Slide Enflame Orange GZ0953

2. adidas Yeezy Slide Enflame Orange GZ0953: The Enflame Orange slides will let your feet shine as much as you want them to. The dope-like footwear flaunts a teeth structure at the sole. It’s summer-friendly, it’s eye-catchy and has the right amount of cushioning. Run in them or live in them; the comfort level is optimal.

Best Feature: Minimal footbed

Resale value: £80.00

adidas Yeezy Slide Resin GZ5551

3. adidas Yeezy Slide Resin GZ5551: The resin Yeezy slides are a steal for every polished sneakerhead. If you prefer an easy-going and relaxing colour palette over a loud one, these slides deserve a place in your shoedrobe right away. The foot-hood with an open toe is super comfortable and quintessential for a summer day.

Best Feature: Gritty outsole

Resale value: £159.00

adidas Yeezy Slide Pure White GZ5554

4. adidas Yeezy Slide Pure White GZ5554: The sleek and subtle colour palette is loved by every sneaker jagger. If you are pensive about your ensemble, there’s no way you could go wrong with these. It’s utterly risk-free. The dope slides are coated in a clean off-white shade.

Best Feature: Soft footbed

Resale value: £159.00

adidas Yeezy Slides Soot G55495

5. adidas Yeezy Slides Soot G55495: Walk into a party wearing these olive shade sliders and look like a total stud. The super classy pair is capable of complementing any outfit you wear. The colour theme is a go-getter for every earthy tone lover. The kicks also have a contemporary cushioning tech-infused within. Get geared to feel classy and silky smooth with every step you take.

Best Feature: Chic looking

Resale value: £120.00

Celebrity stories in Yeezy slides

Kanye West Wear Yeezy Slide

Image Credit: pinterest.com

Let’s just say Yeezy slide bones are a refashioned adaptation of classic footwear. It’s definitely not everyone’s cup of tea, but those who have a smack for it are seen slaying it all over the town.

Kim Kardashian West and Yeezy Slider

Image Credit: usmagazine.com

Kim Kardashian West has surely been a good wife throughout. She has often spotted bolstering the slides. Even amid the divorce with Kanye, she remained loyal towards his silhouettes. Kim shared a photo from her holiday weekend at Palm Springs. She looked like a dream wearing a yellow outfit and her coordinated slides.

Kylie Jenner wear Yeezy SlideImage Credit: spotern.com

The beauty mogul Kylie Jenner also did not hold herself back from the footwear. Her Instagram story was drooling and internet-breaking. She wore a midi-length furry coat, fitted crop top and high waisted jeans.

Kendal Jenner Spotted with Yeezy SlideImage Credit: dailymail.co.uk

Supermodel Kendal Jenner is surely a high ranked fashionista. She always has her shit in place. Her love for the trend-forward silhouette is no mystery. She has been wearing the forest-green Yeezy slides for months now. It’s almost like she’s living in them.

Bella Hadid Wear Yeezy SlideImage Credit: starstyle.com

If airport looks could kill, Bella Hadid would be a high qualifier for it. She styled her slides with baggy jeans, a cropped and body-hugging top with printed socks.

Kanye West’s slides are like fine wine. They are still seen growing over people. Wait and watch this space for more insights that are coming up.

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Wrapping Up

Our Yeezy slide guide has everything that has played on your mind- style, size, comfort and more.

I bet you cannot get this intricate information on any other platform. Fast Sole aims at providing the readers with a wholesome experience. Yeezys have scored very high on the versatility aspect. From sneakers to slides, they have come a long way.

But what’s holding you back? To keep yourself updated on the slide roster, stay in touch. We are one of the first to reveal the trending colour palette and release dates.

See you soon!

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