3MC Truth Never Told Core Black EE3728

Release Date:  Wed 08 May 2019   11:00 PM GMT

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3MC Truth Never Told Core Black is about to make everyone go wild! It’s super sleek and sassy all while...Read More

3MC Truth Never Told Core Black is about to make everyone go wild! It’s super sleek and sassy all while having the vibes of a regular street runner. This balance is hard to achieve, but the adidas makes it look easy! It has been a while since the 3MC skate shoes last rocked the tracks. We recently got a look at the 3MC Vulc Evisen White Red, but that was three months ago. It’s high time they bring out the old school skate creps into the playing field. The 3MC skate shoes from the adidas are more than enough for you if you are only looking for a pair that keeps you company on your lazy days. But it has the engineering and tools of long rides, risky strikes, and athletic moves so that you don’t make any plans sit out. The last time was a big hit obviously. But this time the competition is fierce.

It drops alongside three different colour palettes all ready for the Spring combat. Besides, the partnership with Truth Never Told of East L.A. means this release is going to be a bomb!

It is not going to sit up on the racks and wait for you to pick it up. You better hurry up and grab one ASAP because the sneaker heist is about to blow up right now! Follow @FastSoleUK for more.

The more you look at it, the sassier it gets! The pitch black leather upper has a somewhat reptile vibe which makes it even more attractive. Black monochrome on the supple leather looks elegant when the polka dots of the collar counter and tongue pop out. Hot-rod chain-stitched branding shimmers with golden embroidery. A crisp white EVA midsole and white grippy outsole finish the look.

3MC Truth Never Told Core Black releases May 8th via listed UK and European retailers.

Image Credit: hypebeast.com

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