adidas Superstar Non Dyed Chalk White GZ0474

Release Date:  Sun 02 May 2021   11:00 PM GMT

£ 75

Style Code: GZ0474


The adidas Superstar Non Dyed Chalk White is an off-white classic shoe starring Disney’s Ariel. The pair hits the stores...Read More

The adidas Superstar Non Dyed Chalk White is an off-white classic shoe starring Disney’s Ariel. The pair hits the stores really soon. And classic white sneaker fans definitely shouldn’t miss out on them. As you wait, check out the other exciting recent adidas releases on our page too. ‘Cause you wouldn’t wanna miss out on anything latest from this timeless brand! Also, browse through the release dates section of our website for more pair hitting the stores this season.

As we have already mentioned, the shoe takes its inspiration from The Little Mermaid. If you’re a fan of the show, then kicks are sure to take you down memory lane! 

The pair comes covered in white leather from head to toe. Thanks to the colourway and iconic design, the pair can be styled with anything you want to. And you never have to worry about screwing up the look! ‘Cause, you can never go wrong with a pair of white sneakers. Even if you pair them with any vibrant colour printed outfit, the white beauties will balance things off. Could there be another better pair of shoes than these?

Moreover, you will notice a unique tongue logo features a special quote from Disney’s Ariel on the inside part of the tongue. On both the laterals, you can see 3 stripes with scales. Furthermore, bringing this character to life, you’ll see a shell and Ariel’s iconic dinglehopper etched on the heel tabs. You will also notice the perforated dots on the sides, as well as the detailed scaling on the toe box are.

Finally, these breathtaking kicks come complete with cushioning technology that delivers the utmost comfort and padding! Also, a rubber outsole wraps up the whole model for a secure and satisfying ride every time. If you’re regular in sneaker town, you must be aware; rubber outsoles offer excellent grip, traction and durability.

The upcoming adidas Superstar Non Dyed Chalk White is ideal for the summer season and a must-have in your sneaker closet. Quickly save the release date and get hold of ’em before the stock gets cleared off! You can purchase these kicks from the selected UK and European sneaker retailers upon release. The pair releases on 2nd May.


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