adidas Y-3 Runner 4D Halo Black Red GX1091

Release Date:  TBC   11:00 PM GMT

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Style Code: GX1091

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You have no time to waste because the adidas Y-3 Runner 4D Halo Black Red is on the horizon already!...Read More

You have no time to waste because the adidas Y-3 Runner 4D Halo Black Red is on the horizon already! Just like every other release from this range, the wild sneaker hunters are ready to sweep new kicks away before anyone gets a chance. History will repeat itself again. Yohji Yamamoto and his brilliant aesthetics flourish on trefoil trainers as usual. So, it barely  matters if the dynamic duo decides to roll out a charcoal black tonal theme without any bright colour-pop. As long as it’s from the Y-3 ranges, sneaker lovers will go for it. However, this Halo version definitely has some contrast from cream tones.

As usual, this Y-3 Runner 4D will be unique and will have higher engineering. For example, the perforated mesh upper and the bouncy lattice midsole underfoot create an unmissable style for this collab. And the structure or the arrangement is also different from regular Y-3 kicks. What’s so different about it? We’ll uncover the secret soon. But first, make sure you’re following us on FastSoleUK for more updates.

A Y-3 Runner 4D silo with a dominating look- core black, is what the fashionistas want every season! No matter how many black shoes you have, a new one never hurts. And this silo wears charcoal tones only on its upper, including the mesh overlay, tongue tab, inner lining, and laces. The 3D printed 4D lattice midsole sits underfoot with a buttercream tone. Likewise, the flywire cables from the knit-walls pop with cream white.

A premium combination of mesh and breathable knit-mesh material crafts this Y-3 Runner. This mesh layer creates the supportive shroud for the sidewall that works as a safety-wrap for this silo. It covers the primary base and keeps your feet away from harm. This silo is ultra-breathable and flexible for all your performances, no matter the season. The bouncy lattice midsole supports your steps everywhere! Finally, Yohji Yamamoto’s cream white adidas Y-3 branding on the tongue finishes it off.

adidas Y-3 Runner 4D Halo Black Red will be here soon via listed UK and European retailers.

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