adidas Y-3 Terrex Swift R3 GTX Black

Release Date:  TBC   11:00 PM GMT

£ 140

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Did you miss the last call? The adidas Y-3 Terrex Swift R3 GTX Black is hitting the sneaker tracks this week! It’s...Read More

Did you miss the last call? The adidas Y-3 Terrex Swift R3 GTX Black is hitting the sneaker tracks this week! It’s a highly awaited collab with Yohji Yamamoto, and the release is expected to break the own records of the series. You can tell the hype for this adventurous boot just by checking it online. The design is perfect for any wild trip you have planned. Thanks to the stretchy and durable walls and the track-ready midsole, this trefoil treat is always up for any challenge on the way. After all, the Gore-Tex technology and Y-3 aesthetics are hard to miss any requirement box.

It’s always the bold and fierce series from the adidas ranges that come out of nowhere to blow the sneaker trends up! This particular version of adidas Y-3 is dropping with Terrex Swift R3 GTX engineering, which means this boot is going to be the only thing you need for the upcoming seasons. Why? Because the GTX coating on a Terrex boot means that boot is way too perfect for doubting!

Terrex boots are known to be the best buddies to a hiker or trekker’s feet. Likewise, this Y-3 Terrex Swift R3 will walk on the same path. This version of adidas boot mixes the trekking shoe features with lifestyle design and makes it unbeatable, regardless of the season or track. This one, in short, is an all-rounder all year! Now, we’ll be discussing this black charcoal only. Follow us on FastSoleUK for more details.

First of all, let’s be clear about one thing. Just like every other adidas Terrex pair, this one also doesn’t come out alone. This black boot will be racing alongside GTX White too. So, which one is your pick?

You can see how unbothered this adidas Y-3 looks because of the monochrome black upper body and the GTX textile and synthetic layers. It almost looks like a combat-ready boot that’s equipped with every feature you need along the way. However, not to anyone’s surprise, this boot actually is combat-ready, but the combat is against colder or rainy seasons. Thanks to the Gore-Tex coating on the upper, this silo stays fresh and warm even on a snowy or rainy day.

Pitch-black takes over the upper body, including the synthetic buckle on the collar, laces, utility layers, and the iconic adidas Terrex style midsole. The white branding on the midsole show off the Gore-Tex tech, adidas Y-3 Terrex stamps, and the R3. Finally, you have another boot to enjoy your adventures in the rain, snow, or sun!

adidas Y-3 Terrex Swift R3 GTX Black will release  soon via listed UK and European retailers.

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