OAMC adidas Type O2 Black EF7553

Release Date:  Wed 09 Oct 2019   11:00 PM GMT

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OAMC adidas Type O2 Black is going to be a lethal addition to your sneaker racks this week! It’s a...Read More

OAMC adidas Type O2 Black is going to be a lethal addition to your sneaker racks this week! It’s a pitch-black monochrome boot-runner that has not only ultra-contemporary features but also a friendly aesthetic. A few weeks ago, we saw the collab between OAMC and adidas Originals for three soft and sweet colourways. The team-up is still gaining fame for the last release, and that’s why they decided to collide once again. This week, for the Autumn collection, this partnership is giving us three more colour schemes all perfect for the Autumn season and the coming ones. You need to grab your money ASAP and get ready if you want to boost your sneaker score!

On September 26th, we saw OAMC adidas Type O1 Desert Sand, Type O1 Ash, and a pastel green pair all at once. Those runners had the perfect colourways for Autumn’s peak-time. If you were not lucky enough to get a good look at the shoes, then here’s another opportunity for you! The Type O2 series ( Black, White, Green) also doesn’t have a party-ready or colourful look, but it blends in well with anything. Follow @FastSoleUK for more.

A premium leather silo with flexible and sturdy walls is what you need for your daily runs and marathons. Besides, OAMC’s high-profile and stylish hints are going to break all the previous records! You may get a whiff of the Supercourt RX classics from the design, but this adidas Type O2 is far better than that. The upgrades on the construction and features are praiseworthy indeed. Its total leather-on-leather upper hits the luxe spread of monochrome black including the laces and the tongue tab. The aggressive two-part midsole makes sure you enjoy maximum comfort and show off your athletic mode. As a result, your performance on the street will get you a high-score right away!

OAMC adidas Type O2 Black releases October 9th via listed UK and European retailers.

Image Credit: adidas.ch

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