Prada adidas Luna Rossa 21 Grey FW1079

Release Date:  Mon 19 Jul 2021   9:00 AM GMT

£ 450

Style Code: FW1079


It’s about comfort and confidence when you wear the Prada adidas Luna Rossa 21 Grey. It’s releasing with a tonal...Read More

It’s about comfort and confidence when you wear the Prada adidas Luna Rossa 21 Grey. It’s releasing with a tonal grey theme with a full-on contemporary appeal. Also, if you don’t realise by staring at it, this Trefoil silo will be another representative of the eco-friendly running shoe series. That’s why the upper body is made of recycled materials. It’s the A+P line-up with adidas and Luna Rossa luxury line of Prada. However, the silo won’t only be perfect for luxury wear. It’s also ready for every adventure you have planned. The construction is compatible with all seasons, performances, and outfits.

Among many outstanding features, this Luna Rossa 21 with adidas A+P comes with precision tech and the heritage from adidas and Prada both. Not only does this silo look gorgeous because of the grey tones, but it also looks suitable for everyday rides and sports moves too. But the focus of this silo was more sustainability. The renewed and recycled waste materials are crafted into Primegreen. This layer makes sure the shoe is flexible, breathable, and durable all at the same time.

Let’s be real here. Even if this monochrome grey theme isn’t what you fall for usually, it’s just awesome to see the bold red Prada ribbon and silver adidas Three Stripes together! Prada luxury label has come out with lots of collaborations. From EXO’s Chanyeol Linea Rossa 2020 campaign to the recent 2021 collection, it’s another time for the team to join the Trefoils. Follow us on @FastSoleUK for more details.

First of all, the lightweight silo shows off nothing else other than grey all over. Light and dark shades of grey take their places on the mudguard or the forefoot. A much lighter hue of grey hits the synthetic tongue tab. The eyelets are as reflective grey as the three stripes on the sidewall. The sock liner and the 360° midsole keep your feet comfy and snug all day long. You can hit any track as hard as you want, and the responsive midsole will give you back double energy!

On the other hand, the design actually took fuel from the Prada America’s Cup Boat shoe in 1997. The hydrophobic shell crafting this upper body is bliss for every season. It ensures a weather-perfect fit so that your steps are always comfortable and never suffering from heat or cold too much. The shell has an ergonomic shape like adidas. And thanks to the packaging, the shoe bag can become an accessory! Finally, the red Prada strip on the heel finishes off this theme.

Prada adidas Luna Rossa 21 Grey will hit the UK and European stores on July 19th.

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