Prada adidas Superstar Core Black FW6679

Release Date:  Tue 08 Sep 2020   9:00 AM GMT

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Here you have the Prada adidas Superstar Core Black right on time to blend a luxury feel with the carefree...Read More

Here you have the Prada adidas Superstar Core Black right on time to blend a luxury feel with the carefree street fashion! The Prada collab is about to break all the records Trefoil trainers for running ever made. It’s dropping in three themes. However, this particular Core Black monochrome colour palette seems to be the all-rounder. The glossy Core Black finishing on the leather upper body spices up the vintage leather design. Besides, the Italian Prada charms add a bit more elegance and finesse that is impossible to feel with naked eyes. So, the best idea is to make it yours as soon as it drops.

A smooth and sassy spread of Core Black goes full monochrome all over. But it also combines with crisp white accents and leaves us wondering how it looks so good with tonal black! It will immediately captivate your hearts just by sitting on the racks, credits to the glistening black leather walls. The teeny bits of white accents also play a vital role in this. The black silo looks good with anything. As a result, this Prada adidas Superstar is the perfect silo to flaunt anywhere, regardless of the occasion. Follow us on @FastSoleUK for more details.

An iconic Superstar release in collaboration with the world-famous fashion label, Prada, means the sneaker tracks will get run over by millions of sneaker hunters! It will be crowded everywhere. Besides, this Core Black colourway deserves our attention just for being so sassy and subtle at the same time. The premium leather upper body oozes boldness, and the black gloss is totally a mood! White accents from the Prada adidas co-brandings pop up brightly. Tonal black leather Three Stripes, eyelets, collar counter, and the synthetic shell-toe play the balance with monochrome.

Prada adidas Superstar Core Black will release on September 8th via listed UK and European retailers.

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