Nike Air Force 1 07 LX Desert Camo DD1175-001

Release Date:  Thu 14 Jan 2021   8:00 AM GMT

£ 95

Style Code: DD1175-001


Going all out with your money this season? Better be prepared for the Nike Air Force 1 07 LX Desert...Read More

Going all out with your money this season? Better be prepared for the Nike Air Force 1 07 LX Desert Camo to drop because quite possibly, it will end up owning your sneaker racks soon! This entire month of January is packed with back to back colourways from this series. All the stunning themes on these trainers for running and sports are perfect for your daily rides, adventures, and even lazy strolls! You can clearly see how meticulously this particular pair was made. For example, the leather walls show off a “tear-away” texture on the outer shell. However, it’s just the different shade of leather to represent a light cream camouflage print.

This Air Force 1 mid-top silo is not just a leather beast. If you say it is, then the rough suede overlays and the stretchy textile underlays beg to differ. The colour scheme looks somewhat dull and soft because of the dusty ash layers and the creamy beige camo print on the sidewall. Hold up. That’s not the end! The Swoosh team never really misses any chance to make us go crazy. This simplistic theme is just like that. While you revel over this theme, you better be ready for the massive line-up that’s about to hit you! Follow us on FastSoleUK to get daily updates.

First of all, let’s not forget how gorgeous the January parade of Air Force 1 looks. If we start dropping names, it might be too late for you to soak up the details of this LX  Desert Camo! Anyway, we should just tell you about some of the colourways just to watch out before they actually come out. For instance, Topography Pack White Red, LXX Malt Women’s, and Sea Glass Women’s. There are some more dropping earlier than these. Maybe you need to keep up a bit faster, no?

A fun theme is something you get when it’s summer or autumn. As a result, this creamy shade of beige brown camo might not fit your taste. But once you try it out, you will realise it’s amazing in every way! The first thing to notice is the “recycle” aesthetic. Nike has been going all out with recycled materials ideas for their classic shoes. It’s like new designs wrapped in old layers. This eco-friendly step kind of influences this silo too. The camo texture gives a worn-out vibe and encourages you not to throw away stuff easily. Besides, the texture and comfort of the walls are outstanding. The brown camo paints the forefoot and the sidewalls primarily. The Nike Swoosh goes full white, and finally, a dusty midsole finishes off.

Nike Air Force 1 07 LX Desert Camo will release on January 14th. Grab them from the confirmed UK and European retailers.

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