Nike Air Force 1 LV8 Utility Silver CV3039-001

Release Date:  Tue 07 Jan 2020   8:00 AM GMT

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It never hurts to own a truckload of Air Force 1 boot trainers. So, here is Nike Air Force 1...Read More

It never hurts to own a truckload of Air Force 1 boot trainers. So, here is Nike Air Force 1 LV8 Utility Silver right in your doorstep for you to enjoy the rest of the year! It’s quite early, and it’s perfectly ready for anything! The premium crinkle leather construction and the fascinating colour schemes are going to be back (not that they were hiding out!) with full-on beast mode this year. It’s the new decade of excellence and new goals. Similarly, some sneaker hunters who have been loyal to the AF 1 league are growing up in 2020. There is no better way to jump into adulthood and bull’s eye every target other than with this Nike beast.

The design is almost the same as before, but some slight changes in the branding style and the upgrade in the materials are noticeable. The Air Force 1 series have been treating our eyes and feeding our sneaker-hungry souls for more than three decades. Still, the new decade of 2020 seems to be putting a little more spotlight on it. We have “Air Force 1 React” hybrids on the way. So, follow our posts for further details.

Before you lose yourself in this storm grey colourway, let’s check out the Air Force 1 LV8 Utility Black dropped just a week ago. An avid fan will spot the change right away! If you are still in the dark, then let’s break things down for you. First of all, the vibrant blue Nike Air Force 1 branding on the forefoot sidewall catches your eyes. Secondly, the ultra-contemporary and deconstructed aesthetic leap out of the in-cut Swoosh of the sidewall. There is an extra layer of crunchy-soft leather on the toe-box. As a result, your steps are safer than ever! Grey silver paints everything on the top, including the nylon tongue and inners. Finally, a crisp white midsole completes the look.

Nike Air Force 1 LV8 Utility Silver released on January 7th via listed UK and European retailers.


Image Credit : houseofheat.co

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