Coral Studio Nike Air Max 95 V2

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Looks like we’ll be stepping into a cleaner future with the Coral Studio Nike Air Max 95 V2 on our...Read More

Looks like we’ll be stepping into a cleaner future with the Coral Studio Nike Air Max 95 V2 on our feet! This Air trainer is dropping with inspiration from the Great Barrier Reef of Australia. It’s the world’s largest coral reef system with 344,400 square kilometres of area in the Coral Sea. However, the reason why Air Max is dropping with this theme is definitely alarming. The coral reef is now seriously endangered, and for over three decades, it has been losing more than half of its coral cover! Also, because of the global warming, coral bleaching is currently happening faster than usual. Just to remind us that we need to act fast and save this natural treasure before it’s too late.

For various reasons, the Nike Air team chooses to take steps to inspire people to make the world a better place. Since the Great Barrier Reef is slowly going off the earth’s face, Swoosh Air Max 95 trainers for running decided to spread the word and make people realise that it’s high time. As a result, this V2 of the iconic silo is a collab with the Coral Studio. It’s also a continuation of the collab from 2018, but with higher engineering and recycled materials. Follow us on FastSoleUK for more details.

You can see how sassy the colour scheme looks because of the coral aesthetics. For example, the gorgeous ocean blue shade joins hands with sea green, teal, and orange. This colour combination makes this silo look like a fresh coral. Once you spot the bright colours, the pitch-black leather mudguard or the tongue tab take your attention right away. The bright colours of the upper body suddenly turning black around the base must be a hint of the Coral Reef being endangered.

Now, as for the materials, this silo goes classic. Premium leather and net mesh crafts the silo perfectly so that your feet can stay comfy every day. The traditional leather waves on the sidewall showing off ocean blue, teal, and black. While the uppers flaunt coral vibes, the packaging comes with recycled materials. Finally, tangy orange laces and a black Air Max midsole finish off the design.

Coral Studio Nike Air Max 95 V2 will release soon via listed UK and European retailers. Don’t miss this silo because if you cop this one, you might be saving the nature with each step! Keep an eye on our release updates.

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