Asics Monkeytime Gel-Mai White Black 1191A064-008

Release Date:  Tue 21 Aug 2018   11:00 PM GMT

£ 120

Style Code: 1191A064-008


What else do you need if you have the Asics Monkeytime Gel-Mai White Black in your collection? Let your steps feel the Summer breeze on the run with this stunner! The partnership between these two Japanese fashion brands is all over the sneaker news this season! The colour palette may be a little cliche with the vintage black-white shades, but the design and the durability are off the charts!

Grab your purse and run to the stores next week because this kick won’t stay up on the racks for long. Follow @FastSoleUK for further details.

It’s a classic Gel-Mai beast with the vintage features and dependability all intact! The hook-up with the Monkey Time might add an idea of the 60’s soul music just as the brand has. Its breathable and flexible mesh underlays wrap your feet in an unearthly comfort ensuring maximum airflow for a hot Summer day. The hardwearing suede overlays add multiple levels of class and elegance! The asymmetrical lacing system and the thick metal-wire encircling the collar provide a safe and secure fit. The colourway? It’s dramatic chaos of BnW throughout! But a white Gel-Mai midsole balances the chaotic nature.

Asics Monkeytime Gel-Mai White Black releases August 21st via listed UK and European retailers.

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