A COLD WALL Converse Lugged Hi Black 169814C

Release Date:  Thu 08 Oct 2020   8:00 AM GMT

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Now is the time for you to resume your adventure plans because A COLD WALL Converse Lugged Hi Black is...Read More

Now is the time for you to resume your adventure plans because A COLD WALL Converse Lugged Hi Black is on its way! This collab looks just as luxurious as it is a track-ready boot. You can literally see how dominating the vibe is just by looking at it! Once you step outside with this one adorning your athletic feet, all the eyes will definitely be on you. However, there’s a massive catch here. You can only grab this beast if you are well caught up with the Converse team. This collaboration between the streetwear and fashion label and “A COLD WALL” by the brilliant designer Samuel Ross, means this boot is already a target of many sneaker addicts.

One thing you can be sure of is the boldness and aggressive features! But that doesn’t mean this Converse Lugged Hi is anything harsh or uncomfortable. The entire boot has premium construction and foot-friendly features. As a result, it looks fearless because of the design, but at the same time, it’s a comfy regular boot. The Converse collab with the American footwear label means the sneaker lovers will be sweating until they have all grabbed a pair for themselves. So, follow @FastSoleUK and keep up with their updates.

Currently, the sneaker tracks are cracking up because of the abundance of Converse boots and trainers for running. Everyone has one, and they’re flexing it too well! Similarly, the fans who will get their hands on this Lugged Hi Black, will literally be over cloud nine. High-quality materials, for example, ripstop nylon and rubber, craft this boot into such a level of perfection that it’s nearly impossible to comprehend! The collab sprinkled a little futuristic flavour with the modern engineering and a total trekking-ready look. Entire boot stays pitch-black, including the rubber midsole with hiking spikes.

A COLD WALL Converse Lugged Hi Black will release on October 8th via listed UK and European retailers.


Image Credit: converse.com

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