Converse Run Star Motion Black White 171545C

Release Date:  Wed 16 Jun 2021   8:00 AM GMT

£ 100

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The new Converse Run Star Motion Black White is the coolest thing you’ll set eyes on this season! We assure...Read More

The new Converse Run Star Motion Black White is the coolest thing you’ll set eyes on this season! We assure you that you’ve never seen anything like these jaw-dropping Converse kicks. So, you might wanna drop everything right now and start gearing up for these one-of-a-kind sneakers. These funky sneaks already captured the whole sneaker worlds attention, so it’s not long before they take over the tracks. This stunning silhouette also arrives just in time for summer 2021! Transform your game with these captivating shoes, which are a must-have for every sneaker collector out there! Follow FastSoleUK for more deets.

First of all, the stunningly chic colour scheme on this pair is enough to make it worthy of being at the top of your cop list. Besides, the curvy, lifted construction these shoes offer totally set them apart. As you can see, the spikey rubber outsole underneath definitely steals all the attention with its unusual yet eye-catching design. At the same time, the oyer sole provides a lift at the forefoot and heel areas, ensuring maximum boost and speed. In addition, the rubbery texture provides traction to make sure the wearer doesn’t slip off the ground, even when it gets slippy.

Other details include the classic air-cushioned midsoles, lightweight black uppers with visible white stitching that give off an OG vibe. This retro-futuristic silhouette is all that sneaker fans are currently obsessing over, and it’s not difficult to see why. If you’re also interested in tryin’ out this beauty this season, you must stay alert! Don’t be late to get in the queue for the most coveted runner of the year if you don’t wanna miss out on it.

Finally, this shoe flaunts a high-top structure which is perfect for summer, as it will protect your feet from the heat and sunny weather. Get ready to cop the upcoming as soon as it launches on 16th June. You can buy this beauty from the select UK and European sneaker retailers upon release. So, don’t be late for the shops, or else you’ll miss out on this masterpiece!

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