Concepts Nike Dunk High Turducken DC6887-200

Release Date:  Sat 21 Nov 2020   8:00 AM GMT

£ 100

Style Code: DC6887-200


Hold on to your purse once more because the Concepts Nike Dunk High Turducken is almost here. It’s a unique...Read More

Hold on to your purse once more because the Concepts Nike Dunk High Turducken is almost here. It’s a unique design releasing hot and steamy from the collab right when it’s time for Thanksgiving 2020. The Turducken dish is kind of a staple item for Thanksgiving, and it’s associated with John Madden, the former NFL commentator. Similarly, the retro Bball vibes too. This boot is flaunting the sizzling hot colour scheme of brown and skin-peach. Some other accents make it a perfectly appetizing treat for the upcoming winter season. Moreover, the blue and green colour-pops are because of the mallard duck that’s often used to prepare Turducken.

The colour scheme is definitely making this silo look like a tasty bird dish! It almost looks like a well-served juicy turducken dish indeed. Seeing the fiery and spicy theme that it is, the vibrant pops of green and blue are also hints of a mallard duck. The theme is quite unique and, at the same time, classic. We have seen a lot of trainers for running flaunt themes after food or beverages. This Dunk High Turducken is the same. The winter days are almost here. So, there’s no arguing that this tender and smoking hot design will be the quickest sell-out this season. Follow us on FastSoleUK for more.

How do you think your sneaker scores are going right now? Whatever level it’s at, this Dunk High can turn things around for you. Only the Swoosh masters can make a mouthwatering dish into a sneaker theme and not make it appear weird! This silo shows off furry and fuzzy materials all over along with mallard duck hints like blue-green iridescent hues. Bright orange on the midsole represents a duck’s web-feet as well. Finally, the tongue label adds the twist of calling this silo Nike “DUCK” High Pro.

Concepts Nike Dunk High Turducken will release on November 21st via listed UK and European retailers.

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