Nike Free Metcon 4 Light Bone DH2726-091

Release Date:  Tue 14 Sep 2021   8:00 AM GMT

£ 115

Style Code: DH2726-091


We can never get over how comfortable Nike running trainers are! And here’s Nike Free Metcon 4 Light Bone to...Read More

We can never get over how comfortable Nike running trainers are! And here’s Nike Free Metcon 4 Light Bone to make us even more baffled. This shoe is crafted with athletes in mind, and it shows. The walls and the sole bends as flexible as a thin sheet of paper and keeps the wearer confident for each footstrike. However, bending so smoothly doesn’t mean the shoe is fragile. Rather the walls and the sole both are extremely street-ready and performance-friendly so that you can stride ahead without any worries.

If you were struggling through your running miles, sprints, training, workouts, or agility drills, this Free Metcon 4 version is for you. The construction is simply a chef’s kiss in terms of comfort and safety. This particular theme might come as a shock to you only if you are new to the sneaker world. On the other hand, everyone who keeps up with our updates knows the Light Bone Womens has already stirred the interest of sneaker lovers. Although both of these beauties will drop on the same day. Which one are you going after? Follow us on @FastSoleUK and let us know.

First of all, the colour scheme is exactly the same as the women’s iteration. For example, dusty Light Bone hues spread all over the upper, and the bleeding crimson red and teal aqua blue accents pop off from their respective panels. The only thing different from the ladies’ version is the inner lining. This one shows off the bold red shade on the inner, unlike the women’s pair. Some other colour-pops do seem unique to this one as well. Can you find those out? Let’s leave it at that for now.

You can see from the recent sneaker trends how “chain-link” mesh is so popular. This material keeps the shoe cooler and weather-perfect so that the walls can keep the wearer snug and fresh, regardless of the season. The Nike foam core cushioning on the midsole and internal webbing makes this silo flexible for flights. 

Nike Free Metcon 4 Light Bone will arrive via the listed UK and European sneaker shops on September 14th. Grab this one and stun the crowd with your unbeatable skills!

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