Nike ZoomX SuperRep Surge Womens Tint DH2555-091

Release Date:  Tue 14 Sep 2021   8:00 AM GMT

£ 120

Style Code: DH2555-091


You can’t win the sneaker race unless you have the best sneaker! If you’re a slowpoke, here’s your chance at...Read More

You can’t win the sneaker race unless you have the best sneaker! If you’re a slowpoke, here’s your chance at the upcoming Nike ZoomX SuperRep Surge Womens Tint, and probably the only time you can try your luck with it. However, you need to be super fast once this silo releases because everyone in the entire sneaker world is waiting to snatch it away right after the release. We won’t be surprised to see it run out of stock in every online retailer as well. Are you wondering how this silo can get so much hype? Well, wonder no more.

First of all, ZoomX SuperRep trainers for running have always been the centre of attention for every sneaker season. And judging the current state of sneaker popularity rankings, this Swoosh ZoomX stunner actually has quite a huge fanbase. Thanks to its stretchy mesh and synthetic walls and the ultra-light Zoom cushioning, the shoes are invincible! We do have more deets on this pair. Follow us on @FastSoleUK to learn about other themes in stock.

Who would have ever thought that a pair of workout shoes would be this famous for their features and running qualities? If you are sprinting on a treadmill or sweating on a rowing machine, the ZoomX SuperRep Surge kicks are the best option for everything! The synthetic mesh walls are flexible and durable for long runs and marathons, regardless of the season. Likewise, the highly engineered Nike Air Zoom midsole keeps the silo cushioned, responsive, bouncy, and safe. The ZoomX technology is definitely a blessing for racers and runners!

This blue tint colour palette looks perfect with every outfit too. With a slight resemblance with the Green Glow White Womens from May, this one actually seems even more gorgeous. The midsole and heel are upgraded with more bouncy features so that the wearer can move the way they want. Finally, the bright orange accents finish off the palette.

Nike ZoomX SuperRep Surge Womens Tint will arrive via the listed UK and European sneaker shops on September 14th. So, hurry up and clear your schedules and stay alert for the launch.

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